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Draco or Harry? by Draco_or_Harry_102597
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5: Desperate times call for desperate measures
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Chapter 5: Desperate times... Desperate Measures

As I was leaving the classroom I think it clicked that my mom was using me. If that's why she made me switch schools I am going to be so mad. Oh well whatever I just wanted to leave. There was no way I was going to listen anyways. As I walked through the door someone grabbed my arm. I was expecting to look up and see grey eyes looking into my soul but instead I saw soft green eyes.

"What did your mum want?" Harry questioned. He just had to ask didn't he...

"Well um she just wanted to make sure I was... Um... Doing okay so far... She understands that changing schools is hard." I was shocked at how easy the words flew outta my mouth. It scared me how the lie just formed out of nothing. It made me feel like my mother which made me loath myself.

"Ya it isn't a very common occurrence, but I wouldn't worry you seem kind enough. What is your next class?" His voice was so soft and kind that my heart starts to beat faster. No guy has ever had this effect on me. I didn't mind though.

"Um, I have transfiguration but I am not planing on focusing... I need to plan something..." My mind was rushing all over the place, as if someone shook my mind awake. I realized I could use Harry to piss my mom off. I need to tell him.

"Ok I do to. Shall we sit together?"

"Ya sure I kinda wanted to talk to you!! Here is a notebook." I handed him a ratty old notebook hat I charmed back in 3rd year. It would make it so that whoever I was writing would be able to read it but if anyone else did it would be notes. It was one of my sparks of genius.

As we entered the classroom we took chairs at the very back. I pulled out my notebook that was in a lot better condition. I started to write out my explanation.

So my mom wants me to spy on... No... My mom wants me to watch over... No... Then I got the words

So the ministry is suspicious over you and your friends and they want me to spy on you. Well I am completely against it and want to make their blood boil. Meet me in the library at 12:00 tonight. Bring no one and prepare for anything. We may get in trouble.


I waited a few minutes before I looked back down. I was very pleased at what I saw to be honest.

That sounds great. Anything to make them mad is something I want to be envolved with. I guess it is a date!!


And with that I got lost. My plan was decently drastic. I pulled out an extra piece of parchment to write letter to my mum.

Go to the library at 12:00 tonight and I will have some extremely fascinating information for you!!


I bent over and put it back in my bag so that I didn't have to worry about losing it. The bell rang sometime later but I didn't pay attention. I basically ran to the owlery so that I could send the letter. She may have been in the school but I didn't want to see her. The rest of the day was just like the beginning. Quite boring with nothing interesting. The only thing I could think about was tonight... Because I was going to have to kiss Harry Potter.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is decently desperate. I was going for the annoyance factor and I knew the punishments would be horrible but I was willing to take one for the team.

I laughed at the thought of my mums face when she would she us. I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 6 more hours. I realized that I wander around a lot once I reached the dungeons again. I remembered last night and with that I turned around and ran. I started to head for the library and thought ill just go there now when someone grabbed my arm. This time I knew it wasn't Harry so I grabbed my wand and turned around

"STUPEFY!!" I yelled with all my might. I knew it was Malfoy but I felt threatened. He flew back with great force and hit a wall. I felt a tad bit worried for a moment until I saw him move.

"Oh my god don't do that!!! You do not grab onto a persons arm while they are deep in thought!!!" I screamed at him.

"Well calm down next time. Please..." He started to rub his head so I assumed He probably banged his head hard.

"I apologize for your discomfort now mind elaborating why you grabbed my arm?? Because one does not just grab ones arm." I looked at him with a very amused look. I knew this would be interesting.

"Well I was just wanting to give you this..." He held out a letter and on top it said 'read in private DM' it took me a few seconds to figure out what DM stands for and then it clicked.

"What is th...oh..." When I looked up no one was there. Hmmm what could it say... I needed to know. I rushed to the library to read the letter...

As soon as I sat down I ripped open the envelope. It had a small hint of cologne on it and I could tell. It smelt amazing!!! It was written on very nice parchment that most students use for high class essays. His hand writing was almost like calligraphy... It was amazing, and with that I started to read

Dear Zandra,

I wanted to inform you that I would like to get to know you. You seem very fascinating and I feel more normal around you. I can tell when I look into your eyes that I scare you but I want to change that. Now please trust me when I say this. Things this year are going to change. I wish I could just pretend as if nothing's happening however with my family I must behave so please meet me in the library at 8 o'clock


Oh this is going to be a loonnngggg night...

AN: Please rate and review and tell me what you think!! I am really tryi g not to rush and do to many events in one chapter so oh just wait :D next chapter is going to be amazing

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