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The Wand by Lillyanna Elizabeth
Chapter 1 : The Will
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 The wizarding world finally seemed to be at peace. Lord Voldemort was at last dead and his malicious death eaters had been captured. For those that had managed to escape, were sure to be too scared to come out of hiding anytime soon and when they did, the aurors would be prepared. There was no way to bring their Dark Lord back this time. True, they had lost many in the final battle and Hogwarts was a wreck, but now there was certainly a brighter future ahead.


Standing side by side, Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron looked out across the Black Lake.

“It’s finally over, I can’t believe it.” Hermione whispered to Harry in awe. 

“Yes, but at what cost?” He retorted while glancing toward Ginny and Ron who had lost a brother in the last fight. Watching them, they seemed to be okay talking amongst themselves, but Harry knew from experience how bad it hurt to lose someone you loved dearly, no matter how much you tried to say you were okay. 

Leaning over and putting her arm around Harry’s waist, Hermione replied, “They’ll be okay. We’ve lost a lot of people today, but it was for the best. They’ll be missed, but they’ll also be heros! All of them who died. Including Snape, Harry.” With those words and a meaning full look, she walked to Ron and took his hand, comforting him without words.

Snape? The good guy?’  Thought Harry. It was hard to picture that this man, with whom he had shared mutual feelings of hate for years, could possibly have been on his side. He gave up his life to protect Harry. He was grateful but still, at the same time he knew that the only reason he had been protected was because Severus Snape had once upon a time, been in love with Harry’s mother, Lilly. ‘Maybe I judged to quickly,’  he thought for a second, then remembered all the times Snape had been deliberately hard on him for sheer lack of liking.

  Suddenly, Ginny embraced Harry, pulling him from his disconcerting thoughts. He responded with a tight squeeze of his own and a quick kiss on her cheek. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” she whispered into his shoulder. Laying his head on top of hers, he whispered back,

“You too. This is a new beginning for us. For all of us. Are you okay?” Harry felt Ginny’s chest shudder while taking a deep calming breath.

“Yes,” her voice cracked. She cleared it and tried again, “yes, I’m okay. I’m not the only one who lost someone I loved today. I’m just going to miss him so much!” She managed to choke out before the sobs came. Harry pulled her closer and held her tighter, in silence knowing nothing he said would make it better for her. 

They stood there for a little while longer and Ginny had stopped crying before Harry heard his name being called in the distance. He glanced behind him and saw Professor Mcgonagall motioning toward him, smiling slightly. He nodded toward her and stepped back from Ginny.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” he said while wiping the last of her tears away. Then he turned on his heel and walked toward Mcgonagall.


“Mr. Potter, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull you away from your friends for a moment or two, please. It’s quite urgent that I speak with you immediately, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, Professor. Not a problem.” He said as he followed her toward the castle entrance. They walked past the piles of rubbish, from dead enemies to castle debris, past fellow classmates and teachers, up the stairs which seemed to be moving much more slowly than usual, to the headmaster’s office. 

Once inside he could see that a portrait of Snape had already been placed on the wall, despite all the chaos going around the school. At the sight of Harry, the picture of Snape snorted and walked out of the frame. 

‘Yeah, he sure seems like he’s on my side.‘ Thought Harry bitterly. He watched Professor Mcgonagall walk behind the huge desk that had once belonged to the great Albus Dumbledore, then Snape, and now her. 

“Mr. Potter,” she said while motioning for him to sit, “I know that it is probably a bit to soon for this, considering the losses you and your friends have suffered, but I’d rather do this while everyone is distracted. This,” she said as she handed him a piece of parchment, “is the Will and Testimony of Severus Snape.” 

“Why are you showing this to me, Professor?” Harry asked before glancing at the paper. 

“He has left something for you,” was all she said as she waved her hand toward the paper. Immediately Harrys mind jumped to the conclusion that Snape had left him old and out of date potion ingredients just to be spiteful. He never had been the best at potions, and that would be Snape’s way of teasing him even after death. Slightly annoyed, Harry found his name:


To Mr. Harry Potter, I leave a an envelope with his name on it. It will be found in my desk in the potions room, third drawer on the left side. I also leave Mr. Potter his mothers wand. He will know where to find it. 


Harry read the letter over and over again. After he had read Snape’s Will, he apologized to the professor, excused himself and ran straight to his old potion teachers classroom in the dungeon. He was in such a rush that he didn’t notice the people he passed on his way there, calling his name. Finding the envelope was harder than expected. Harry had felt everywhere in the third drawer on the left side and all the others as well but couldn’t find it. He had finally taken the drawers completely out of the desk and he found a small compartment in the back, containing the envelope that Snape had said was his. The parchment that it was written on seemed fairly knew, Snape had written it recently. Harry figured that Snape didn’t expect to make it out of this battle alive. He looked down and reread the letter once again:



I know you may hate me, and with good reason. I’ve never treated you fairly, never even had the faintest liking for you and for that I apologize sincerely. I was bitter and angry for a lot of wrong reasons that I justified in my own mind for a very long time. The night the Dark Lord killed Lilly and James Potter, I was the first to arrive on the scene. As I am sure you are aware by now, I was in love with your mother for a very long time. It broke my heart when she died and I hated James for taking her away from me. I hated you for being James’ son instead of mine. I just wanted Lilly back. I was in pain. So, when I saw her wand, lying under your crib, I picked it up without thought and took it with me, as a way to remember her. I never used it, never had the need to, but I kept it hidden and safe so no one would ever find it. 

Now that I am gone, I no longer have a need for it and it is rightfully yours. It should have been yours from the beginning. James’ wand was later found broken in the dinning room, I’m not sure what they did with it, I didn’t care. I had Lilly’s and that was all that mattered. Now it is time you had it returned to you. You have directions to it’s location. Use it well. You’ll be needing it. 

-Severus Snape 

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The Wand: The Will


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