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The Kidnapping by Occlumency437
Chapter 1 : The Kidnapping
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With multiple pops, witches and wizards were apparating onto a dirt road that led to a mansion that once looked grandiose.  The house had been there for centuries and you could tell because parts of the house were crumbling and all kinds of plant life grew on the outside walls.  The grass in the front was extremely long and it looked as though no one had taken care of the house in years, in fact it looked as if no one had inhabited the house in years.  Inside the old house was dirty, but it looked as though someone had tried to clean up.  Books and papers were stacked against the walls and there were cobwebs hanging from the corners of all of the doorways.  A long, rectangular table took up most of the room and people were sitting in chairs whispering to one another.  The people who had apparated onto the road were now coming in and finding seats. 


A pale faced man, wearing all black robes, strode into the room.  The man had an arrogant, condescending manner about him.  Everyone fell silent as soon as they saw him.  This would have looked like an important business meeting; however it had a sinister feel to it.  The man spoke in a low raspy voice.  “Good, it looks as though we are all here… ah, except for Draco, I believe that he and his family are on the other side now.  No matter, onto business.  I have called you all here today to discuss our revenge on Harry Potter.  After the war with The Dark Lord, Harry has murdered or imprisoned our family and friends.  It’s time that we teach him the pain and suffering that we have endured!”  Everyone muttered in agreement.  The man continued, “Does anyone have any ideas to get revenge on Potter?” No one spoke; for fear that everyone would ridicule his or her idea.  “No?  Just as I suspected.  We need to hurt him where it hurts the most.”  Someone spoke up and said, “Why don’t we just kill him? One wizard against all of us sounds pretty easy.”  “No,” the man said, “then he will just die and he will not suffer enough.  I have an Idea! We should kidnap his children and torturehhh them and maybe even kill them!  Another person spoke up, “Yes, I want Harry Potter to suffer, but his children don’t deserve to be punished for what he did!”  The man responded, “If you don’t believe in what we are doing, then fine you can leave.”  As the wizard got up and turned to leave, the man shouted, “Avada Kadavera!”  A jet of green light shot out of the man’s wand and the wizard fell on the ground, dead.  “Does anyone else have a problem with what we are about to do?” Everyone shook their heads no.  “Good.  I would have asked the house elf to clean up the body, but since the house elf rebellion, I have no house elf.  I will leave the body here as a reminder to show what will happen if you try to defy me.  We should probably get Hermione Weasley’s family as well, since she has had a part in encouraging house elves to want their freedom.  Now, let’s continue to make more detailed plans.”  A witch piped up, “This shouldn’t be too difficult because their families are always together.”  A wizard responded, “The only problem is getting them alone without their parents.” 

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The Kidnapping : The Kidnapping


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