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Masks by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 1 : Talk of Rabbits and Game-ception
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Everyone has something to hide behind: some sort of mask or facade to “blend in” with the rest of the world. Normally you find the people who seem the most normal have the most to hide; most of these people are concentrated into Slytherin which is unfortunate for me.

My name is Eilley Ophelia Veronica Zabini. A mouthful I know. It’s like my parents were setting me up for failure. Not that it matters though, considering I find failure on my own quite nicely. You see I am that clumsy person that caused enough potions explosions the teacher tends to let me color pretty tigers and clowns. The times he is forced to have me do actual work he is at my side with my shaking potions partner who hopes they don’t get yet another pair of elephant ears. Which is really sad because I wouldn't be half bad at potions if all the vials were stuck to the table until you needed them.

My dad is Blaise Zabini and my mom is Katherine Rossi. They were both in Hogwarts; my mum was a Gryffindor and friends with Ginny Weasley and my father was a Slytherin who ran in completely different circles. I am a sixth year and am proud to say I’m crazy. Not the fun loving likes an occasional prank “crazy”; I’m the one who will sit on little muggle children’s rides not only for a laugh but because I want to ride the bloody ride. Most of my house in Hogwarts can’t stand me because of this. Why is that? I think it’s because I’m the only one that doesn’t need a mask. People can think about me however they want; I’m just as human as they are. I just remember nine times out of ten the real reason why everyone picks on you is because they are jealous of you for something. In this case it’s because I can be me while they feel the need to hide behind something they are not in order to fit in. I however, unlike the rest of the world crave the attention of being different.

I have two friends. Yes I know that isn’t a lot but that’s fine; because unlike everyone else’s friends mine are actually there no matter what. One is Scorpius Malfoy, the other is Carr Flint. Her real name is Carrington but she would probably kill anyone on sight that calls her that. I even remember her almost killing poor Professor Carmichael when he said her name for sorting the first year. Usually I start to call Carr by her full name and then stop at her glare; hense hence her twenty some nicknames. She is a very violent person but we love each other like sisters.

Scorp? He is my teddy-bear. As ambitious as Scorpius is, he has absolutely no courage whatsoever. That’s okay though since he’s book smart enough to make my insane dreams come to light and sane enough to balance my crazy. He also is the only one who can calm me down when I eat too much candy; which should never be allowed.

We make a good Slytherin dream team, the three of us. I come up with the ideas, Scorp makes the plans and Carly is our muscles and half the persuasion. I of course am the other half. Who could resist my pouting face besides Scorp? Not that he really counts. I personally believe he is an alien but that isn’t really important- and is another story all its own.

Unless you’re from the government…

You are aren’t you?!?!?

Don’t take the love of my life away from me!!!

I did not just say that, I did not just say that…

Okay so maybe I said it!!!

Shut your face.

I don’t recall asking the alien hunting government crazies such as yourself for your opinions.

But I guess the elephant is out of the circus tent; I do love my best friend Scorpius. There are three issues with this; the first is the solemn friend circle code, the second is his lack of imagination and lastly is Rose Bloody Weasley. Not that he would admit he liked Rose, or she would admit liking him. The Weasley’s and Malfoy’s have a rather complex relationship. See their fathers both hated each other with a strong passion during school. I guess my father wasn’t too fond of the lot either, considering he was friends with Draco Malfoy. Not that I really care, I find it pointless to just hate someone for their parents; all that matters is who they are.

I hate Albus just for him. My mom tried to make us all friends for years and we were acquaintances; nothing more. My second year my dad told me I should try and be actual friends with Albus like I was with Roxanne. That lasted for two minutes and got me a week’s worth of detention. In my defense there was no real rule stating students could not turn one another into fluffy rabbits. And I also didn't actually mean to- I mean most people in their second year can't really do that.

He certainly looked more attractive then. But it seemed no one could bother to take that into consideration. Nor would they take the fact that he called my parents Death Eater scum and add that into the whole story. And do you know what he did? The prat smirked because he got away with it. I however happened to help wipe the smirk clean when I contacted Ginny Weasley through a letter. His mum sent him a howler the next day for his actions during breakfast. From that howler on he’s sought to make my life miserable; and my goal was to do the same for Albus. It really is a daily occurrence anymore.

My story of my “Magical” Sixth year begins with the train ride to the school. Long story short I walked below a blue paint bomb and looked as attractive as possible in the shade of periwinkle. I knew Albus did it but I also knew he wasn’t going to get into any sort of trouble. When the moment of opportunity came I charmed his eyes a nearly permanent pink.

Don’t you look at me in that tone of voice!

I said nearly didn’t I?!?!?!

For some reason it only lasted for twenty minutes on him: the prat.

I still don’t understand why he hated my so much, he actually use to like me in our third year. He was still a prat then though; the only difference was he tried to ask me out a couple of times. When I denied him several times (once may or may not have included a dead fish) he got the message and started to become even worse. His brother James even joined into the “rescue” and added to my torture. The antics only “stopped” that year after we all individually received a month of detentions.

That was how every year has been like since. Usually we have a simple start off prank on both sides, something harmless like blue paint. After that the pranks escalate a smidgen and then Potter asks me out; once I crush his heart, things get personal and nasty until we are both threatened by the Headmistress with expulsion. Then we resort to silent glares of hate and not acknowledging each other until school is over. I just hoped I could spend some time with my friends before I have to slip Albus some truth serum or find some fire ants... Who am I kidding? Carly Flint wouldn't let me keep fire ants; mostly because I would find some way to accidentally starve them. Or break the farm on myself, it wouldn't have been the first stupid accident I have gotten into; nor would it be my last.

The first friday night back to the school Carrini, Scorp and I were playing Game-Ception. We had Wizard Monopoly, inside candyland, inside of double jenga. You rolled the dice in the Monopoly game and moved your piece, if you landed on a colored space you went that next color in CandyLand. If you did not land on a colored space you had to draw a card. After you did so then you had to remove a jenga piece (which really consisted of two sets on top of each other to keep the game going longer. Scorp was the first to go and moved his little shrunken potion book two spaces on the outermost board (we made it larger to take up the whole coffee table) and he swore when he hit the community chest piece. You see when we got the game from my attic we thought the cards were rubbish so we made up our own that could potentially affect any of the three parts of the game. He was given the penalty of going to jail and skipping his candy land turn (seeing as the toddlers game was the only one of the three you could actually win).

Once we started the game there was no way to really stop us until we had a crowned winner you see. CarCar would get violent and I would get profane while Scorp just pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration or would slick his hair back repeatedly. I pelted Scorp with popcorn as he pulled out his jenga piece.

He glared at me just as a first year walked over, "Are you Ee-lee Zabini?" He asked me nervously.

"Sure." I said ripping open the un-addressed envelope.

I opened the paper and salad was pelted at my face magically though the envelope.

Albus Potter was a clever rabbit.




A/N: Just to be clear I don't own the titles to these silly muggle games :) But I'd love to play them all together!

Oh and a special thanks for my beta Keyty! 


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Masks: Talk of Rabbits and Game-ception


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