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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Gorgeous chapter image by charlottetrips @ TDA.


After I had taken a seat at the Slytherin table the others finally joined me including Rose who should actually be sat at the Gryffindor table but hey ho, I don't see anyone complaining. Bitch face, I mean Hattie was sat down the very end of the table and as far away from us (well mainly me, I'm guessing) as possible with her cousin Melissa 'Mel' Carter who is in Gryffindor with Rose.

Professor Longbottom was walking towards us, he stopped behind Rose and Scorp who were sat on the opposite side from me, Al and Dom.

"Miss Saunders, could I see you for a moment?" I started to protest that the sorting was going to start soon but he cut me off, "It won't take very long and I promise you'll be back before your sister gets sorted."

I followed him out of the hall and into a disused classroom just off the entrance hall.

"Welcome back, Miss Saunders, I'm pleased you've settled back in. As you are aware that you won't be going back home until December unless there is any sort of emergency. Professor McGonagall and I have discussed and decided that you will be allowed to floo home once or twice a month to see your children and when there's a Hogsmeade weekend your family is more than welcome to bring them, so you can see them. I understand that it's going to be hard what with them being young, it was for me when I had to leave Frankie to come back and teach."

I nodded. "Thanks Professor."

"I believe Professor McGonagall wishes to see you sometime tomorrow but other than that you're now free to enjoy the feast and your first night back," Professor Longbottom told me.

We left the classroom and headed back into the hall, I let Longbottom go first and then I slipped in behind him. Just as Minnie called out, "Eckles Bethan." I scanned the line for Tessa.

Seems like I hadn't missed a lot apart from the sorting hat's song and probably Minnie making some announcement.

I found Tessa after scanning the line again, she was looking as worried as ever, her robes hanging loosing around her shoulders. I caught her eye as she looked around and mouthed, "You okay?"

She nodded and pulled her robes tightly around her just as Bethan Eckles became a Hufflepuff.

I sat at the table and was greeted by a happy face and a not so happy face: the happy face belonged to Aurelie 'Rory' Pond and the unhappy face belonged to Bridget 'Didge' O'Neill.

"Flick, how are you? I can't believe your back," Rory whispered to me.

"So you're not dead?" Bridget asked looking at me blankly.

"Do I look it?" I hissed. "And why does everyone seem to think I was dead, first Hattie, then Peeves and now Bridget."

Rose answered, "There were rumours going around that you had some illness and another rumour was that you died, of course there were various ways of how you died depending who was gossiping about it. And since no one had seen you or heard from you people thought it was true."

All I could think of to say was "Oh," but then I thought of something better. "So how did I die then?" I whispered as some kid became a Gryffindor.

"Well there was the one that you had got eaten by a polar bear," Rose said.

"And the one where you joined a muggle circus and got shot out of a canon so hard that when you hit the safety net it cut you into little cubes," Scorpius chimed in.

Dom smirked, " And of course how can you forget the one where you got knocked up by some axe waving maniac named Trevor who then went to Azkaban because you found the remains of his ex-girlfriend under the floorboards. After that you got married to his twin brother Derek, popped out the baby, lived in a jungle and then you got eaten by a snake."

I snorted. "God some people have over active imaginations."

I turned to Al to see if he was going to offer a story about my 'death' and instead he said, "There was the one where you got knocked up by me, left Hogwarts and never told me that I have two children."

Except he didn't actually say that, my stupid brain just thought he did. What he did say was, "I think there was one where you fell in the lake and the giant squid squashed you before giving you to the merpeople to eat."

I laughed quietly, some of these people really need to get a life. Every now and again someone would stare and point at me before whispering to their friend. I rolled my eyes, honestly can't they go gossip about something else.

As Minnie called through the kids, I considered having a little nap after hearing about my 'traumatic deaths'. She was still only on the L's and I was feeling slightly sleepy, it had been an early start after all.

Leaning my arms on the table I went to rest my head, which was aching, on them, but Al pulled me back up in case I got 'concussion' just as Minnie called, "Potter Lily."

I sat up a bit straighter and watched as she placed the hat on her head and within minutes it called out, "RAVENCLAW!"

Minnie took the hat and Lily hopped off the stool before walking over to the Ravenclaw table where she took a seat next her blonde haired cousin Louis; who also happens to be Dom's younger brother.

I put my head on my arms and had just closed my eyes when I felt someone nudge me again. Cursing Al silently, I looked up and this time I saw Dom  who mutterered, "Concussion."

I shrugged and shut my eyes again, listening to Minnie call the names, "Rogers Amy."


I felt Dom nudge me again and this time I knew why.

"Saunders Tessa," Minnie called as I sat upright.

Tessa walked forward, I could see it in her face that she was nervous as she was biting her lip. She sat down and the hat was placed on her head, I waited with baited breath as each minute passed but finally the hat called out, "RAVENCLAW!"

I smiled and clapped as hard as the Ravenclaw's as Tessa went over and joined Lily and Louis.

Professor Scamander's two son's Lorcan and Lysander became a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, Seamus Thomas became a Gryffindor, Rose's brother Hugo became a Gryffindor and then finally Mike Zander became a Slytherin and the sorting was over.

"Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts and welcome to those of you who are new. I also want to welcome back Felicity Saunders who is alive and well and has been for the past year despite some of the rumours that I've heard," Minnie smiled directly at me, and I wished someone would open the floor and let it swallow me, since the whole school was practically looking at me.

Minnie continued on, "As you know the forest is out of bounds to all students unless you are there for a care of magical creatures lesson. Hogsmeade is only for those of you in third year and above with signed permission forms. I think that is all, so I welcome everyone of you, old and new to join our feast."

With that the tables instantly filled with plate after plate of food. My eyes lit up, I haven't had this much choice since I left the place, Dad's not the best cook and depending on what it is Ria is pretty good, but nothing compares to the house elves of Hogwarts cooking. Actually Molly Weasley's cooking is something that beats the house elves, she makes the best pumpkin pies, my Nana also makes the best food especially pizza.

"Hungry, Flick?" Scorp asked.

I nodded since my mouth was full of noodles, I swallowed before replying, "Yep. Haven't had food this good in ages."

I spoke to Rory and Didge after I stuffed my face some more. By the time the puddings appeared I didn't think I had any room left for pie, but when Al wafted his own piece of pumpkin pie under my nose I suddenly found some space.

I hadn't long finished my second piece of pie when the tables were cleared and Minnie stood up, the hall went silent as she announced, "This years head girl is Maya Finnigan and head boy is Lucas Wood. I am also pleased to welcome a new member of staff who can't be here right now but they will be ready and waiting in class tomorrow and a few old faces from the past will be back to teach you all. I wish you all a good night's sleep ahead of tomorrow's lessons. Good night."

No surprise that they're a Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, I've never known a head girl to be a Slytherin, occasionally there's a Hufflepuff but never Slytherin. A new teacher? I wondered who that could be and old faces, does she mean ex-teachers or ex-students? I was left wondering as the Prefects including Rose, all got up and started to lead the first years out. As Tessa left, she gave me a little wave so I knew she was okay.. One by one everyone left the hall.

We were just on our way down to the dungeons when Al stopped me, "You need to see Madame Pomfrey."

I groaned. "But why? I'm fine."

"You're going to see Madame Pomfrey," he insisted as he steered me towards the grand staircase.

After much protesting from me and a quick check up from Madame Poppy Pomfrey (Who was the matron when Harry Potter was in school, surprisingly she's still here). I left the hospital wing with Al and made our back down to the dungeons.

"Um Al what's the password?" I asked as he ran a hand through his messy black hair.

"No idea," he replied as the wall opened revealing the passage and Dom.

"Thought you two wouldn't have a clue, so I was coming to look for you," she told us. "And the password is Basilisk."

We walked down the corridor in silence until we came out into the dungeon like common room. From one of the large window that looks into the lake, I saw the giant squid swim past. There were a bunch of thirds years sat on one of the expensive looking dark green sofa's chatting away.

We walked up to the dorms and said goodnight to Al as he headed off into the boys and us into the girls. Nothing had changed much, there were still five dark wooden beds complete with green hangings around them and matching bedside tables. Rory and Didge were unpacking as was Bitch Face aka Hattie who's bed is closest to the door.

I spotted my trunk which had the initials F.L.S stamped on it front of my bed by the small window, Ginger's Nut's cat basket was on top and she was yowling away. It took me all of five seconds to realise there was stuff on my bed that certainly wasn't mine.

"Oi why is all your crap on my bed?" I asked Hattie, shooting her a dirty look.

"You weren't here, were you? And I needed space for my clothes."

"Yeah well I'm back for good, so move your stinking clothes," I told her.

She pulled a face at me. "Yeah well you can have your bed back but there is no way that your getting Albus back he's mine."

"You're so pathetic Hattie, it's not like Flick is going to want your sloppy seconds," Dom piped up.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh do you know what, Hattie, go suck on my big fat hairy toe."

Dom looked at me as Hattie stormed off into the bathroom. "You haven't really got a fat hairy toe have you?"

I just looked at her and we both burst out laughing. "Of course not," I managed to say through the giggles.

I started to unpack my things and got changed into my pyjamas as Hattie came out from the bathroom wearing a bright green, strappy nightie which was incredibly short. Myself, Rory, Didge and Dom all exchanged looks that said 'what the fuck is she wearing.' I busied myself with getting Ginger Nut out of her basket so that I wouldn't laugh.

Dom who still had her court shoes on, but with her pyjamas, paraded over to my bed and said, "I do believe you owe me five galleons. Since I didn't get told off."

"Who do you think the new teacher is?" I asked the room as Ginger Nut hopped out of her basket took one look around and started sniffing everything like crazy. I watched as she jumped off my bed and onto the window sill where there was a bowl of cat food and water.

"Dunno, but they better have a good reason not to have turned up tonight," Dom replied spinning on her heels.

Searching through my trunk I found a picture of myself with Bentley and Aubri tucked neatly under my jeans and smiled. I bet Ria put this in, I thought. I pulled out my money bag and chucked five galleons on Dom's bed which is next to mine.

"What is that smell?" Hattie yelled as she sat up in bed. "It smells like fish."

"Maybe that's you," I muttered as Dom sniggered.

"It's the cat food," Rory explained.

"Urgh, it stinks and I hate cats. Since when was there a cat in this dorm," she complained.

"Since Flick came back," Dom pointed out.

"As long as it stays away from me," Hattie said before rolling over in bed so that her back was to us.

I pulled a face at her as I got into bed, she's such a bloody nightmare. Ginger Nut hopped back on my bed and turned around a few time before curling up up in ball.

"Night, Flick."

"Night, Dom," I replied as I snuggled down, letting my hand find Ginger Nut and stroking her soft fur.

Surprisingly I'm glad to be back.

A/N Again Lot's happened and I've introduced more people Aka Rory, and Didge.

Out of the Potter-Weasley's Albus, Rose, Dom, Louis, Roxy, Hugo and Lily are still at Hogwarts. I've obviously strayed from the norm with their ages for it to fit the story. There are five 7th year Slytherin girls (Flick, Dom, Rory, Didge and Hattie) and four boys (Al, Scorp, Joseph Zabini and Alex Goyle)

Edited - 16.02.2018

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