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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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My brother will be as good as dead when I lay my hands on him! How dare he abandon me with our trunks, fenced off by Dwarfs? The Dwarfs being the ratty first years at Hogwarts. Their faces radiated with excitement as they cooed between themselves. Ew!

 Do not be mistaken; if you had met me at any other given time, you would find that I was a pleasant person at heart. However, I have spent the last half-hour nestling through a sweaty swarm of muggles, struggling to transport two, not-so-light, trunks just to get onto the damn station.

 Earlier today I was driven by determination to board the train and head back to Hogwarts, my true home, where I’d be in the midst of all my friends finishing my sixth year. However, the current update on me actually boarding the train looks unlikely simply because my idiotic brother, Daniel had fled from me. He literally dropped his trunk, turned and flashed me his O-so-famous devilish smirk before whizzing pass me into the crowd.

 On top of this dilemma, I had just become King’s Cross' next road kill. It was just my luck for me to be tackled to the ground by some moron.

 OUCH! My back collided painfully to the concrete floor. Instantaneously, an agonizing throb was activated in my lower back. Bruise forming? Check!

 After two solid minutes of me lying in pain, the hippogriff decided to lift his body weight from me.

I could hear the whistle of the train echo in the background. Missing the train? Double check!

 “I am so sorry,” a familiar voice apologized.

 Ignoring his stretched out hand, I gathered myself onto my feet and brushed off the dirt from my jeans.  

“I was racing Fred Weasly...” he tried to explain himself just as I noticed how my books for Dom were scattered on the filthy floor.

“My books!” I cried, bending to retrieve them instantly. These books weren’t just any books; they were the latest editions of the school-advanced textbooks Dom had been yearning for. 

I faced the idiot. There was no surprise (fine, maybe a little) that the idiot himself was James Potter. The notorious, egoistic lover-boy most girls desired. The foremost exception was I. I am one the few decent girls who doesn’t gawk at Potter’s so called ‘alluring green eyes, famous heart-melting smirk and tousled black hair’. All I saw and will ever see when I looked at his face was a dung beetle.  

  “These books were very expensive!” I exclaimed, lecturing the smirking boy, “If they get a scratch on them, you will buy me a new set!”  

“Ravenclaw?” he concluded mockingly, raising an eyebrow perfectly.

I crossed my arms, using all the energy I had to restrain myself from punching his front teeth out.

Merlin, was he that ignorant. I'm his cousins’ best friend for gods sake. I have spent a couple of summers over at his hosue with her. Did he not have the decency to know my freaking name?  Dom and I have been friends since first year.

I guess in his defence, we didn’t exchange many conversations with each other in that duration. Nevertheless, I still knew his name and we still did talk a few times. Well, in truth, i always replied sarcastically back. 

“On the other hand, you seem a tad peculiar,” he inspected further, “Huffelpuff then?”

I scowled. Did I really seem like a Huffelpuff?

Potter grimaced under my intense, scrutinizing glare and shivered in response. “Slytherin then.” Rolling my eyes, I chose to be the bigger person and storm away from this disrespectful boy. Saying I was frustrated was the understatement of the year. This blithering idiot has somehow managed to ruin my entire day.

Merlin’s beard, I am in the same bloody year as him AND the same house.  Did I mention that I was his bloody potions partner in forth year. Two years is not a long time to forget someone. This was just plain rudeness.

“Wait!” he called from behind, before he caught up to me in no time. “What’s your name?” he questioned, forcing me to turn around, “I’m James...”

“Potter,” I finished. Yes, everyone knows who you are. Why, you’re the son of famous Harry Potter and not to mention the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.  Blah, blah, blah. I DO NOT CARE!

“Let me guess, you know my father?” I detected a slight edge of mockery in his tone. 

“I do, but no that’s not why. It’s called getting to know the people in your year AND in your house.”

“You’re in Gryffindor? I must know you then,” he assured me, “Now that you mention it, you seem somewhat familiar,” he narrowed his eyes and examined me, head to toe.

I raked my hand through my knotted ponytail,  “I really doubt that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I‘d rather not miss my train and waste my breath on you,” I smiled pretentiously at him before I boarded the train.

“Ah ha, you grew taller,” he yelled after me..

Girl’s walking by shot envious glares at me. Three words: GET A LIFE.

“No,” I groaned, searching for an escape plan in my overcrowed brain.

“Dyed your hair?” he sounded so sure.

“This is my natural hair colour thank you very much,” I flicked my dark chocolate hair so it flicked him in his face.

James broke into a heart-wrenching smile

“Wait a minute, are you Dom’s best friend?” he questioned, still trailing behind me for some apparent reason.

“The one and only,” I turned halfway and flashed him a smile, “This was… interesting. I’m going to go find Dom now. Toddles.” I tried to increase the distance between us but he felt the need to stick by my side.

“I’m sure I would have remembered a pretty face like yours.” My face scrunched up. This is exactly what I was referring to. His douchiness.

“APE!” Please tell me my stupid brother did not just call me that in front of Potter. Of course he did. I always knew he had a secret agenda to humiliate me. 

I glanced sideways at James who had a huge grin plastered across his face. “Daniel Rose, where have you been?” I stabbed my finger into his chest, screaming inside.

“Sorry Ape...” he apologized. 

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!” I shrieked, raising my hands in the air with furry. 

“But I always call you that,” he pouted.

I sighed in defeat. I couldn’t get mad with Dan even if I had to fake it.  

 “I truly am sorry,” he grabbed the load from my hands.

“Daniel my man, it’s good to see you mate.” James and Dan did some secret handshake and ended in a bro hug.

James then exclaimed suddenly, “I didn’t know Ape was your girl.” 

 “Don’t call me Ape, Potter!” I grimace at his amused expression, “And I’m not his girl.” I spat, noticing how he blinked with fiegned innocence. 

Daniel gave a quizzical look to James, to which James not so subtly winked at.

Dan shook his head smiling in response.

They’ve clearly hung way too much. It’s also evident that they have mastered the skill of eye conversations.

“When are you holding Quidditch tryouts?” Finally, they are back to speaking like normal human beings.

 “Probably going to hold them this Saturday. We need two new chasers,”

 “We are going to smash everyone this year.” I watched an evil grin slides across James’ lips. 

“Damn right we are!”

“Hey Ape, I’m going with James will you be ok?”

“No, I might combust if I bump into another one of your friends. I can’t handle two idiots in one day,” I wittily remarked, once again inviting James smirk to the conversation.

“Just show them a book, they will run the other way,” Dan hugged me, “It’s like Kryptonite to them.”

I loved my brother.

“Nice to meet you Ape!” James pleased with himself, bellowed through the corridor. causing Dan to question his intentions.

Pulling myself away from Dan I replied curtly, “Call me that again Potter, and I will kick you where it hurts, making sure no women will have the misery of bearing your children. ” I swiveled and walked briskly away from them.

“Do you really think annoying her will help your situation ?” I heard Dan mutter. 

I heard James grumble, his tone gruff, "It worked with my grandfather." 


 Before I could make it to the other end of the corridor I was eloped into a bone-crushing hug. I saw a flash of blonde, and knew it had to be Dom.  

“Dom!” I squealed in excitement, “I was looking all over for you.”

She yanked me from my hand and dragged me into a compartment. “April! I’m so glad to see you. Where the hell have you been?”

“Just exchanging some wisdom to your not so wise cousin!”

“Who, James?” he eyes shared a glimpse of confusion before being dissolved away by intrigue. “He talked to you? What did he say?”

“Is it that much of a surprise that your big-headed cousin would talk to me?” Ouch, that hurt slightly. Did everyone seem to think like this?

“Ha, in ways you wouldn’t understand.” She laughed to herself while I remained unfathomed. “What I mean is that, I would imagine your conversation to be less talking and more insulting on your half.”

 “Gee, thanks Dom. Make me sound like a bitch, why don’t you.”

 Dom faced me, mouth curling upwards. “Here comes Cameron.”

 “Cam.” I screamed, leaping from my seat in time to reach his open arms. “Finally you’re here, Dom’s not being very nice.”

 “Now, why isn’t Dom being nice?” He sat me down beside him and passed us pumpkin passies he had bought from the trolley. Dom launched herself into an explanation while Cam and I listened clearly amused.




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