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Too Late To Change by Luna_Lovegood418
Chapter 2 : Moving On (Continued...)
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 Draco's P.O.V.

How could I have ever been one of Voldemort's followers? The thought sickens me now and I can't help but be ashamed of myself. Its a wonder that I'm not in Askaban. After all, I was a death eater.

Potter may not realize it, but every night I think of how different everything would have been if he was killed instead of Voldemort being killed. I would still be a deatheater. I am actually thankful that Potter won. We have never really liked each other but over the years I have gotten over hating him. When Hagrid was holding him and we all thought he was dead, my eyes had even filled with tears. If Harry would forgive me for being an arse over the years then maybe we could start a friendship. 

Of course I would also like Ron and Hermione to forgive me too. In fact I think I had slight feelings for Hermione before she left to where ever she went. I doubt that she will ever feel the same way though. After calling her a mudblood years ago, I wouldn't blame her for flat out hating me. Actually last time I checked, her and Ron were together. But maybe that changed. Maybe...

Luna's P.O.V.

"But Derick, I-I thought you loved me.." I cried.

"Luna, I used to love you, but you know how feelings change. I still like you.. as a friend, but I have recently learned that I'm.. well I'm gay."

"Your gay? Don't try to pull that shit with me. I walked in on you shagging that girl. Thats why were breaking up!!"

I watch him look down guiltily. "Ok, your right. But thats because your smart. You've always been smart." 

"Get out of my house Derick, looking at you makes me feel like I'm going to barf up slugs." I watch him walk away looking slightly disappointed. Not like I cared. He could go to hell for cheating on me. I just wish I had somebody to comfort me right now. I ran out of my house and appariated to one of my favorite places. 

I gasped in surprise as I see whos sitting on the rock that I usually sit on.

"Luna?"  whispered George.

George's P.O.V.


"George, what are you doing here?" she asks with surprise tinting her voice.

"Well, I was just sitting on my favorite rock at my favorite spot thinking about... stuff when you appeared out of the blue. I think I should be the one asking what your doing here. So, what are you doing here?" I asked her.

"This spot happens to be my favorite spot to come to. I used to come here with my mother when I was younger. This place calms me." I wonder why she has tears streaming down her face. Did I upset her that much by being here?

"Is there something wrong Luna?" 

"Nothing much. Its just my lieing, cheating, bastard of a ,now ex-, boyfriend. We just broke up.

"I'm sorry to hear that Luna.." I walk up to her and hug her. Mmm, she smells nice. Kind of like rasperries and lavender mixed..

Ron's P.O.V.

Hmm.. how should I start my journey of finding Harry and Hermione?

20 minutes later

Duh! I owl them!! How could I not have thought of this earlier. I whistle for my new owl, Polgeria, and she comes and lands on the table next to me. 

"Gimme a second and let me write a couple of letters.

Ok here you go," I say as give her the letters. "One goes to Harry and one goes to Hermione. Now don't forget to wait for a reply from both of them and then hurry back here."

Harry's P.O.V.

Tap tap tap. I jump slightly and look over to the source of the noise. An owl? I haven't recieved one of these in a while. Who could it be from? I've never seen this owl before.

I open the letter and read



               I hope you recieve this letter soon. I know we haven't talked in a while but I miss hanging out with you and Hermione. Please reply when you get this letter.


Ron? What a coincedence that I was thinking about him and Hermione last night. Oh well, coincedences happen. I may as well go ahead and reply.

Hermione's P.O.V.

"Hey Minna have you seen m-" tap tap tap. What was that? It taps again.

I look at Minna and see that she has a look of confusion and surprise on her face. Then I notice what shes looking at. 

"Hermione, theres an owl tapping on our window!!!" she shouts.

"Ahaha umm, how weird. I'll take care of it." I walk to the window and open it. I take the letter from its beak and read it. (Its the exact same letter that Harry got except with her name instead of his.) 

I smile at the letter and my mind wanders off to think of all the good times they had at Hogwarts. Then suddenly I remember how I had yelled at them. How I had lost my anger and told them I hope that I would never see them again. I guess Ron forgave me! I was afraid he wouldn't but he misses me. I snap out of my daydream and begin to excitedly write a reply.

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Too Late To Change: Moving On (Continued...)


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