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Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 8 : Discussions
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A/N: Here we go! Sorry it’s been awhile, I didn’t have Internet access over Thanksgiving Break, so I couldn’t post this until I got back. Thanks to my reviewers from last chapter, Draco_or_Harry_102597, dracos lover, and Jo rock music! Romeo and Juliet belongs to Shakespeare, as the magical world of Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. I’ll continue down below. Enjoy! xx

Hermione’s POV:

I awoke to the sounds of someone putting things on the table next to my bed. “Ah good, you’re awake. Here you are, Miss Granger, drink up!” Madam Pomfrey instructed, handing me a light blue potion. As I drank it, she explained, “Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini brought you here after you passed out. You should be all right in a few minutes, just don’t skip another meal and drink plenty of water, and I shouldn’t have to see you again. Now, you should go sort out those boys of yours before they have to come back here for their own injuries.”


I nodded and got out of the bed, quickly fixing my clothes before running out of the hospital wing and down towards the Black Lake, where I saw Blaise and Draco throwing punches at each other. Wanting them to stop, I yelled “Oi, Slytherins!” while I was running down the hill towards them. They paused and turned to look at me, expressions of confusion on their faces.


Once I reached them, I paused. Looking at them both with anger filling my eyes, I slapped both across the face, one right after the other. “Both of you are complete and utter jerks! Stop. Messing. With. Me! I don’t know what is wrong with your minds, but I was having a perfectly good Saturday until you two Slytherins had to ruin it!” I held up my hand to stop their protests. “Now, I am going to go to my room to enjoy some peace and quiet before dinner. So please, do not follow me. Deal with your issues and leave me be!” I whipped around and stalked off, a satisfied smile on my lips at their dumbfounded expressions. That ought to get them to stay away from me. I really need to talk to Harry about this.


I traveled through the castle towards the Gryffindor common room. As I rounded the corner to the portrait hole, I heard shouting and nearly got bowled over by a fuming Ginny. She brushed past me, then yelled back in my direction, “Go talk to your best friend, Hermione! He’s in trouble!” I waded through the younger students and clambered into the portrait hole, allowing them to follow me in.


Quietly I told them to go to their dormitories so Harry and I could talk in private. None of them dared question the authority of the Head Girl. I sat down next to Harry and said, “She found out about that summer, didn’t she?” He nodded meekly and took hold of my hand.


“I was going to tell her soon, honestly! But Ron was being a git and told her at lunch. And then she broke up with me, when she very well knows how much I love her. She knows I didn’t actually do it; she just needed a good reason to end things. We’ve been constantly fighting since the war end. I guess you wouldn’t have known that though, since you were in Australia. Say, how did it go with Kingsley and your parents? How are they?” he asked, switching topics.


“Well, they’re all right, I suppose. I mean, they were angry at first for what I’d done, but after Kingsley explained the whole situation, they came around. We spent most of the summer at home with me catching them up on what they missed during the war.” Tears brimmed, and I put my head on Harry’s shoulder, letting him wrap his arm around me. “Oh, Harry, I though I had lost them forever! And it’s just so hard to put the pieces back together. Today I’ve been an emotional wreck, what with Malfoy this morning, and talking with McGonagall, and then Malfoy and Zabini kissing me and I just—Harry, are you all right? Harry!” I felt his arm contract as I accidentally let the events of earlier slip out of my mouth.


“They did what? Hermione, why’d you let them do that? You should’ve hexed them, Malfoy especially!” he scolded me.


I shrugged out from under his arm and snapped, “Sorry Harry, Blaise caught me by surprise! And actually, I kissed Malfoy. Don’t you say a word about this to anyone or I’ll make sure you wish Voldemort were still after you! Now go find Ron and don’t be late for dinner!” Striding out of the common room, I made my way to the Head’s dorm.


Why can’t these stupid boys just leave me alone? I’ve got enough on my plate as it is without all of them worrying about me! “Dumbledore,” I said to the founders’ portrait, noticing Salazar Slytherin looking at me very curiously. I stepped into the common room to find it empty. Finally, some peace and quiet. Grabbing the nearest book, I opened it to a random page and began reading, curling up in an armchair by the fire, soon after sinking into the depths of sleep.


Draco’s POV:

Blaise and I watched Hermione walk away, him staring with lust in his eyes while I was concerned. After her silhouette disappeared over the hill, I hit him in the chest to break his gaze. “Oi, focus, mate!”


“Sorry, sorry,” he mumbled. “Wait, why are we even bothering about this? You don’t even like Granger! I do, so I can have her, just like normal.”


I threw him a steely glare. “No, you cannot ‘have her.’ As Head Boy I forbid you to go lusting after Granger. I-” he cut me off.


“Bloody hell, Draco! You do like the Mudblood!”


“Don't you ever call her that again. She’s a muggleborn, not that foul word,” I growled at him.


“Wow, you really have changed, more than I thought," he coughed awkwardly. "Sorry mate, I apologize for calling her that. But you do fancy Granger, just admit it already!” Blaise challenged him impishly.


“All right, fine! I fancy Hermione Granger, and I have since third year! There, I said it. Now get your arse inside; it’s almost time for dinner and I have some things to do,” I replied in fun, all of my anger at him from a moment ago dissipating in the warm afternoon sun. We strolled casually across the grounds towards the castle, paying little attention to a couple flying near the Black Lake close to where we had been. Discussing Hermione’s finer attributes as we walked through the castle, we parted ways to go to our separate common rooms.


I hope Hermione is here. We really need to discuss what happened today and figure out some boundaries or this arrangement is not going to work out well for either of us.


I nonchalantly stepped through the portrait hole, observing Godric Gryffindor’s gaze, to encounter Hermione curled up in an armchair by the fire with my copy of Romeo and Juliet. Smiling slightly, I put her arms around my neck and lifted her, taking her to her room. Once I got there her grip tightened slightly. Sighing softly, I settled into a somewhat comfortable position against her headboard with her still in my lap. I fell asleep almost immediately.


Draco awoke to a resounding crack, rubbing his eyes blearily with one hand. A chipper-looking Starry stood by the bed. “Mr. Malfoy, sir—“ “Please, Starry, call me Draco.”


Starry nodded and restarted, “Draco, sir, dinner is in a half-hour, sir. Starry thinks you’s should get ready, sir. Does the miss need anything, sir?”


He opened and closed his mouth a few times before saying, “Uh…no, no I’ll get her anything she needs. Thanks for waking me, Starry.” He rubbed the back of his neck; Starry curtsied and disappeared with another loud crack. Draco felt Hermione shift in his arms—finally waking up—he had to downplay the situation.


As Hermione sat up, Draco remained still, a neutral look on his face. He cleared his throat and rushed out, “For the record, I promise I only brought you here after you fell asleep out by the fire and you didn’t let me leave so I stayed but I didn’t do anything to you I swear, and I fell asleep too, Starry just woke me up to tell us dinner is in a half hour.”


Hermione stared blankly at him for a few seconds while she processed everything he had just said. “O-kay, thanks, I guess,” she said slowly. “Merlin! I’ve only got a half-hour? Move, Malfoy! I need to get ready, and so do you! Go put your robes on!” she flew out of his embrace to her trunk where she pulled out her robes. Hermione raced to the shared bathroom, slamming the door behind her.


Malfoy slowly made his way to his room, stripping off his shirt as he did so. He purposely avoided looking at his left forearm, ashamed of what his fear of dying caused him to do. He had his uniform on in the next three minutes and needed to go to the loo. Knocking on the door, he said, “Oi, Granger! I need to use the loo. Let me in!” Getting no response, he pounded on the door again and warned her, “I’m coming in even if you aren’t decent!” and barged through the door. Hermione shrieked and clutched the towel closer to her body.


Malfoy’s eyes roved over Hermione’s towel-wrapped body and dripping wet hair. Smirking at her, not once did he break his gaze with her as he relieved himself at the toilet. He zipped his trousers and strolled out, closing the door behind him. Unfortunately, the repercussions of his actions were going to make him regret it.


As Draco completely disregarded my personal space in the bathroom, I tried to retain some of my dignity of having been barged in on while showering. I can’t believe the gall he has! I’m going to have to have a talk with him about personal space on our way to dinner. After he left, I quickly got dressed, performed a drying spell on my hair, and put in some hair cream to make it wavy rather than bushy and curly.


Checking my appearance one last time in the mirror, I exited the bathroom and went to my bedroom to put everything away. At least some good will come from today with the announcement of the benefit.


I walked down the stairs to see Malfoy double-checking his robes in the mirror by the portrait hole. Smiling, I went up to him and straightened his tie for him, placing my hands on his chest afterwards. My eyes caught his stormy grey-blues; my breath hitched in my throat.


“Sorry, I-uh…it’s a habit I have with Harry and Ron. Sorry,” I apologized, breaking the eye contact. Get a grip, Hermione! Stepping away, I asked, “Shall we go down to dinner then? It’d be good to set an example of house unity, timeliness, and clean uni—”


“Seriously, Granger, let’s just go eat, all right? My stomach and sanity are begging you,” Malfoy interrupted me, his stomach growling loudly to second his opinion. I shut my mouth and took the arm he offered, ignoring the weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.


It was at that moment that I realized something important. This was the first time I felt completely secure since before the war. I’d been so scared for not only my life, but also my parents’ lives, Harry’s, Ron’s, the Weasley’s, and everyone else’s I cared about. And right then, I didn’t care that it was Malfoy making me feel safe; I was just happy to know he had changed and was making an effort to fix everything bad between us.


Of course, I didn’t know that McGonagall had something entirely different in mind for us. It had something to do with keeping in line with a certain prophecy concerning a Pureblood and a Mudblood.

A/N: Please don’t hate me for dropping the ball on the Dramione action! I had to do it! You’ll get more with Ron & Cho soon too as well, I just need to tie up a few loose ends in the next chapter and you awesome readers will get to see how all of these stories tie in together. Please review, and any and all ideas/suggestions are welcome!


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Love Makes Me: Discussions


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