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Truth...or Dare? by camiegail
Chapter 2 : Pure Bliss
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 A/N:  Congrats to blackballet and Lisa Grey for winning the little contest at the end of the last chapter!!!  Now, on with the story!


                                                        James's POV


     She had to what??  


     Not that I was upset.  I mean, I had been waiting for this moment for practically my whole life.  Just...not like this.  Not in a forced manner.


     "You...don't have to do it Lily,"  I said.  I didn't want it to ruin what took all this time to build up.


     "No, she has to," Alice sang.


     "It's okay guys, really,"  Lily said.


     She got up on her knees and came over to me.  She looked...scared.  Was Lily Evans, the bravest of the brave, scared?


     "Hey Lils," I said.


     "No funny business, Potter.  Let's just get this over with."  The fear was replaced with grouchiness.


     "Fine, if you want it to be that way..."  I swept my arm around her, pulling her in close to me.  Then I closed the the area between us by pressing my lips against hers.  Her eyes widened for a moment, then closed shut, and she returned the kiss with more enthusiasm.  It was perfect.



                                                          Lily's POV


     Every part in my body melted away and I only felt pure bliss.  James wrapped his other arm around my neck, pulling me even closer. I was with James.  There didn't have to be any sort of official "boy asks girl" thing, we were together.  My heart raced faster as he stroked my hair, ran his fingers down my back.  There was nothing else, nothing around-


     "Um...guys?"  Amber interrupted us, and we jumped apart, cheeks burning red.


     "Yeah?" James replied.  Thank goodness, I don't think I could've said a word.


     "It's been...five minutes,"  Peter squeaked.


     "Oh...well I guess it's my turn then," I said.  "Um, Peter, truth or dare?"


     "Dare," he replied nervously.  Interesting, very interesting.


           "I dare you to...switch outfits with Amber and waltz around the room together for five minutes."


     Sirius cracked up while Amber and Peter eyed each other nervously.  


     "Into the closet, you two!"  Sirius was enjoying this too much.


     Amber growled and stormed into the closet, Peter tailing behind.  James smiled and pulled me over to him; I sat on his lap with his arms around me until they came out. 


     Let's just say that Amber and Peter should never share clothes.  Peter was practically swimming in Amber's hot pink one-shoulder top, while Amber was still holding together the buttons on Peter's shirt as if they might pop off.


     They positioned themselves and began to dance.  It was hilarious, every part of it; from the awkwardness between them to the funny steps Peter added.  They had everyone in stiches by the time they were done.


                                                      James's POV


     After the lovely duo came out of the closet, back to their usual selves,  the game continued.  


     "Amber, truth or dare?" asked Peter.  


     " 'bout truth," she said.  That girl had serious guts if she danced with Peter.  But it seemed like he needed some help.


     I gently lifted Lily off my lap and crawled over to Peter.  I leaned over and whispered to him, "Ask her how she feels about Sirius."  Sirius could never shut up about that girl.  And the guys said I talked about Lils too much!


     To general moans of unfairness about what I said to Peter, I slid back over to my dear Lily flower and repositioned her on lap.  "What can I say, the man needed help," I said with a grin.


     "Amber, what do y-you think of S-Sirius?"  Peter stuttered.


                                                             Lily's POV


      Honestly, I was scared.  Sirius was the guy Amber had been dreaming about for a while now, and she usually doesn't get hung up over boys like that.  I had no idea what would come out her mouth, but whatever it was could get her in a whole lot of trouble.   

      She took a swig of Veritaserum and replied, "Sirius is hottest guy I know and I would really like to snog him right now.  In fact, I think I love him."


     I felt everyone's jaws drop.  Judging by the look of disbelief on James's face, Sirius had been interested in Amber too.  But if everyone was suprised now, they'd be shocked to see what happened next.

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Truth...or Dare?: Pure Bliss


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