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Falling (What Else is New?) by xxxtrueheroxxx
Chapter 1 : Josie-Getting Started
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That was the sound of my obnoxiously loud alarm clock. Charming, isn’t it? I sat up in my bed and groaned at the sunlight that was hitting my face. I glanced at my clock and groaned again. It was SIX. FLIPPING.THIRTY. I hate moments like this. Being woken up at 6:30 the morning after getting back from a boring family vacation.  



My dad had taken us on a hike. A hike. I had been stuck sleeping in a tent for a whole month listening to my sister complain about, well, everything, and nursing my brother back to health every time he did something “brave”. Meanwhile, my father told us about all the different kinds of plants around us. I mean, I love herbology (something I inherited from him), but I can’t take it for a month straight. In the middle of nowhere. In a bloody tent. Every time we complained, my mum would say, “Your father and I spent almost our whole seventh year sleeping in hammocks. You children can handle one little camping trip.”



Oh, I forgot to mention. My parents are Neville and Hannah Longbottom. They fought against Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts. My dad even killed his pet snake (He hasn’t been able to so much as look at a snake since) and my mum (formerly Hannah Abbot) was dueling with Death Eaters and fighting along with the other members of Dumbledore’s Army. Now, my dad teaches Herbology at Hogwarts and Mum owns the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley. They are also good friends of the Potter and Weasley families.


               Back to my original point. We returned from said trip last night. It was already late enough to be considered morning. And here I was, up at the crack of dawn. I sighed as I lazily swung my legs over my bed. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and smiled at my room. If I could describe it in one word, it would be colorful. The walls were bright yellow (I am a Hufflepuff, after all) and my floor had a purple shaggy carpet. My furniture was all white, but my sheets were yellow along with my pillows. I also had a purple blanket, that was currently thrown over my shoulders. I love my room to death. It is just so…happy.


I put on my slippers and headed towards the stairs. I hugged the blanket around me and cautiously sniffed the air. Nothing burnt, which meant dad hadn’t tried to cook. Thank god. I continued on my way, dragging the back of the blanket behind me. I stopped down the stairs tiredly.






                My step was cut off by me tripping over my super fluffy blanket and plummeting to my death. I tumbled down the stairs head first, until I came to a stop at the bottom. My mum and dad turned to see what had happened, totally dropping whatever conversation they were having. They stared at me for a moment. Well, I thought. That’s one was to make an entrance.



                My mum rushed over to see if I was okay, my dad following by her side. Neither of them looked surprised in the slightest. See, I didn’t just inherit my father’s love of Herbology. I also inherited his brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and well, his clumsiness. Honestly, the only thing I had similar to my mom was being in Hufflepuff. And I think I have her nose… You see, before my dad was this amazing war hero, he was a shy, awkward klutz. And, well, the scream doesn’t float far from the mandrake. My mum’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.



“Josie, dear, are you hurt?”


              “No, mum. Just my dignity,” I assured her.


She smiled and shook her head. “You are so much like your father.”  



My thoughts exactly. I stood and rubbed my sore bum. That was definitely going to bruise. Sighing, I took my usual seat at our kitchen table and Mum handed me a glass of orange juice. I smiled my thanks and took a sip. Then I stood again to get the box of cereal from the cupboard. I poured it into a bowl, along with some milk, and returned to my seat. “Oi! Who set my bloody alarm for this early?”



Three heads snapped around to look at the base of the stairs where my sister, Addison, stood. Her straight, blonde hair was in a messy knot on her head and her brown eyes were weary with fatigue. The pale skin on her face, however, was red with anger. I could tell she was trying to look intimidating, but with her meager height and petite frame, she looked about as intimidating as a House Elf. My mother smiled “I did, dear. The Potter’s invited us over to the Burrow for lunch and I thought we should get an early start.”


Addi smiled, her face slowly returning to its normal milky white. She loved visiting the Burrow, even though she was younger than the majority of the Weasleys. She was a year older than Molly and Lucy, Audrey and Percy’s twin daughters, and Roxanne, George and Angelina’s youngest kid was a year older than her. I can’t comment, though, because I love it there too. Not only do I get to see Lily Potter, one of my best friends, I also love the feeling of that family. It’s always so warm and happy there, and not to mention the amazing food. I was always ten pounds heavier every time I left there. But it was so worth it.


Addi sat down, grimacing at Dad’s burnt-to-a-crisp toast. I left the cereal box for her. I knew she would need it. I proceeded to go up stairs to get ready, this time making sure not to trip. I actually made it to the top without a hitch. See, I can be careful if I want! I did a weird sort of dance and accidentally slammed my hip into the hand rail. Ouch.


Rubbing the sore spot, I went into my room and searched for some clothes to wear. Eventually, I put on denim shorts and a ruffled, lilac top. I was heading into the bathroom when I heard Addi shout, “Josie! Tell our idiot brother to get off his lazy arse and come downstairs!”


I sighed and turned around to go to his room as a heard my mom say, “Watch your language. And I asked you to get him.”


I rolled my eyes and tuned out of the argument that was sure to come. Addi had decided that, at the age of 12, she was already an adult. She started cursing and acting like a moody teenager. Honestly, she's worse than Colin. I raised my fist and banged on his closed door. From inside I heard a muffled, “Five more minutes, Mum.”  



At that point, I barged in. “No way, Colin. If I have to be up this early than so d-BLIMY PUT ON SOME FLIPPING CLOTHES! ARE YOU MAD!?” 


Because my dear brother had pushed off his blanket, revealing that he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. I promptly covered my eyes with one hand and groped around for the door handle. Only to trip over one of the many objects littering the floor and do a literal face plant. Luckily my head was cushioned by something soft and…smelly. I opened my eyes to reveal that I had landed face first into Colin’s dirty laundry pile. “I think I'm gonna hurl.”

                I quickly crawled out of his room, trying to block out my disgusting sibling’s peals of laughter. While I sat on the floor outside his room trying to regain my sanity, he came outside, this time decent. “What did you want?” he asked sleepily.



“To get you up. We’re going to the Burrow.,” I said with my head in my hands.



“Sweet,” Colin said, slamming the door to his room shut. 



“Slob!” I shouted after him.



“Prude!” he shouted back.  



I ignored him and stood up, probably about as graceful as a walrus. I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair. Yet again, it had somehow managed to tangle itself up so much, my brush got stuck. I tugged on it until my mum came in. “Need some help, Jo?”


I nodded pathetically, pointing to the brush that had nested itself somewhere within my head. My mum smiled and took out her wand, casting a few spells on my hair so it came out smooth, straight, and shiny. “Thanks Mum. You're a life saver,” I said, taking the brush she handed back to me.


“I know, deary.” She smiled as she left the bathroom. Normally I would have done that myself, except I'm not of age yet, and underage magic outside of Hogwarts isn’t allowed. I put on a little make up, seeing as I had the time. My mum had a tendency to wake us up way before it was necessary. We need to be at the Burrow at 12:30, and it was only 7:45 now. Bugger. I returned to my cheerful room and took out my sketch book. I love drawing. It calms me down, and frankly, it’s the only thing I'm good at. I may be a klutz when it comes to dancing, and sound like a dying Mandrake when I sing, but when I draw, I feel like I'm actually good at something. Like I can be something.




I flipped to my most recent sketch that I’ve been working on. It’s the view from my roof. I climbed out the window and onto the roof, sitting just above my room. I know, I know it’s dangerous. But it’s really not. Our house is only two stories tall, and the trampoline my dad bought us when we were younger is just under my window. It used to be near Colin’s window, but that had inspired him to try one of his “brave” little tricks. He thinks that because he's a Gryffindor, he has to be all stupid and try get himself killed. Dad always says that he has no idea where Colin came from. I mean, he was the ultimate klutz, and apparently my mum used to be shy as anything. So how did they're kid end up jumping off of roofs and skateboarding down staircases? I like to pretend that he's not actually my brother, but that he had been raised in a circus and then adopted by parents. Or that he's a science experiment to see just how stupid a person can get.  Or he could be my real brother… but let’s be reasonable here.



Smiling to myself, I continued my sketch. You can see the roof tops of other houses to the left and the forest to the right. One side is loud and busy, the other is peaceful and quiet. Serene. It is quite lovely, if I say so myself. I continued drawing and soon I lost track of time. I could have been up there for as long as a week, or maybe as short as a couple of minutes. I finally finished, and dusted off stray eraser shavings. Staring into the deep forest, I absentmindedly tapped my pencil on my leg. I was startled when a quiet voice said “Beautiful, isn’t it?”



I was so startled, in fact, that I dropped my sketchbook and helplessly watched it fall. I looked at my dad, who was sticking his head out of my window. He smiled and said “Accio Sketchbook,” pointing his wand out in front of him, then catching it and handed to me. “Mind if I join?”



I shook my head and scooted over so my dad could sit next to me. He climbed up slowly, and once he was settled, he held out his hand. “Can I see? Or is this another one of your ‘secret projects’?” 


When I was younger, If I was working on a special painting, I wouldn’t let anyone see it until I was completely done. I don’t really know why, it was just a thing I did. I blushed and opened the book to the right page. As I handed it to him, I said, “Of course. You know I haven’t done that since I was 9.” 



He grinned and took the book from me. When he saw it he whistled, making my cheeks burn twice as hot. “This is beautiful, Josie.


He pulled me in for a hug, wrapping one arm around my shoulders and pulling me in tight.  “Come on, we gotta get going. Or at least get off this roof before one of us kills ourselves. Or your mother does.” I grinned as he climbed back into my window. I could hear my mom screaming for us to hurry up, although it was faint. I followed my dad into my room and pulled on my shoes. This was gonna be fun. 


AN- This is the first chapter of my first story and I am so excited! Please review. and dont be too harsh!

Disclaimer- i dont own anything you recognise here. sadly.

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