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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen
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I opened my green eyes and looked around me. I automatically regretted it, everything was so bright and white. Damn, it hurt my eyes. Slowly, I adjusted to the brightness of the room, wherever I was.

It looked like my home back in London. But it couldn’t be, I was in St. Mungo’s hospital, how could I be in my house? Also, I know my mum was a good cleaner and everything, but this was creepy. Everything was perfectly polished and white and perfect.

What was going on here? “Aspen Powells?” A voice asked. I turned around to see six people. I only recognized three of them. The first was a girl named Samantha Weeden, she was a hospital room mate of mine for two months, she had been severely attacked by a troll, her heart eventually failed, taking her in the end.

The other two people I recognized were my dad’s sister Isabella and her husband Trevor. I had never really met them, they died in an apartment building fire two weeks before I was born. That is why one of my middle names is Isabella, in honor of her. I had only seen them in photographs on the mantel in my living room, or old family videos or my mum’s scrapbooks.

Next there was a man that looked exactly like Freddie’s father. But he, unlike George, wasn’t missing an ear. Yes, he had all of his body parts completely intact, which I thought was good. It was Fred, Fred Weasley. Not my friend, but his dead uncle. The one he had been named after. I heard his family talking about him sometimes.

Finally, there was a man and a woman I had never seen before in my life. Or had I? They rung a bell, but I couldn’t quite place it. The woman had straight dark red hair, and green eyes that rivaled my own. The man had unruly black hair that stuck up in every direction. I had seen that hair before, I had touched it, I had felt it. It was the same hair James had. That is when I realized that right in front of me was James and Lily Potter.

Obviously not my fiancé and his sister, but their grandparents.

Yet, all these people were dead. They had been dead for years. What was I doing here? What was the place?

“Yes.” I said.

They all began walking towards me. Okay, this was not funny. This was totally not funny anymore. “What is going on?” I asked, my hands shaking. “Where am I?”

“Up here we call it your party or your decision point in your case.” Aunt Isabella told me calmly.

“I-I don’t understand. I was in St. Mungo’s. I am meant to be in St. Mungo’s. What is happening?”

Samantha stepped forward, “I know it’s confusing Aspen. There is no nice way to say this, you are dead.”

“Way to scare her Samantha.” Uncle Trevor snapped.

“God, I’m sorry. But she is.”

“Not completely.” Lily Evans said. “You are panicking.” Upon seeing me.

“Of course I am!” I blurted out, “You just told me I’m dead!”

“You are dead, for now.”

“What?” I questioned bluntly, “When someone dies, they remain dead. That’s how it works.”

“In most cases yes, but you are special Aspen. Right now in St. Mungo’s hospital, they have just given up on you and your family is walking towards the room, not knowing what happened. There is a possibility you can be there when they walk back in.”

“How? How could I possibly do that?” I threw my hands up in outrage. People don’t come back from the dead, they just don’t. If I’m dead, I’m dead. Right? That is how it works in reality. Or is it?

She pursed her lips. “You didn’t let me finish. Aspen, you could stay here with us, and you would have the choice to stay here in the land of parties, or you could venture on to what is beyond. Your other option is to go back down to earth, but you would only get to live for a maximum five more days. It is your choice entirely.”

“Why are you all here, in the land of parties? Why haven’t you gone, onwards?” I asked, almost afraid to hear their answers.

They all gave a small smile, “We are all waiting for someone. Someone worth waiting for.” Fred said. “For me, it’s my brother, George.”

“It’s Harry for Lily and I.” James smiled, grabbing his wife’s hand.

“My sister.” Samantha nodded.

“Elizabeth.” Aunt Isabella smiled. I had almost forgotten about Elizabeth, she was my cousin and Aunt Isabella and Uncle Trevor’s daughter. She was a few years older than me and was at an art college. After her parents died, she went to live with my Uncle Lucas, my dad’s other sibling.

“So I get to choose between death now or death later?” They all nodded. “How do you choose with something like that?”

“Sorry Aspen, but we don’t know. We didn’t get the choice.” Samantha said. I buried my face in my hands. I didn’t know what to do. There were good and bad things for both. How do you choose with something like that?

I looked around the room. “Why am I even home?”

“Your party is meant to be where you first met the love of your life.” I looked around, this was where I meet James first. He had sent a football flying through our front window, his parents made him come over to apologize. I was almost five.

I sighed, I still didn’t know what I was going to do. On one hand, I could go back to earth and be able to have more time with my friends and family. But it wouldn’t be nice, it wouldn’t be a good quality of life. I would linked to machines and be pumped with medicine, in a final attempt to save my life. Yet, it wouldn’t work. My life had to end, one way or another. I couldn’t live anymore, and I knew that in my heart.

What if I stayed here, though? I wouldn’t get to ever see my family again. I would never get to see James again. Unless I waited here, but how long would I have to wait? Years? Decades? Would it be worth it? I almost punched myself for thinking that. James was worth it, completely and totally. But what if I didn’t want to stay here?

I took a deep breath, this was too much. There is a reason people normally don’t get this choice. It’s hard as hell. I didn’t want to go back to earth and pretend like I was going to be okay, like I was going to live. Also, what if I went back and I only lived a few more hours? They told me I would get a maximum of five days. What if I only lasted a little while?

It is times like these when what ifs are terrible. They warp your mind and even though you were so set on one thing, it scares you so badly you change your mind. What ifs are the bane of my existence.

Then I looked in front of me, at all those people. I thought about it, what wouldn’t they give for just a few more moments with their love ones. I was being so bloody selfish, I bet these people would love to be in my position. I get to go back to earth, I get to have those last few moments. And my friends and family could be with me when I die. Surrounded by those who love you and who you love, isn’t that the best way to leave this world?

So I stood up, “Okay, how do I get back to earth?”

Aunt Isabella shrugged, “Hell if I know.”

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“It’s not like any of us ever got your opportunity.” Fred said, “We have no idea.”

“Didn’t someone tell you though?!”

“That’s not how it works, Aspen. These things don’t come with instruction manuals.” Samantha told me, her hazel eyes looked at me with pity. If anyone should be feeling sorry for someone, it would be me for them. They don’t have my choice, they have to stay here, they have to stay dead.

“So, I just have to figure it out?” They all nodded.

I began trying everything, clicking my heels together, wishing to go back, everything I could think of. Yet, none of it worked. I was starting to get afraid that I was going to have to stay here. That it was all a joke, that I was dead and I would always be. I started panicking, I needed to see James again, I just needed to!

“None of this crap is working!” I cried out angrily.

“Aspen, take a deep breath. Something has to work.” I did what Fred told me too, and took a deep breath. I started walking around the room, and then it struck me. I couldn’t leave because I hadn’t said goodbye.

“Thank you everyone, see you in five days.”

“Goodbye Aspen.” They all waved to me as I started walking to the next room.
It was all white and bright, like one single light was shining straight into my eyes, showing no signs of calming down. Within seconds, my eyes popped open, I hadn’t even realized they had been closed, and I was staring into the eyes of Healer Vinson.

Author’s Note:

Okay, so I know that there was something similar in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, that was my inspiration, like Harry, Aspen needed to make a choice. But hers was about getting a few more days of living, and it seems like there would be an obvious choice, but as you saw, it really wasn’t for her. So please, don’t tell I ripped it off of Harry Potter, I am very much aware of what I did. Anyways, I hope you all liked the chapter, I know it was really really short, and I’m so so sorry about that. But it was a quick update, right? Haha, well I have the next few chapters written out so that’s good! I would love it if you left me a review! Thanks guys, you are awesome!


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