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Uncovering Truths by jazzy4ver
Chapter 6 : A Whole New Person
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Chapter 6 A Whole New Person

“We didn’t take anything! We…found it. We found it! I swear I didn’t steal anything. Please!” I pleaded. Bellatrix didn’t care. She cackled Crucio and I screamed. I couldn’t believe there could be so much pain in one voice. It was ear-splittingly high; it was unbelievable.

I had moved my head when I withered on the floor and now was facing him. Malfoy. He stared at me wide eyed. It was so horrible; to have your most-hated enemy cower at your pain as if he wished he were any other place was the worst part. I almost wanted him to laugh and torture me like his Aunt. I wanted to slap him, knock some sense into him.

I was a Mudblood for Godric’s sake!

I felt a strike to my face. “You will pay attention to me Mudblood,” Bellatrix ordered. I tried to get her away from me, because she was in my face, breathing down my neck. But she was stronger than I was, and grabbed a fistful of my dirty hair, pulling me off the floor. She let go of me and I hit the floor with a crunch.

I watched in horror as she now brandished a knife to my arm. “This is so you can remember your place in the world if you even survive.” I bit my tongue as hard as I could. I would not cry. That would grant her satisfaction and I would not give it to her.

“Draco now you don’t even have to tell her what she is.” She laughed giddily.” All she has to do is look at her arm!”

I looked at my arm.

Mudblood. Mudblood was carved on my arm. The blade that carved it was now pressed against my throat strongly.

But as the blood seeped down my arm, I could feel Malfoy gawk at it. I wanted to yell at him. Did my blood look dirty? No, it looked like his. Like Ron’s. Like Malfoy’s father.

“Now,” Bella continued, “tell me that you didn’t take my sword.”

The scene evaporated, and I was glad. But now, however, the scene was different but just as frightening.

I knew I was being chased. In the pitch black night, where not even stars could twinkle through, I was being chased. By who, I was unsure. I didn’t think it could have been Death Eaters. There were no spells randomly lighting up the black abyss.

There was a boy suddenly. I couldn’t make out his features, but I knew he was there. I didn’t question why I couldn’t see him, because the relief I felt was enough to keep the frightening questions from coming to the front of my mind.

He grabbed my hand, and the relief was even stronger. He began leading me through the blackness. I keep loosing my sight of him and several times I would lose contact with his hand. Fear would always take over when this happened, and I would stop, unsure of where to go. When he would find me again relief washed over me for the briefest second and we would take off again.

I felt myself scream, and I tried to open my eyes. They were so heavy. Almost too heavy.

And then I was awake.

I kept my eyes closed. The face of the boy was in my mind, but it was blurred. I tried to concentrate on the picture, feeling that I knew him from somewhere. But when the image became too embedded in my subconscious to think of it, I was still no closer to knowing who was in my dream.

A moment later I opened my eyes. I felt the most rested in the longest time, despite the abnormal dream. Once I became aware of my surroundings, I gasped. I was in one of the most charming rooms I had ever seen. The room had that old time - almost Titanic charm to it. There was a gorgeous silver vainty that housed various ordinate bottles and boxes, a loveseat with pillows, dark wood furniture such as coffee tables and a wardrobe, and the room was lit with the romantic glow of candlelight. I was almost sure that I had died. Only heaven could be so beautiful.

Ignoring the part of my mind that told me to not touch anything, I climbed out of my bed. The wooden floors were cold, and I hissed lightly when my feet touched it. I looked down in horror when I noticed I wasn’t wearing jeans, but some kind of night gown. It was white thick cotton and down to my ankles. Conservative as I was, even to me, this was a nightmare to wear. And who had put it on me?

I jumped when the door in front of me opened slowly. I jumped back into the bed and raised the thick duvet that was covering my body over my head, overcome by fear. I felt silly, but reassured with my whole body hidden from view.

“Oh great, you’re awake.” A joyous masculine voice exclaimed. Something tugged in my mind, telling me I knew the voice, but I couldn’t place it. With my subconcious as my guide, I slowly let down the covers so I could properly see my visitor.

And then, I felt not more bouts of fear, but shock. Shock, because standing before me with a bowl of steaming oatmeal in hand - an almost concerned expression etched on his face along side a big smile of epic proportions was Malfoy.

Malfoy, the one who bullied me throughout six years of my life.

Malfoy, one of the few people who had witnessed Bellatrix's harassment towards me.

Malfoy, the one who was missing for no reason.

That Malfoy wasn’t this Malfoy. I could tell by the way he stood and how he was looking at me. I had never seen him look at me that way. Malfoy never looked at Mudbloods with concern. I had never seen him look at anyone that way, until now.

His clothes were also out of the Malfoy norm. Instead of a designer wizard suit and robe, he was clothed in what appeared to be pirate clothes. A once bright white shirt with long puffed sleeves, weathered trousers held up by an equally weathered old belt and leather worn out boots completed the almost Pirates of the Caribbean look of his.

No, this Malfoy was entirely different. This was a whole new person.

My confusion must have been clear as day on my face. “Is there something amiss? Does anything hurt? Your head? It had a nasty whelp a couple days ago. I can get you something if you’d like.” He stammered worriedly, setting down the bowl of hot cereal by my bed-side table. The sweet and cinnamon aroma of it was almost enough to set my mind off course.

I didn’t - couldn't - reply to his questions. I was too flabbergated by this change in him to think coherently enough to answer. When I didn't answer, he became - if possible- even more worried.

After a few minutes of his continuous questions and frantic pacing, I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my mouth. Malfoy stopped mid-pace, half petrified and half curious, staring at me as I continued to giggle for no apparent reason.

“What is possibly that amusing?”

“You.” I squeaked out mid-giggle. I couldn’t get my mind over how troubled he was for me.

“I don’t see how it’s possible to find something comical out of a friend worrying about another friend.” He defended himself, looking quite upset with my answer.

I stopped giggling when he said that and fired questions him. “Friend? Malfoy, when have you and I ever been friends? Has someone put a Confundus Charm on you? That’s not right, since you’re wandless now. You could have gotten hurt.”

“What the hell are you spewing about? Wandless? Confundus Charm?” He spit out the last words sarcastically like they were the words of some maniac.

“Malfoy, I’m not following.”

If he didn’t know what I meant by those words, did he know what he called me? Did he even know me? If he didn’t, what could possible have happened for that to happen? Was the Minstry not letting on to all their actions going on there? Had they oblivated Malfoy so that he thought he was a Muggle?

A chill ran down my spine. No matter what Malfoy’s position was in the War should have ever had merited him that kind of punishment. That was for dangerous people and Muggles who had accidentally seen and known too much.

“Malfoy, do you know who I am?”

He didn’t answer.


Just after Malfoy left (he hadn’t said anything to me, just left) I tried to open my door. I had found it locked from the outside. When I wasn’t searching for a key I had been peeking out of the windows of my room all day, and saw nobody. I hadn’t found a key to my freedom either, but it wouldn’t’ve made much of a difference, because I did learn one thing. I was on a ship.

But there where many more answers to find. Like who was running and working the ship? No one had come out on the deck all day. Why was Malfoy here? Why didn’t he remember me? Why was I here?

While searching for my key, I did find a huge amount of dresses in the warobe. I had cleared out the dresses, hoping for a clue. There was only some moth balls and a box filled with old photographs. The woman in them was beautiful. In a few, there was a just as handsome man with matching dark hair accompanying her. There was even a wedding picture of them. I flipped it over to read their names, only there was only her name and a date.

Rosalina’s Wedding Day 1949

I wondered if the couple in the pictures was still alive, or even boarding the ship. Had anyone known about the pictures? And, why, why did the Muggle couple look so familiar to me?


It was at least six hours after Malfoy left me, when someone else opened the door. I was back in the bed, studying the photos. Whoever it was, though, had brought food. Although I had eaten the provisions Malfoy brought me, I was famished.

The woman coming in was roughly older than I was, and exceedingly beautiful. With sun-darkened skin, bright green eyes, and tame coffee colored hair, there was no other word fit except beautiful.

When the lady bringing me food saw me, I was once again surprised with peoples reactions to me. Her sorrowful eyes upon meeting mine, filled with tears that threatened to flow over. Her kind face was lit in a contradicting smile, as if she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t decide between happy or sad.

She handed me my tray softly. I was amazed that she didn’t dropped it. Her eyes had not once left mine, as if fearful I would vanish in front of her. Cautiously, her hand reached out to touch my face. Her smile grow bigger, and the tears that had once threatened, now streamed down her face. She paid no mind to them, but continued to rub my cheek and hum softly. Apart of me suddenly wanted to hum along, although I was not familiar with the tune.

When she came to the end of the melody, she let go of my face and rubbed her tears dry. Without another word, she grabbed the wedding picture that was on the middle of the bed and took it with her out the door.

I somehow knew my door would be locked again, but I tried to open it many times even so.

I know! I've been gone forever. If you guys threw a funeral, i would not be surprised. Please forgive me!!!! I'm very sorry and have missed you and this site very much!

Please review. I would love to know if anyone will stilll read this story!

jaz xoxo

Disclaimer, spoken by Dobby, the free house elf.

Harry Potter and Vampirates is not own'ed by Miss jazzy4ver. Sadly, neither am I, thoughs Miss jazzy4ver admits she wouldz've freed me if she dids.

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