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The Lines by ladymontgomery
Chapter 1 : The Line That Defined Him: Scorpius
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A/N:  Edited.  Some parts are the same, but most of the chapter has changed.  I think it suits the direction of my story a lot better.


“So that’s the infamous Rose Weasley.  Merlin I pity her, she looks just like her mother.” Draco Malfoy mumbled under his breath, but the uttering was audible enough that Scorpius Malfoy had heard and in response, glanced in the general direction that his father was looking.

“There’s so many of them father,” Scorpius mumbled, grabbing his father in near-trepidation. Taking up nearly a quarter of the station stood what seemed like a mob of red hair and 30 or so people that Scorpius nearly swore were exact embodiments of each other.

Draco thin lips turned up to a smirk at his son’s comment.

“I’m going to give you some advice Scorpius,” Draco looked around warily, knowing his wife had run to the loo for only moments and this would be the only chance he would have to speak his mind.

 “James Potter—well I’d advise you to stay away from him, but he’s as pig-headed as his father that I doubt you’ll have any trouble.  You don’t consort with those types anyways.  Fred Weasley—the same, and if he’s anything like his father, there’s another reason to stay away.  Rose Weasley—you make me proud, Scorpius and you crush her spirit.  You embody the Malfoy name and become the top of your class.”

Draco glanced over at Rose Weasley once more, “I warn you about Rose because…because if she’s anything like her mother, it’s not going to be any easy thing to do.”

“Oh, Scorpy…I’ve almost missed my goodbye’s!” The sound of Astoria Malfoy broke through Scorpius’s hard attention to his father and he nearly jumped at the sight of his well-groomed mother scurrying in her stilettos.

Draco gave his son one last look, “As far as the other Weasley’s are concerned…they never were too significant to me.”

Astoria wrapped her arms tightly around her 11 year old son, “I’m going to miss you Hyperion.”

“I know you’ll make me proud Scorpius,” Draco eyed his son knowingly. “I know you’ll be a Slytherin, just like the rest of us Malfoy’s.”  At that last statement, it was evident that this comment was more out of pride than expectance.

“Goodbye, mon amour!” Astoria kissed her son on the cheek once more, as Scorpius looked to his father in desperation.  Draco simply smirked once more as he ushered for his son to come closer.  He set a careful hand on his son’s shoulder.

“You will amount to great things Scorpius, don’t doubt that.  And don’t you dare let those mudbloods get the best of you, don’t ever let them look down on you.”

September 2021. 5th Year.                                                  

“I gotta’ say, Malfoy, you could go places in Quidditch…I’m serious.” Leo Brant yelled from his spot across the pitch, “I didn’t know I’d find this when you asked me for a private practice.”

Scorpius nodded, “I told you I got better; you didn’t believe me.  So how else was I supposed to show you?”

Brant groaned, “No, you don’t understand, Malfoy.  You were a fucking prodigy before, now you’re a freaking god.”

Scorpius shrugged at that, throwing the Quaffle in his hand towards his Captain, “It’s called money and natural talent…you should try it sometime.”

Brant glared at him, “You’re a fucking tosser.”

“It’s not like you’ll chose anyone else to succeed you,” Scorpius smirked, “The way I see it, I could say and do whatever the fuck I want and you wouldn’t do shit about it.  I’m the best this team’s got…”

“You’re also the most humble.”

“Everybody already hates me, it’s not like doing what they want is gonna’ change that.”

“This self-depricating attitude of yours doesn’t help the cause…”

“You know what?”  Scorpius grumbled, feeling suddenly uncomfortable, “I still have to finish an essay for Transfiguration, you think we could discuss this at practice?”

Brant shrugged, “Do what you want, it’s not like I care.”

Without further questions Scorpius flew himself down to the changing rooms, digging through his locker in order to find something clean.

Lately, it hadn’t quite been his concern, nor had he so much as left his dirty laundry out for the House Elves to clean, so finding something that didn’t reek of teenage hormones was going to be a challenge.

It looked like all he had was a spare athletic tanktop, meaning he’d surely have to walk into school showcasing his biceps if he so much as wanted to find a button up once he got there.

He wasn’t exactly like Potter, he didn’t go galavanting the castle shirtless or sans an appropriate amount of clothing.

Scorpius was respectable.

Regardless, he swallowed his embarrassment and headed towards the castle.

He could hear giggling from the fourth years he passed through the outliers of the castle.

The words “lush” and “sex god” flooded his ears and he grumbled in discomfort.

Instinctively he reached to cover his arms.

He was certainly proud of his skill as a Quidditch star, but the accompanying muscle that came as a result of the physicality of his training, wasn’t so welcome.

In all honesty, it made him self-concious.

He brushed through his golden locks nervously.

At the very least, he’d managed to get all the way down to the dungeons before someone else commented on his physical stature.

“When the hell did that happen?”  Acacius Zabini muttered the second Scorpius entered their joint dorm room.  Scorpius, none too keen on talking, simply grumbled and reached into his trunk for a button up.

Acacius shrugged in response.

“Have you seen Apollo?” Scorpius muttered once he figured that he looked presentable enough to leave his room, “We were meant to study in the library for the Potions exam.”

Acacius shrugged once more, no hint of emotion in his face, “Probably up with Adela, says the bird keeps bugging him about having their weekly meetings.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes.

That meant he’d potentially have to walk all the way up to the third floor, on the girls side nonetheless, in the vain hope that his cousins were in fact there.

Conceeding to the idea that it was better for him just to wait for Apollo Nott in the library, Scorpius reached for his bag and headed back up towards the library.

He could hear snickers from those who passed him.

Some were truly mean-spirited.  The others were those of the love-sick little girls.

At least he didn’t see Lilith.

That bird was psycho.  And since apparently she thought he belonged to her, he couldn’t go anywhere without being followed.

Scorpius forced his mind to concentrate on remedial things like his schoolwork.

And the fact that, that damn OWL level Astrology class would kill him.

It’ll be easy for you since you come from the Black family, my arse.

It’s no wonder he wasn’t put in Ravenclaw, quite honestly, since not every class came to him so clearly.  Sure he was naturally smart, but that didn’t mean the work came as easy to him.

He often wondered what drove the Sorting Hat to put him in Slytherin.

He was studious, moralistic, work-orietnted, quiet, serious.

But he was a Slytherin?

Sometimes he felt the only thing that got him through the days was the fact that he was the most intelligent student in his class, for surely no one could take that prize away form him.

That was, if he didn’t count Rose in the mix.

As long as he’d been a student in Hogwarts he’d competed with the annoying Rose Weasley for the coveted academically elite title.

Sometimes, that title was the only thing that gave him meaning.

Not quidditch, not his lineage, not the fact that he was a Prefect, just his intelligence.

He remembered the days in Cévennes, France; where he’d been a normal boy with a tutor, the charming little pale boy in the slew of wealthy wizarding families that called the mountain terrain home.

Yet here?  Here at Hogwarts he was a pariah, despised simply because of his last name and his House.

Despite his successes: his prodigial gift in quidditch, his intelligence, his escalating chances of becoming head boy, even his clearly favorable physical disposition; he still felt like a failure.

He was easily enviable, which was why he was.  Nobody could stand a winner.

If he was James Potter, maybe he’d be what people considered a perfect catch.

But he was Scorpius Malfoy, therefore he was just a pompous tosser.

*          *          *          *          *          *         

Apollo Nott failed to show up.

It didn’t necessarily stop Scorpius from doing his own work, but Rose Weasley was sitting a table away snacking on an apple so loudly he swore he was minutes away from murdering her.

She was reading some muggle book, looking like she had literally no worries in her entire being.

Naturally, he glared at her until she noticed he looked about ready to crucio her.

When that didn’t work he nearly screamed, “Weasley!”, but instead settled on a loud whisper.

Rose jumped in sheer terror.

“One, you shouldn’t be eating in the library, as a Prefect you should know that,” Scorpius grumbled, “two, you are the loudest fucking eater in all of Europe.  Did you know that there are people in here to…um, let’s see, do homework?”

“Bugger off Malfoy,” Rose rolled her eyes, “The only people in here are you and me, and if you have a problem with me eating, why don’t you just move?”

Malfoy gawked at her for a second as frustration began to overtake his senses, “I was here first! You move.”

She hmphed, and just glanced down to her book as she took another bite of her apple, though this time she brought her knees up to her chin in her chair.

If he wasn’t so struck by the pure innocence of her demeanor, he might have actually continued to yell.  Instead, he muttered, “Merlin Weasley, just…just don’t eat so damn loud, or I promise that I will personally hex the mickey out of you.”

“Newsflash I don’t have mickey in me,” Rose snapped, “And I’m so scared.”

On any other day Scorpius supposed that he would have yelled at her or hexed her or something to that extent, but torturing the girl would have wasted too much energy.

Yet the more he ignored her the more she seemed to annoy the hell out of him.

“Hey there mate!”  Apollo yelled as he cantered down the walkway from the entrance of the library, just in time to distract Scorpius’s attentions.

Madam North, the thirty-something librarian, gave the boy a look of pure hatred as she shushed him.

“You’re only two hours late, mate.” Scorpius mumbled, rolling his eyes as he reached towards several rolls of parchment in his bag, “How else are we supposed to pass Potions if my partner won’t take the time to so much as read the background information…that shit’s required reading…you can’t even bring yourself to read that?”

Apollo shrugged, “Bloody sister wouldn’t let me leave.  I’ve been trying to leave for an hour, but apparently ever since she found out I fancied Giselle Daniels, she’s set on making sure I never see the bird.”

Scorpius raised an eyebrow, “Giselle goes to Beauxbatons, I think that’s kind of a given mate…”

“Don’t give me shit for that,you don’t think I know that?  That’s not gonna stop Adela—” Apollo snarled when he realized that Scorpius was chuckling at him, “you…you just wait until Adela finds out—and by that I mean told—what you and Evelyn do during vacations…best mates my arse!”

“Evelyn Caster and I have never done anything besides snog, thank you.”

“Oh, really?”  Apollo mumbled, none too quietly as he was perfectly keen on being loud, “People tell me that the two of you went upstairs towards your bedroom back during the Midsummer’s Ball a couple months back, Adela told me she didn’t see either of you until the next morning.”

“Would it surprise you to know that we actually did just sleep?”   Scorpius rolled his eyes, “We just talked for a while and then fell asleep.”

“Yeah right,” Apollo rolled his eyes, “We all know you wanted to shag that lush piece of ar—”

“Oh ggggoooodd,” Rose exclaimed, catching both the attention of Scorpius and Apollo, who turned to face the girl.  Rose looked positively disgusted, “Could you two be more disgusting…”

“We could, but I don’t think we’d ever stoop so low as to actually shag you…”

Apollo, ever the sensitive one, snickered as Rose looked positively horrified at the statement.

Without more, Rose slammed her book and nearly ran out of the library.

“Thank merlin, I’ve been waiting for the bat to leave for an hour,” Scorpius smirked, “thank’s mate…really.”

“No problem cous,” Apollo smiled, “you know the day’s not complete unless we’ve pissed off a Ravenclaw.”

Scorpius snorted, “And we all know the little virgin’s the perfect target.   You so much as say the word shag and she looks at you like you’re mad.”

Apollo’s eyes widened, “Riiighht?  God forbid she ever saw a shirtless bloke that wasn’t her family, she might faint…”

“I can arrange that,” Scorpius chuckled, “Bird can’t even stand to look at my face, imagine if she had to see something else—no, Apollo that’s not what I meant...”

“Don’t pretend you don’t want to see something else of her’s,” Apollo smirked, elbowing his cousin mischievously, “We all know you wanna’ bed the little virgin...”

“Because of course I wanna’ bed the certifiable nutter?”  Scorpius groaned, “Just because I mentioned casually—once, mind you—that I thought she looked fit…”

Apollo smirked, “Everyone’s gotta’ have their weaknesses.”

“I’ll be sure to tell Lexi then,” Scorpius mumbled, “I’m sure our Head Girl would lurve to hear about that one creepy Slytherin that’s managed to sneak a peak into the Prefect’s bathroom when she was using it…”

“You wouldn’t dare…it was one time, and I-I didn’t mean to look, the door was-was…”

Scorpius began to chuckle in response, “Don’t worry, Apollo…I’d never screw you over like that.”

“You better not,” Apollo mumbled, “I really don’t need people thinking I’m a perv.  Dad would kill me!”

“Your dad’s a business man…in Italy for merlin’s sake…I really don’t think he gives a fuck about how his son’s mind works.”

Apollo made a face at him, “But mum would say something…you know how our mum’s are, can’t do anything without them trying to clean up our public appearance.”

“Well you know our dad’s aren’t gonna fix ‘em.  Are you really that surprised, our mum’s came from the Greengrass family, and…if we’re listening to grandfather, ‘A Greengrass doesn’t cause scandal…it hasn’t happened for centuries, won’t happen now’.”

Apollo groaned, “Yeah, but ‘member last time I tried to tell him that I wasn’t a Greengrass?”

Scorpius snorted, “Hexed your arse to be glued to a chair until you called yourself Apollo Greengrass and meant it.  Best day…of my…life.”

“‘Cause apparently you’re not a Nott.”

“Having fun with my last name, you tosser?”  Apollo grumbled, “That was the worst day of my entire life…”

“I hope Aunt Narcissa catches you with a girl she doesn’t like.  I really want to see that woman yell at you about family names…maybe then you’d stop tearing the mickey out of me…”

“Nope,”  Scorpius smirked, “Never gonna’ happen.  Why would I even bring a girl around Nana Cissy?  That woman would kill me before I even took the girl on a first date.  And two, you’re just too bloody easy to tear the mickey out of…it’s like…you ask for it with the shit you do…”

“You’re full of it,” Apollo grumbled, “full.  And I’m telling Adela that you shagged Lilith last summer…”

“Seriously,” Scorpius groaned, “Seriously?  It was a summer fling, if you tell your sister she’s gonna’ yell at Lilith…and I really don’t need any more connection to Lilith.”

“So much for hit it and quit it; not your best idea, considering you hired her as your maid…but hey, I guess…she is your maid.”

“You can go to…go to—”

“Paris?  How did you know?  I’m planning on going during Christmas!”

“I hate you…”

“Hate you too, cous’.”

A/N:  Thanks for reading guys!  If you wanted to comment...that would be cool too!

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The Lines: The Line That Defined Him: Scorpius


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