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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 38 : Start of Something New
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Hermione's fingers ran over the many creases of the parchment as her eyes read the words over and over again, trying to make sense of it. Help. Trapped. No time to explain. Almost out of time. -L. No matter how many times she read and re-read the letter, she couldn't grasp exactly what it meant - if it meant anything at all. The night she's received the mysterious letter she had looked over it no less than fifty times, Ginny by her side, and neither one of them had a logical explanation for it. Given the circumstances with Draco's proposal, the letter had been pushed towards the back of her mind, and stuffed in a drawer, but now that her relationship had gained consciousness, she could focus once again on it. If this was really a plea for help, she couldn't fathom who had sent it or why. The first person who came to her mind was Lavender Brown, with the 'L' signature, but Lavender had absolutely no reason to plea for help from Hermione and she would probably die before asking for Hermione's help on anything, given their history. Lav was nearly surgically glued to Ron's side and had been for months. She was like a pesky flea you can't quite rid yourself of. There was no way that this has been for her. Why would a girl who finally got the man of her dreams and was expecting his child plea for help from his ex-fiancée? It's not like Ron was an abusive man. Ronald Weasley was quite a handful of names, some not so polite, but he would never strike a woman - the fact that he had tolerated months of her consistent nicknames proved that.

"Hey, love, have you any idea where my gray suit is? The one with the mismatched button..." Draco said as he wandered in to Hermione's bedroom, where she looked like she was in the middle of solving either a puzzle or a crime.

"What?" She said, in a bit of a daze. "Oh, right, it's hanging in the washroom."

"Thanks, love. Now what is that you're reading?" He sat himself down on the bed next to her, trying to read what she held in her hands, but was unsuccessful seeing as she jerked it away like she was a child hogging her favorite doll. "Now, now, calm down. I wasn't going to steal the bloody thing."

"Don't you have a suit to put on?" She said, her voice giving him clear indications that she wanted to be left alone and found his company to be quite bothersome.

He shrugged, enjoying the way she looked when she was annoyed, "I don't have to leave for fifteen minutes."

She rolled her eyes. She felt as if they were already married and they'd only just gotten engaged. Half of his things practically were already at her flat because each night he stayed over, he wound up always leaving something and as things accumulated, she grew to have a collection of rather expensive items around her house belonging to Draco Malfoy. Today, the item he was interested in reclaiming was his suit.

"Malfoy, will you please just leave me alone?"

"First off, how many times must I say my name is-"

"Malfoy. Your bloody name is Malfoy. We're engaged, so I'm going to take the last name Malfoy when I marry you, not Draco, so I might as well get used to bloody well saying Malfoy. I'm going to be Hermione Malfoy, not Hermione Draco! Now I suggest you get your ruddy arse out of my bedroom and in to any other room in the house before I give you a reason to cry."

He couldn't help but laugh at her anger.

Hearing the words that escaped her lips have her an odd realization - she was about to become Hermione Malfoy. Sure, she knew it on some level, but the very idea that she would be referred to as Mrs. Draco Malfoy was still completely overwhelming.

"Fine, wouldn't want any around here, now do we?" He backed out of the room, still amused by her temper tantrum.

She took the note back out and re-read it for the thousandth time. Eventually, she crumpled it up and threw it in a wicker basket in the corner of the room, deciding it was an absolute joke and that she was a ruddy fool for ever believing it was anything more than a childish prank.


"Mum, I'm here!" Ron shouted as he took a recently baked cookies off the bar and stuffing it in to his mouth.

"Ronald Weasley!" He spun around. "What have I told you about eating dessert before you have dinner? Will you ever learn?" She waved the jar of cookies away and they landed on top of the fridge.

He muttered an 'I'm sorry', spraying the kitchen with crumbs.

"I know, I know," she sighed. "Now let's go, we don't want to be late!"

They hurried in to the family room, Mrs. Weasley ironing her skirt with her hands as she half ran. "Mum, you look fine."

"Thank you, Ronald."

They each took a turn grabbing floo powder and stepping inside the fireplace. Within a minute, they were being greeted by the entire Weasley clan at Harry and Ginny's home in Dublin. Harry and Ginny had requested the presence of the entire family today because they had some sort of news. Everyone had an idea, the same idea, about why exactly they were being called there, but they were determined to let Harry and Ginny give the news away.

"Hello darling, you look beautiful!" Mrs. Weasley said, giving Ginny a hug. "And always wonderful seeing you too Harry!" She pulled him in to a tight hug before seating herself next to Arthur on the sofa.

Once everyone was seated, Ginny took center stage, with Harry an accompaniment in the background.

"Thank you everyone for coming today," she said smiling. "I know you all have busy schedules, but we really have been wanting to get everyone together, because we have something important we want to tell you all."

All of a sudden, a bright pink haired Teddy had jumped in to the room and was rocking back and forth on his heels beside Ginny, "I know what it issssss!" He chanted in his boyish voice. "Nanny nanny boo boo!"

"Thank you, Teddy." Harry said, ruffling his hair and pulling him beside him.

"Well, Teddy, would you like to do the honors?" Ginny said with a laugh.

Teddy jerked away from Harry's grasp and attempted to pop the collar on his little suit. "That would be fun!" He looked across at everyone and put his arms in the air in typical five year old fashion, "Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny are having a baby!"

There was an eruption of excited gasps and suddenly Harry and Ginny were surrounded by a swarm of gingers, and Fleur, as the Weasley clan hugged and patted them on the back.

"I eez so excited!" Fleur said. "Zoon wittle Victoire will have somevon to play with!"

"This is so exciting!" Mrs. Weasley cheered. "I've been waiting for a baby announcement from one of my children for so long! It's going to be so nice having little grandbabies running around! Victoire needs cousins anyway!"

Ron's mouth dropped, "Mum, I gave you a ruddy baby announcement and you didn't make such a fuss over it."

"Ronald, not now."

"I just really want to know why you weren't all excited about Lav and I having a baby, but you're all excited when my baby sister gets pregnant. She's just twenty one anyway! What can she possibly know about raising a child?"

The room grew quiet and all eyes turned to Ron.

Mrs. Weasley dropped her voice about five octaves, "You listen to me, Ronald Weasley. Ginny is a responsible young married woman with an equally responsible husband we've known for a decade. Not every thing has to be about you. We'll talk about you later. Right now, we have reason to celebrate."

"Blimey Ron, do you have to ruin this for me? It doesn't always have to be about you! All I wanted was to share this happy news with my family! I am so excited about this baby and I just wish you'd be more supportive of me and Harry and this baby!" About halfway through Ginny's speech, she burst in to tears and once she was done speaking she ran from the room with Molly and Fleur hurrying after her.

"She's been a bit emotional lately," Harry said.

"It's normal," Bill said. "When Fleur was pregnant with Victoire it was the longest nine months you can imagine. Try having an angry, bloated, hormone crazed Veela on you...not fun."

"You brought it on yourself," Ron growled.

"What's that mean?"

"It means you didn't have to have treated her like a ruddy animal!"

"Ron, what the devil does that mean?"

"She's just a baby, my baby sister! Now you're making a mother out of her...."

"It takes two to tango," Harry answered, with his cheeks red.

Ron's face flushed, "Please, stop talking, Potter. This is my baby sister we're talking about. I don't need or want to hear about your...alone time." He shuddered.

"Believe me, you aren't going to hear about it," Harry said, cheeks flaming. "Now, please, put your big boy pants on and try and just be happy that you're going to have a niece or nephew."

Ron nodded, "I'm sorry, Harry. I'm just a mess."

"I understand - you have a baby on the way too. I'm probably going to be just like you in seven or so months."

"Thanks Harry. Just think, a year from now you're going to be Daddy Harry and I'm going to be Daddy Ron."

"We sure have come a long way from that first day on the train in first year."

"That we have, Potter. That we have."


"You're late." Pansy spat through clenched teeth.

Lavender hoisted herself on to the seat next to the glaring Pansy and let out a huge, exhausted sigh. "You try moving fast with this big belly."

"I know exactly what you're going through, don't act like I don't." She spat.

"Last time I checked you're weren't pregnant-"

"Save it! Now, Roger, is everything going according to plan?"

"Perfectly according to plan," he said with a nervous glance around the room. "I'm still not sure..."

"Save it, Davies," Val spat from the seat next to Lavender.

"I'm not comfortable being here," Lav whispered. "It's like everyone knows what we've done...what we're doing...everything."

"Quit being a whiny baby!" Val groaned. "You're going along with this. They don't know what's going on, quit worrying so much."

"Maybe we should give up-"  Lav said, her voice pleading.

"DON'T!" Pansy practically shouted. "There is no such thing as 'giving up'. There's way too much to lose here now, and you know it. You may not have wanted this, but this is where you're at. You know where we'd end up if we came clean about everything now."

"I really wish I wasn't involved in this," Lavender sighed.

"Well you are," Pansy snapped. "Whether you like it or not. Without us you'd be no where and you know it. You've got what you want now, that stupid Weasley. And when we get done you'll have him forever."

"You want Malfoy though and Hermione's got him. Apparently they're engaged. How is this going according to plan?"

She smirked an evil smirk, "Miss Granger is going to have a couple surprises thrown at her very soon. I don't lost the games I play. Not anymore. Especially not to a mudblood."


"I'm sorry about this morning," Draco said kissing Hermione on the top of her head as she placed her head on his shoulder, both of them lying on the sofa.

"It's alright," she sighed. "It was nothing really."

"Not a love note from another man?" He laughed, half serious.

She laughed, "A love note? I wish." She giggled. "It was just an old letter from someone, I don't even remember who, they didn't sign a name."

"You know, love, I was wondering something."

"What's that?"

"Why aren't we living together?"


"I mean, we're getting married soon, I'm always over here....why don't I move the rest of my stuff over and we make it official?"

"Why not!" She laughed. "I'm already going against everything I thought I knew a year ago. Why don't we just make it official. Let's move you in!"

"I love you, Hermione."

"I love you, Draco."

A/N You've been asking and Harry and Ginny are finally expecting a baby! Yay! Well, Draco is moving in with Hermione and are engaged. Lav and Ron are moving in together and baby is seven weeks away.  Lav is involved w/ Roger, Pansy and Val, but how? Why? Theories?

Just so you know in advance, there's a month long jump in the story next chapter, it's going to start a month after this one ends. I promise though, nothing will be missed that's at all big. The secrets are only a few chapters away from coming out. Total there's only 9 regular chapters left, and then the epilogue. It's almost over! Lol Well, enjoy!

Oh and I'd love a message below, if you don't mind :)

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Unforgiven: Start of Something New


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