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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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                              CI of Ebony made by Lady Asphodel @ TDA



Tell the world Albus Potter has finally gone mad.


Probably because of me.


I could do this forever.


"-Cord, shut up!"

God, I didn't realise that manic laughter was such a problem? I heard that laughing means you live longer. This means I will live to over 200 hundred while Al sadly, will only live until about 60.

Whatever will I do with the rest of my life after he's gone.

I would probably move on, get another boyfriend but there would be that 10 minute period there where I would be inconsolable.

Joking, my mum made me watch Austin Powers last summer. I got that from there.

"You're seriously kidding right," I manage to choke out, my eyes almost crying whilst staring at Al's bemused face.

He slowly shakes his head, causing me to sit up straight and sober up.

"What? People honestly think I'm going out with Scorpius NamedAfterAStupidGreekGod Hyperion Malfoy? Oh...... that's why Chelsea was so annoyed with me. But how could she think I would do that? We've been best friends for years, how could she believe I would so something like that to Rose? How could she think that I would like Scorp? He's like a gay brother or something, except not gay obviously, because he likes Rose. Everyone knows that. Oh all the whispering, all the talking the girls coming up to me. That's what it all was. Hang on...... did Scorpius say we were going out?"

I direct this last part to Albus, who was only half listening to my rambling.

"No," he admits, guiltily, "I haven't seen him since lunch, and people didn't hear the rumours until just after that."

I go to stand up, but something in his voice stops me.

"Wait," I say sitting back down with a thump, " Why do people think that? What do you have to do with it? Why do people only think now?"

Albus ruffles his hair nervously, which really makes me want to neaten it out.

But I don't, because that would probably be a bit weird. To Al anyway.

"Well, you know how I ran into to you and Scorp hugging? Well at the end of lunch I was talking to Chelsea about seeing you, which wasn't by choice she threatened to render me incapable of having kids if I didn't tell her why I was awkward around you, and well Ebony Skeeter was passing and heard me. And then suddenly everyone knew and people were saying they saw you two hugging as well. And well, it kind of got out of control after that."

I sit back, shocked. Stupid, annoying, gossiping Ebony. Who names their daughter Ebony anyway? She's just like her mother, spreading lies and gossip. How I would love to get something on her.

"Cheeso, Scorpius is just a friends for god's sake. The only reason I was hugging him was because he figured out who I fancied and he promised not to tell, and I was so relieved so I hugged him, like you would hug any friend and.............."

I trail of, realising what I had just admitted.

"You fancy someone?" Albus asks, tilting his messy head to one side. I stand up hurriedly, brushing my clothes down and grabbing my books.

"Never mind. Doesn't matter. Forget It. Let's go find them all."

I grab Al's arm and drag him towards the exit. He stops suddenly before it, pulling his arm out of the grasp and frowning.

"You told Scorpius, why not me?"

If I told you, then things would be very awkward. And very different.

"Because like I said, I didn't tell him. He guessed. And you can't make someone forget what they've guessed, unless you kill them. Which probably isn't a bad idea."

Distracted by my rambling, I manage to get Al out of the common room.

"Right, we need to find Scorpius."

Al nods, pointing downwards.

"He'll be down there."

"He'll be in the floor?"

"No, smart alec, in the dungeons."

"Well how was I supposed to know that when you were pointing at the floor?"

"Cord, shut up."

There is quite a long bit of silence as we head down the stairs.

"You say that a lot don't you Al?"

"I do now."


"-Don't start manic laughing again."

"Okay, sorry."

We are silent as we head down towards the dungeons, me smiling to myself because we sound like an old married couple. Which we will never be, on account of Al dying at an early age  because of his apparent hatred against laughing.

We are almost at the dungeons when a hurried Scorpius, runs round the corner, robes, bunched up around his ankles threatening to trip him up in his hurry.

"Whoa," me and Al say in unison, as we stop the manic blonde boy.

"Al, what did you do?" Scorpius spits out, flattening his hair.

I really want to laugh again, but I know that they will both hate me, and I can't risk that again.

"Al basically told Ebony Skeeter that we were going out," I say cheerfully, watching as Scorpius's face goes through several colour changes and he turns to Albus.

Told you I was good at revenge.

"No- Scorp- It wasn't like that mate- She's bending the truth- believe me- please!"

I watch coldly as Scorp goes to attack Albus, stopping just in time when I place a shield charm between them.

"Okay so it wasn't quite like that," I say, as Scorpius turns to me.

It takes a short time to explain it to Scorpius and after avoiding a narrow beating, Albus persuades Scorpius to come and find Ebony with us. I suggest the Ravenclaw common room and we head up.

I didn't think about the stupid question that we had to answer to get in.

How the hell should I know which comes first?

I am beginning to think it's a bit weird for 3 6th years to lurk outside the Ravenclaw common room entrance when I hear Albus exclaim, " Lysander, thank god."

Turning I see a cute boy with almost white blonde hair walking towards us in an almost dreamy way, a Ravenclaw tie apparent around his neck. He walked towards us slowly, looking at all of us in turn.

"Guys this is my friend Lysander Scamander in the year below us. Mum's are friends and all that stuff."

Lysander nods at us, before turning back to Al.

"What did you want me for?"

"We need in the Ravenclaw common room to find someone. By the way where is your brother?"

"Oh somewhere odd probably, finding some impossible things," Lysander begins, waving his arms about, " He does that quite a lot."

I raise my eyebrows at Scorpius behind their backs and he grins back.

"He likes to find 2 impossible things before the end of the day, so I suspect he will be gone a while. Anyway why do you want in our common room?" Lysander turns to us as if he was judging us, which is not something I would expect from a 5th year

You know, respect your elders and all that malarkey.

"That's a complicated story, but the fact is we really need in the common room."

Lysander nods and knocks on the door.

"Which came first the phoenix or the flame?"

How the heck are we supposed to know the answer to that? Who particularly cares? You could probably never figure that out, and it is impossible because I'm really not that stupid and so it obviously must not have an answer-

"The circle has no beginning"


Well then.

I totally knew that. It was just at the back of my mind somewhere, yeah. That's what happened. Must be.

The door swings open and we step through into the Ravenclaw room.

You know those moments when your only thoughts are just WOW. I got that when we stepped through into the room. I think that Ravenclaws must be actual geniuses. Like Einstein or something, only magical. Wait what if Einstein was magical! And he went to Hogwarts. And was a Ravenclaw. Oh My Actual Godric I am stepping on the same carpet as Albert Einstein. That will be something to tell me and Albus's kids. Who will have my hair and his eyes. Maybe one of them can have his hair. But they have got to have his eyes. They are so beautiful and dreamy and make you feel all happy inside. Or is that just me? And our kids will know who Einstein is, no doubt about that.

But anyway the common room was full of whizz kids, spells bouncing everywhere and a potions corner set up at one side. It was more chaotic than my mind, and mine doesn't make sense most days.   A big statue was standing in the middle of the room, which I recognised as the famous Rowena Ravenclaw statue which helped Harry Potter with his defeating the Horcruxes quest when he visited here during the time when it was ruled by Snape with the Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood.

Oh wait. Luna Lovegood. Blonde hair, slightly mad. Married Rolf Scamander. Lysander Scamander. Whoa, his mum is Luna! The Luna.

Albus clears his throat and I shake my head, looking around the crowded room.

"We'll never spot her in here," Scorpius mutters, pushing through some 3rd years. He doesn't notice all the looks he is getting. And not just from the girls, which is a bit weird.  We push through and find ourselves by the stairs to the girls dormitories.

"She might be up in her dorm I suppose," I shrug and turn to the two guys.

"Right," Albus nods and then heads towards the stairs.

"Wait-Albus- what are you-doing?"

The alarms blared and red lights flashed and the stairs turned into a slide and Albus tumbled back down into a heap on the carpet. A big crowd of Ravenclaws gathered round us, all laughing and pointing. To be honest he does look hilarious with his legs curled around himself and an odd squashed look across his face. He gets up slowly, his face bright red and his hair a complete mess, and makes his way over to us.

"What was that?" he asks, "Why did it do that?"

"Come on," I say, biting back my laughter, and Scorpius and I drag him over to an empty corner.

"Did you seriously not know that would happen?" Scorpius asks, punching him hard on the shoulder. I don't get why guys do that. Does it not hurt. You don't see me going up to Chelsea and walloping her hard in the face.

Albus shakes his head, scrunching his face up in embarrassment.

"Have you never seriously tried to go up the girls staircase? Dude, your brother is James Potter? How could you not have tried it?"

"Did you both know that would happen?" Albus asks, glancing up at us for the first time.

"Yep," I say, nodding, " Some rubbish about the founders not trusting girls. We're allowed to go in your dorms, We're more trustworthy."

I grin at them smugly. Of course we are more trustworthy. You can't trust boys at all. Two too many hands for you to worry about.

"Whatever," They both shrug and roll their eyes.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting thing to see Albus," drawls a perky, high pitched voice from behind me. It's Ebony, standing in a short little skirt and a quill and notepad clutched to her chest.

"Hi Albus, Hi Scorpius," she giggles, batting her eyes, and swaying.

"Cordelia," she says, coldly when she notices me.

We all nod at her and I glare coldly at her back.

"So, what you guys doing her. Visiting anyone special?"

God, why are they all so desperate. Yeah they are fit guys, yeah they are in your common room, yeah Albus's hair is sooo cute and ruffled. No need to throw yourself at them.

"Yeah, we came to find you," I butt in, earning a slight glare from Ebony.

"Well you got me," she winks at the boys, and I'm fairly sure I see Scorpius retch slightly.

"It's about a recent rumour. That you obviously spread, about me and Scorpius," I say, and she swiftly turns and scrutinises me.

"That one, huh. About you dating him. I might have been to do with it. Why?"

"We need you to stop it. We aren't dating and I don't want people to think we are. Got it?" Scorpius steps forward, and personally I think I see a menacing look on his face. It makes him really look like his dad.

"I might....then again I might not. Why should I. What do I get."

I pull her over slightly, not caring that she stumbles.

"Right," I say, leaning close to her, " If people know he's single, then no one will think your flirting with a taken guy. You have a better shot with him."

I see her face light up and she smirks at me and glances around. Like she'd ever have a chance with him. She's no Rose.

"Deal," she smirks and she stalks back to the boys and stops, twirling her blonde ringlets, " By the end of the day, no-one will think you two," here she rudely snaps her two fingers at me and Scorpius, " are dating. Chow!"

She blows two kisses and twirls around into the crowd, swallowed up by the chattering, and giggling crowd. I skip back to the boys and smirk slightly at their astounded faces.

"Don't ask" I say, as Albus opens his mouth. We push through a small gap in the sea of rippling people and head out of the common room door.

"We need to find Chelsea and Rose," I muddle out, as I randomly trip over my own feet and stumble into Albus. He helps me up before nodding.

As we continue down ( and I have no idea where I'm actually heading) I turn to Scorpius and ask, "So when exactly did you find out that the girls staircase didn't let boys go up it?"

He blinks rapidly before saying," Oh...just general knowledge."

Albus scoffs and receives  a punch in the arm.

"Seriously though," I add, hopping out of the way of Scorpius's reach, " That can't be true or Albus would have known. Go on we won't tell anyone."

"If it's that important I'll tell you," Scorpius sighs," In 4th year, when I was dating Lisa Robinson, I wanted to surprise her on her birthday, so I tried to go up. The rest..... well you can guess."

"Cute," I stick my tongue out at him and skip forward, crashing into two figures round the corner. We all scream and tumble down, landing in an unimaginably complicated heap.

"Why are you also so clumsy Cord?" I hear a girly voice call out from underneath my legs. I get untangled and scramble up, pulling my skirt down and dusting myself off. With my brilliant and ingenious luck, I run down Rose and Chelsea.

"We were looking for you," Albus and Chelsea say at the same time.

"So were we," say Rose and Scorpius, also at the same time.

"Cordelia, I'm sorry," Chelsea launched in, "I'm a shocking friend. I should have believed you, listened to you. I'm can hardly believe myself. I'm not good enough as a friend. When we heard that Ebony had just spread it around, I felt like an absolute jerk face. And I just want to say ... well I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry for believing it too," Roses pipes up.

I run like a maniac and jump on them, gathering them both up in a big hug.

"Course I forgive you, " I shriek, jumping down.

"Thank god," Cordelia sighs, wrinkling her nose. We all laugh and head back to the common room, saying goodbye to Scorpius. As Rose enters the common room, I pull Chelsea back and whisper, " Well one good thing came of this."


"We know for definite Rose like Scorpius."



So guys, I hope you likey:) I don't own Austin Powers guys, that was totally not me. Mike Myers all credit goes to you. You're awesome.  And so are all the amazing and beautifull people who are reading my story. But please review I love love love to hear you thoughts and stuff. So yeah. 

Fanks sooo muchioso guys :D

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