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It's Not My Fault by Drunaforever
Chapter 3 : The Reaction
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 Draco seemed to be frozen. He was in shock. Numb shock.

His brain was moving in slow motion until he finally understood.

The next few minutes were a blur.

"She's dead?" He shouted, standing up.

Kingsley backed away. "Yes, and the evidence is overwhelming that-"

"I don't f-ing care about evidence! You think I do? Luna's dead! She's dead, I'm dead! Who killed her, who was the son of a gun that killed her? Because I'm gonna kill them!"

Only he didn't say gun.

"Draco, let's be reasonable-"

Draco grabbed the table and flipped it over, smashing it into the mirror and sending shattered pieces everywhere. Behind it he saw the three aurors scrambling to get over to the room.

Draco turned to Kingsley, who actually looked sorry for him as he pointed his wand at his body.

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

His heart just crashed right then and he slid down a wall until he was sitting on the ground, sobbing into his arms as he rested them on his knees.

Potter came up to Draco, stuck something in his arm, and he fell unconscious.

Draco blinked his eyes open. He was in a small empty room, sitting on a chair.

He tried to move, but as soon as he did Kingsley entered the room.

He was accompanied by Potter, who had his wand drawn. Kingsley cleared his throat and sat down at a chair across from Draco's. Potter stayed standing.

"Draco, you seem to be having a hard time handling this news." The head auror said.

Draco remembered what had happened. It felt as though his world was collapsing in on him again, but he tried to hide it. Instead he just turned his head away from them and closed his eyes to stop him from crying.

Luna was dead. Gone. Forever. Never again would he come home to her baking even though they had house elves. Never again would she curl herself around him in bed. Never again-

He felt his lower lip tremble and he bit it, hard, with his top teeth.

"Yes," He finally said after a deep breath. "It's difficult to digest."

He turned his head back to see the two men exchanging a silent conversation.

"Can I- can I see her?" Draco asked timidly.

They looked back at him in surprise.

"Surely they are still investigating? I would like to see the scene of crime."

He stated.

Kingsley and Potter exchanged looks again and, finally, Kingsley nodded.

"Come on, Draco." He said, standing. "We are going to the crime scene."

After having a calming draught practically forced down his throat, they left along with Weasley and Longbottom.

Draco apparated with Kingsley. The calming draught had certainly helped; he felt unusually accepting about the situation.

They came to a street he was familiar with. Not far from here was Malfoy Manor, and two blocks away was his favorite bakery that he was at- how long was it? Just this morning? Yes, it was.

He looked around. The sky was dark and the entire street blocked off by police tape. His eyes finally came upon the worst of it.

"You see how there are three cars? Well, this one hit her, then the other two got all tangled in the situation too. The drivers are being taken care of as we speak, they merely just swerved and crashed into each other. But we are leaving it here for evidence." An investigator was telling them.

Draco nodded and looked at the two cars before looking at the one that had hit her.

"Hey-that's my car!" He said.

Kingsley raised an eyebrow and whispered something to Potter, who nodded and wrote it down. But Draco wasn't paying attention. He walked to the back of the car.

"Don't touch anything! Your car, sir?" The investigator asked.

"Yes! That's my license plate, and that's the muggle car Luna had convinced me to buy years ago! It was at home when I flooed to my-er, meeting- but someone must have taken it!" He insisted.

"Neville, look up the plate. Weasley, go check the Manor for the car. Draco, why do you think your car is here? Who could've taken it?" Kingsley said.

Draco shook his head. "I have no idea." He whispered softly. "Maybe they tried to frame me."

The investigator continued. "Now, the two drivers that crashed into each other are in the hospital, but the person who started it all- the driver of your car, Mr. Malfoy- had apparently fled the scene after the crash. We found no DNA."

The driver door was open. He saw two children being questioned by a police officer. Who had killed Luna, and why?

He got a lump in his throat. Luna.

He rushed to the front of the car, carefully stepping over wreckage and the likes.

A plastic sheet covered part of the ground with something under it. Her body.

"Didn't you try to do something? You just left her here without trying to save her!" Draco rounded on the investigator, but his calming draught made him less frightening.

"We had several Healers come, but they said she was dead on impact."

The officer who had been questioning the two boys came over.

"Sir," He said to the investigator. "I think we have a story here. These two boys were tossing a ball back and forth when the victim walked by. The ball hit her and bounced onto the street. One of the boys ran into the street after it, and the other was yelling for him to not. The victim, unaware of it until she heard the yelling, noticed and went after the boy. She gave him the ball and pushed him to safety, but before she could save herself, her shoelace got caught in a small crack in the street."

Draco noticed how they had left the shoelace in the crack for evidence, Luna's ankle at an odd angle under the sheet from this position.

"The killer ran into her. The boys had ran for their mother so no one knows what happens. The hit slammed her into the street, the force cracking her skull and breaking her neck."

Draco was filled with different emotions, but he let none show.

"The killer stopped the car and ran out. We are tracking him down now. The other two crashed and the rest of the street stopped as someone called an ambulance. That's basically the gist."

The investigator and Kingsley had grim expressions.

"Excuse me sir, but we have been instructed to remove the body from the scene of crime." A new voice said.

They stepped aside for two young men to carefully lift the sheet and body onto a stretcher.

Draco whispered a farewell to Luna.

"Ready to go?" Kingsley asked.

Draco nodded, and they apparated back to the Ministry.

Draco walked to the window, silent tears escaping his eyes. Kingsley looked away to give him some privacy for a few moments.

Finally, he decided that Draco had had enough time.

"Mr. Malfoy, if you wouldn't mind, I would like for you to tell me exactly what you were doing and where you were this morning. It would greatly help us."

Draco sighed and sat at a table, wiping his face on his sleeve. "I know you suspect me," His voice was hollow. "And I know you need the story, so listen up. I'm willing to tell you, for Luna."

He took a deep breath. "I had gotten an owl last week..."

A/N: Sorry for the late update! I was busy with Second Chances. I hope you enjoyed this, if you did please leave a review and tell me what you think! :D

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It's Not My Fault: The Reaction


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