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Maybe Not Just That One Dance by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 2 : Betrayal
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Today was the day.

Today Sadie will find out if her dance teacher was married or not. If not, then great! She could get started on getting her dad and Hermione close, but if she was married, then...she sighed. She really didn’t want to find another life partner for her dad, because she knew that Hermione was the only person that could bring happiness back into his life.

“Sadie! Are you ready to go to your dance class?” Draco called from the staircase.

“I'm coming dad!” she replied back. She put her tap shoes inside her bag and exited her bedroom, with a gleaming smile on her face. She was going to stay hopeful.

“What are you smiling about?” Draco asked suspicious.

“Nothing!” Sadie said quickly and put on a straight face. Draco narraowed his eyes at her, but chose to let it be. Probably nothing. He offered his hand to his daughter, who obliged.

The two of them side along apparated to Diagon Alley.

They finally reached the building of Hillary’s Dance Academy and entered. There did not seem to be many present yet. Sadie pulled Draco to a bench in the classroom so they could sit down. She put her tap shoes on and just waited for the other students to pile in so they could get started.

“Will you be alright, Sade, or do you want me to stay for a while?” Draco asked, not making any contact with her. Sadie noticed that his attention was elsewhere. She followed his gaze and it headed towards her dance teacher, Ms. Hermione. Sadie smiled, but she needed her dad to leave, so that she could ask Ms. Hermione her question.

“No, it’s okay dad. You can leave. I’ll be alright.” Sadie said. Draco seemed to be slightly disappointed at that answer, probably because he wouldn’t be able to see Ms. Hermione, but she pretty sure that the other students had started noticing that her dad was staring at their teacher, and possibly thinking that he’s weird.

“Well, alright. See you, princess.” Draco kissed her cheek and exited the classroom.

“Now, it’s time.” Sadie walked across to her dance teacher. She tapped her shoulder to get her attention. Hermione turned around and smiled.

“Yes, Sadie. Is there anything you want?” Hermione asked. Sadie needed to think how to get the answer from her without actually asking her that particular question.

“Um...what’s your second name, Miss?” Sadie asked.

Hermione raised a questioning eyebrow. “Why do you need to know second name, sweety?” Hermione asked sweetly.

“I uh it’s uh for my friend...her parents want to know your full name because they wanted to apply her for this dance class.” Sadie lied. Honestly, her best friend didn’t like dance at all, but she needed some kind of excuse.

“Oh. Okay. It’s Hermione Jean Granger Weasley.” Hermione replied.

“Is it Ms or Mrs?”

“It’s Mrs, honey.” Hermione said. Sadie frowned. This was not what she wanted to hear.

She was hoping that she would say that so badly. She sighed and thanked Hermione.

“Is that all sweety?” Hermione asked.

“Yes, miss.” Hermione nodded and went to the front od the classroom.

“Wonderful. Let’s get started, shall we?” Hermione said. “Alright, so first of all we are going to shuffle out feet. Like this.” Hermione showed them the move by lifting her one foot up backwards and then sliding it down on the hard, furnished floor, the toe section first, then the sole, and then going up from the front, which made a tap sound. She then placed the foot back on the floor, causing another tap sound. “Now, let’s see you all do this.” Hermione looked at the children, urging them to start.

There were scattered taps echoed around the room. They looked up at Hermione, expectant. “That’s good. Now do that again a few more times, this time with both feet. Your right foot first, then your left.” She instructed them. They got to it right away.

Hermione moved from the front and glided around the room, making sure everyone was doing well with the instruction she had given them. To no surprise, Sadie was doing incredibly well. Hermione could see that her simple instruction was being followed well.

She retired to the front of the class and commenced on giving more instructions. She tapped her toe section twice on the hard floor, and then pulled it back, shuffling backwards, positioning the bent part of her leg up, forming an ‘L’ shape. Next, she shuffled her foot forwards, rotating her leg back to the first position. The class attempted this instruction, but quite a few of them struggled as it was slightly difficult than the first step they were given. Even Sadie was struggling a bit. Hermione decided to show the dance step to the class again.

“So first, start off with the tip of your foot, tap it against the floor two times.” All the children got into the same position Hermione was in. “One. Two.” She tapped her toe. Everyone copied. “Then, tap the sole, the heel of your shoes by placing it on the floor.” The children imitated again. “Next, slide your foot backwards, and then up, forming an ‘L’ shape at the back when you bend your knee.” They copied this movement. “Then, you place your foot back down by sliding your foot forwards. And finally, rotate your bent knee backwards, back to having your feet together.” She instructed. The children imitated as instructed one more time, all of them in sync with their taps.

Hermione was proud they were doing so well with her instructions.

“Well done, everyone! That was really good!” Hermione praised. She received many smiles back. “Are you ready for the next step?” Hermione asked. They all nodded. “Okay, so...”





“Alright, class, I think that’s all for today. Next week, we will be doing street dancing, so wear appropriate clothes and your trainers. For now, goodbye. Have a great week.”

Hermionne said and allowed the class to go to their bags and change their shoes.

Draco made sure that this time he paid attention on where he was going, considering that he stumbled last time against the door. That was embarrassing. He swung the door open and entered.


The door was heard being swung open. Hermione turned to see who it was and saw Draco.


He noticed she was wearing a plain white and black rehearsal dress. Something so simple made her look so beautiful, Draco thought.


She looked at him weirdly. Why was he looking at her like that?


Draco smiled at her, to which she smiled back, awkwardly.


Sadie looked at her dad, who was smiling at Hermione. She frowned, remembering that she was married. She just wished that she wasn’t. She sighed and after changing back to her normal shoes, went to her father. She pulled the end of his shirt to get his attention.

Draco looked down at her and smiled. “Hi, princess. How was tap dancing?”Draco asked.

“It was great.” She said, not very happily.

“You don’t sound like you enjoyed it. Is everything alright, Sade?” he asked worried.

“I'm fine, dad. It’s nothing.” She lied.

Draco knew his daughter. Something was bothering her, but he let it go, just this once.

“Shall we go?” he asked. Sadie nodded. She took her father’s offered hand and allowed him to lead the way out of the building.





Hermione got ready quickly to exit the building, as she couldn’t wait to see what her husband had in store for their 9th wedding anniversary. She hurriedly locked the entrance to the building. Checking that the lock was secure, she apparated to the entrance of her house.

She excitedly opened the door and entered inside. There was darkness everywhere.

“Ron, are you there?” Hermione called out into the darkness.

Suddenly, a hand covered Hermione’s eyes. Another hand then snaked around Hermione’s waist. The hand led Hermione to a different room, it was lit by numerous candles, placed everywhere around the room. The hand over Hermione’s eyes lifted off to reveal her surprise.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday, Lav!” a voice said behind her. Hermione’s eyes widened. She turned around, with a feeling of hurt. Ron’s eyes widened.

“Hermione! I- I can explain. I-“

“You what, Ron?” Hermione demanded. “How could you?!” Hermione cried, tears now escaping. Ron came towards her, and tried to snake her arms around her, but she pushed him back. “Get away from me! I loved you, Ron!” Hermione exclaimed. She ran towards the door and exited out into the outpour.

Ron felt his phone vibrating. He picked it up and answered. “Hello?”

“Won-Won, I’m so sorry. My husband wouldn’t let me leave. I’m on my way.” Lavender’s voice rang out from the other end.

“What?! You’re married!? You never told me that!” Ron exclaimed, shocked by this.

“Oh, did I say husband, I meant uh...” she trailed off, not able to conjure up a good lie.

“Save it. We’re done.” Ron said and disconnected the phone. “I let Hermione go because of that slut.” Ron ran his fingers through his hair.

“What am I going to do?”


Hermione’s hair was in her face. She placed it behind her ear and continued walking, not really knowing where she was going. She let her feet take her, unable to control them due to her heartbreak. The rain was pouring even harder, but Hermione walked on, though her feet were giving out on her. She started to feel like the world was spinning around her, and collapsed to the ground, in the middle of a road, which she had no idea of. She heard a car screech to a halt, then experienced nothing but blackness.



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