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Chasing Madness by smashed_crayon
Chapter 17 : Meet the Malfoys.
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Louth was a sweet place, full of narrow cobblestone streets, tall, leaning houses and people in summer clothes. The problem was, we didn’t know where the fuck we were supposed to go.

“Didn’t you get a letter or something?” I asked Scorpius, as we stood staring at the cute, relatively empty street near the train station. He admired a passing girl with a pretty face and dark hair as he thought about this.

“I did. Did you?”

“No.” I answered slowly, gritting my teeth. “But I’m assuming, Scorpius, that that letter would have given you directions.”

“Ah.” He seemed to understand where I was going with this. “I see your point.”

Before I could lash out with a sardonic comment on his stupidity, he held up a hand and began to rummage in the front pocket of his suitcase. “Here we are.” He said happily, straightening up with a cream coloured envelope his hand. He opened it and pulled out the parchment inside, scanning it quickly from top to bottom.

“We’re to be staying in an inn on Watery Lane.” He told me, placing the folded envelope in his back pocket. “And I have a feeling we won’t find a cab. Fancy walking?”

“No.” I stated bluntly, picking up my suitcase. “But I don’t see another option, do you?”

“Merlin’s beard, Rose, what’s got your knickers in a twist?”

He did. He had my knickers in a twist. But I felt like that would be an inappropriate thing to say, so I just marched on ahead in silence.


We were staying at a place called the Merry Dragon Inn, a wizard friendly dwelling on the outskirts of town.

Yes, outskirts. And a certain idiot thought it would be a good idea to walk there.

“It’s been half an hour, Scorpius, and I’m tempted to kill you now.” I stated darkly after thirty minutes of trudging along a deserted dirt road lined by trees. The overhead skies rumbled ominously, and if there was one thing to be glad about, it was that air was cool and stormy and not the oven-like heat of yesterday.

“You should be warned that I have a wand, young lady.” Scorpius answered to this, an unexplainable spring in his step. “And I’m not afraid to use it.”

I had parted my lips for a scathing answer, but was interrupted by a loud clap of thunder and the heavy plop of a raindrop on my shoulder. I came to a stop, cursing, and stared up at the grey heavens.

“How far away is this inn, then?” I asked my companion, looking back down and brushing another raindrop off my arm.

“How would I know? I don’t exactly spend my free time in Louth.” He answered, turning around to look at me. I watched as he flinched, and with an expression of great worry, lifted his gaze up to the sky.

“Yes.” I said smartly, picking up my suitcase and starting to walk again, “That was rain. If it gets any stronger, I’m using you as an umbrella.”

I thought I heard a muttered ‘no complaints here’, but I couldn’t be sure.

The rain did get stronger, and fast. Before long we were splashing along in newly formed puddles, suitcases rattling along behind us, seeing who could come up with the most colourful string of curses. There didn’t seem to be any kind of a building in the small five feet of visibility we had in front of us, and after three minutes of running in this downpour, we were soaked to the bone.

“I think I see something.” Scorpius gasped, pointing ahead. It had been raining for almost ten minutes now, and I felt like I was more water than anything else. I made a small sound of relief at the sight of a looming shadow of a building up ahead.

We couldn’t really see what the place looked like through all the rain, but we didn’t even care if it was the right house by this stage. We just wanted a fire and a warm bath and dry cloths.

The door was opened almost immediately when we banged on it, and was answered by a plump old lady in a flowery apron, her hands on her hips.

“Heavens above!” She exclaimed, catching sight of our drenched forms on her doorstep. “Come in, come in! You poor dears. Come in!”

We gratefully stepped through the doorway, and stood shivering and huddled together as she shut the door behind us. The room we were in looked like a sizeable eating area filled with wooden tables, and a large fire flickering invitingly in the hearth. Either this woman had an enormous family, or we were in the right building.

“My name is Flora.” The old lady said, wiping her hand on her apron and holding it out to us. I shook it, still shivering, and told her I was Rose and this was Scorpius. The poor guy didn’t seem in any state to utter intelligible words right now.

“Nice to meet you, dears. You must need a warm meal and seat by the fire. Are you here to stay the night?”

I nodded gratefully at her words, pushing a dripping strand of hair out of my eyes. “Y-yes.” I said, my teeth chattering. “Is this the M-merry Dragon?”

“The…?” The lady opened her eyes in confusion. “No, dear, this is the Royal Oak Inn. I’ve never heard of a Merry Dragon before. You’re not thinking of going back out into that downpour, are you? I have a spare room for you, I just sent  the last couple out. They weren’t even married, and they wanted the single room!” She tutted in disapproval. “So I told them no! Not under my roof! Can you believe it?” She squinted at us with curiosity. “You are married, aren’t you, dears?”

“Oh!” I stared at her in surprise, quickly pinching Scorpius on the arm before he could say anything stupid. “Of course we are!”

I ignored the quick, appalled look the confused boy sent me and continued to smile cheerfully at the innkeeper.

“Very well then.” Flora said, nodding in approval. “You do make a very pretty couple. I’ll be happy to have you as long as you please. What’s your name, then?”

“Malfoy.” Scorpius answered smoothly, and it was my turn to receive a pinch. “Mr and Mrs Malfoy. And we’re both freezing to death on this doorstep, would you be able to show us to our room?”



Malfoy!?” I turned on Scorpius as soon as Flora closed our bedroom door behind us. “As if I would take your name!”

“Would you rather be stuck with Weasley for the rest of your life?”

“Hey, I’m proud to be a Weasley.” I retaliated, feeling more outraged than I should. All my pent up emotions – affection, want, anger – were suddenly screaming to be let out, and I chose my favourite way of doing it: blind denial and lots of yelling.  “That’s the name that saved the wizarding world, Scorpius. What did Malfoy do? Oh, yeah! Tried to kill it!”

My words came out in a venomous tumble and left me with flashing eyes and clenched fists, water from my clothes dripping onto the soft carpet. As my surge of anger passed, I suddenly realised what I had just said, and my stomach twisted with guilt. Scorpius was standing by the door - his wet hair messy and his shirt clinging to his chest. His jaw was clenched and his eyes bright and full of emotion. I couldn’t look into those eyes. Normally, I would have found annoyance and frustration at me there, but this time, it was pain. Confusion and pain.

“Is that what you think?” He asked me softly, shaking his head in disappointment. “Is that what your daddy taught you, Rose? Is that what you think of me?”

I shook my head quickly, my eyes welling up with tears. I couldn’t speak, because there was a lump in my chest and if I tried to explain myself, I was going to start crying. So I just stood there in silence, shaking my head over and over again.

“Answer me!” Scorpius took a sudden step forwards, his eyes burning. “Do you think that? Do you think I’m like my father?”

“I like your father.” I managed to gasp out, widening my eyes. A tear slide down my cheek, joining the rain dripping from my hair. “I’m sorry, Scorpius, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I resumed shaking my head, staring down at my feet.

“You said it, though, didn’t you?” His voice was hard, and he was closer now. I could have touched his cheek if I reached my arm out. “I thought - I thought…” His voice seemed to catch in his throat, making me raise my eyes from the floor to his face. This room was too small for all the mixed emotions it contained.

“It’s not what I wanted to say.” I answered, staring at his twisted mouth, unable to stare into his eyes. “A lot of what I say to you is not what I want to say, you know. And it frustrates me a lot. You really should just ignore anything that comes out of my mouth.”

He was now standing right in front of me, and I could smell the rain on his skin. The urge to kiss him was so great that I could almost feel my body sway towards his.

“Tell me what you want to say, then,” He suggested in a strange, quiet voice. He gently reached out and took my cold hands in his. “How about a trade? Your secret for mine.”

“I can’t.” I shook my head again, firmly this time. “I can tell you I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anything else.”

Scorpius’s soft expression settled to acceptance at those words. He gave my fingers a gentle squeeze before letting go.

“Alright then.” He answered, pulling a hand through his damp hair. “But I think you already know what mine is.” He reached a hesitant hand out towards my face, where a wet strand of curly hair was hanging in my eyes. But then he brought his fingers back, his expression grim. “Or maybe not, either way.” He cleared his throat and put on a wide, forced smile. “I now call dibbs on the first shower, and you can’t protest because you wounded my feelings. It’s going to be a long one too.” And with a devilish grin, he skipped past me and backed up towards a door on the far wall, grinning smugly, though his eyes weren’t quiet in it.

“That’s the closet, genius.” I said, a smile almost reaching my lips. “Bathroom’s that way.”


I went to wait on the edge of one of the ornate armchairs for Scorpius to finish his shower, shivering from the cold. The room we had been given was welcoming and cosy, with a soft carpet, a large comfortable bed covered in a pale blue bedspread, and breezy lace curtains. There was a radiator in the corner, which I turned up to the highest setting and dragged my chair towards, placing my cold hands on the warming metal.

Scorpius soon stepped out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam, a dark blue towel wrapped around his waist.

“It’s toasty in here.” He commented, looking over to where I was huddled next to the heater. “And also, quick question: Judging on the amount of time they spent under the rain, do you think that the water actually got into our suitcases?”

“Oh.” I said in response his question, glancing over to the door, where our two soggy suitcases had been dropped. “Bollocks.”

“Did you just say bollocks?” He had a wide and amused grin on his face. “You’re so British.”

“Hmm, odd, isn’t it?” I answered, with a sarcastic eye-roll. “Though not the main issue right now.” I stood up, feeling a little like a drowned rat in my clinging skirt and damp hair, and walked slowly over to our bags, Scorpius following.

“I fear the worst, Scorpy.” I sighed, kneeling down beside my suitcase and slowly zipping it open. My heart sunk at the sight of the pile of wet cloths inside. I rummaged through it all, pulling out the few items that seemed to have escaped the worst of the damage, and cursing at the sight of the ones that hadn’t. Malfoy kneeled down next to me, and began to do the same with his own items. In the end, I had a total of one shirt, one singlet, and a few pieces of underwear that were dry enough to wear, while Malfoy had a suit jacket and a pair of khaki shorts I was surprised he owned.

“Brilliant.” I stated, looking at our dry options, which we had laid out on the bed. “I’m going to show up to work in a pink T-shirt and knickers with the word Thursday written across the bottom. And it isn’t even Thursday!”

“I’m going to look like the lovechild of James Bond and a Zookeeper.” Scorpius added mournfully, crossing his arms across his chest. I shot him a sideways glance and was alarmed to see that he was only in his towel. That, added to our previous conversation, was enough to make me blush.

“Oh boy.” I sighed, shaking my head. “What time are we supposed to show up?”

“One thirty, I think. Not sure though, I’ll have to double check.”

“Right, well, the best we can do is lay the stuff we want to wear over the heater and hope it’s dry by noon. We can’t us magic here, these blasted muggles might go into shock.” I sighed, putting all my clothes but the pink shirt and some underwear back into my wet bag.

“And until then?” Scorpius asked me, an eyebrow raised. I glanced up at him. He was standing with his hands on his hips, an amused expression on his face.

“Your call.” I said, straightening up and imitating his position. “Either go bathrobe or zookeeper.”

“So the towel is not an option?”

“No.” I answered solemnly. “It is not.”

I had a long, hot shower, and it was such a relief to warm my frozen limbs and take off my soaking clothes. When I hopped out I dried myself off with a fluffy towel and slipped into my pink shirt and my Thursday knickers. Then I towelled my hair dry, twisted it up with my most favourite of scrunchies, and prepared my confidence for walking out into a room filled with Scorpius in just a t-shirt the colour of bubblegum.

“No zookeeper?” I asked, catching sight of Scorp sitting on the bed in a dressing gown the same colour as his towel. He glanced up at me, sending a thrill through my chest as his eyes grazed my exposed legs.

“No. I don’t think those shorts actually belong to me.” He answered, smirking. “I like your outfit, though.”

I rolled my eyes at him, and went over to the heater to drape my damp clothes over it to dry. I saw that Scorpius had already laid his out.

Placing clothes on a low heater required bending over, and I was hoping that Scorpius hadn’t noticed – or had, I was fifty fifty on it – but as I stood up, he uttered an amused;

“Do you have knickers for every day of the week, or is it just Thursday? Is Thursday a special day for you?”

I groaned, turning around. Scorpius had moved to the edge of the bed, and looked so comical in his big fluffy bathrobe that I burst out laughing.

“I don’t think you can make fun of anything I’m wearing, old man.” I said, walking over and sitting down next to him. He nudged me gently with his elbow, chuckling. I wondered if he knew how much those little gestures of his made my heart beat.

“I’m famished.” I said, sighing, and letting myself fall back onto the bed. I stared thoughtfully up at the ceiling. “But I doubt either of us are fit to go out in public right now.”

“I’ll go down, if you want.” Scorpius offered, twisting around to stare at me. His face broke out into a joking smile. “If you’re really that hungry, I don’t want you eating me. You do still have about four uncompleted death threats on my head.”

“Nah.” I answered casually. “You’re not my type.”

Before Scorpius could answer, there came a knock on our door.

“Are you dears hungry?” Came Flora’s kind old voice from the other side, reminding me suddenly that we were actually supposed to be married in her eyes – and also that that lady had eerily perfect timing. “I have a tray of breakfast ready for you. Do you want to eat in here?”

“Er, yes please, Mrs.. Flora.” Scorpius answered, glancing down at our attires. Flora opened the door and pushed in a small wooden trolley filled with food. The smell of it made my stomach grumble loudly. All I had eaten today was half of that raisin toast

“Say, Flora.” I said, after we had thanked her profusely and she was just about to shuffle off. “All of our clothes got wet in the rain – is there anywhere we could dry them?”

“Of course!” The lady answered. She glanced down at our suitcases. “Are they in here? Let me take them, and I’ll have them dry in a jiffy. Enjoy your meal, Mr Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy.”

We thanked her again, rather more stiffly this time, and she walked back out, suitcases in hand.

“Food?” I suggested, eyeing the trolley. Scorpius grinned.



“What’s the time?”

“Er, about five minutes later than the last time you asked.”

I sighed. “Sorry. I felt that something needed to be said.”

“Do you have a problem with silence?” Scorpius asked me curiously. We had finished our food, and were now on the bed, me lying on my stomach, Scorpius propped up against the headboard. 

“Oh…” I frowned, thinking about his question. “Maybe I do. I dunno, I’ve never thought about it before.”

“Yeah, don’t worry.” He grinned. “I’m the same.”

I sent him a smile in response, and after that, we delved back into the silence we both disliked. I rested my chin on my hands.

“You bothered yet?” Scorpius asked me after a while, chuckling. I rolled my eyes at him and pushed myself up to a seated position.

“Tell me something.” I told him, tucking my bottom lip under my teeth. “Something odd, like something weird you like to eat, or something strange that you’re good at doing.”

“Peanutbutter and apples!” He said, but I shook my head.

“Everyone likes peanutbutter and apples.”

“Fine. I can play the accordion.”

I widened my eyes and let out a disbelieving sound. “The accordion?” I repeated. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. What about you?”

I cocked my head to the side as I thought about this. “I can… palm read.” I told him, grinning. “I predicted my auntie Harris’s future rather accurately, as a matter of fact.”

“Tell me mine.” He asked, extending his open hand out to me. I shuffled over next him, crossing my legs and taking his palm in mine.

“I see that you have a very large head.” I murmured dramatically, tracing the lines on his hand with my finger. “And I predict great excess of rabbits in your near future. I also see that a woman of black hair will soon come into your life and steal your khaki shorts, claiming they are hers. A great battle will ensue, and I’ll now stop because this is getting out of hand.” I looked up at him, a wide smile on my face. He was laughing and shaking his head.

“That,” He told me seriously, “was bullshit.”

“I can’t deny that.” I sighed. His hand was still in mine, and I was reluctant to let go, especially since he had started to play with my fingers. “I can’t actually read palms.” I told him, and he nodded.

“I knew…” He told me softly, still playing with my hand. “Rose?”

I stared back at him, slightly overthrown by the look in his eyes. “Yes?” I asked, watching him blink. The black in his eyes had nearly taken up all the grey. He placed his hand on my knee, and I flicked my gaze down to it before looking back at him.

“Don’t move.” He said, sliding his hand softly up my thigh. I don’t think I could have moved, even if I wanted to. Everyone of my senses was entirely focused on him. The hand that was in mine let it go, and began to travel up my arm, leaving goosebumps in its trail. He leant in closer, his fingers skimming my Thursday knickers, and the other hand brushing down to my waist. This silence, this hot, heavy, quivering silence, was one I thought I could endure forever.

I didn’t move, like he said, and sat there as his hands left a soft line of shivers under my skin, like foam in a lake. I could feel my heart beating, I could hear it. When his fingertips reached my bare stomach, I lifted my own hand, and gently pulled at the tie to his dressing gown, undoing the loop. That seemed to be all the incentive Scorpius needed – his lips pressed up against mine.

Gone were the soft caresses after this. As soon as we were kissing, my body reacted and I leant forward, pushing the edges of his dressing gown down his shoulders. His hands came and grabbed my hips, and he pressed me down, against the pillows, his mouth still on mine. I knew I should have been overwhelmed, confused – I was snogging Scorpius Malfoy – but instead it just felt natural, like showering, like eating breakfast, like breathing. I’d been doing this my whole life, hadn’t I?

His bathrobe was discarded, and now my fingers were perusing his bare skin, his stomach, the muscles knotted on his back. His hands skimmed under my shirt, over my stomach, and I parted my lips, deepening the kiss. I was struggling with the edge of my shirt, trying to pull it up, so Scorpius took over, pulling it over my head and discarding it, over the edge of the bed. He took a moment to stop after this, and propped himself on his arms to stare at me quietly, from my face down to my stomach, as if letting it sink in. I lay there in silence, breathing heavily, mesmerized by what was happening. Scorpius slowly leant down and placed a soft kiss on my collarbone, my neck, my cheek, my lips. I wrapped my legs around his waist, one hand tangled in his hair, the other slowly travelling down his stomach…

There was a knock on the door.

“Mr and Mrs Malfoy?” It was Flora’s voice, and in that moment, I despised her for owning it. “There’s a man downstairs to see you. A Mr Blackthorn. Shall I tell him you’re coming down?”

We were both frozen, my legs still around his waist and my hand poised on his lower stomach. Scorpius had rumpled hair and glassy eyes, and his voice was husky when he answered;

“Yes, yes, tell him we’re coming.” I could hear barely disguised frustration in his voice, and to make matters easier for both of us, I untangled our bodies and backed up slightly, bringing my arms up to my bare chest. Scorpius groaned and sat up, passing a hand across his jaw line. His cheeks were pink and flushed.

“Well.” I said in a small, confused voice. “That escalated quickly.”

“Mr Blackthorn is one of the wizards we’ll be helping out.” He sighed in response, shaking his head. I nodded, aware that I actually didn’t know a thing about this business trip I was on, but feeling like that was the least of my troubles right now.

“We should go down then.” I suggested, feeling a strong urge for my shirt. Scorpius wasn’t meeting my gaze, and didn’t seem to want to discuss anything other Mr Blackthorn and his purpose downstairs. I leant over the edge of the bed, grabbed hold of my top, and pulled it on. “He’s probably wondering what we’re doing here. Though how he found us…” I trailed off, standing up and attempting to tidy my hair. Scorpius just watched my movements in silence, chewing on his lip. I walked over to the heater and pulled off my skirt, wincing at its dampness.

“Are you coming?” I asked, pulling it on. The boy just blushed a little darker and shook his head.

“I’ll just be a minute.” He said hesitantly. I glanced down at the throw pillow he had clutched to his lap.

“Oh.” I said in an embarrassingly squeaky voice. “I’ll see you down there then.”

I walked out of the room, my face heating up. That. I had done that to Scorpius. Scorpius. I shook my head to clear it of its awkwardness, feeling like a confused teenager all over again. These things weren’t supposed to discomfit me anymore, what was wrong with me? But it was Scorpius. I guess I had half thought he didn’t do that – that he had some other obscure, mysterious way of expressing those feelings. But no. He was one fully functioning male human being.


Mr Blackthorn was waiting down in the eating area, and was, as was customary to older wizards, dressed in mismatched clothing that was earning him some amused glances from the two women sitting a couple of tables away from him.

I walked over to him, smiling as sincerely as my jumbled heart was letting me at the moment, and introduced myself as Rose Weasley.

“But, if the innkeeper asks, I’m Mrs Malfoy.” I told him, drawing out a chair and sitting down across from him. I shook my head at his quizzical expression. “It’s a long story.”

“I see. And where is, ah… Mr Malfoy?” Poor Mr Blackthorn was looking terribly confused, and the tartan pants and Justin Bieber shirt weren’t helping his credibility at all.

“He’s just coming.” I informed him, hoping my blush was not too obvious.

Scorpius did join us shortly, dressed in his horrendous khakis, a grey shirt that wasn’t quiet dry yet, and avoiding my gaze.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr Blackthorn.” He said politely, extending his hand. “I’m Scorpius Malfoy.”

Once we were all seated and Flora had brought us all a cup of cider (actual cider!) Mr Blackthorn cleared his throat and began to speak.

“We were beginning to worry when you two didn’t show up to the Merry Dragon.” He told us. “So I was sent out to look for you. I thought maybe you could have confused the inns, so I came in here to ask if anyone had seen you. The Lady Flora informed me that she had, and that you had checked in to a room. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, it is.” I answered, smiling reassuringly. “We just got caught in this rain and needed a place to stay. We only planned to be here for one night. Apologies for the worry, Mr Blackthorn.”

The man seemed a little more reassured now, and less doubtful of our stupidity. He fingered his mug of cider while he nodded thoughtfully. “We’ll be needing you at the Merry Dragon in about two hours.” He said finally. “Are you still thinking of spending tonight here?”

“We’ve already booked the room, so I guess we should.” Scorpius answered. “And we’ll be ready to join you soon, our clothing just got wet in the rain, and Flora is drying them for us…”

“I see.” Repeated Blackthorn. He took a long sip of his cider, and placed the mug back on the table. “Well, now that I know you are both quiet alright, I should get back to work. We’ll be seeing you at one thirty, then?”

We both nodded, and Blackthorn rose to his feet.

“See you soon, then. Are you sure you’re willing to stay here for a night?”

“Flora has been very hospitable to us.” Scorpius assured the man. I thought of Flora’s ex-guests, the outrageous unmarried couple she had thrown out into the rain. She didn’t strike me as an hospitable person, really. “And the least we can do is stay in the room we’ve paid her for.”

I realized then one small detail that had been slipping my mind. The night. The spending of which was going to be with the boy I used to hate but now fancied, the boy who used to hate me but now flirted. The boy I had just snogged, in a rather heated manner, and who now seemed intent on avoiding my gaze.

Oh boy.


After Blackthorn left, we climbed the stairs to our room in silence. I was in front, and it took all my willpower not to turn around and look at the man behind me. When we reached our room, I walked into the middle of it and stopped, heard the door click shut, and finally rounded on Scorpius.

He was still by the doorway, his hands in the pockets of those ridiculous shorts, and his eyes no longer running away from mine. I wanted to kiss him again, because it had been more thrilling than I imagined it could be, but I realised that with my messy hair and bubblegum shirt awkwardly tucked into red skirt, I was far from something Scorpius might want to put his lips on.

“I’m sorry.” Scorpius whispered after a moment of silent staring. I shook my head.

“What for?”

“For confusing things. For giving you ideas. For being an arse.” He frowned, and averted his gaze to the carpet. “For not being able to resist you in that little pink shirt of yours.” His mouth quirked up at the sides, but his eyes remained downcast.

For giving you ideas. There was lump in my throat. But what had I expected? Wasn’t the kissing the only thing I wanted, anyway?

“It took two to do that, you know.” I said. “So it seems silly for either of us to apologize.”

Scorpius nodded and walked over to where I was standing, feeling lost in the middle of this small room. Once he was standing close, in front of me, I tried to take in each and every one of his features in a way I had never done before. I brushed my eyes over his face, noticing the arch of his eyebrows, the different flecks of storm-cloud in his eyes, the freckles over his nose, the shape of his lips. I took it all in like I would never be this close to him again. It left me dizzy.

“If Flora hadn’t knocked…” I started, hesitantly, biting my lip. “Do you think we would’ve…?” I trailed off, but Scorpius seemed to understand because he placed both his hands on my waist and leant down to give me a quick, soft, kiss on the mouth.

“You’re beautiful, Rose.” He murmured, leaning his forehead on mine. “But I can’t. Don’t you think it’s a terrible, wild idea?” There was a kind of pleading desperation in his eyes, like he urgently needed for me to agree with him.

“I agree,” was my answer. “But see, I’m willing to take that on. I can handle terrible, and I’m not sure wild is such a-”

My words were drowned in Scorpius’s lips as he gave me another kiss, soft and gentle but filled with emotion. His hands came up to cup my face, and with an inhumane burst of willpower, I gently pulled them away and stepped back, breaking the embrace. Scorpius looked dazed and confused.

“I’m not sure wild is such a bad thing.” I repeated, wrapping my arms around my middle and wishing Scorpius would do something awful so my chest wouldn’t ache for him. “But if you think it is, well, then, I think it actually would be a terrible idea. A bad terrible. And please don’t come over here and kiss me again because I don’t think I’ll be able to stop you this time.”

He just nodded, once, in understanding. Then he turned on his heel, and walked slowly out of the room. Once the door had swung shut behind him I went and collapsed on the bed, my arms covering my eyes, my entire body swirling with emotion.

I snogged Scorpius. Scorpius snogged me. And I had just refused further snogging.

He was right; this was wild. Wild and terrible and mad and wonderful. Half of me was horrified, the other bursting with happiness. I yearned for Lucy and Ivy and Dom, and their comforting arms and ready laughs and kind words. I felt very lonely in this empty room, in this mistaken inn, in this unknown town. I wanted to be home with my friends and cats and London noise. I wanted Scorpius to come back into this room and tell me he was ready to for bad ideas and kiss my face and take my clothes off.

Good God. Tonight was going to be a long night.


A/N: Finally!!!!!! Oh, it only took seventeen chapters. What did you guys think? Was it too sudden? I thought it might have been a little graphic, but... seventeen chapters. I had to do something big. Where do you guys want their relationship to go now?

Oh, and, I've also posted a prequel to this, featuring Sir Al and Lady Ivy. I'm pretty excited about it! You should check it out, you get to see them all as teenagers, doing their Hogwarts things. I guess you already know how the story will end, but still...

Thanks for reading!!


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