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Halloween Spice by aly grace
Chapter 3 : Parents, brothers, and booze, oh my.
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“I don't think Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny are going to approve of our costumes guys.” Dom said quietly, just as we were getting ready to leave. I looked around and shrugged. “Nothing they could do sweetie, we’re all of age here.” She still looked uncertain, but I put my arm around her should and led her out of my room and down the stairs.
“Mum, Daddy, we’re leaving!” I hollered, wondering where they could be. When we rounded the corner to the foyer, I found my parents in a rather compromising situation.

“Bloody hell you two! You couldn't have waited 15 minutes for us to leave before you started this. Goodbye, I’ll see you tomorrow before I ducked out the door, covering my eyes while the girls snickered. I managed to escape, but not before I caught my dad’s eye. He looked absolutely horrified. “Piss off.” I murmured to my friends, who were still laughing, my face beet red.

“God, that was priceless.” Arden giggled, wiping, I kid you not, tears from her eyes. “Arden, I swear, shut up. We are not discussing this anymore. Got it?” I shot daggers at the girls, who all tried to stop laughing but just couldn't handle it.

“I need Firewhisky, pronto.” I said before Apparating to Malfoy’s garage. I couldn't help but smile when I saw the sleek black motorcycle he had bought with his monthly allowance in July (yes, his monthly allowance is enough to buy a motorcycle and all its fixing and still have money left over. Bloody purebloods). He’d offered me rides, of course. Yes, that thing looked sexy as hell…when it was just sitting there. But in motion it was a death trap on two wheels and no seat belts. No thank you.

My moment of silence was interrupted by the pop pop pops of my friends arriving. “Gee thanks for leaving us in the dust Lils. Why didn’t you wait?” Lissa asked, pouting slightly. “You guys knew exactly where to go. We’ve been meeting here since we started going to this bloody party, jeesh. They still looked pretty pissed, but smiled sweetly. Taking Lissa and Dom’s hands, per tradition, everyone else followed suit. Together, we skipped hand in hand towards the big black house formally known as Malfoy Manor.

It was 11:15 when we finally arrived and the party was in full swing. Al and Scorpius had truly outdone themselves this year. There were vampires everywhere, most likely paid not to bite anyone. The DJ was in the main room where all the couches and furniture was pushed against the walls. There had to be at least 200 people there, and I expected more to arrive soon. I scanned the rooms for any familiar faces and spotted a few of my cousins huddled in a corner. Dom and I both noticed at the same time, so we started over there.

“Well hello fine ladies. Love the costumes, really. Vasilisa, you look ravishing.” A smooth voice called behind us. I didn’t need to turn to know it was darling big brother Al, coming to hit on Liss like always. She squeaked and turned a light pink, matching her costume.

“Al, off limits. You know that.” I snapped, glaring at my brother. His costume was rather dull, at least to me. He was dressed as a Muggle cop with fuzzy handcuffs hanging from his belt and his chest bare. Sometimes I think his slippery Slytherin ways never left him once he graduated.

He winked at Lissa one more time before actually looking at me. His green eyes widened in horror. “Lily Luna Potter. What the fuck do you think you're wearing?” he cried. He quickly tore his tight little coat off and draped it over my shoulder. Perfect reaction.

“Albus, don't even try,” I said, tossing back his shirt, “And thanks for the protectiveness! Means my costume works!” I winked and skipped off, not really caring where I went. I had plenty of time before midnight.

“Why must he always do that?” Lissa whined, fanning herself. It was a well known thing that Al loved Lissa, but she refused to acknowledge it as anything besides harmless flirting. Despite my warnings to my brother about how my friends were way off limits to him, apparently he couldn't stop himself from falling in love with Lissa. I'm sure one day I’ll tell Lissa about his true feelings, but for now her not knowing is so much easier for everyone.

Before I could answer Lissa though, I walked into a very strong male body. Looking up, I grinned. “Hey there Francis.” The brown eyed boy rolled his eyes at me, but gave me a tight one armed hug. “Hi Lillian.” He chuckled. Once the hug was over, he decided it was a smart idea to give me a nuggie…bad idea. I tickled his armpit (his weakest point) and he let go.

“You two have known each other since birth. Can’t you act a little normal around each other?” Arden asked. Whatever, it’s just Frankie. The kid is practically my 4th brother (yes, I count Teddy as a brother. What of it?) and I'm his 3rd sister. Speaking of, “Where are Ali and Rory?” I asked. Ali is now 16, so this is her first Malfoy party, while Rory is Al and Scorpius’ age.

“Rory and I decided that Ali wasn’t ready to come. I didn’t want to take care of my drunk baby sister. And Rory had, other things to take care of.” Frankie said, shrugging. His face grew dark, but only for a moment. I gasped.

“Franks, that is so not your decision! Ali is 16! She can make her own decisions!” I glared at him. I heard my friends nervously shuffle their feet next to me. But Frankie didn’t back down. “Lils, my sisters haven’t exactly been making the best decisions lately.” I looked up and there was that anger in his blue eyes again. Something was really bothering him. I began to ask what, but he just shook his head.

With a kiss to my forehead, Frankie disappeared through the crowd. I sighed. “You really shouldn’t fight with him that much Lily.” Kate said, rolling her eyes. I stuck my tongue out. It seemed that every conversation Frankie and I had recently ended in a fight. Maybe he's on his man period.

Kate stomped over to a group of girls she knew from some classes this year and I let her go. She needed to cool off anyway before she got fun. But Arden, I saw, already had a drink in her hand. “Whatcha got there babe?” I asked, winking at her. Arden rolled her eyes and let me have a sip. Immediately, a swirl of cinnamon, caramel, and something spicy spun around my mouth followed of course by the familiar sting of Firewhisky. My eyes widened and a flush crept across my cheeks. Damn that was good.

“That my dear sister is something Scorpius concocted called Halloween Spice.” A masculine voice said behind me. I spun and launched myself into the waiting arms of my big brother James. He chuckled and kissed my cheek. “Trying to get drunk already I see. Don't get too eager with that stuff, its stronger than you think.” James warned. I rolled my eyes at James. He definitely should not be the one to give me advice on drinking. He got drunk for the first time when he was only 13.

“Calm yourself down Jamie. I’ll be fine tonight. Walk me to get a drink though?” I asked, extending my hand to him. He stuck his arm out and escorted me to the bar. “Hello Alfie!” I said happily. My favorite of Malfoy’s house elves was on drink duty tonight, I suppose. He smiled a huge smile, his blue eyes getting watery.

“Miss Potter! Mister Potter! How is you both tonight? Goods, I hope?” Alfie asked. What a sweet little thing. “We’re great Alfie. Could we please have one Halloween Spice and one beer please?” I replied sweetly. While he whisked off to make our orders, I stole a glance at my big brother. Something was different about him. He looked…way to happy to be at a mostly high school party.

“What's up with you tonight? You’ve had a shitty little grin on your face this whole time.” I eyed James. Then, he did the unthinkable. He blushed. Like a little girl, his cheeks turned rosy and he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. “Holy crap! Something is up with you! I bet…you have a girlfriend!” I exclaimed incredulously. My Jamie, growing up!"

“Yes, say it a louder please Lils. The whole mansion didn’t hear you!” He growled. My eyes grew even wider. He sighed then said, “You can’t tell a single soul Lily. Not Arden, or Kate, or even Dom. No one.” He glared.

“Cross my heart and hope to die!” I promised, making an ex over my heart then kissing my finger. “Fine. You know how Rory and I both work at the hospital?” He began. I started to interrupt him, but he kept going, “Well, we’ve been talking a lot and she’s such a great girl Lils. You know that. Then one night after a really long 2 day shift, neither of us was in good shapes. So we went back to her apartment to unwind because we had to be back at work in 5 hours. One thing led to another,” He eyed me, implying exactly what I already knew.

“You shagged Rory? Our Rory? The Rory we’ve known our entire lives? The Rory whose dress you used to look up when we climbed trees? Aurora Hannah Longbottom?” I asked. Turning beet red, “That’s not all. We kind of lost track of time, and all of a sudden, her brother walks in!” My face pales before I absolutely lose it. I have tears going down my cheeks and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

“It’s not funny Lily! It was totally mortifying! And now Frankie hates me!” James said sheepishly. “Oh my gosh, that’s why he's been so weird lately! He walking in on you shagging his big sister!” Suddenly, all of Frankie’s weird behavior was explained. I thought back to what he had said earlier, Lils, my sisters haven’t exactly been making the best decisions lately.

“Poor Frankie!” I said, but giggled a bit anyways. James had recovered a bit from finally admitting this to someone. “And Rory hasn’t talked to me since the whole incident, but I'm going to get her tonight. I think I might love her Lily.” James said solemnly. I never in a million years thought I would hear James utter those words about anyone but Nadia, his ex. She ripped his heart out when she got pregnant last year with another guys baby, while she and James were engaged.
I smiled at my brother. “You're growing up, aren’t you? I'm so proud of you James!” I hugged him tightly. He chuckled and hugged me right back. “We all are Lily. Don't think I don't know what you're doing here tonight. Go get him tiger!” He smiled wolfishly at me. I blushed and hurried off, following my big brother’s orders for once in my life.

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