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A Cannon's Harpy by st122
Chapter 25 : A Coming Together of Two
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Harry woke early after a late night of reminiscing with Kreature and Gwenog. The room felt empty now that he was alone. It was not surprising considering it held nothing but a bed and his wedding suit. His watch, lying beside him on the bed, told him that he still had a few more hours before his presence would be needed at the Burrow. Swinging his legs out from under the duvet he sat wondering what to do.

It took a few minutes before he moved again. He’d decided that a shower was what he needed. The hot water helped; though everything still seemed different. He wondered what it was, but the world felt as if it had changed. He grinned nervously while drying his hair as he stared into the mirror. It was then that he heard someone Apparate into the house.

“You in here, mate?” Ron’s familiar voice called out from the kitchen.

Harry dropped the towel and began to dress. “Just getting ready. I’ll be out there in a minute.”

“Right!” Ron shouted back though the flat was small enough for someone to talk. Harry chuckled, the guy was probably even more nervous.

He took his time getting dressed in the new black suit and white shirt he’d bought a few weeks ago for this day. He took his time. His tie was still in the room so he left the top button undone. Eventually he had to leave the calm and quiet of the bathroom. He grabbed the hanger with his tie, the colour of which still confused him, and strode into the main living area.

Ron was sitting on the couch already fully dressed and ready for the day. “You look good,” Harry said. “Hermione will probably appreciate the view.”

Ron snorted. “Haven’t seen her today. She left to go help my sister before I even woke up.” He scratched his red hair. “Don’t know what they need to be up so early for.”

Harry shook his head absently. “They are going to some spa to relax, then they need to get their hair done, and then there is makeup and the dress.”

“Blimey, I forgot about all that.” Ron whispered. “So what’s our plan, mate?”

Harry shrugged. “Well I’ve got to tie my tie.”

Ron grinned. “Tricky those things. It might take a while.”

The pair laughed as Harry held up a pair of shaking hands. “Yeah, a few hours at least.”

Ginny sat in a Muggle hair salon. She’d come here with Hermione a few months ago for her friend’s wedding, but Ginny had not had her hair done then. This was the first time a Muggle was touching her hair. Those weird metal scissor things made strange noises as the woman trimmed Ginny’s hair slightly.

Hermione sat beside Ginny, a glass of champagne in her hand. Ginny’s own glass lay half empty and forgotten before her on the counter. Instead of looking around, she was staring into the mirror, at herself. The hairdresser had stuck all kinds of funny things in Ginny’s hair, the purpose of which she could only imagine.

“How you holding up there?” Hermione asked.

“F… fine,” she replied; the frown on her forehead probably said otherwise.

Hermione chuckled. “Relax, you will look beautiful?”

“You already are.” Ginny’s mother had come to stand beside her daughter. She had her own glass of champagne and was taking a few sips every now and again.

“My hair has never been beautiful. Just look at this colour!”

The hairdresser made an annoyed sound from behind. “Do you know how much women spend on hair dyes to get your natural colour?”

“No,” Ginny replied. “Who would want this shade of red?”

The woman sighed, knowing a last cause. “I guess everyone always wants someone else’s colour.” The woman continued in silence and finally began to remove all the items in Ginny’s hair.

When she was done even Ginny had to suppress a small grin. It actually looked nice.

“Harry!” Ron clapped his hands together; the motion startled a nervous Harry. “I guess it’s time for us to go to the Burrow. The guests will be starting to arrive soon.”

Harry, not feeling ready, closed his eyes. “Right.” He gathered his wits and quickly tied his tie, making sure it was tidy and properly aligned. When he was done, he stood in the middle of the rather empty flat. “This is it.”

“Regrets?” Ron asked.

“None,” Harry replied easily. “It’s just feels strange, standing here and knowing that this is the end of a chapter.”

“And the beginning of a much better one.”

Harry chuckled. “I hope.” He clapped his friend’s shoulder. “Let’s go before I really do get cold feet.”

Ron shook his head. “You know, you’re getting through this much better than I did.”

“I had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing you nearly getting married in an orange shirt with no pants.”

“I did not.” Ron grumbled.

“If you say so,” Harry teased before growing a bit more serious. “I think I had more time to prepare for all of this.”

“You’re also much more level headed than me.”

“Am I?” Harry asked. “Or do I just hide it a bit better?”

Ron studied Harry. “Yeah, you’re petrified inside.”

“Downright paralysed.”

Ron just shook his head. “Come on mate. Let’s get you to the Burrow.”

He removed his wand, as did Harry. With two pops the pair vanished. The world steadied to the wonder that was the Burrow on the day of a wedding. The house still looked like it was being held together by magic. Harry turned and inhaled. Everything was arranged perfectly and held a sort of magical beauty.

A small platform stood at the front for the minister. It was raised just enough so that all the guests would be able to see them. A few rows of white seats moved away from the platform in a small arc. Leading away from the Burrow towards the platform was a small pathway lined with pale green ribbons. The longer he looked around the more he noticed all the gentle earthy colours. Reds, greens and yellows were scattered about garden in the form of flowers and decorations. Each chair had an alternating ribbon wrapped around the backrest. The whole garden felt at ease and nothing stood out or competed with any other section. He looked down at his tie. The soft green colour made sense to him now.

“You over it already?” Ron asked.

“Ginny sure did put a lot of thought into this.”

His friend snorted. “Had Hermione barmy with all the ideas and things.”

Harry laughed. “Sorry for putting you through it, Ron.”

“No problem, mate. If you’d seen Ginny’s face during their planning then you would understand why I’m not bothered.”

Harry continued to scan the transformation. “She put poured her heart into this, didn’t she?”

“All for you, mate. All for you.”

Harry gripped his future brother-in-law’s shoulder. “She is something, isn’t she?”

“The best.”

He faced Ron. “Just don’t let Hermione hear you say that.”

His friend shook his head. “They’re equally the best.”

Harry smiled. “I think I can agree on that one; even if I do love Ginny a bit more.”

They were interrupted as the first guests began to arrive. The pair made their way to the witch and wizard. So began the eventful hour of waiting for Ginny to leave the house.

Hermione had tears in her eyes. Ginny’s mother was trying to wipe away the dampness on her cheeks. Even her father stood to one side trying hard to blink away the wetness in his eyes.

“I haven’t even said ‘I do’ yet!” Ginny huffed at the people in her room at the Burrow. “Honestly, how are you going to get me down the aisle?”

“It’s just…” her mother wailed again. “You look beautiful.”

Her father nodded, the back of his hand moving across his face. “I can’t believe my little girl is getting married today.” She managed a smile. He looked handsome in the Muggle suit Harry had helped him buy. The tie he wore was a darkish red, the same as Ron’s. Harry’s was a much more special colour, though not the same as his emerald eyes. Green would always remind her of him.

“Well you better go wait downstairs for this little girl needs to get dressed.”

He frowned then jumped. “Of course, I’ll be waiting by the door.” She stood and hugged him before he could leave. He squeezed her tightly; his hold had always been comforting. He let go eventually and vanished.

Hermione stood with her arms on her hips. The three women in the room were all looking at the same thing; a white dress, suspended magical to the one side. “Better get you ready?”

With a wave of her mother’s wand the dress floated towards Ginny where it settled in a neat heap before her feet. “Here we go,” Ginny whispered before undressing. Her smooth legs stepped over the heap and into the middle. Hermione immediately began to lift it into place. A few waves of a wand later the dress sat securely to her form.

Her mother stepped back, hand in front of her mouth. “Is it that bad?” Ginny asked.

“When you first mentioned what you wanted I laughed.” She shook her head, red hair swaying. “It’s perfect.”

“It’s just,” Hermione stopped. “Just pure Ginny.”

The long train made it difficult to move in the confined space of her small room, but Ginny managed to turn to face the large mirror brought in for the day. The image did not fit and yet it did. Her hands moved down the side of the dress as she tried to straighten non-existent folds. The various lace flowers embroidered across her breasts and midsection felt rough. It contrasted well with the slightly off white raw silk of the dress. The lace extended down her sides to the hem of the dress and the train.

“Shoes?” Ginny said suddenly. “I almost forgot about my shoes.”

“I didn’t” Hermione chuckled, holding up a box.

“Thank Merlin. I knew I asked you to be my Matron of Honour for a reason.”

With the help of Hermione and her mother, Ginny managed to slip on the pair of white flat soled shoes. Heels would not do in the garden, especially considering the million stumbles at the Quidditch function before the start of the season.

“All done,” Ginny sighed.

“Not quite.” Her mother moved to stand behind Ginny. They were both looking at her reflection in the mirror. Before Ginny could argue her mother held up a thin golden necklace. “Nothing fancy or expensive, but this was your father’s first gift to me after our wedding.” Her mother fastened it around her neck. “Your poor father saved for nearly the entire year.”

Ginny touched the necklace with her right hand. “It’s… thank you, mum.”

Hermione shouted something about not ruining makeup by crying now. The tears turned into a laugh. “We better get you downstairs. I can hear the crowd growing restless.”

Ginny faced the door out of her room. Her mother and Hermione left first, leaving Ginny alone. Her hand touched the door frame; her head turned around. It was time to leave her childhood behind. “Good bye.” Then she left.

Downstairs Ron stood waiting beside Hermione. His mouth dropped open at the sight. Hermione closed it for him.

Her father approached, holding out his arm. Ginny quickly tucked her arm through his. “What have you done with my little girl?” he whispered.

“She’s up there in my room. You can go talk to her any time.”

His eyes shone as he gently kissed the top of her head. Outside the music changed. “Shall we, Ginny.”

“When you’re ready to give me away?”

He chuckled. “That might take a while.” She squeezed his hand. “Alright, I’m moving.”

Together with her father they stepped out of the Burrow and out into a sunny day. They had not invited many people, but it still felt as if hundreds of the faces were staring at her. Her instincts told her to run. Her father’s weight and firm hold held her back. His presence settled some of the tingling nerves she’d been feeling but trying to ignore. Her head lifted, following the narrow straight path between the white chairs with coloured ribbons. Slowly her gaze travelled further; towards Harry.

He stood alone, suit and green tie perfect. The sight brought some confidence. A silly grin was plastered on his face, his eyes were wide in astonishment. She smiled as well.

Harry stood nervously by the dais; Kingsley before him. He was performing the ceremony as a personal favour for Harry. Ron had disappeared towards the Burrow leaving Harry alone. The guests had found their seats and were talking excitedly amongst themselves.

Oliver Wood and his wife. Victoria Hughes and the man she’d been dating seriously for years, though she would never admit to loving the guy. Patrick Edgecombe and his wife. Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson with their dates. All of Ginny’s brothers and attachments. Gwenog sat alone. Kreacher was busy cooking, his duty was what gave the little elf pleasure in life. Catherine Spinnet sat beside Mitchun. Jonathon Markam had an arm around a wide eyed blonde who couldn’t stop gaping at all the celebrities at the wedding. Michelle Urquhart sat quietly at the back alongside Samantha Evans, neither had dates. Harpies had never been good at relationships or rather few wizards could stomach such driven women. Then there were a few family friends of the Weasleys, but only a handful. Lastly, Albus Dumbledore sat seated near the back talking animatedly with Minerva McGonagall. In all the wedding was rather small, something Harry appreciated; though it did not make him feel any less self-conscious.

“She’s ready,” Kingsley whispered to Harry. He took a deep breath and double checked his suite to make sure it was sitting perfectly, which it was as he had been fiddling with it every few minutes for the past hour while he’d been waiting. Not to mention all the times he’d flattened his hair.

The music changed; as one the guests rose and faced the Burrow. If Harry squinted he could make out a faint hint of a white dress through the window. His heart rate increased. It felt nothing like a big game.

The door opened, Ron and Hermione were first to emerge. Hermione looked wonderful in her reddish dress that matched Ron’s tie. Her bushy hair had once again been tamed to bring out the woman behind his bookworm friend. Ron was beaming with pride, and he should be, Hermione had been a wonderful catch.

Next to come out were Molly and Bill. She walked gracefully as Bill helped her steadily along. Her eyes were already puffy, but the smile was so broad that those tears could not be mistaken for anything other than happiness.

Ron let go of Hermione as they separated to stand at either side of the platform. Hermione to Ginny’s side, Ron to Harry’s.

The music shifted again drawing Harry’s attention to the Burrow. He blinked, then blinked again. His eyes widened then narrowed, all the while trying to process the image of Ginny; his bride.

She was looking up at him, her lips began to spread into a wide smile. Her father held her arm, but the show was completely stolen by the daughter he guided down the grassy path. Her hair hung in loose curls and over her right shoulder, leaving her left neck exposed. Her cheeks were tinted with a slight undertone of bronze. It emphasised the natural beauty of her freckles without bringing attention to them. Her brown eyes practically shone. Harry was still trying to drink in her face and hair when Arthur approached to hand his daughter over to Harry who had yet to see the dress.

“Take care of her, Harry.”

“I will, sir.”

Arthur let go off Ginny and kissed her forehead gently. Then he moved to join Molly. Ginny reached out and took hold of his. Together they faced Kingsley who gestured for the guests to sit. The man began to speak, but Harry heard nothing. He was too busy thinking about Ginny, the best thing to have ever happened to him, as she stood beside him practically glowing.

Ginny faced Harry. To her right a blur of guests sat staring up at her. To the left Shacklebolt was talking, she knew the words, but they barely registered. “I do,” she said automatically when he paused.

The Minister of Magic laughed softly. “Eager are we?”

The guests chuckled along and Harry, looking right at her with his amazing eyes, smiled. Ginny gripped the ring Hermione had just given her. Kingsley was speaking again. She felt Harry take her hand and say something. She glanced down to see him push a thin ring, which matched her engagement ring, onto her ring finger. She mimicked his movements and words. Her mind was not working, yet it was doing.

“I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Harry leaned towards her. His lips touched hers gently before applying a bit more pressure. She had to resist the urge to deepen the kiss, but she wanted to. They broke apart. Harry, her husband she thought, was beaming down at her. She could feel her own smile, even if she could not remember smiling. He held onto her hand and turned her to face the standing guests. The people immediately shuffled closer to the aisle.

From behind Shacklebolt announced. “I present to you, Mr and Mrs Potter.”

Harry and Ginny began to walk. Every last person was laughing and talking excitedly as they lined the pathway leading towards the Burrow. The moment they reached them wands began to explode and confetti flew into the air before beginning to rain down upon them.

Harry ducked his head. “Shall we run for it?”

“With pleasure.” She let out a small yelp in surprise as Harry began to hurry. The confetti still managed to fall down holes she did not know her dress had. When they stopped Harry was laughing as he tried to shake the stuff off him. Glancing back, she saw the entire length of her train was covered in coloured confetti. “Harry,” she called.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Come here.” She pulled him down towards him, this time the kiss was a bit deeper. A few people whistled and others clapped. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Some of guests had moved towards the reception area. Harry and Ginny were still standing where they had stopped after running through the torrent of confetti. The guests still remaining waited for their chance to pay their respects to the bride and groom.

"You alright there, mate?" Ron asked Harry when he approached with Hermione.

"Just wishing my parents could be here," Harry managed to say. His arm swept over the gathering people. "This is what they sacrificed their lives for, Ron. They gave it all so that I could have this."

Ron clapped Harry's shoulder. "They'd be proud of you, Harry. Look at what you did and what you became. And now you're standing here, married to the second best witch in all of Britain."

"Second?" Harry asked, grinning.

His brother-in-law looked serious. “I’ve been doing some thinking since we talked earlier and I came to a most scandalous realisation. Ginny's good, but nowhere near as great as my Hermione." Harry fought the urge to burst out laughing. "But I will agree that my sister is something special."

Music, magically created, wafted across the lawn. Harry relaxed. He’d had a hard time keeping up with all the handshakes and hugs. Yet, in everyone he felt nothing but love. The wedding might have been quick, but he'd been accepted into the family with open arms.

“Are you ready?” a small guy asked Harry and Ginny. “The light is almost perfect at the moment.”

Harry turned to face Colin Creevey, he’d come highly recommended as a photographer. “Sure, Colin.” Harry took hold of his wife’s hand. “You done talking to everyone?”

“I think so,” she replied. “There’ll be time at the reception to talk more.”

Harry gestured down the garden. “Lead the way, Mr Creevey.”

The silence and time away from the throng proved to be a nice respite. Most of the noise came from her dress trailing along behind them. Colin stopped. “I would like to start here. The garden is most beautiful in this corner.”

“And away from prying eyes,” Ginny joked.

“That to.” Colin quickly rummaged in his bag and swiftly swapped the lens.

“It’s so peaceful out here,” Harry whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Her arms curled around him. “Do you think they’ll miss us?”

“Probably not, there’s an open bar, a dance floor and a few single witches and wizards.”

The flash on top of Colin’s camera did not startle Harry or Ginny. They’d become used to photographers over the past few weeks. They did turn to face him though. “A heads up please, Colin.”

The little guy grinned. “A natural pose like that can’t be created. Even with my talents.” He took a step towards them. “This is a good position. Um… Harry just straighten your back a bit. Ginny try to move a tiny bit closer.” Harry felt his wife shuffle a bit. “That’s good, now wrap your arm around her waist… excellent.” Colin took a step back and took a few shots.

“This feels so odd,” Ginny muttered as Colin nudged them into another pose. This time they made as if they were walking, hands held together, staring at one another.

“At least the press photographers don’t tell us how to stand.”

The time, however, allowed Harry to really study the intricate details of her dress. “How many hours did you spend on the dress?”

“Why?” she asked as Colin snapped a few photos of her dress.

“It’s amazing.” He reached out and let his hard fingers run over the intricate lace stitched to the fabric. “You’ve got good taste.”

Her hand’s moved down the sides of her dress self-consciously. “Too many hours to count. My fingers were sore and my back ached.”

“I remember those nights where I had to work out the knots in your back.”

The flash went off again as Harry trailed his hand down her waist following the flow of the pattern. He bent down to study the length of the train. The detailed work did not end. “Makes me feel guilty for walking into a shop and buying a suit.”

“Nonsense, Harry. You look very handsome in that suit.”

He stood and looked down at the suit and tie he wore. “Well you did make the tie for me.”

“Lovingly made the tie.” She stood on tiptoes to kiss him. The flash went off again.

“Well that covers your photos. I think I need to get the family here before the light fails completely.”

Creevy hurried away. For the first time they were utterly alone. “How do you feel, Mrs Potter?”

“Happy,” she sighed. He reached out and touched the red locks falling over her right shoulder. “You?”

“Nervous about opening the dance floor.” She swatted him with her hand. “You look so beautiful. I never imagined your hair like this, but… wow.”

Her entire face radiated joy. “I was a bit nervous about it, but the hairdresser had me convinced.”

He kissed her softly again. The time alone could not last as the entire Weasley clan and Gwenog arrived. By the time they all returned for the reception the sun had almost set. The guests were standing around talking with drinks in hand. The noise died down and people began to clap and cheer. Harry, feeling his cheeks burn from all the attention, strode between the tables towards the front and their table.

The guests quickly settled down at their tables as Ron stood to give a little speech. Hermione followed with a short talk about Ginny. Finally it was Harry’s turn.

"I'd like to thank all of you for being here today. Molly, thank you for organising a perfect wedding. Arthur, for being like a father to me these past few months. I'm sure my parents and godfather are smiling down at you at this very moment. Gwenog, you've always been there for me. Loved me in your own unique way and for introducing me to the world’s most wonderful witch." Harry ruffled his hair nervously. "Speeches, never been a strength." He chuckled to himself and took a drink of water from a glass. The crowd laughed in good spirit. He patted his jacket, then dug in the pockets of his pants. “I had a little piece of paper here somewhere.” The guests laughed even more. "Well, I’ll just make it up as I go along.” He retrieved his champagne glass. “I hope your glasses are full because the first thing I would like to do is propose a toast to family." Everyone stood and raised their glasses. “To family.”

Harry coughed to stall a bit once everyone was seated again. "I should probably move onto the important part of my speech before I forget." Harry grinned and glanced down at his wife sitting beside him looking even more radiant than before as she stared up at him. "Ginny Potter. That sounds so weird and yet natural. Where do I begin to describe what she means to me? She has brought something into my life I never knew I needed. She brings out the best in me, completes me in a sense. She's smart, beautiful as rose, and the most brilliant Quidditch player I've ever seen."

"Merlin! Think about your kids!" Ron shouted from the seats.

Harry blushed. "I... um..." He scratched his head. "Thanks, mate. Though I think you might have to wait a few years before playing with a niece or nephew.”

Ginny glared at her brother. “I’ve got a few seasons to play at least.”

“Thanks to family I’ve completely lost my train of thought." He took another sip of water. "Basically, I just wanted to say that I love you, Ginny. You're the best thing to have ever happened to me. You’ve made the world bright where once there had only been darkness."

"Stop lying Harry!" Bill shouted. "Winning the first League Cup must've been better than marrying a tiny freckled faced thing."

"Doesn't even come close, Bill," Harry said back with confidence. He turned to face Ginny again. "Thank you for marrying me, Ginny." He raised his glass. "To Ginny."

Everyone stood and raised their glasses to her.

Ginny stood awkwardly after he sat down. "I didn't prepare anything. I wasn't even planning on saying something. Not sure if I’m supposed to really. But I had to go against my nerves and stand before all of you to say." She faced Harry and took his hand in hers. "I love you, Harry. You are what've I've been looking for my entire life and I'm glad that I managed to find you." She faced her family and raised her glass. "To Harry."

Everyone stood and raised their glasses to him. Ginny sat again. He leaned across and kissed her. "That means a lot," he whispered.

Waiters, who had remained inconspicuous to Harry, emerged to serve the starters. Everyone settled down. The garden was immediately filled with the hum of many voices and laughing. Beneath the table he held onto her hand while taking the brief moment to take in the atmosphere and decorations.

The guests were all seated around round tables. The head table being the only rectangular one. Harry wished he knew what the flower arrangements were on all the tables, but the red, green and yellow worked well with the colours of the wedding. The tables were all situated on the edge of a small dance floor.

Harry eventually managed to finish his starter. “Do you think we should go talk to our guests, Ginny?”

“If we must,” she replied in mock resignation. They stood and went to talk to the people at each table.

They only returned to their seats when the main course was served. It was some kind of fillet, but Harry barely registered or tasted the food. His mind was too occupied. They would be opening the dance floor after this.

Eventually a song began to play, the one they had chosen. He held out his hand, which Ginny took.

“Just wait a second,” she said before he could lead her away. “Hermione.”

“Coming.” The Matron of Honour came scurrying across towards them from her table. She bent down and worked furiously behind Ginny’s back. “All done.”

“Lead the way, Harry.”

He did not comment as they walked around their table and onto the dance floor. Colin was hurrying about, flash going off every few seconds as he tried to capture the moment.

The crowd hushed as Ginny turned to face Harry in the middle of the dance floor. His left arm lifted her right while his right hand moved behind her back where it rested firmly.

It was a slow song filling the evening air, a very slow song. The only other noise was the shutter of the camera as a photo was being taken. She felt his firm frame push against her as he began to move with to the gentle rhythm. He became the only real thing in the world. His handsome smile, bright eyes filled with love, and somewhat tamed black hair. He was her husband, hers.

"Why me?" Harry whispered, never once hesitating in his movements. "Of all the wizards, why did you decide to make me so happy?"

"I was going to ask the same." His smile was intoxicating. "It's not fair to other witches to make me so happy."

He spun her around. The train of the dress, raised and fixed into place, allowed her to move freely. "Have I said how beautiful you are tonight?"

"Only about a hundred times." She pouted. "Not nearly enough for the effort I put into this dress."

"When you walked out of the house you mesmerised me I've only just realised that there are hoops in it."

"Really?" she said with wide eyes.

"Honestly. Your eyes held me captive for the first hour. Your hair and face for the next. The lace kept me fascinated while we were taking photos and… well I’m just hopelessly in love."

He pulled her close and let his lips touch hers. “Thank you, Harry,” Ginny whispered as she leaned her head against his shoulder. "It feels great doesn't it?"

"The best feeling ever," Harry agreed.

"Should we tell the others?" Ginny asked.

"No," Harry laughed. "It's our little secret."

At the given moment Ron and Hermione walked onto the dance floor signalling that it was now open to everyone. Her parents were first to react. Ginny lost interest thereafter. She was entirely happy in Harry’s arms as they moved steadily around the floor.

“We should have opened with a tango,” Harry said sometime during the third song.

“Why?” she asked.

He grinned. “It would’ve been much more dramatic.”

She shook her head. “No, this was much more personal.”

“I know, but just think about it.”

She chuckled, choosing to ignore Harry. When the next dance began, her father tapped Harry on the shoulder. “Mind if I steal my daughter for a song or two.”

“Of course,” Harry let go and her father took his place. She watched as Harry began to dance with her mother.

“I can’t get over how pretty you look tonight.” His eyes were wide. “And all the decorations. You and your mother did a wonderful job.”

“Don’t forget, Hermione.”

“Who could forget about her?”

They moved a bit more stiffly across the dance floor. “I haven’t dance with you since…” Ginny narrowed her eyes in thought.

“Christmas when you were ten. Your last Christmas before…”

“The Chamber.” Her father tensed. “I’m fine, dad. Harry has helped heal those wounds. In a few years they’ll be nothing more than pale scars.”

A tear slipped down his cheek. “I’m so happy for you, Ginny.”

She stopped dancing and hugged her father.

Harry waited beside the dance floor for Ginny to finish dancing with her father. They took a long time and only stopped when Ginny wrapped her arms around him.

“You’ve been good for her,” Bill said from beside him.

Harry shrugged. “She’s done even more for me.”

“Just take care of her.” The oldest brother of Ginny gave him a fierce look which Harry understood.

“I’ll do my best, Bill.”

“Good, because you know, Ron would never stop sulking if he lost those tickets you organised this season.”

Harry chuckled as Ginny came towards them. “What are you laughing about?”

“Bill was just discussing the fanatic behaviour of Ron.”

“Right,” Ginny agreed. “He’d probably disown us to get tickets out of you, Harry.”

“What if I move to another club?”

“Then he’ll hold me prisoner until you sign for the Cannon’s again.”

Bill suddenly straightened. “Care for a dance, Ginny?”

She looked questioningly at Harry. “Just one,” he replied. “I’d like some time with my bride. Besides I need to have a dance with Gwenog.”

The reception passed quickly once the dance floor was opened and while the guests were still enjoying themselves, Harry whisked Ginny away for a day together before their training would commence again.

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