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Getting to Know Cassie by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 4 : Grandparents
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The next few months were easier than I expected.  Draco was a wonderful father.  He didn’t so much like messes such as when Cassie threw her spaghetti on the floor, or sneezed and had mucus running down her face or when she got sick one night all over her crib.


But all in all he was doing a fantastic job and he couldn’t have loved her more.


“Ok, black tie or green tie?”  Draco nervously asked while holding the thin ties up in front of him while standing by the mirror.


“Green.  Slytherin color.”  I gave him a wink and he walked over to kiss my red stained lips.


“You look extremely sexy this evening.”  He whispered huskily while trailing his lips down my neck.


“So do you…mmm Draco… we can’t.  We have to be at the manor in 20 minutes…”  I moaned out most of that sentence as Draco stood me up and unzipped my black cocktail dress.  His hands grazed every inch of my body as his mouth collided with mine.


“Twenty minutes is plenty of time for what I have in mind right now…”  He nipped and sucked my skin before showing me exactly what he had in mind. 



Twenty minutes later we were hand in hand at the doors to Malfoy Manor.  Draco had already returned here to explain his “death” to his parents.  Now it was time to inform them of their grandchild that I had been hiding for the past 2 ½ years.  I was terrified.


“Don’t worry love.”  Draco whispered as his lips ran along my shoulder.  “Mother has always liked you, she’ll be ecstatic to have a grandchild.  And Father, well I think he’s still happy I’m not dead so the Malfoy name has a chance of carrying on.”  Draco chuckled dryly.


“But his grandchild is a girl.  What if-”


“Shh.  Don’t think about that.  They’re BOTH going to love Cassie.  Who wouldn’t?”  Draco smiled at me.


Lucius Malfoy that’s who…


A few knocks later, a couple of hugs and handshakes and we were all seated in the parlor. 


“Hermione dear it’s so good to see you.  It’s been too long.” Narcissa smiled warmly at me and I could tell there were tears in her eyes.


“I’m so happy to see you as well.”  I directed my comment only towards her.  I didn’t want Lucius thinking I was glad to be in his presence.  He hadn’t said more than 3 words to me since we arrived.


“So I guess we should get down to the point of why we wanted to have dinner.”  Draco began.  I placed a hand on his thigh.


“Draco… now?”  I whispered.  He held my hand in his and brought it to his lips.


“Now’s as good a time as any love.”  He murmured and I knew he was right.  Rip the band aid off.  It might be less painful in the long run.


“Mother, Father congratulations.  You are grandparents.” 


Oh Merlin…  Narcissa set her teacup town and looked to me with a smile.


“Well that was fast Draco.  You’ve only been back a short time.”  She laughed a bit but kept smiling like a fool.


“Um actually Mum… Hermione isn’t pregnant.” 


I was fiddling with the hem of my dress.


“I don’t understand.”  Narcissa said with a confused look upon her face.


Draco got up and walked to the couch where his parents were sitting.  He handed them a photo of himself, me and Cassie that Harry had taken the week before.


“Draco…”  His Mother started but kept staring at the picture.  Lucius shifted in his seat to get a better look at the photograph.  His eyes went wide but then he relaxed and a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.  I was astonished.


“Her name is Cassiopeia Narsissa Malfoy.  She is almost 3 years old… the spitting image of Draco.  I- I’m sorry I never brought her around… I just couldn’t handle the memories of Draco.  It was too hard.  Looking at Cassie every day and seeing your son was almost too much to begin with.  I don’t think I would have made it if I came back here…”  I was standing beside Draco now, holding onto his arm.


His Mother stood and walked to me.  She placed her hands on either side of my face.  She was crying.


“Oh my dear… I understand.  I just can’t wait to meet her.”  She placed a kiss upon my forehead and pulled me into her side.  “She’s beautiful Draco.”  She addressed her son with such love.  “Both of them.”  Narcissa gave me a squeeze and I knew everything would be alright.


“Congratulations son.  She sure looks like you.”  Lucius offered a hand to Draco who took it.


“Thank you Father, Mother.  She’s perfect.”  There was so much pride in Draco’s voice, I gently pulled out of his Mother’s arms and wrapped mine around my love.  He dropped his Father’s hand and held me to him.


“Well, when do we get to meet her?”  Lucius asked, a hint of excitement to his voice.


Draco and I had already planned this out.


“Um her birthday is next week.  We were thinking of having a party at the Potter’s.  We would love for you to come.”  I chewed my bottom lip nervously.  Before Lucius could protest to going to Harry’s residence Narcissa spoke.


“We’d love to.”





“Oh man.  Oh man oh man oh man….”


“Hermione.  Hermione!”  Ginny was screaming and shaking me. 


I had been pacing around the kitchen at Grimmauld Place for Merlin knows how long.  Today was Cassie’s birthday party, well, tonight.  And all day I had been freaking out about Draco’s parents coming here.


No one else was.  Not even Harry, just me. 


I focused on Ginny’s face and barely caught the words that came from her mouth before she pushed me towards the back garden.


Sitting among the flowers at the Potter’s helped me a lot through out the years.  They calmed me somehow, the fragrance.  I don’t know what it was about them, but I felt protected.  I closed my eyes and let my mind drift.




“I knew we never should have come here.”  I threw my clothes into my suitcase.  “I knew that at Christmas, but you insisted that we come back for Easter!”  I screamed at Draco and he cowered on the bed.


Earlier that day I had arrived at Malfoy Manor.  Again.  Draco had convinced me to give his parents another chance after the disastrous Christmas party last year.  And so here I was, throwing, not folding, my clothes into my bag because I had had another run in with his father.  The elder Malfoy had informed me yet again that his son should be with someone “better.”


‘Better than what?’  I had asked.  I knew the answer; I really wished I hadn’t asked that question.  ‘Better than a mudblood.’  He seethed in response.


From there I stormed up the stairs in the entrance hall and ran to my room.  Draco followed a few minutes later and found me crying as I stuffed my clothes into my red and gold plaid suitcase.


“Hermione…”  Draco tried to talk to me for the millionth time since he had entered the room.  I wasn’t up for hearing excuses this time.  Draco had actually heard the conversation between his father and me on this occasion, which resulted in a black eye.  Lucius was astounded his son had the nerve to punch him.


I was grateful to Draco for standing up for me, really I was. But enough was enough.  I never wanted to see that man’s face again as long as I lived.


While rummaging through my suitcase trying to make everything fit Draco’s arms encircled my waist and pulled me back against his chest.


“Breathe Hermione, just breathe…”  Draco’s whispered tender words and warm embrace cause a flood of tears to rain down my cheeks.  I turned in his arms and buried my face against his chest.  “Shh… it’s ok love.  Don’t you listen to him.  I love you with all my heart Hermione, that’s all that matters.”


He was right.  As long as I had him and he had me, then we could face anything.  Even Lucius Malfoy.




“Hermione, love?”  Draco held out his hand for me as we walked to the door to great our guests.  I clasped his warm hand in mine and looked him in the eye.  “Breathe Hermione, just breathe.”  He whispered.


I smiled loving at him, remembering those same words from all those years ago.  I stood on my tiptoes and pressed a tender kiss to his lips.  When I pulled back his eyes fluttered open and his smile was bright.


“What was that for?”  Draco said huskily.


“I love you.”  I told him with all the love I could muster.  He brought me flush against him and kissed me long and deeply.  I was out of breath when he pulled back. 


I finally opened my eyes and found him gazing into mine.


“I love you too.”  He whispered and brushed his lips over mine.


“Ehem.”  Draco and I turned to see Ginny just down the hall, holding Cassie’s hand.  She was trying to break free to run to us.  “I tried to hold her off to give you guys your moment, but she’s not having it anymore.”  Ginny waddled forward with Cassie until they were in front of us.


Draco scooped his little girl into his arms and proceeded to blow raspberries on her cheek.  She giggled and squirmed but pressed her cheek back to Draco’s lips enjoying the game.  A knock sounded on the door as soon as Ginny was back in the kitchen.


The three of us approached it and I opened it wide.


“Welc…. Ehem, welcome to the Potter’s.  Thank you for coming Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy.”  My voice was a bit screechy.  I was nervous and didn’t expect to see Draco’s parents arrive so soon.  They looked gob smacked as they stared at the little girl in their son’s arms.


Cassie squirmed under the scrutiny and buried her head against Draco’s neck, peeking out from time to time.  All of a sudden I was engulfed in an enormous hug.  Narcissa had stepped in and pulled me into her arms, crying all the while.  I couldn’t help but let a few tears drop myself.


“Enough of all this crying.  This is a party after all is it not?”  Lucius’ voice broke through to us.  His voice was not cold, or bitter, but something else.  Happy, gentle?


Narcissa and I separated and smiled at each other.


“Oh my dear, she is even more beautiful in person.”  She brushed her finger across my cheek then turned to Draco.  “You my son have an exquisite little girl in your arms.  Congratulations to the both of you.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally meet her.”


“Oh yes she can.  She has been telling me about it non stop for the past week.”  Lucius lightly chuckled when his wife sent him a glare.


“Yes, well it’s not every day you find out you have a grandchild.”  Narcissa inched closer to Draco and a shy Cassie.  Finally sparking her interest Cassie held out a hand to Narcissa.  The smile that lit up the grandmother’s face was priceless.  “Hello little one.”  She said as she took Cassie’s small hand.


Apparently a hand wasn’t enough for Cassie, she moved her whole body in Narcissa’s direction which caused Draco to relinquish his daughter to his mother, scowling all the while.  His arms went around my waist and he rested his chin on my shoulder.


“No fair.  She wouldn’t even go near me for a month but she goes to my mother asap.”


I giggled.  Then we noticed the real reason why Cass went so easily to Narcissa.  She was wearing a necklace with a huge ruby stone.  Cassie was fixated on it and all its facets. 


“Ahh.  Well, now I feel better.  But let’s not tell Mother.  She seems ecstatic.”  Draco kissed my cheek then moved to shake his father’s hand.


“It’s good of you to come.  It means a lot to me, to us.” 


Lucius looked to me and I averted my gaze.  I don’t know what it is but there’s still something about him that makes me uneasy.


“I wouldn’t have missed it for anything Draco.  She’s a beautiful little girl.  I’m very proud of you.”


I couldn’t have missed it if I tried.  Draco pulled his father into an embrace which left both men a bit embarrassed, but had me loving Draco even more.


An hour later, many little ones played on the floor of the living room while the adults chatted and watched the children.  I was in the kitchen setting out the food when a voice behind me caused a shiver to start from my head and end at my toes.


“Miss Granger, a word.” 






A/N:  I do NOT own Harry Potter. 

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