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The Return to Hogwarts by Romione forever
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In an insane asylum? I wouldn’t let it happen. It couldn’t. My parents just weren’t like that… until I betrayed them. No, I can’t blame myself for this. It was to protect them. They would understand. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I erased my parents memories and sent them to Australia for they’re own good. And now… now they had no idea who they were and were locked up. The pain of my actions is indescribable, but I did it to save them. I’ve done what I’ve done and now there’s nothing I can do.

The Burrow’s a bit different than it has been in the past, but after the Death Eaters burned it down it would never be exactly the same again. I’ve mostly warmed up to life with the Weasleys. Ginny and I are better friends than ever before. My relationship with Ron is thriving, even though Mrs. Weasley all but locks us in different rooms at night. Harry has moved in too, because he has nowhere to go anymore. Both of us are part of the family now. The welcome and love I get from the Weasley’s are the only things that keep me from getting to depressed about my parents, other than Ron of course. But I get the feeling that I do the same for them. Without the change of a new member to the family, they would never be able to forget the lost one. There have been too many moments of silence and sobbing fits to count, and all of us need something to get Fred out of our minds. George still jokes around like always, but there is no more spark in his eyes. Losing his twin brother and best friend was like losing half of himself, and we all could tell no matter how much he tried to hide it. There was no bright side of this one. But life goes on.

The problem now was figuring out what to do with our lives. Harry has always wanted to be an Auror. Ron hasn’t decided on anything yet, he can barely decide on what to wear in the morning, no less plan the rest of his life. One idea had never even crossed our minds until breakfast one August morning. As Ron and I sat down to join the rest of the family, an owl flew in through the window. At first, nobody said anything because we thought it would drop the Daily Prophet on the floor and fly away. However, this one flew straight to me. It landed on the edge of the table as a grabbed the letter from the owl’s clutch. I unrolled the letter and was shockingly surprised by the sender. “It’s from Luna!” I told everybody. “Really? What’s she got to say?” said Ginny. “I heard you’re living with the Weasleys… I’m very sorry about your parents… I just wanted to let you know that I will be returning to Hogwarts to finish my education!” “Luna’s going back to Hogwarts?” Harry said as he came down the stairs. “And Neville, too!” I read the rest of the letter aloud. “Best wishes, Luna.” “Imagine, going back to school after everything that’s happened.” Ron said. “We’d be bloody heroes.” “Actually, children, there’s something your father and I want to talk to you about.” Everybody turned to Mrs. Weasley, anxious to hear her announcement. “We both would like you to seriously consider going back to school with Ginny for your last year.” An awkward silence settled in the room as we thought over the possibility. “You can’t do very well in life not having a complete education. If you plan on being successful, you’ve got to finish school. Harry, you haven’t fulfilled your Defense Against the Dark Arts course. Even if you are the Chosen One, you would have a bloody hard time trying to convince the guys down at the Ministry that you can handle being an Auror.” We all let it sink in. “If that’s what it takes, I’m in.” Harry said. “Yeah, I guess I’m in too. Hermione, what about you?” Ron asked. “Well you too slackers aren’t going to last a week without me.” I told them. “So we get to all go back to school in the same year? This will be so exciting!” Ginny squealed. “I have a feeling most kids from our year will be going back,” Harry said, “and so are we. We’re going back to Hogwarts.” “Well then we better make our way to Diagon Alley! There’s only one week until the start of school now.” We were going back to school. Now this would be very interesting.

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