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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 14 : New Detectives and Disasters
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 “So, what where you doing that landed you at the scene of the crime?” Lily questioned, pulling out her own notebook and feeling very much like the Aurrors that were sitting only feet from them. She felt as though she was the real deal as well, and trying to keep the focus on playing the part was keeping her from dwelling on the fact that this investigation was on her brother. She was just like the others, of course the biggest difference was that she had motivation and wanted to get this figured out as soon as possible while the real deal did not seem to be as interested in bring this case to a close.

“I thought that you said you believed me!” Scorp protested, upset that the one person who had really rallied for him was now turning on him. His words caused Lily to roll her eyes, realizing that the Slytherin must have had very little experience when it came to the way that murder investigations worked.

“I do believe you; I just need to get the whole picture so that I can try to piece together when things happened.” Lily explained, hoping that the boy wasn’t going to get this defense every time she asked a question that could potentially go against him.

“Right.” The boy seemed flustered at the way that Lily was handling everything so seriously, but he continued anyways. “So I couldn’t sleep because of the Quidditch match against Gryffindor so I figured that I could go and get a snack. I went to wake Albus, but he wasn’t in his bed, so I thought he might have already headed down to the kitchens.” He paused for a minute, realizing that he’d probably walked by the dead body once without even noting it. The fact that something so significant could have gone unnoticed was strange, but it had been so dark that he supposed he couldn’t have seen much even if he had wanted to.

“I went to the kitchens, Albus wasn’t there, and so I ate the piece of cake and came back. That was when I saw his body, I started to scream so the prefect came down, and well you know the rest.” The boy looked over expectantly at Lily, who had been taking notes the entire time that he had been speaking. He had expected the girl to have some sort of reaction but her face was as stony as ever, proving in his eyes that she had to just be denying that anything had happened.

“Alright, so we can get the house elves to prove that you were there for a while, but they could still try to nail you because you don’t have any sort of alibi for the time you were walking form the common room to the kitchens.” Lily mused, more for herself than for the boy before her. He nodded anyway though, his eyebrows creasing as her words sunk in. He didn’t see how any of this mattered, they were supposed to be focusing on who else it could have been after all.

“None of this matters does it, I thought you wanted to figure out who did it, not act as my defense attorney.” Scorpius complained; the lack of sleeping causing him to be snappier than normal.

“I am trying to figure out who did it, but I need to know when it didn’t happen in order to figure out when it did.” The girl explained, and for a moment Scorp wondered if she would throw in a ‘duh’ at the end just for effect. She didn’t though; she just went on scribbling in her notebook without giving the boy any clues as to what she was writing down.

“Was everyone else in bed when you left?” Lily questioned, mentally trying to tick off all of the people who it couldn’t be in hopes that it would limit the list down.

“I don’t know-I mean I think that they all were. I wasn’t here when everyone got moved to the great hall though, so it’s not like I can be certain.” He explained, causing Lily to roll her eyes. While he’d proved to be help at first he was just proving to be a hassle now and the girl wondered if she should just ditch him and work on her own. Working alone was hard to do though and she knew that she was going to have someone working with her if she ever wanted to be successful at solving the case.

“Wait, everyone is in the great hall?” Lily clarified, wondering how all of this had happened while she’d been up in the headmistress office. Scorpius nodded, wondering if she was planning on going down and questioning each and every one of the students. “Alright, well then I will be off.” She added, taking one last note before slamming her notebook closed.

“What do you mean that you are leaving-where is it that you are going off to?” Scorpius demanded. He couldn’t help but to feel as though he’d lost his teammate awfully quick. She had basically just used him for information, which made the boy feel much less useful than he had felt only moments ago.

“I’m going down to the Great Hall to grab Lorcan, and then I am going to go and figure out who killed my brother. Once I have it all figured out I will make sure to come back and let you know so that you can clear your name.” Lily explained, gathering herself up off the couch and making her way towards the door. Scorp stared after her in shock, wondering how in the world she thought she was going to figure it out.

“Lily, I know you think you’ve figured it all out, but just remember that there is a murderer running about.” He called after her, hoping that she would not discover who the villain in this situation was by being his next victim. 


Stepping through the fireplace of McGonagall’s fireplace for the second time that night Ginny Potter had to admit that she was more emotionally exhausted than she had ever been before. Being aroused in the middle of the night to learn of her son’s murder had been horrific enough, but it was going to identify the body that had really shaken her up.

As she dusted off her robes the woman noted that the room was still empty, meaning that Harry still hadn’t returned from tracking down James. While she knew he was much more than equipped to be doing something like that, she couldn’t help but to wonder what could possibly be taking them this long. It was freezing out, and she did not think that Harry would want to sit around and watch as James flew about.

Sighing she wondered if she ought to go after them, knowing that if she did so she was going to be mocked upon reaching her family. They would say that she was overreacting and simply paranoid over what had happened, but she supposed that they would be right. Right now being paranoid did not seem like such a horrible thing though. What parent could be anything but paranoid after the loss of a child? It was normal and Ginny knew that she needed to do it for herself even if it was going to lead to some teasing.

Pushing the door of the office open Ginny soon found herself trekking through the halls, light awfully brightly for such an odd time. The halls were oddly filled with people as though it was seven, not four in the morning. It was strange because it seemed as though it had been days since Neville had called her down from her living room but it had only been a few hours.

“Lumos.” Ginny muttered, holding her wand out before her as she made her way across the grounds towards the Quidditch pitch. For a moment she felt as though she was a school girl again, sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet Harry out on the pitch. Things were so different though, she and Harry were no longer kids; they had some of their own. Circumstances were different as well, they weren’t going to laugh as they did when they were kids, more tears would come before the night came to an end.

It did not take the woman long to reach the well-known pitch, but her brow knit together when she could not find any lights. While she was not surprised that James was that careless, she doubted that Harry would be that stupid. He had always been the sensible one and he would have lit his wand the moment that he’d stepped out of the castle.

“James!” Ginny called, hoping that she’d get some sort of response. There was nothing, not even a rustle in the trees, leaving a bad feeling in her stomach.

“Harry!” She tried again, knowing that if he could hear her he would come running as quickly as possible. But again she was met with the silence of the night.

The air was still, the night was silent, and Ginny Potter found herself panicking. There were a million reasonable explanations, perhaps Harry had caught up to James before he left the building or maybe she had just missed them in the halls. As soon as each explanation reached her mind she dismissed it, the feeling in her gut alerting her that something was horribly wrong.

Swallowing, Ginny attempted to calm herself. She smoothed out the shirt that she had worn to bed the night before, back when her family was all in one piece. Trying to think rationally she decided that it would be smart to do a quick sweep on the pitch before she headed into the school to look for them. Wherever they were they were fine, the two were probably laughing, that she was sure of.

With her wand stretched out before her she approached the stands, trying to remember where the extra equipment had been stored. Stumbling over several uneven areas of the ground she made her way around the stands, trying to make her way to the end where she thought that they were stored. A sliver of hope crossed her face when she finally spotted the shed.

“Harry!” She called out again, hoping that he’d walk out with James, saying how they were just about to head up to meet her. Then she’d pull him tight and it would make the fact that she had just seen Albus’s body better.

Pulling open the door she poked her wand in, freezing as she realized that there wasn’t just brooms in the shed, there was a body. Immediately she pulled herself closer, dreading the information that she already knew. It was Harry’s dead body.

A shriek came from her mouth and ripped through the silence of the night. Ginny shook the man several times, tears streaming down her face as she realized that it was too late. She’d been too late to help Albus and now Harry was dead, and all she could think of was the ticking off of the rest of her family. She knew that she needed to find Lily and James; that she needed to save them before there would be one more body that she was going to have to put into the ground, but her body wouldn’t move.

She was alone, utterly alone and she would not dare to leave Harry’s body in the middle of the Hogwarts grounds for who knows what to find. Reaching her hands up she pulled his eye lids down over his lifeless eyes before lifting her wand. Feeling numb, almost as though the night’s events were not real only a nightmare she began making her way back up to the castle, Harry’s body floating behind her. 

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