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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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A/N: Heya my lovelies! Here is the next chapter, sorry it wasn't out sooner. I had only written half of it and needed to write the other half :D


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Amelia stretched as she got off of the sofa and walked towards the front door, having heard a knock on it a few moments ago. She and Zonky had been curled up on the sofa listening to the radio; Zonky had been eating Amelia’s crisps.

She opened the door and was met with a loud scream of excitement and someone running at her legs and hugging them.

“Hello Pedro,” Amelia smiled, looking down at her nephew, who grinned up at her before running further into the flat, she watched him running into the front room, his mad mess of curls on top of his head bouncing with every unsteady step he took. Amelia turned around to see Mariah was entering the flat as well. They gave each other a hug before Mariah closed the door behind her.

“Are you ok?” Amelia asked as she and Mariah both walked into the front room.

“Nope, I’m mad at Albus, and I’m here to get Zonky back.” They entered the front room to see Pedro and Zonky sharing the packet of crisps that had been left in there.

“Dadda!” Pedro said, looking around at his mum and pointing at Zonky.

“Yes dada is going to be in a lot of trouble now,” Mariah huffed bending down towards Zonky and stroking her fur, Zonky purred loudly causing Pedro to giggle.

“Albus seems to think that Zonky is evil, but I haven’t seen it, I’ve been with her all day and she was so lovely. Apart from hogging most of the covers last night when she slept in between me and James.

“Yeah, Zonky likes to stretch out” Mariah stated sitting down on the sofa and patting her lap, Zonky jumped onto it almost instantly, “She normally sleeps at the end of Pedro’s bed.”

“Why does Albus hate her?” Amelia asked, taking a seat on the chair next to the sofa, watching as Pedro began pulling out the box of toys Amelia had in the corner of the room for him, he brought a few over for the cat to look at before taking it back to the box, mumbling to himself.

“Oh, he hates everything,” Mariah tutted, “he just hasn’t trusted animals since the whole Toby incident.”

“Well Toby did seem out to get him at Hogwarts”

“Which is why he was the best toad ever,” Mariah sighed, remembering her toad; he really hated Albus to begin with. “Albus is just jealous of Zonky getting all of mine and Pedro’s attention.”

Zonky had jumped off of Mariah’s lap by now and was walking over to where Pedro was sitting playing with an action figure of a Quidditch player, Zonky tried to eat the player's arm. Pedro pulled the toy away from her and yelled “No!” at her, Zonky just stared at him before looking in the box.

“Oh boys,” Amelia said with a sigh, “Well James doesn’t think that she is evil either, neither does Uncle Charlie for that matter.”

“That’s because she’s not,” Mariah said with a laugh as she watched Pedro and Zonky playing together with the toys, Amelia thought it was cute that Pedro’s best friend seemed to be his pet cat, well only when Victoire didn’t bring her son over to play with Pedro whenever she was free. “But I better take her home; I hope she scratches Albus to make him pay.”

Amelia laughed as Mariah stood up, standing up also and grabbing for the cat basket that Zonky had arrived in. Zonky instantly ran over to it and got in, clearly excited at going back home, Amelia was impressed at how intelligent the cat was, maybe she was part Kneazle?

“Let’s go Pedro,” Mariah said to her son, who stood up with the Quidditch player still in his hand as he ran over to her. “Say goodbye to Auntie Amelia.”

Pedro blew her a kiss, which caused Amelia to beam wildly as she blew her own kiss back to him. He ran from the room and over to the front door as Amelia and Mariah followed, Mariah holding onto Zonkys basket.

“Have fun tonight,” Amelia told Mariah as she opened the door for them to leave, Pedro was holding onto Mariah’s free hand and was pulling her.

“Oh, I shall, Albus is going to regret this.” Mariah gave her a smile before she walked down the corridor, Amelia closed the door, smiling as she thought about how much trouble Albus was going to be in.


“What’s wrong Lucy?” Amelia asked as Lucy let out a sigh and pushed her food around her plate. Lucy had come around to Amelia’s for dinner whilst Adam and James both went to the pub after work. Amelia was looking forward to spending time with her best friend, but Lucy had looked sad since she had arrived and it worried Amelia.

“Has Adam been acting different to you?” Lucy asked Amelia, who thought back to when she had last seen her brother; he had been acting fine with her.

“No, he’s seems normal, why? Has he been acting differently?”

“Well, I’m not sure if it’s because of all this trouble that he’s having with people at his work that’s making him act different or not, but he seems to be distancing himself from me, he’s being secretive.”

“Maybe you’re being paranoid?” Amelia asked, wanting to defend her brother and believe that he wasn’t up to anything he shouldn’t be. “Maybe it is his work getting him down.”

“Maybe, it’s just. It seems like there’s something that I’m missing and it’s getting me really worried, what if he's not interested in me anymore? What if he wants to break up with me?” she asked, feeling tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh Lucy don’t think like that, he’s crazy about you, I know he is. He won’t be breaking up with you” Amelia told Lucy comfortingly, all the while thinking about the amount of pain she was going to be causing her brother if she finds out he’s up to no good.

“I’ll ask James ok? No matter what it is he would have told James, I bet it’s nothing to worry about ok?”

Lucy nodded as she wiped her eyes and gave sniff, going back to eating her food, “I hope it’s nothing serious. I just want to know why he hasn’t talked to me about it”

“Maybe he’s just a bit scared; James has got to know what’s happening.”

Lucy gave a sigh and a nod at Amelia’s words, she dropped her fork onto her plate before she moved her chair back so she could stand up. “I think I’m going to go and see my parents, maybe stay at theirs tonight, I don’t know if I want to see Adam tonight.”

“You can always stay here Lucy,” Amelia said as she too stood up, walking with Lucy out of the room so Lucy could get her bag from the front room.

“That’s ok Amelia; I need to ask dad something anyway.” Lucy said as she grabbed her bag and made her way to the front door, she hugged Amelia goodbye before leaving.


“James what’s wrong with Adam?” Amelia asked her husband as began getting ready for bed. James looked startled before he coughed and carried on getting changed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about; he’s acting fine to me.” James said, coughing again.

“Well, I know that you’re lying,” Amelia said, getting into the bed and pulling the covers over her, as she sat against the headboard.

“I’m not lying, I don’t know anything.” James said, getting into the bed and pulling the covers over his legs as he sat against the headboard as well, not looking at his wife, she knew that he was hiding something.

“I’m worried about him, so is Lucy. She came to me in tears James because she thinks he’s going to leave her.”

“Oh, it’s nothing like that, tell her not to worry,” James said to Amelia as she grabbed for a book she had been reading that was recommended to her by Julie who worked with Fred, it was entitled ‘Knock on Wood.’

“So you do know something,” Amelia said, opening up her book and finding the page she was up to. James knew he had slipped up.

“I can’t tell you Amelia,” James admitted, knowing it was better to say than to continue lying.

“I’m your wife, we tell each other everything.” Amelia said.

“Well, this I can’t tell you Amelia, I’m really sorry. I made a promise to Adam.” He said honestly, hoping that this would be enough for Amelia; he should have known it wouldn’t be.

“I deserve to know, he’s my brother. If something bad is going on with him I want to know about it.”

“It’s not anything bad,” James said, trying to reassure Amelia but he could see that she was starting to get angry about it. “Just trust me, ok?”

Amelia glared at James before laying down in bed and turning on her side away from him with a huff. James let out a sigh before he lay down as well.

“You must be sorely mistaken if you think that you’re staying in this bed.” Amelia snapped, her back still turned to him.

“But Amelia,” James cried, sitting up and looking down at her, she still had her back to him. “You can’t be seriously kicking me out of bed because of this!”

“Then tell me what he’s up to,” Amelia said, turning to face him, he let out another sigh.

“I can’t Amelia I told –“

She turned back around and huffed again. James sighed again as he got out of bed, grabbing for his pillow before Amelia could take it from him.

“Fine I’ll sleep on the sofa,” James muttered, walking from the room, hoping that Adam realises what he’s putting James through keeping this a secret from Amelia.


A/N: Poor James, he's only looking out for his friend :D

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