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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 36 : Permission
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Chapter 36

When Andrew got back to the common room, he was quite surprised to see that the room was rather empty. Usually it was packed with people who were goofing off and doing homework. However, there was only one person in the common room at the moment, and that was James Potter; his friend that he really needed to talk to.

“We need to talk,” Andrew stated as he approached James.

James rose from his seat and stood to face his friend. He was desperately hoping that the conversation wasn’t going to go as bad as he had feared it would.

“Yeah, we kind of do,” James agreed, trying to keep a calm expression.

“Why the hell did you leave Kristen in the freaking chamber of secrets?” Andrew asked angrily.

“I panicked. I realized you were going to be super pissed at me for what I had done so I got the hell out of there.”

“You mean when you kissed her?”

James nodded, looking at his feet. This was one awkward conversation.

“Why did you do it?” Andrew asked.

“I fancy her, Andrew!” James exclaimed, finally done with hiding his feelings, “I have fancied her for months! You, Fred, and Louis all have girlfriends now! You all get to be happy! Why the hell can’t I? Just because the girl I happened to fall for was your sister? The same exact thing happened with my dad and all that turned out pretty damn fine. You’re making it impossible though! Andrew, you are my best friend. Now I really fancy your sister, but I don’t want to lose you because of it! It’s making everything so damn difficult!”

James sat back in the chair and put his head in his hands. He’d let out a portion of all the anger he’d built up over the last several months. Hopefully it wouldn’t ruin things.

“This time last year, you were plotting to knock out her entire team in the quidditch match for the cup,” Andrew stated quietly, “Now you’re professing your love for her. Who knew how much could change in just one year?”

“I didn’t mean to kiss her. That’s not the reason I brought her down there. I was curious about the chamber, and, I admit, I just wanted to spend more time with her,” James said, “Then I saw how she seemed kind of jealous that Moaning Myrtle was flirting with me. I was so excited, and I realized that she might actually fancy me as well, and I kissed her. It was quite amazing, I must admit. Then I realized that you’d probably hate me so I just left.”

“She could have never been able to get up and ended up dying down there.”

“I don’t think so. Kristen’s a smart girl; I knew she’d figure out a way to get back up. Besides, as I already stated, I panicked.”

Andrew sighed. This was quite a difficult concept for him. He wanted to punch James in the face. At the same time he wanted to smile and give his friend a pat on the back for totally turning his life around. If only it had been some other girl.

“The fact that you kissed her isn’t what bothers me the most,” Andrew said truthfully, sitting down in the chair across from James.

James looked up, kind of shocked. He had expected that that would be the thing to anger his friend the most. After all, it was Andrew’s sister he had kissed.

“It was the fact that you left her in the Chamber of Secrets and are now totally ignoring her,” Andrew continued.

“I panicked. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left her. I don’t plan on leaving her any time soon, Andrew. I know it was wrong to ignore her. I was just embarrassed and a little frightened that you would find out and kick my ass,” James replied.

“I never knew you were so frightened of me.”

“Everyone knows how far you are willing to go to protect your sisters. Hell, I helped you beat the shit out of Joey Renolds. I didn’t want to be the one to get the shit beaten out of me this time.”

Andrew cracked a smile and sat down in the chair opposite James.

“I don’t plan on beating the shit out of you James,” Andrew stated.

“Really?” James asked.

“If you want you can go out with my sister. That is, if she wants to go out with you.”

James’s eyes widened. Now this was something he definitely hadn’t expected.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“However, if you ever hurt her in any way, shape, or form, I don’t care if you’re my best friend, I will beat the shit out of you. Is that clear?” Andrew continued.

“Very much so.”

Andrew smiled and rose from his chair. He was halfway to the dormitory staircase when James stopped him.

“Andrew, did Kristen mention when she would be giving me my invisibility cloak back?” he asked.

“I believe she said that if you want it back you have to come and find her and stop ignoring her,” Andrew replied.

James smiled. That would be easy enough to do.

“Alright,” he stated, “Thanks Andrew.”

Andrew turned around and continued up the stair case. He couldn’t exactly believe that he had just given James permission to go after Kristen. Well, at least the two no longer hated each other. Besides, if anyone had to date his sister, Andrew had to admit that his best friend was probably one of the people he would prefer her with.

James continued to sit, contemplating his next move. To be honest, he had never thought this day would come. He was going to go after the girl of his dreams, and he was going to make sure everyone knew how badly he wanted her.




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) I know that was something a lot of you were looking forward to. I can't believe there's only two more chapters left!!! You've all been absolutely wonderful! Over sixty reviews and close to 13,000 reads! That's amazing and more then I ever could have hoped for! As always, I would love it if you continued to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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The Chaser and The Keeper: Permission


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