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Shades of Green by FredWeasleyIsMyKing
Chapter 1 : Hufflepuff and Proud
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The endless green is everywhere I look. Green, the colour I canít stand. The colour of jealousy, sickness and death. It towers over me, surrounding me, constantly intruding my vision.

I cannot escape it.


I try to keep my eyes fixed firmly in front as I creep like a panther toward my destination, stalking along the wild jungle path before me, wand raised, always at the ready. Just keep going. I repeat my mantra over and over. Just keep going. Just keep going. I try to ignore the prickling sensation crawling over my skin like a parasite, focusing purely on putting one foot in front of the other. A voice in my head taunts me, laughing. ĎYou got past a dragoní it whispers ĎAnd now youíre scared of a few ickle leaves.í

I have to get out of here.

Just keep going. Just keep going.

Branches stick out at odd angles, clawing at my ankles, trying to trip me up and stop me reaching my destination. The infinite track stretches on and on, twisting and turning, taking me deeper into the heart of the beast. If I get to the heart this will all be over. Get to the heart, get to the cup. Piece of cake, right? I wish.

Just keep going. Just keep going.

Left. Right. Left again. I keep fighting my way through, pushing on. I check the direction Iím heading with my wand and know Iím on the right track. I canít shake the nagging feeling Iíve had since I stepped foot into the foreign wilderness, like my every move is being watched. The hairs on the back of my neck start to prickle once again, only increasing my unease. A twig snaps behind me and I whip around ready to strike but find myself looking at a deserted path way. I hold my breath and cock my head to one side, straining to hear anything but the leaves gently rustling in the wind, but all I can hear is my own heart pounding furiously in my ears. I curse myself for being so ridiculous, itís not like the walls of hedges can have eyes. I take one more glance around then hurry on.†

Iím sure Iím being watched.

Just keep going. Just keep going.

Two champions are down I try to tell myself. Harry went the other way, youíre aloneÖ completely alone. I try to make up my mind whether being alone is better in this green prison. Krumís face swims unbidden to the fore front of my mind. The strange glint in his eye, his mouth uttering the cruel word that caused me so much pain it made me wish I hadnít ever been born. I shudder and decide quickly. Iíd rather be alone.

I close my eyes, breathe, and move on.

Just keep going. Just keep going.

I canít be far away now. I allow myself to consider once again that I could actually win. The images flicker once again, like a movie in my head. Theyíre all so clear, Iíve ran them so many times. Iím holding the cup high, the whole school is cheering, chanting my name. Hufflepuff will finally have something to be honoured with. Dumbledore shakes my hand, my parents are there hugging me, proudness radiating off them. A figure pushes her way through the crowd, breaking free, she comes running towards me and throws her arms around me. The most beautiful girl in Hogwarts. I look down at her tear stricken face and smile at her, making her laugh through her tears. She gives me a look of pure love and I know Iíve won an even bigger prize. Eternal glory and Cho Chang by my side. All mine. Iím one lucky wizard.

Just keep going. Just keep going.

I smile to myself as the dream fades. I turn another corner and see a strange blue glow up ahead of me. I focus my eyes and see the Triwizard Cup, twinkling innocently at me, just waiting on a plinth. I stand there gazing at it completely transfixed.


I come to my senses and lose all rationale of where I am and what Iím doing; I simply sprint to the Cup like my life depends on it. The visions are going round and round in my head like theyíre on fast forward. Cho, Mum, Dad. My name chanted by all. No longer silent, I crash along the path to the frantic rhythm of my heart hammering against my chest. Thump, thump, thump. Crash, crash, crash.

Just keep going.

ĎCedric! On your left!*í A voice bellows behind me, yanking me back to reality. I look up involuntarily, and I am lucky I do. I dive out the way but trip over my own damn feet, causing my wand to fly out my hand as I plunge to the ground, completely winded. I turn over and freeze.


How did I end up back here? I had escaped. I was free. Now Iím back, back in the endless green. Back in my nightmare.

I suddenly realise in a moment of clarity that I havenít been transported back to the green abyss of trees as I first thought. The green enclosing me now is much brighter than the one I remember. Itís lightening up the night sky and burning into my eyes. The rustling sound is getting louder, rushing toward me and deafening me.

My mind races; the maze, Fleur screaming, Krum, that dirty great beast of a spider on top of me. The endless arguing with Harry as I refused to give in, denying Hufflepuff the long awaited glory they deserved just to be noble.

God, it sucks to be the good guy.

Both stubborn and both wanting the girl, my girl, we had glared at each other. Each one trying to make the other back down. I had seen the way he looked at her and I knew he wanted her. I may be a good guy but I wouldnít give in. He had bettered me in the second task with his moral fibre, made the girls swoon with his heroics. Now it was my turn. I had turned my back on the cup and it was taking every ounce of patience I had not to take it. The decision was easy though, girl or glory? Girl trumps every time.

We had taken the Cup together though hadnít we? Harry and Cedric, a Hogwarts victory. So why instead of being transported to the cheering of the crowd like I dreamed had I been pulled back into a world of green?

I become aware of how I am standing, wand drawn, poised to fight. My head catches up and I realise a second too late that death is rushing to meet me, gliding swiftly like a bird in flight.

In my last moments Iím amazed at how many thoughtís pass through my head. Try as I might, even in my final few seconds I cannot bring myself to regret the decision to take the cup, to chase the dream. Get the glory, get the girl. I close my eyes and fill my head and heart with the people I love. Mum. Dad. Cho.

As the light hits me straight on, I can only bring one last thought into my head. Hufflepuff and proud.

AN Ė Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you could take the time to leave a few words in the box below, it would mean the world to me.

The quote with * next to it is a direct quote from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 31, page 548. Anything you recognise will belong to the amazing JK.

Thank you for Aditi

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Shades of Green: Hufflepuff and Proud


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