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Twist and Turns by drummajorswagg
Chapter 3 : Finding Out
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Hermione Granger

I know Draco asked Harry to speak with him. I also know Harry was furious with Draco for punching Ron, and "kidnapping" me. Harry was also furious with Ron for publicly humiliating me about Lavender. She cam up to me on my way back up to the common room and apologized to me. she was in tears, because she didn't know that Ron and I were a couple. She thought she should have suspected something when he didn't want to go public yet. I told her that he wouldn't make things public with me, and that I should have suspected something also. I told her that we could work together to get back at him, but for now we could be happy that his mother sent him a howler after Ginny sent her a letter explaining why I would not be at the Burrow this summer.
I was secretly glad that Draco wanted to speak with Harry.
3:23 A.M.

I was still in the common room when Harry came in with a letter for me. He said that Draco had given it to him. Also, a muggle post-it note was stuck to the package. "Read alone, or with Harry. Sit in compartment 25 with Harry only."

I recognized it as Draco's writing, but I was completely confused. I asked Harry to sit with me in the common room while I read the letter. Especially because I just had a feeling that i wouldn't like the contents.

The first was from the minister explaining to me about my "mission" this summer and being one of Draco's "companions".

The next was a letter from my mom telling me that as a precaution, the aurors were going to take my parent's memories and restore them when the danger was no longer around. Meaning when Voldemort was destroyed.

The last was a surprise. It was from Narcissa Malfoy.
~Miss Granger~

I am please to be of your aquaintence. I know it may surprise you that my son chose you to be his acompaniment this summer, but I feel that it is best. I will be meeting you, Mr. Potter, and my son at the safe house where he will be staying.

You are to stay with him all summer, and all of your things will be at the house. Professor Snape will also be accompanying you this summer along with the aurors assigned by the minister. As you are probably wondering who knows about this. Myself, and Severus are the only two who know about this outside of the ministry.

If you have any questions, or just want to speak with another female, please feel free to owl me. If you tap your wand to the letter and use a transfiguation charm. It will only allow me to see what you have written.

I sincerely hope you have the best summer possible.
~Narcissa Malfoy~


I had never been so scared in my life. I was nervous. I told Harry about everything in the letters, and about where we were supposed to sit on the train tomorrow.

We just finished breakfast, and were getting on the train, when a hand grabbed my shoulder.
"What the hell! Hermione, why did you let Malfoy kidnap you? He could have violated you in so many ways."
"Ginny, I am fine. I have to go, though. Harry and I have to be somewhere. I can't explain. Harry and I will see you later though."

In compartment 25, Harry and I couldn't hear anyone outside of the compartment, so we knew someone was coming in when we heard the noise of all the kids outside, neither of us looked up, knowing who it was.

We were extremely surprised, though, when we heard the voice of Snape.

"Potter, Granger. I know you were supposed to meet Draco here, but due to an emergency, he was sent home late last night. I am to escort you to the safe house now. First, Potter, you will be staying with your aunt and uncle at night, but will be allowed to occasionally spend the night at the safe house. Dumbledore's orders. Granger, you will bestaying at the safe house all summer. Draco will fill you in more when we get there.

He snapped his fingers and all of our things dissapeared.

"Potter, your stuff is now at the safe house. Granger, yours is as well. It is in your room. We are now going to port key to the safe house."

Walking into the Safe house was like walking back into the Burrow. Everything was magically enlarged on the inside. Everything was cleaning itself. I think Harry felt a little uncomfortable, but Snape had him go to the living room, saying that they needed to talk.
"Come with me, Hermione."

"Draco, I need to know what is going on. I don't understand. Your mother was supposed to meet me here, and I really need to talk to you."

"I know, Hermione. My mother couldn't get away from the manor, due to the Voldemort. He has moved into our manor and is taking up residence. I will explain everything upstairs."

My room was extremely exquisite. The hardwood floors were a dark cherry, and the bed was a California King with Emerald Green bedding. The east wall had floor to ceiling windows witha magical view of a beach.

I am excited to be here, but really wish to speak with Draco. I need to know every detail of this plan. But I really want to just see him again.

~The way his hair flips, his luscius lips, and those eyes.... Hermione dont even think about his eyes... His swagger when he walks, the way his smile(when he really smiles) lights up, those eyes...~

"Am I interupting something? Should I come back later?"

"No Draco. It's fine. I was just about to come find you so we could talk and you could explain things."

"Okay. First, my room is across the hall. I thought you should know. About this summer. I had chosen you to be my acompaniment this summer, and then owled the minister asking if Harry could also accompany me last week. I saved you from ron after I finally got the courage to tell you. I asked Harry to meet me, because I honestly am not afraid of his judgement as much as I am of yours."

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Twist and Turns: Finding Out


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