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We'll Be Kings Forever by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : Actions speak louder then words
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“Sir, Potter, Black and Pettigrew sent me down here, hoping to get me killed.” Severus Snape growled as he pointed a finger over at a fuming James, his fists were clenched in front of him as he resisted the urge to jump Snape and make him pay.

“I will punch you so hard in the face if you do not shut up,” James growled.

“Mr Potter there is no need for that,” Dumbledore stated, looking down at the boy in warning.

“I did not send you down here,” came Peter Pettigrew’s voice from next to Dumbledore. James had only just realised that his other best friend was standing next to him, he was so grateful that Peter had thought to get Dumbledore, that meant that Sirius was hidden somewhere. He really hoped that he would stay hidden for a very long time, James wasn’t sure when he was going to forgive him for this little stunt of his, that’s if he ever did.

“I think we should continue this in my office,” Dumbledore told them, his blue eyes shining in the full moon above them.

“I’m not going anywhere with these murderers,” Severus hissed, a howl filled the air causing Severus to flinch and whirl around facing the Whomping Willow, which was still swinging around, searching for a sign of a werewolf, there was none.

“Enough,” Dumbledore said his tone harsher than earlier, Severus glared at the Headmaster before he began making his way to the castle, Dumbledore began to follow. James and Peter exchanged looks before they too began walking up to the castle, another howl filling the air. James and Peter both let out sighs as they thought about how much trouble they were all going to be in now, and what was going to happen to Remus now.

“Please take a seat, “Dumbledore said as they all entered his office. He walked around his desk, taking a seat in his chair. James and Peter each sat down, Severus faltered slightly before pulling his chair away from near James and Peter and taking a seat on it.

James would have rolled his eyes at the behaviour if he wasn’t so worried.

“Would you one at a time please explain what happened tonight?” Dumbledore asked them.

“Black told me to go down to the Whomping Willow and touch the knot on the tree with a stick, saying that I was to go down the tunnel, without provocation I might add.”

“Now that’s a lie right there,” Peter said interrupting Severus who turned to glare over at him, “I was there, you were taunting Sirius about his family and Remus –“

“That still doesn’t excuse that he told me what exactly to do at the Whomping Willow to gain access to the passageway that would have lead to my ultimate death from that monster that you’ve been keeping locked up on these grounds, it could have been a danger to myself and others in this school. I think your duty as Headmaster of this school is to expel all of them and to send Lupin to Azkaban, he could have killed me.”

“There will be no need for that overreaction Severus,” Dumbledore responded a calming tone in his voice.

“Overreaction?” Severus spluttered in anger at the Headmaster’s words, “I was nearly killed, if it wasn’t for Potter having a sudden change of heart I would be dead, or worse a werewolf.”

“How many times have I got to tell you, I did not know!” James growled, “It wasn’t me. Sirius told me what he had said and I had come down to stop you.”

“Yeah to save your neck,” Severus spat.

“No I was trying to save Remus’s,”

“Speaking of which where is Black? I don’t want him going unpunished for his part in this heinous crime,”

“I’m here,” Sirius’s voice said from behind them all, James didn’t even turn around at the sound of Sirius’s voice. It was a sign that Sirius knew he was in the wrong and in a lot of trouble if he had been quiet enough that no one knew he had entered the room. Normally he was the life and soul of the room; everyone knew when Sirius had entered a room.

James couldn’t even bare to look at him, he was glad that focusing on the calmness of Dumbledore was making him squash down the urge to get up and punch him. Sirius had the sense at least to not come near James and Peter.

“I think now might be the best time for Mr Potter to go to the hospital wing to get his cuts tended to, I daresay that the branches of the Willow would cause a few nasty bruises as well. Mr Pettigrew if you would like to escort him I will have a few words with both Severus and Sirius. You have about thirty minutes until curfew so you best hurry. Also thank you for your heroics today, without which this could have escalated into something much more serious.”

James stood up as he nodded at the Headmaster, he turned around and began to walk out of the room with Peter following, not looking at either of the other two boys in the room. He was sure that if he did he wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to hurt one of them.

“I’m so glad that we and Remus aren’t going to get expelled,” Peter said once they began walking down the corridor, heading in the direction of the hospital wing. “You done a good thing there James, you really did.”

“Thanks Pete, and so did you for going to Dumbledore, who knows what would have happened if we didn’t stop this all.”

“I don’t think we should dwell on it, it’s not going to do us any good.”

“I’m just so angry at how stupid Sirius was for saying that,” James growled, pushing his hands through his hair in anger.

“I know it’s horrible what he done, unforgivable. But Severus was provoking him, I know it doesn’t excuse what happened but you know Sirius when he gets angry. He didn’t give him direct instructions, just said why don’t you go poking around the Whomping Willow. Sirius probably thought that Snape would think that Sirius wanted him to get hit by the branches but he read too much into that, he was just so eager to find out where Remus kept going that he would have put anything Sirius said into the wrong context. I’m not trying to convince you that you should forgive Sirius for what he done but it wasn’t entirely his fault.”

“I know that Pete, I really do but he didn’t even think about what this could have done to Remus, if you hadn’t have seen me when you did I’m not sure if you would have gotten down to the tree to stop Snape from trying to get near it, Sirius certainly wouldn’t have.”

“Sirius was in shock at what he had said, he wasn’t thinking straight James.”

“When does Sirius ever think before he acts,” James growled, still angry at Sirius, he really wished that Sirius would have the sense to hide in his bed if he got to the dormitory before James and Peter did.

“I hate to think what Remus is going to put himself through when he finds out what could have happened.” Peter stated, James let out a sigh as they reached the Hospital wing and pushed open the doors.

They walked into the room and Madam Pomfrey made her way over to them, concern on her face as she tried to take in any injuries they might have from looking at them.

“What’s the problem boys?” she asked them both, looking over Peter as well for any injuries.

“I scuffed my knees, hands and elbow miss,” James told her as she led them over to one of the beds so James could sit down on it. “I fell down some stairs and Professor Dumbledore told me to come here.”

It wasn’t a total lie, he did actually fall down the stairs, he just wasn’t exactly truthful about why he had fallen down the stairs, or how he damaged his elbow. Whenever they had run around with Remus during his transformations in their animagus forms, they had learnt when they had found out what Remus was, knowing that they wanted to be with him during those difficult times in his life. It took the best part of three years for them to manage to change into an animal, they had achieved it finally at the beginning of this school year, it resulted in them getting more and more injuries as running around with a fully fledged werewolf would. But they would never come to the hospital wing unless it was something serious, like the time that James had been clawed down the back by Remus’s large claws, James had to come up with the story that he was looking at a few of Professor Kettleburns animals for a soon to be Care of Magical creatures lesson and had got to close when he should have been in the castle. Madam Pomfrey had accepted James’s story without any fuss, and James wasn’t sure how long she would believe all of their lies about their injuries so they had taken to learning how to heal wounds their selves.

They made their way back to the common room after James’ cuts were fixed up, he didn’t tell Madam Pomfrey about being hit across the abdomen by a branch as that would bring up too many questions that he wasn’t in the mood to answer.

“I’m going to bruise tomorrow,” James groaned as he poked himself in the stomach and winced at the pain it caused.

“Maybe you should have got Pomfrey to look at it for you,” Peter said in concern, James just gave a shake of his head as they walked up the stairs, on their way to the Gryffindor common room. James was thankful that the stairs weren’t moving and sending them in different directions.

“Nah,” James said rubbing his hand on top of Peter’s light brown hair and messing it up, Peter gave a laugh as he ducked out of the way of him, but not pushing his hair back to how it was. “I’ll be fine, nothing that a bit of sleep won’t sort out.”

They walked up the few flights of stairs, bringing them onto the seventh floor corridor; James stopped walking as soon as they saw the figure of Sirius Black pacing in front of the portrait of the fat lady. James’s fists clenched tightly as he felt himself bubble with rage at the sight of him.

“I thought he would have seen sense and realised that I don’t want to see him,” James growled to Peter who was wondering what he could do, he was as angry at Sirius as James was but he also knew from the sad look on Sirius’s face that Sirius was sorry for what he had done.

“James I – “Sirius began once he had seen James, who had begun walking to the portrait again, James tried to ignore him.

“James please,” Sirius said grabbing for James’s arm, James ripped his arm away from Sirius and shoved him away from him as he turned to seethe at him angrily.

“Don’t even bother Sirius; I am so angry at you right now that I could seriously hurt you.” James yelled, “And that stupid puppy dog look in your eyes is only making me even angrier at you.”

“Please let me explain.” Sirius tried desperation in his voice as he tried to get James to listen to him.

“Explain what? How you sold out Remus?” James yelled, the fat lady was muttering in her portrait about unruly students and how she was in two minds about getting the Headmaster to come and sort them out.

“I’m sorry,” Sirius said as James walked over to the portrait where Peter had been standing, Peter gave the password “Manticore” and the portrait swung open.

“Just stay the hell away from me Sirius,” James told him angrily as he made his way into the common room, which was full of a few students who probably heard what had happened outside as they were looking at James. Even Lily Evans, who James had had a crush on for as long as he could remember, looking at him couldn’t bring him out of his anger, he stormed over to the staircase and made his way up the stairs, Peter following. Sirius seemed a bit lost as he stood in the common room unsure whether to follow them or go back out the portrait hole. He decided in the end to make his way up the stairs that lead to the dormitory.

Lily Evans watched the stairs leading to the dormitory for a while with a frown on her face before she turned to look at her two friends that she was sitting with, Dorcas Meadowes had her light coloured eyebrows raised in concern as she pushed a small bit of her bright blonde hair behind her ears that had fallen out of her ponytail, she turned to look at Marlene McKinnon who was looking as though she was deciding on whether to follow Sirius Black or not, they had been going out since the beginning of the year, even though they had been an on/off relationship for some time before that. She bit her lip in worry as she decided to stay seated, unsure how she would be able to help the situation.

“I wonder what that was about,” Marlene asked as she played with her long dark blonde braided hair, twirling the base around her finger as her eyes kept flickering to the staircase.

“I have no idea; I’ve never heard James talk to Sirius like that.” Lily stated, shifting slightly in her spot on the sofa by the fireplace.

“I’ve never heard James that angry before, it’s a bit scary to see that look on his face.” Dorcas piped in as others babbled around them, each wondering what had happened to cause an argument between two of the closest people they had seen. The argument could be heard from inside the common room albeit quite muffled, they could work out that Sirius had done something bad, possibly involving Remus. Lily wondered where he was right now, could he be so angry at what Sirius had done that he had disappeared in the castle somewhere? Had James gone to try and find him but was unsuccessful.

“I don’t hear anything from the boys dormitory, maybe they’ve calmed down considerably?” Dorcas stated looking at her two friends; Marlene gave a quick shake of her head, the worry for Sirius still evident on her face.

“I think they’re still arguing, possibly put a silencing charm on the door.” She told them.

The girls each gave Marlene a comforting smile before Lily stood up and gathered her belongings.

“Let’s go upstairs and worry about this in the morning, hopefully the boys will have calmed down by the morning.”

Marlene and Dorcas nodded as they too gathered their stuff and followed Lily up to their dormitory. Marlene stopped as she passed the door to the fifth year boy’s dormitory, not hearing a sound coming from the other side of the door; she hoped that Sirius was ok.


A/N: I hope you're all enjoying this story!


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