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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 5 : Surprises
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Well hello my awesome readers! Here's chapter 5!! 

A HUGE thanks to Magic_Hogwarts, We Are Padfoot and Prongs, and MadiMalfoy for being the most amazing reviewers ever!! :D 

Disclaimer: I know that I'm no JK Rowling, and I know you readers are smart and know what's mine and what isn't. The characters and this world all belong to the AMAZING JK Rowling! I also do not own "The Lord of the Rings", that series and world belong to the incredible JRR Tolkien! 


"Come. On. Rose!” a frustrated Al nearly shouted, attempting to drag a barely-conscious Rose out of bed.


"No!" Rose mumbled quietly, burying deeper into the covers of her bed. Al looked at the covers and saw a small ball at the foot of the bed.


He rolled his eyes and then pushed up his sleeves, determined. Gripping the edges of the covers, he ripped them from the bed, revealing Rose curled in a tight ball. She began shaking her head and reaching around with one arm in search of the covers.


"Rose Nymphadora Weasley," he said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I did not sneak over here at one a.m. to have you refuse to get out of bed!"


"Well then why did you come over?" Rose mumbled into the sheets, her hand still desperately searching for the covers.


"Because I'm making sure your birthday is a bloody good one, that's why!" he said in a frantic whisper, realizing he had been too loud before and not wanting to wake anyone else.


"What are we doing?" Rose asked groggily, slowly sitting up.


"I thought you'd never ask!" Al said, offering his hand to her. "But alas, it's a surprise!"


"Al. You know I hate surprises," Rose said, groaning.


"This way, m'lady," Al said, ignoring her comment, his hand still outstretched for her to take. 


Rose hesitated, eying her cousin up and down before she sighed, giving in and taking his hand. He nearly yanked her off the bed as he glanced at what she was wearing. She was wearing long pajama pants and a thin tank top.


"You'll need a sweatshirt. And maybe some shoes?" Al said, making his way to Rose's closet and tossing her a pair of her shoes as well as a sweatshirt.


Rose sat on the floor and clumsily put her shoes on. She smiled when she realized Al had tossed her favorite sweatshirt to her, one her father had bought her from Rome.


As soon as she'd finished changing, Al pulled her from the room and they tiptoed down the stairs and to the front door, opening it silently.


The two kids took a deep breath of cold air when they stepped outside and Al smiled. Though it was summer time, the night air was crisp and cool.


"Al! Where are we going?" Rose asked as they made their way across the back lawn.


"Hush woman!" Al said, laughing as he began to skip across the lawn. Rose couldn't help but smile at her cousin's enthusiasm as she allowed him to pull her along.


A few minutes later, they arrived in one of the many fields behind the houses and Rose gasped. In the middle of the field, there was a large blanket and in the moonlight, she could make out what looked like a few more blankets folded to the side, pillows on the blanket and a basket with something large on top.


"Happy Birthday!" Al said as they approached the blanket. He bowed and gestured her forward.


As Rose got closer, she could see that what sat on top of the basket was a cake that read 'Happy Birthday Rose!' across the top.


"Al, you shouldn't have!" Rose said, though a look of excitement was clearly visible on her face.


"I would've lit the candles, but considering I'm not allowed to do magic and leaving them lit while not being here wouldn't be so smart because, well... fire," AL said, laughing to himself.


"What's in the basket?" Rose asked cautiously.


Al laughed and set the cake aside, opening the lid to the basket.


"We've got some cold milk, can't have cake without it! We've also got some hot butterbeer in the thermos and a bag of pretzels I managed to slip from the pantry," he said, pulling each item out as he mentioned it.


"Wow... Al. Thank you," Rose muttered, not knowing what else to say.


"Not at all, m'dear," Al said, smiling.


Al pulled a lighter form his pocket and lit the candles. He set the cake down in the center of the blanket and sat down behind it, before he gestured for Rose to join him.


She sat down across from him and he centered the cake in front of her so she could read the words.


"Make a wish!" Al was now beaming as he watched Rose close her eyes for a few moments before opening them and blowing out all eleven candles with ease.


"Let's eat!" Al said, removing two forms from the basket as Rose removed the candles from the cake. He then poured the milk into two cups and handed one to her.


Al raised his cup in a mock-toast and said, "To the best cousin ever on what shall be the greatest birthday ever!"


Rose rolled her eyes but brought her cup up to meet his. "Cheers," she muttered before laughing and taking a sip.


They both picked up their forks and began eating the cake, drinking their milk, and talking on occasion. After they'd eaten more than half of the cake and were both full to the point of bursting, Al set it aside.


"Ready for the main event?" he asked cheerfully.


"Should I be scared?" Rose asked, cautiously eying her cousin.


"Absolutely! ... I'm kidding, Rosie. You should see your face!" he laughed nervously as she glared at him for using that nickname. "There's a meteor shower tonight! How perfect is that?"


Al was now nearly bouncing up and down with excitement and Rose couldn't help but smile. One thing they'd always enjoyed together from a young age was meteor showers.


"Looks like someone up there loves ya, Rose," Al said, pulling the butterbeer and pretzels from the basket once more.


They both lay down next to each other on the blanket, using the pillows Al had brought. Rose couldn't help but smile at the way her birthday was already coming along.




                                                                                                                                   August 9, 2017


Dear Diary,


      I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. Life has been pretty boring though. All you missed was a few lessons with mum, some Quidditch, and Hugo's birthday.

        Anyways, today is the big day! It's finally my eleventh birthday! Because it's already August now, I'm less than a month away from starting school at Hogwarts. How crazy is that?!

        Today started off amazingly well and I owe it all to Al. Don't tell Lily, but Al is definitely my favourite cousin. He woke me at one in the morning and took me to the field. He'd made me a cake and brought some snacks so we could eat and talk and watch the meteor shower.

        Al and I have always loved watching the meteor showers together, ever since I can remember. Though usually we have to get permission to watch them.

        I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the day. We did have to sneak out of the house and I was dead tired later, but it was worth it!




"Are you nervous?" Al asked randomly. "For school I mean?" He looked at Rose who appeared to have been caught off-guard.


"I- I haven't really thought about it," she took a sip of butterbeer and seemed to think it over. "I suppose I am."


"I know I am," Al admitted. "It's a whole new chapter, ya know? A new adventure, I suppose."


Rose laughed, "I like the sound of that."


"Me too," Al agreed. "We'll be the most amazingly awesome new Gryffindors ever!"


Rose gulped, "About that..."


"What is it?" Al asked, sitting up to look at his cousin.


"I- I don't know if I want to be a Gryffindor," Rose let out quickly.


"Well, why not?" Al asked curiously.


"I want to prove that us Weasleys aren't always destined to be in Gryffindor. That we can be loyal or smart or cunning," Rose said, not knowing what else to add.


"I guess you're right... I'd always just assumed we would be in Gryffindor. But what if I'm not? Then what?" he asked, sounding scared.


"Then you're not. You'll still have me, no matter your house. You'll make friends and thrive and they'll be some of the best years ever," Rose said with confidence.


"I guess you're right. Thanks for being so smart. What would I do without you?" he asked sheepishly.


"You'd manage," Rose said, laughing.


"I don't know about that," Al started. "You always know what to say. You're always there for me and you're just bloody amazing. You're my best friend, Rose." Al said, the corner of his mouth turned upwards in a half-smile.


"Aw, Al!" Rose said, hugging her cousin. "I'm glad to hear that because you're mine."


They both lay back down and talked for a bit, enjoying the meteor shower. After about an hour, thirty or forty meteors, and several yawns, they both decided to call it a night.


Al folded up the blanket and hugged Rose goodbye before grabbing his stuff and heading off towards his house. Rose then began the walk back to hers.


Rose slipped in through the front door and by some miracle manages to make it to her room without a sound. She put the covers back on her bed and removed her shoes before she slipped under the covers and fell fast asleep.




        Al and I talked for a bit about school. We realized we were both nervous about it but of course we were also excited.

        I finally told him that I wasn't really planning on being in Gryffindor. He was surprised at first but eventually realized it wouldn't be the end of the world if we weren't.

        We both also realized that we were truly best friends. Starting school with a best friend will make things nice, I think. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

        We talked for a while before we both decided we were quite tired and we called it a night... Or morning? I made my way back home and somehow I managed not to wake anyone. I ended up falling asleep immediately.




"Happy birthday Rose!" her family shouted as they came into her room. Ron was carrying a tray loaded with all of Rose's favourite breakfast foods.


Rose grumbled and slowly sat up, yawning before she smiled at her family. "Thanks guys."

Ron made his way over to his daughter’s bed and set the tray over her lap, beaming as he did so.


Rose looked at the tray and saw bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, orange juice and crepes.


“Mum, this is amazing, thank you guys!” Rose said, grabbing her fork and knife, hovering over the food and not knowing where to begin.


“You’re welcome, Rose! We figured we’d bring you breakfast now and let you eat then we can decide what you want to do when you’ve finished,” Hermione said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and kissing her daughter on the forehead. Rose scrunched her nose and nodded as she dropped the fork and knife and picked up a piece of bacon.


“Can’t believe you’re eleven, Rose,” mumbled Hugo, looking almost sad.


“Cheer up, Hugo,” Rose said after finishing her bite of bacon. “You’ll be eleven next year, plus you still have Lily.”


He gave her a half smile as Hermione placed her hand on his back and the two of them left the room, followed closely behind by Ron.


Rose glanced at the clock and groaned, it was only eight in the morning, which meant she’d only been asleep for about five hours. She yawned before picking up the fork and knife and getting to work on the rest of her breakfast.


Ron, Hugo, and Hermione sat eating their breakfast in the kitchen when Rose made her way in, carrying her nearly empty tray. “It was delicious, thank you.”


Hermione smiled and stood up, walking over to Rose and taking the tray from her. Rose resisted at first but knew it wouldn’t be any good with her mother.


“So Rose, what do you want to do today?” Hermione asked as she was washing Rose’s plates.


“Errm… maybe a game of Quidditch later, a trip to London would be nice, and umm, dinner?”


“Is that all? What do you want to do in London?” Ron asked, grabbing his plate as well as Hugo’s off the table and making his way to the sink alongside his wife.


“Well, we can go get my animal?” Rose suggested, unable to hide her excitement.


“Of course!” Hermione said, beaming and placing her hands on either side of Rose’s face though they were still dripping wet. She kissed Rose on the forehead and Rose laughed, pulling back, her face now covered in dish soap and water.


“Thanks mum.”


“Why don’t we all go get dressed?” Hermione suggested, looking to her son and husband, eyebrows raised. “Would you like to have the Potters join us?”


“Sure!” Rose said, looking forward to spending a day with the family.


“Excellent, I’ll call Ginny now, be ready in an hour or so, we can all meet down here,” Hermione said, not really speaking to anyone in particular though the whole family got the message: be ready in an hour.


Rose made her way upstairs and got dressed, selecting a simple outfit: black boots over skinny

jeans and a long-sleeved, knee-length black sweater.


Rose checked her clock and realized she still had about forty five minutes until she had to be ready and meeting her family, so she made her way to the tree house. When she made it up, she grabbed a book off the shelf and sat on her bed, immediately becoming enthralled in the book.


After what Rose thought had been mere minutes, she checked the clock and realized she only had a couple minutes before she should be downstairs. She sighed and stood up, stretching before making her way down the ladder.


“ROSE!” someone screamed as Rose walked into the kitchen, just before someone ran into her full speed, wrapping her in a hug.


“Hey Lil, Rose said, hardly able to breathe.


“Happy birthday, Rose!” Lily said excitedly, pulling back and beaming at Rose.


“Thanks, Lily,” Rose said, backing up and running into someone else.


Rose turned and saw Al standing there smiling. “Happy birthday,” he said with a wink and Rose smiled.


For the next several minutes, Rose was surrounded by people all wishing her a happy birthday even though all she wanted was to be lost amid the crowds of London, invisible almost.


“Ready to go?” Hermione asked and Rose couldn’t help but nod and nearly run from the room.


Within an hour, the large family was making their way down the streets of Muggle London, talking and laughing loudly. They seemed to blend in seamlessly.


They made their way through the crowds until they reached the Leaky Cauldron, slipping inside.


The first stop was Eeylops, where Rose was bouncing around, looking in every cage with a huge smile plastered on her face. Her and Lily oohed and aahed over all the different animals and though Rose already knew she wanted a cat, she enjoyed spending time in the shop.


“Rose, come here!” Hermione said from across the store and Rose made her way over to her mother, not knowing what to expect.


Hermione gestured Rose to look inside a smaller cage that seemed to be tucked in the corner. Rose glanced inside and immediately fell in love with the creature inside. A small kitten was sitting in the back corner of the cage, its bright green eyes wide with curiosity. It made its way towards the front of the cage where Rose was peering in and mewed quietly.


The kitten had jet-black, silky fur that seemed to poof out around her head and tail. It had a white spot behind its ear that appeared to almost wrap around the base of the ear. Rose noticed, as the kitten got closer, that it appeared to be in the shape of a crescent moon.


“I want it,” Rose whispered and Hermione laughed, making her way to the front of the store.


A few moments later, a woman came back and smiled at Rose, “I don’t know why no one has chosen this one. She’s such a sweet heart. Doesn’t make any fuss, is generally pretty calm, and has been here nearly a year yet has hardly grown at all. I almost wonder if she’s not fully grown already.”


The woman carefully removed the cage from the stack of cages and handed it to Rose who carefully picked up the cage, looking inside at the small cat.


After a while, they’d picked out a few toys, a bag of food, a couple bowls for food and water, and a self-cleaning litter box with some litter. They made their way from the store and Rose appeared to be beside herself with excitement.



            I was awoken, yet again, in the wee hours of the morning. Well, not so wee this time, but my parents and brother came in my room at about eight this morning with a tray of my favorite breakfast foods. 

            The tray was loaded with eggs, hash browns, orange juice, bacon, and crepes. I did my best not to laugh when I saw the crepes; mum had learned to cook them from my Aunt Fleur, something she hated to admit. She’d always make them for special occasions though; my brother and I loved them.

            They left me alone for a while so I could eat in peace. When I made my way back downstairs, they asked what I wanted to do for the day. I decided on a trip to London, mainly to get my pet for Hogwarts. Mum gave us an hour to get ready and after getting dressed, I went up to the tree house to read for a while.

            We invited the Potters and when I went downstairs when the hour was up, Lily attacked me, the rest of the family joined in wishing me a happy birthday. After that whole ordeal was over, we made our way to London and wandered about a bit before going to Diagon Alley.

            We went straight to Eeylops and we must’ve spent a good hour or two in the shop, looking at all the different animals and creatures they had. Lily, mum, Aunt Ginny and I were having an absolute blast while James, Hugo, and Al were poking at some weird spiky thing in a cage and dad and Uncle Harry talked off to the side.

            Mum called me over after a little while and I could tell she was excited about something. I immediately went over to meet her and glanced into the cage she was looking at. I fell in love with the cat inside immediately.

            She was tiny and just sitting in the back corner of the cage. She had huge green eyes and silky black fur. There was a white spot that wrapped around the base of her left ear that actually looked like a crescent moon. She approached the front of the cage and mewed at me before sitting down and looking at me curiously. I knew right away she was the one.

            We left the store a few minutes later with the kitten and everything I would need to take care of her. Then I realized I still needed a name for her.



The family walked back to the Leaky Cauldron where they were able to use the Floo Network to get back home for a small fee.


“Well, now I need a name for her,” Rose said, sitting on the couch and opening the cage. She set the cage on the floor, allowing for the kitten to come out on her own time.


“Why don’t you post it on Wizbook?” Lily suggested.


“Even though the only people I’m “friends” with on there are family members?” Rose asked, laughing.


“Well then you’ll get everyone’s opinions. Even if you don’t actually figure out a name you’ll have suggestions. It’s worth a shot.” Hermione said, smiling at Rose. “You can use my computer.”


The kitten, eyes wide, made her way from the cage slowly and Rose picked her up, cradling her against her chest. She made her way from the room and to the den where her mother’s computer was.


Rose sat down in front of the computer and a moment later, Lily brought a chair over and sat down next to Rose as they waited for the computer to turn on. She set the kitten on her lap and the kitten immediately curled up, purring slightly.


The computer turned on a few moments later and Rose flicked the monitor on. Within a few minutes, she was on Wizbook.


Just got a new kitten. Black with a moon-shaped spot behind her ear. Name ideas?” Rose posted on her wall and waited to see if anyone would respond.


A notification popped up and Rose clicked it, it was from her cousin Molly. “Molly!” Rose laughed and shook her head.


Another notification popped up, this one from Fred. “Ellie?” Rose debated it for a moment; leave it to Fred to actually suggest a decent name. It was cute and actually fitting.


She looked at Lily, “What do you think about Ellie?” Lily looked at the kitten and seemed to debate it.


“I like it, but let’s see if there’s anything else.”


They waited a few minutes and just before Rose was about to log out, another notification popper up. It was from her Aunt Fleur. She clicked on it and read, “Elune. Lune means “moon” in French, and combining it with Freddy’s suggestion of “Ellie”, I think it works quite nicely.”


Rose sat back and seemed to think about it.


“It’s perfect.” Lily said from behind her and Rose couldn’t help but agree. She liked her aunt’s comment, thanked them all for their suggestions, and shut the computer off, knowing she’d found the perfect name.


Rose and Lily nearly ran back to the rest of the family, excited to share the name with everyone.


“Elune!” Rose said, beaming and holding the kitten up in the air.


“And who came up with that brilliant name?” Ginny asked, her left eyebrow arched.


“Aunt Fleur.” Rose said and both Hermione and Ginny blanched. Ron laughed and Harry smirked, knowing how much their wives hated Fleur. They had a habit of calling her “Phlegm” though apparently they’d grown much fonder of her than they used to be.


“Freddy helped!” Lily piped in and that seemed to give Hermione and Ginny some comfort.


“Well then, Elune it is. And it’s a lovely name!” Hermione said, walking over and scratching Elune behind the ear before kissing her on the head.


“Well, Rose. It’s only noon. What else would you like to do?” Ron asked his daughter, smiling down at her.


“Errm… lunch? And Quidditch? And then I’d like to watch the next Lord of the Rings movie!” Rose said, actually excited for the rest of the day.


“That sounds lovely,” said Hermione, nearly running from the room. She paused before leaving and turned towards Rose, “What would you like for lunch dear?”


“Just sandwiches? If that’s alright with everyone?” Rose asked, glancing around the room. No one objected and Rose smiled at her mum.


“Excellent, they’ll be done in a little while then.” Hermione said, making her way from the room.


Within an hour, the entire family had devoured the sandwiches Hermione had made and everyone, including Hermione, was dressed and ready for a game of Quidditch.


They split into teams- Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Lily, and Hugo versus James, Al, Rose, and Ron. It was one of the few fair ways to split the families and everyone had always agreed on it.

The teams talked strategy for a few moments before taking to the air. Rose and Harry were the seekers, Hugo and James were beaters, and everyone else was a chaser.

Rose dropped the ball right above all the chasers and Harry released the snitch and the bludgers, all of them preparing for the game.




            When we got home, Lily suggested I use Wizbook to ask for opinions on names. I guess I should explain Wizbook, huh? Well I guess it’s a lot like Muggle Facebook, but for wizards. It’s one of the few places online we can openly talk about magic and the like without being found out by Muggles. The only people with whom I’m friends with on Wizbook however, are my family members. Exciting, I know.

            But, I listened to Lily and mum allowed me to use her computer so I posted telling everyone what she looked like and asking for opinions on names. Naming things wasn’t exactly a strength of mine and I was hoping someone in my family could come up with a good name.

            Molly, my dear cousin, posted that I should name her… Molly. I laughed and waited to see if anyone else had a suggestion. Freddy commented a few moments later saying I should name her Ellie. I liked Ellie and it was a cute name for a kitten, but I didn’t want something quite so... human? So I waited and just before I was going to close it out and check back later, Aunt Fleur commented saying I should name her Elune. Lune was French for “moon” like the spot behind her ear and combining that with Freddy’s suggestion for Ellie, she figured Elune would work.

            Lily and I were immediately in love with the name and went to go tell the rest of the family. Mum and Ginny were enthusiastic until we’d told them where we got the idea for the name. They weren’t very impressed. Lily let them know that Freddy had helped and that seemed to comfort them.

            Mum asked me what else I wanted to do and I decided I wanted to have lunch and then go play Quidditch. So mum made sandwiches and we all ate before making our way out to the Quidditch field.


After merely twenty minutes, Rose caught the snitch just before Harry, causing her team to win by a hundred and twenty points.


“Did you want to play another game?” Hermione asked, looking at Rose.


Rose shook her head, “No, that’s alright. I’d rather do something else. Actually, I’d really like to watch the next Lord of the Rings movie. Then dinner and then the last one?” Rose asked, beaming.


“Sounds like a plan, darling.” Hermione said, kissing her daughter on the forehead.


After dinner, they did cake and presents. Rose received a box set of the Lord of the Rings books, a gift card to a Muggle bookstore, and something that left her in shock… the Firebolt 4. Rose nearly screamed with excitement and her parents were thrilled.


They went out to go for a fly and Rose got to try out her new broom, ecstatic. She gave everyone a turn and they all marveled at how well it flew.


Before they knew it, the day was over. The Potters left and Rose and Hugo were left yawning, ready to get to bed.

Rose made her way up the stairs and to her tree house, picking up her diary and writing, more than thrilled with the way the day had turned out.


            My team won the Quidditch game! I caught the snitch, though Uncle Harry was just behind me. The game didn’t last that long and mum asked if I wanted to play another game but I said I’d rather go back home and watch Lord of the Rings.

            We went back home and watched The Two Towers. I fell even more in love with the series at that point and couldn’t wait to watch the last one. Mum had made my absolute favorite dinner yet again and I was beyond excited.

            After dinner, we had cake and mum said it was time to open presents. The first present I opened was a box set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I was suddenly very excited. I had some new books to read! The next gift was a gift card to a Muggle bookstore. I thought that was the last of my presents, but mum disappeared and came back a moment later, her hands behind her back.

            She and dad were beaming and I gave them an odd look before mum revealed what was behind her back. I got a Firebolt 4!! We went out to the field again and I got to fly around for an hour before I gave everyone else a chance to do the same. It was the most incredible broom ever. It flew perfect, it was fast, and smooth, and I was in shock.

            The day ended and I couldn’t believe that it had come and gone so quickly. It was one of the longest days I’d ever had, especially since Al and I had stayed up so late to watch the meteor shower and by the time nine rolled around, I was beyond exhausted.

            I have to say, after everything that happened, today was the greatest day and the best birthday of my entire life. And it all started with Al.

Until next time,



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