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Draco or Harry? by Draco_or_Harry_102597
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Late night wander and Classes with the one and only
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As Luna led me to the common room I was surprised with all of the paintings around. Once we got to the entrance I was surprised to see that it wasn’t hidden. I heard that the rest of the common rooms were. I soon figured out why. The giant door was placed at the top of a tall spiral staircase in Ravenclaw tower. The door was locked by the looks of it but it had a gorgeous bronze eagle knocker on it. I was going to just use the knocker until Luna explained everything



“We don’t have to hide our entrances because this knocker keeps out everyone but Ravenclaw’s because you need to answer the riddle to get in. I will help you this time if you would like?” Luna said kindly. I was very grateful because on the first day my mind was gone.



“Thanks! How do we get it to ask the riddle though?” It was a good question and I was happy that I asked as well because I never would have guessed.



 “All you do is stroke his beak like so.” Luna reached up to where the eagle was and stroked his bronze beak. Then he spoke in a very calm voice and told us the riddle…



It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?”



“Oh is it Nothing?” I said confidently. All of a sudden the door swung open and I got to see the common room for the first time. It was gorgeous. It was decorated in Blue and Silver. The room was circular and there were arched windows that looked like they sank into the wall. I was so excited to be in there and I really couldn’t wait to see out the windows. When I got there I was not disappointed! Out one window you had a perfect view of the grounds and the forest and out the other window was the lake.



“That was very smart of you. Most people don’t get in their first try. The views are nice for when you need to think.” Luna said. And oh merlin it scared me so bad!!! But that’s ok I greatly enjoyed her company right now because having a friend on the first day is nice.



“Hey where are the dorms?” I just wanted to see the bed I would have to sleep in. I could only imagine what there would be ad I assumed that it would be small beds crammed into a room. Well I was wrong.



“Oh they are just up these stairs. Remember always the ones to the right because if you go to the left you will be up with the boys.” Luna spoke as if it was no big deal. I guess she always talks like that though so it was okay.



“Ok right not left…” I whispered to myself so I wouldn’t forget. Once we went up to the common rooms I figured out that I was wrong!! There were 5, 4 poster beds that all went around in a circle. Everything was a gorgeous silky blue draperies and blankets on every single bed. Then I saw my trunk so I flopped onto my bed and enjoyed it.



“Who else is in this room?”



“Well there is Cho Chang and I. The other 2 beds are empty because the people that normally sleep in them are at St.Mungo’s because they decided to try and experiment. It didn’t turn out to well. Have a good night.” Luna mumbled right before leaving the common room.



I looked up to the ceiling and starred at it for a long time. Then I slowly drifted to sleep…







As I woke up I knew automatically that it was not the morning, though I was wide awake. I looked over at a clock and it read 2:30 AM. I decided that because I was not tired that I would just go for a walk.



I tried to be as quiet as possible and I did succeed fairly well. The common room was empty thank merlin so I just scurried out of the door to the halls. I knew I would get lost easily so I had to stay close. The smells in the castle that night were amazing. It smelt like someone had just washed everything.



Once I reached the familiar door that was the Library I decided to go venture farther away. I found stairs that started to go down so I followed them. Then I realized that I must be in the dungeons or something for it was cold and dark. I decided to head up. As I was walking up the stairs though I heard and ever so familiar voice.



“May I ask what you are doing all the way down here Umbridge?” The cold and flat tone that was Malfoy lingered in the air for a few seconds before I managed to turn myself around. I can’t deny it, he scared me bad. If you haven’t noticed I spook easily.



“Um I was just wondering around the castle and I made my way down here. I couldn’t sleep…” I looked down as I spoke afraid to make contact with his eyes. They were still too intense for my liking.



“Oh…well same here. But I recommend you leave before a different Slytherian comes and finds you. We don’t welcome other houses coming and snooping around our common room.” He spoke with a calm and relaxed voice which was something I hadn’t expected.



“Yes I will…um… get out of here… and leave you… to your thoughts.” I didn’t want to admit it but he was kind of scary. He always popped out in front of me or was following me. I didn’t like it. As I looked up to see if he left I could tell he read my face like a book. I really wish he hadn’t because a small smirk grew on his face.



“Are you scared?” He questioned. It wasn’t really a serious question, sort of a joking question. I really didn’t want to answer so I just glared at him. I could be convincing if I wanted to.



“No Malfoy you naïve git I am NOT scared of you. Are you mental? You’re about as scary as a Panda bear.” I hissed before I stormed away. I hope I looked scary because on the inside I was terrified. Before he seemed so intense. Probably even likable. But once I saw him in the dark and caught off guard he almost changed. Maybe I just got him at the wrong time. I really didn’t care because either way I just wanted to leave.



I just kept wandering the halls for quite a while until I realized I should probably get back up to the common room. I wandered up to the door and quietly muttered nothing before I managed to tip-toe my way to bed. I quickly laid down and closed my eyes. It was so quiet and peaceful I fell asleep almost instantly.







“ Zandra you should probably wake up or you will miss breakfast and you first class.” Luna muttered before throwing a pillow on me. It may have been annoying but I am so thankful that she did because I did not want to be late on the first day.



 I slowly got ready and started to make my way down to the great hall. I could tell I was behind because there was no one in the halls. As I sat down I noticed that my timetable appeared in front of me.



Block 1: Defense against the Dark Arts



Block 2:Transfiguration



Block 3-4: Potions.



Well this seems cheery. I get to start out being taught by my mom on the 1st day and then at the end a double potions. I guess I get charms, herbology and ancient runes tomorrow. I quickly at as much as I could before standing up and heading out. I already was behind and I probably seemed like a loner since I wasn’t speaking to anyone. But I was quite surprised when 3 people came up behind me.



“Hey Zandra I see that we have the same first class.” I could tell by the voice it was Harry.



“Um ya I guess we do.” I looked up and smiled for I saw soft and welcoming green eyes instead of hard gray ones.



“So this is Ron and Hermionie. They are my best friends and we do everything together.” I looked over and saw a ginger and a very nice looking girl. It was easy to see that they would most likely be best friends. I almost felt like I was disturbing them.



“Nice to meet you.” I said calmly before sitting down in a chair. I was happy that we reached the class so I didn’t have to worry about talking anymore. As soon as I saw my mom walk into the room I tried to vanish but it didn’t work. All I could do was get to the point where everything was mumbles. I heard her raise her voice so I decided to try and totally disappear. I didn’t want her pointing me out. I sat there and wound up ignoring a full lesson, until…



“Zandra sweetie I want to see you at the end of class so I can give you some money that your father and I would like to give you for getting into Ravenclaw… and now back to the lesson...” And there was the first and final blow. I had a chance to blend in and no one except Harry and Draco to know who my mom was but now EVERYONE knows. There goes any chance of me having friends.



So of course I just hid my face in my hands till the end of class. Once everyone left the classroom, and I made sure everyone was out and gone I headed up to the front. All I expected was a ‘here is your money and get to class’ but I was wrong.



“So I want to talk to you about that Potter kid. He is trouble and I want you to spy on him.” My mouth dropped in shock. The last thing I wanted to be known as was a spy. I swear my mom must have been born an adult because obviously she hasn’t been a teenager.



“I am NOT going to SPY on him!! Do you want me to never have friends and be miserable for the rest of my life!!?” I may have been over exaggerated but at that point I didn’t really care anymore.



“Yes you are and if you don’t the consequences will be severe. You should know that. Now you are dismissed get to your next class.” And as she finished her last words she turned around and headed up to her office. God I could hate my mom.







AN: Please write a review so that I know what to improve and work on!!! Please if you want the chapters longer tell me, shorter? Tell me I need to know!!! I would really appreciate it and I hope you are enjoying the story!

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Draco or Harry?: Chapter 4: Late night wander and Classes with the one and only


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