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Cabin Fever by lazyafternoon
Chapter 19 : Chapter 18
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Chapter Eighteen

The music was only faint background noise, the sound of my heart - and his- hammering rapidly within ourselves filled my ears. Each time I took another breath, Remus’ scent overwhelmed me, I wish I could describe it. It was just him. I couldn’t think of anything but being closer to him, and feeling more of him. Remus’ lips left mine and worked their way up to my ear, a gentle tug on my lobe and I lost patience and pulled his face back towards mine. As we kissed, I found myself wrapping my arms tighter and tighter around him until I was roughly pushed off of him.

I looked up to see Remus panting, he pulled his hand away from his lip and I noticed some blood on his fingers. I realized I had been biting his lip and must have taken a bit with me when he had pushed me away. I immediately became embarrassed, “Remus, I’m sorry!” I stepped forward but he took a step back. “Sorry about your lip, not about...” I trailed off and finished with a flutter of my wrist towards me and then him.

He didn’t speak right away, just continued to suck on his bottom lip.
“I- I just got a little carried away... I’ve -” I cut myself off before I said ‘been wanting to do that for a long time.’

“Exactly. Holly.” He put his hand to the back of his head, scratching near his neck, “Holly, not like this. Not when we’re so much more-”


“I was going to say reckless. But I think you hit the nail on the head.” Remus still wasn’t looking at me, but I could tell that his heart was still hammering and that he was breathing slowly. Probably trying to slow it down.

I took a deep breath and backed up to sit on the couch. “But, I do think that this could have happened at any time.”

He stayed where he was. I kept fidgeting with my hands, hoping he would respond and trying to keep myself from flinging myself back at him. No. Holly, you have self-control. Stop thinking about how good he looks right now. He has no idea how much him messing with his lip is driving me insane. I sat on my hands, that could keep me from fidgeting, but unfortunately, I couldn’t do much to keep my mouth shut. “Remus, I do not think that this is just because of that.” I nodded my head towards the window, where the moonlight was illuminating some of the trees. “I may not be sure about you, but I know that I’ve been thinking about doing that for months.”

“Holly, we’ve talked about this before. The way one can feel animalistic before the moon.” He took a step forward, “I -"

“Remus. Listen to me. Did you ignore everything I just said? I have just said to you that I’ve wanted to kiss you for longer than the moon could influence me to do so, if that’s what you think is going on here.”

“No I heard you - I just didn’t....” He went back to scratching his head, looking up at the ceiling and anywhere but towards me.

“Didn’t think I was telling the truth?”

He looked at me now, “Are you?”

“Of course I’m telling the truth. Wouldn’t you be able to tell elsewise?”

He looked thoughtful and then the smile came back to his face. He took me off guard again by coming forward and picking up right where we had left off.

I kept finding myself out of breath but couldn’t pull away, just maneuvering a different way to kiss another part of him, surprisingly finding that the scratch of his unshaven face was more enjoyable than irritating. His hands had worked their way around my torso and I let out a yelp of surprise when I felt him life me up to more easily lay me down on the couch . He stopped and I could tell that he was starting to think to much, so I grabbed his shirt to pull him down on top of me. I relished the initial pressure of his body on mine, until he adjusted himself and leant on his forearm.

We deepened our kiss to an all out snog and I was quite lost in the moment when a new sound caught me off guard, the door opening.

Remus must have heard it,too because he immediately sat up, leaning back against the couch in a manner almost too nonchalant for him. I was still laying down, which was typical for me, but Remus whispered, “Your hair, Holly.”

I felt like I was still in Comprehensive and guiltily hiding something from parents as I finger combed my hair. The door fully opened and we heard Lily’s voice ring out, “Hello, hello!” She called out, I awkwardly raised my hand to wave while still lying across the couch. “Frank and Alice are off tonight since they’re covering for some people tomorrow and well- we’ll just put it that they are taking advantage of having the same night off and I just really don’t feel like being home right now.”
She rounded the corner and plopped into the love seat, “So, alright you two?”

“Fine, just fine.” and “Wonderful, nothing out of the ordinary.” Remus and I chorused.

Lily looked perplexed but didn’t say anything about it. “You think I can crash on the couch here tonight? I’m not liking the inundating amount of lovey-dovey in the flat.”

“Absolutely, crash here” Remus jumped up and went to grab quilts from the closet.

Seizing the opportunity of Remus being out of what Lily assumed was earshot, she pointed at me with a wry smile on her face, “Sooo, what’s got you two all caught off guard?”

I could feel my cheeks flush, giving no credence to the “Nothing” that I replied. Lily’s smile got wider but she didn’t say anything, just caught the blankets tossed from Remus with a “Thanks!”

“Of course! I’m going to shower and turn in for the night, want to get some rest before tomorrow.”

I nodded in response, but pulled myself up to watch him head into the loo. He looked back and I smiled widely giving a small wave that I shielded from Lily. He returned the smile and closed the door.

I turned to talk to Lily but she shushed me until she heard the water running. “Tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

She jumped up and pounced on me, shaking my shoulders in a silly exaggerated manner, “Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!”

I was laughing hysterically now. “Honestly, Lily, I’ve no idea what you are talking about!”

“Oh you know, you know that I know, Holly Clark. I can tell, I see your blush and the fact that you two would not stop smiling.”

“Simply happy to see you, my dear!” I joked and Lily shook my shoulders some more.

“You two are never on the same couch. I come in and see Remus all spread out like he’s impersonating Sirius. And you, Holly, yes, you may be a permanent fixture laying on the couch, but I know the difference between unbrushed hair and shall we say ruffled up hair?”

I shrunk into the couch, trying to avoid her questions along with her hands that were jokingly messing up my hair and realizing that I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. Lily leaned down, “Hmm?” She questioned.

I pushed her off, “My goodness, Lily, you are such a neb-nose!”

That was answer enough for her and she jumped up doing a silly jig, laughing, “I knew it, I knew it! Something has been going on since before the wedding and it was only a matter of time before one of us caught you two!”

“What?!” I sat up now.

Lily was ticking off something on her fingers, “Yes! I said you’d be snogging on the couch, so I’ll be getting at least twenty galleons.”
She sat down on the couch sitting cross-legged and facing me, “I’m going to need you to confirm this though because they’ll never believe me and pay up.”

“No! What are you talking about?”

She rolled her eyes, “You know how those boys love to bet! We placed wagers on how we’d eventually catch Remus and you. James was sure that it would be in Remus’ chair- because you would make the first move, of course. Sirius, being the louse that he is, raised the bet to five galleons on Remus’ bedroom. Peter figured it would be yours and I being the smart one knew that the most obvious and likely choice was the couch. But since I’m not impartial, they’ll never take my word for it, we’ll just have to tell them to stop by after their shifts to pay up.”

She pulled out her wand and before she could make any incantation, I smacked her hand, “Are you serious? Stop that!”

She pouted, “What? This is twenty galleons! I’ll split it with you.” She raised her wand again and I grabbed her wrist in panic.

“Lily, please! I don’t want them all showing up here so soon.” I put my other hand on her wrist as well, “Seriously, they’ll just take the mickey out of Remus and I don’t need that when things finally just-”

“Fine, fine! Wait- what do you mean ‘just’?”

I heard the water go off so I let go of her hands to cover her mouth. “Shush! You know what I mean.” I hopped off the couch to go fetch a glass of water, Lily followed me into the kitchen still asking me to explain. Remus walked into the kitchen wrapped in a towel to grab some water as well just as I was saying “It’s none of your business.”

When he came near, his scent overpowered me because of his freshly showered state of dampness. I nearly lost self control and went to him right there, but Lily’s voice snapped me back to reality, “Pleaseee?”

She was batting her eyelashes.

“Lily, stop, I don’t know what you want me to say!” i was still beet red, and Remus’ presence wasn’t helping matters. He took the pitcher from my hands and filled up his glass then handed it back to me with a wink before heading towards his room. “Goodnight!” He called before shutting his door.

I realized I had been holding my breath and embarrassingly let it out in one obvious sigh. Lily raised her eyebrow at me, “Tell me one more time that nothing is going on, huh.”

I ducked around her and put the pitcher back in the fridge, standing up, I replied, “I have nothing to tell you right now besides the fact that I need a shower.”

“Ha ha” Lily smirked, “a cold one, I bet.”

I joke punched her arm and headed towards the bathroom. I attempted to clear my thoughts, but everything kept coming back to Remus. I realized I was still smiling like a fool and when I exited the bathroom Lily was waiting for me to point it out. She followed me into my room still begging me to corroborate her story, offering a higher and higher percentage of her winnings.

“Lily, I’m changing, turn around.”

She faced the opposite wall with an exaggerated harrumph, “There’s no big deal, Holly. It’s not like we don’t encounter either of you two naked at least once a month. And we’re all friends here.”

“Just let me hold onto one shred of dignity, please? You’re already making me consider putting some extra locks on the front door.”

She jumped around, “A-ha! You two were snogging on the couch! Now why won’t you just let me tell the boys where you two were finally discovered?”

I hurriedly pulled my sleeping shirt on, “Would you stop saying ‘finally’?”
Her mouth dropped open in thought and I continued, “I mean, for me it was a ‘finally’ but-”

Lily sat down on my bed and pointed out where the living room was past the wall, “Was that the first time you two...?”

“Yes, now would you please stop making such a big deal of-”

“Exactly, Holly! This is a huge deal!” She jumped up and before she could repeat that jig of glee i pulled her back to sitting. “So, how was it?”

I laid back onto my bed, “Surprisingly perfect.”

“What do you mean surprisingly?”

I turned on my side to face her better, “I was nervous that when I finally did kiss Remus that I’d be overthinking everything again or that I wouldn’t know what I was doing.”

Lily sat up to a kneeling position, “Wait, wait. Holly, are you saying what I think you are? That wasn’t just yours and Remus’ first kiss but your first one ever?” She was bouncing now like a child on Christmas morning.

I sheepishly nodded and she clapped her hands, “Oh, Holly this is wonderful, most people’s firsts are awkward and sloppy-”

“Oh stop, Lily, please, I don’t want it pointed out.” I started to comb out my wet hair, “I’m just surprised how far we took it for the first one.”

Lily laughed and pulled the comb from my hands and began to detangle my hair for me, “Don’t be silly, you two are old enough to do more than press your closed lips together until whoever dared you to do so finishes their count to five.” She laughed, “and it probably has something to do with how you two are, well, animals.”

I jerked around to look at her, “I take offense to that!” She held her hands up in a sarcastic apology. “But you’re right, I think that is what pushed me further.”

“Just how far?” Lily teased and I ignored her until she continued, “No, really, I’m curious.”

I laughed, “Just snogging, honest.” I touched my hand to my cheek where I could still feel the tingle from where he hadn’t shaved. Lily set down the comb and moved around to face me. I was fiddling with my hands and finally blurted out what I was thinking, “It is bloody weird isn’t it?”

She looked taken aback, “What’s weird?”

“Snogging.” She rolled onto her back laughing while I continued, “At first I kept thinking ‘Oh this is so weird!’ and then I’d get caught up but that thought cropped up every so often. Stop laughing!”

Lily sat up, “No its true, it is weird when you think about it, and the first time someone uses tongue?” She shook her head rapidly as if dispelling a memory. I laughed too until she stood up and walked towards the door, “I think you should get some sleep that way you get some rest and start thinking rationally so that we can split these twenty galleons!”

I rolled my eyes and waved her out of the room. I pulled a blanket over me but found that I couldn’t sleep. I waited until I heard Lily’s breathing even out and I crept over to Remus’ room for the second time since being moved here. His door was slightly open and I could see that he was reading by the faintest of wandlight through the crack. I leaned towards the door and whispered, “Knock, knock.”

“Come in,” Remus answered and I pushed the door until I could slip through.

“I’m not tired.” I said as I stood in the small space available. He stuck a piece of paper in the book to mark his page and set it down, then patted his bed to gesture me to sit down.

“I’m not either.” Remus answered when I crawled onto the bed. I could tell that he was looking at me and I realized just how not shy I was about that. “I’ve been thinking, well trying to think...”

“About what?” I asked and his head tilt and stare towards me made me realize what a silly question that was. “Oh, yeah, me too.”

We sat quietly for a bit and I shifted my position so that I would sit on my hands again. “Lily made quite the scene about it.” I tried to say casually.

His eyes widened, “How did she-?”

“Apparently we need to work on our poker faces,” I could hear myself sounding coy and was surprised and impressed. Now why did I never flirt like this before? “Either way, apparently they had bets going on us.”

If it was possible, Remus’ eyes grew wider, “When we would...?” He gestured between him and I and the smile on his face grew.

“Not quite, apparently they thought we’ve been snogging behind their backs for over a month. So the bet was where they would finally catch us.”

Remus laughed and I couldn’t help but join in. “So that’s why I heard Lily wish you goodnight by talking about galleons.”

“Yup!” Silence fell again until I broke it with “I’ve also been thinking about how I wish Lily had not caught us kissing.”

He looked thoughtful as he nodded with me. I continued, hoping my thoughts were on the same track as his, “But I was hoping we could pick up where we left off when we were so rudely interrupted?” I was tracing circles into the sheet, too nervous to meet his eye.

“Holly?” I looked up to see Remus waving his hand and hearing the door shut, “come here.”

A grin on his face spread wider as he looked at me, and I couldn’t slow myself down as I scooted towards him. When I reached him, I leaned over his face where he was leaning back on his pillow, “Here okay?” I asked, still a few centimeters from him, but my hair falling forward onto him.


I closed the gap biting the end of his nose and then kissing his lips, “Better?”

“Much.” He wrapped his arms around me and rolled me over and we picked up where we left off. I let my hands wander, feeling out the muscles in his arms and back. Remus’ were just as inquisitive and I soon found myself taking off my shirt then pulling his off as well. We clunked heads in the process and dissolved into laughter only to stifle it with another kiss.

I ran my hand up his chest gently, letting only the tops of my fingers touch as he kissed my neck. Remus worked down towards my collarbone and I seized the opportunity to kiss his ear. I was pulling on his ear lobe with my teeth when he suddenly stopped and pulled away- just like he had earlier this evening.

“Holly, we have to stop.”

I sat up a little more, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that... that I don’t want this to be happening because of what we are.”

I pulled my shirt back on, not caring that it was now inside out. “It’s not, Remus.”

“Holly, do you really think that you would be kissing me this way if the wolf wasn’t practically present in your mind?”

He was right, as much as I did not want to admit it, I would never be so bold to be kissing him this way so soon. He must have known what I was thinking because he continued talking and seemed to be right on my wavelength, “It’s not that it’s not amazing. It’s just that I know I am being more forward than I typically would.” He awkwardly waved towards my now-covered-breasts and I burst out laughing from the hilarity of it all. He joined in and leaned back down into his pillow.
“So maybe we should get some sleep?” I asked. He nodded and I made to scoot back off his bed but Remus grabbed my arm and pulling me back towards him. I laid there with his arm around me, somehow finding a clear enough head to think about anything but the now, “How are we going to be on Tuesday?”

“Tired?” Remus joked and I smacked his arm. “We’re going to be us, Holly. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.” He gave a patronizing pat on my head which trailed down my arm until he wrapped his fingers around my hand. I wondered whether he was telling this to himself as much as me.

I eventually fell asleep there, but as usual, anytime there’s peace and quiet in the cabin, it’s interrupted. This time it was the door slamming open and a loud, “Oi! Someone owes me twenty galleons!”

I jumped, frantically reaching about to pull my pillow over my head when I realized I had slept in a different bed again and where I was reaching did not contain the pillow I searched for. Lily filled me in later that what I had missed was Sirius coming over to tell Lily to get off to her shift. And Lily going to say bye to me, only to realize I was not in my bed. Sirius had ran and kicked open Remus’ door in a rush of excitement at winning the bet (which was apparently not that common for him).

“A-ha!” He pointed at me in just the same manner as Lily had the previous afternoon. I just stared at him while Remus rolled over groping for the extra pillow I had just been using, pulling it over his head while moaning, “Get out, Sirius. Just let me sleep.”

Rather than listen to his friend, Sirius sauntered into the room and punctuated each of his words with a poke to Remus’ side, “Tired there, Moony? Didn’t get much sleep last night, huh?”

Their next exchange was what I was pretty sure were spells cast at eachother, Remus trying to send Sirius out of the room and Sirius blocking each attempt. Remus’ hand darted beneath his pillow and when it came back out, he was clutching his wand and had fired a spell at Sirius that sent him back out through the door. With a lazy wave of his other hand the door shut.

Remus adjusted himself from lying on his stomach to his side, as he did, his eyelids fluttered a bit. For a moment he snuggled into his pillow, and then his eyes flew fully open, looking at me. “Damn.”

“Yeah.” I tried not to laugh at the very uncharacteristic Remus swear.

He pulled himself up to a sitting position. “So that was what all the fuss was about.”

I nodded. “You’re not half bad when your half asleep.”

When he looked puzzled, I pointed at the wand still in his hand. He looked down at it, then smiled as he remembered, “Thanks.”

“So, you know he’s out there just waiting us out, right?” Remus cocked his head a bit towards the door, and I assumed he was hearing Sirius’ breathing right near the wall.

“Yeah, and Lily’s out there, too.”

I pulled myself off of the bed and straightened out my shirt, “Well, shall we?”

He rolled out of bed and stretched, hands almost on the ceiling. He went and grabbed the door handle, and I counted on my fingers, at three he pulled the door open. Before we could say anything, let alone step out of the room, Sirius interrogated us. “Lily says she won, but you guys were clearly in here together. I saw you, I know. Tell her I’m up twenty galleons, Moony.” He continued to babble about the bet, but Remus and I slipped past him and into the kitchen to whip up some breakfast.

When Sirius finally finished his spiel, he forcibly turned Remus around by his shoulders, ignoring the pancake batter that spilled to the floor. “So?”

“So what?” Remus was entirely nonchalant.

“I caught you two necking in your bed, I win.”

Remus rolled his eyes and turned back to the kitchen counter, “You did not catch us ‘necking,’ you caught us sleeping, Sirius.”

Sirius sputtered out a string of “buts” and Lily shouted out, “See? I caught them red handed on the couch, I win!”

The two of them started a row about whether it counted since Lily was the only one to supposedly see us. Remus and I ignored it, I was doing my best to ignore everything. The sensory overload of Lily and Sirius shouting, the spoon scraping in the mixing bowl, the slight gasy smell of the stove flame, and just how bright the sun were giving me a headache. I did my best to focus on one thing -not burning the pancakes.

Finally, Lily and Sirius came to an agreement, Sirius had merely caught us sleeping and that was not part of the bet, but Lily was willing to give him five galleons to make him feel better. Once that was settled, Sirius focused on the other aspect of what he had found this morning, “Alright, Moony!” He went to give Remus a high five, but Remus ignored it. Sirius ended up wrestling an arm from Remus and holding it pinned with his body and one arm and then slapping him five with his free hand. I laughed and then Sirius rounded on me, “And Holly, we love you, but if you play with his heart, we’ll send you to a kennel.”

I didn’t know what to say, and that’s when the full implications of an involvement with Remus started to surface for me. I just stared at Sirius until he cracked a smile and barked out a laugh, “Just kidding, babe.” He slapped me five and walked over to sit at the table.

“Just wait until I tell James and Peter.” I looked at Remus and he just rolled his eyes, and I realized that between the four of them there probably were no secrets.

I brought over the plate for everyone to dig into and as I leant over the table to set it down, Lily took the opportunity to tug on the collar my shirt while saying thank you.

I shot her a ‘what?’ look and she responded by raising her eyebrows up and down rapidly. I realized then that it wasn’t the collar of the shirt she was tugging on, but the tag. Lily noticed that my shirt was now inside-out, but was probably going to wait to bombard me with questions later, rather than embarrass me now.

We chowed down while Remus read the paper Sirius brought over and Sirius updated Lily on her assignment. When Lily left, she gave me her usual tight hug reserved for before the full moon. Before letting go, she whispered, “No matter what state you are in tomorrow, I have much to ask you about.”

I settled into the couch to read and relax (and hopefully nap) and was surprised when Remus settled in next to me, instead of on his usual chair. I looked up at him and we both smiled, he opened up the newspaper to let me read it along with him. Sirius hung out for a bit, whistling tunes to himself before standing up and grabbing a deck of cards from the shelf.

He shuffled the cards about before arranging them facedown on the table. “So, Holly, you ready to learn how to play exploding snap?”

I was getting bored with reading news that I didn’t understand, so I eagerly moved from the couch to the floor by the table. Sirius pointed at the cards as he explained the rules, it seemed like timed memory with physically exploding consequences. “So, how long do I have to find each match?”

Sirius and Remus answered at the same time, “Why don’t you find out?” They laughed at whatever joke it was between them and I started the game, trying rapidly to find the matches for unfamiliar pictures on the cards. When I turned a picture of dragon back over only to turn over a slightly different dragon creature picture next I got frustrated and tried to move slower so that I wouldn’t over look matches. That’s when it all went to hell. I could hear a faint sizzling getting louder and louder then the first card I had turned over (which I had assumed was a crystal ball) burst into flames, singeing my hand. “Ouch, shit!”

Sirius burst into laughter while Remus leaned closer to the table, “Hurry up!”

I frantically flipped through the cards and only succeeded at getting about half of them matched and a few extra blisters on my hands until the game had left even more marks on the coffee table. I leaned back against the couch, “What kind of twisted card game is that?”

Sirius picked up the pile of cards that had reappeared and shuffled them again and laid them out. “A fun one,” He answered looking up at me, “Want to race? Most matches wins.”

I sat up again and we began the game, rushing through, we cleared all but four cards, but Sirius got the majority of the matches. I snatched the pile up when it reappeared, “How am I supposed to compete with you when these pictures are so weird?” I held up two of the cards, one was a brown skinny creature and the other was a wand, “and they look identical to me.”

“Ugh, Holly, a bowtruckle is not a wand.” Sirius pulled the deck from me and redealt, gesturing to Remus to join him. They played games at a rapid pace and I sat back up on the couch and watched, enjoying the distraction. A distraction that let me forget the over input of sounds, scents, and movements constantly pulling my eyes off in other directions.

Eventually my eyes shut and I fell into the sleep that I normally spent the day leading up to the full moon in. I woke up to a nudge from Sirius and saw that the light coming through the window was much less than before, “Can you get him moving? I don’t know when moonrise is.” Sirius pointed towards Remus who had fallen asleep on the floor.

I leaned forward to hit Remus on the shoulders when the tension in my own arm threw me for a loop. “Ergh, it’s soon.” I pulled myself off the couch and settled on kicking at Remus with my foot. As soon as Remus opened his eyes, I knew he could tell we had to get moving.

Out in our clearing, Sirius left us alone, but not before reassuring Remus that James would be there in minutes for reinforcement. I settled to the ground and waited for Remus to return from stashing our clothes before asking him what Sirius meant. Remus didn’t answer until we were in our usual position- back to back- but with a more tender grip on each others hands than normal. “They’ve noticed a link to how we act before a full moon to how we act during a full moon.”

Remus could tell I didn’t quite grasp what he meant so he continued, “Like, when you were very irascible before, you made a very angry wolf. When we were really sick last time, we weren’t actively hunting as typical, more like scavenging nearby instead of running all about.”

I was starting to catch on.

“And normally there’s not much they do to split us up if we’re fighting because we haven’t been vicious towards each other, just, er, sorting out dominance or play fighting I guess. But I asked to make sure they split us up if anything else is going on. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.”

I nearly gagged. “Oh, gosh. Yes, I agree.”

He laughed in agreement. “Figured.”

I was still trying to dispel the possibility from my mind. “Ugh, gross.”

Remus’ laughter continued and I could feel his chest shaking against my back. “I’m not sure if I should be offended or grateful you agree.”

“Grateful, Remus! Not like that!” I leaned my head against his shoulder blades while we waited quietly. It wouldn’t be much longer. Remus grasped my hand tighter and pulled it towards him. This resulted in my arm being twisted awkwardly like I was in a wrestling hold, I went to protest until Remus gently kissed the back of my palm. Before I could say anything, I felt the change start and I gripped his hand tighter, trying to hold onto both him and my humanity.

When I woke up I was being dressed by Sirius. Too tired to protest, I let him pull the ragged button down over my head. “Thanks.” I mumbled.

Sirius pulled me up to my feet and let me lean on him while we walked back. “Everytime, Holly bird.”

“Where’s everyone?”

He pushed my hair out of my face to look me in the eye and judge how aware I was before answering, “Moony and Prongs got into it last night. Prongs is bandaging him up right now.”

I nodded before leaning more onto him. I was too tired to even feel the urge to walk away when we approached the cabin and let Sirius easily walk me in through the door. Remus was asleep on the couch with a huge amount of gauze and bandaging around his side. James was being patched up by Lily, who clearly did not hear our entrance (but most likely just did not care) as she was kissing each of his scratches before applying a potion soaked bandage.

I asked James if he was okay, “Yeah, nothing I can’t handle. I got Remus right in the gut though. Poor chap.”

“Was he... er, were we...?”

James shook his head, “No, you didn’t.” I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the chair. Lily finished up with James and came to check if I was okay. She made me drink some potions while shooing the boys off to check me for injuries. After passing her exam, she told me to go sleep. When I didn’t move, Sirius picked me up and chucked me onto the bed.

“Merlin Padfoot, she’s not going to get a laugh out of that after a full moon!” James shouted at him. I didn’t hear what reply they may have had as the world was quickly slipping into the silent darkness of sleep.

AN: Soo I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a long while, so I kept it a very long chapter to make up for it. Enjoy!

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