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Imagine by Lily Evans
Chapter 1 : One Last Dying Wish
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Chapter One: One Last Dying Wish

Some say, that when you die – your life flashes before your eyes. I wonder if this only happens to people that mourn their own life as they slip away. The reason why I say this is that as I feel myself slipping away, I don't look back and see anything that I'm particularly proud of. I've betrayed people, put myself first instead of doing the Gryffindor thing and putting others before myself. But maybe that's why the sorting hat placed me in Slytherin. 

There's this funny thing when it comes to death. You find yourself looking back at all of the choices you've made in your life, look at all of the people you know and you find yourself wondering the perfect question: 'what if.' Surely, I'm not the only one that does this. There has to be someone out there that's made worse choices then me. After all, we're all human right? We all make mistakes. Some greater then others.

A pair of green eyes are staring at mine. There's a mixture of emotion in them. Some could even say that they could see sympathy in his eyes. Sympathy for me. As though I deserve it. Must be a characteristic trait that he recieved from his mother. How fortunate for him. 

“Look... at... me...”

You may think that when I said this to Harry Potter, that I wanted to look through his eyes so that I could see his mother just before I die. After all it's no secret that I've always had a not-so-hidden love for his mother, Lily Evans-Potter.  However, when I was looking through his eyes I made the conclusion that over the last 7 years I've put this boy through hell just because of the fact that he had Lily's eyes. But that's just the thing, they were his eyes now. Not Lily's. And it was Harry in there. Not Lily.

Some say that when you die, you are lead to a great golden gate. Where your afterlife fate is chosen. My only hope that is that once I walk pass the gate, I see the one person in my life that actually made my life mean something.  Lily.

It's ironic really, that her son with her eyes was looking at me. That her son, who looked remarkably like James Potter had this mournful expression on his face. Life sure has a funny way of teaching you a lesson, even in your time of dying.  It took me the last  7 years to finally see, that this boy was not James or Lily. He was the boy-who-lived. The boy that's always put others before himself and who stayed brave even in the very end. He was nothing like his father.

I've often wondered if I were to be given a dying wish what would it be. What moment would I go back and change if I had the chance to? But then, as I was drifting away into the darkness, staring through the eyes of Lily's son I realized it would be this:

If I had one last dying wish, it would be to live freely and with her.

To be Continued

First off, this is the first thing that I've written in AGES so go easy on me. Pretty please? Thank you! Secondly, I know I've been MIA for a while. It's unfortunate but I am trying my hardest to get back into writing. I need to escape into a fictional world for a while.

My main hopes and dreams for this story is for Severus to live his life with Lily the way he wanted to and for it to be almost like a second chance for him. With that being said, should I have Severus know that he's been given a second chance or should it be more like a 'what if' type story?

Keep in mind, I am a college student so updates may vary. I may be able to update this a lot or very few. So stay patient with me!

Give me your opinion! I love reviews.

A beta'd version shall be posted as soon as I find one. :)

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Imagine: One Last Dying Wish


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