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Fear of the unkown by pottermaster97
Chapter 2 : summer before sixth year
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Summer before sixth year

Dear ‘mione,

                How are you baby? I hope you are having a good summer. I miss you so much, life’s boring without you. Anyway I can’t write for too long but I’ll write again soon. Look forward to reading you reply.

                                                Love always


I folded the letter and gave it to Hercules and watched as he flew away from the manor and slowly faded away.

“Draco!” I groaned before getting up and leaving my room for the first time all summer. I slowly stepped down the long staircase. I found my father in his study and slowly entered. He didn’t look up from the work and began to speak.  “The Dark Lord is coming this evening Draco and he wishes to see you, so I expect you to behave and be well mannered”

“Yes Father”

“Good now go and get ready I will call you when he is here” I quickly turned to leave. I knew what Voldemort wanted to see me about tonight. Father had been dropping hints all summer. They wanted me to have the mark, to become one of them. I was  dreading it so much. A year ago I would have been happy to take the stupid thing, but then I started dating Hermione, not that anyone knew about that, now the thought of it makes me sick. I’d lose everything if I took the mark, Hermione, my freedom, our love. I just couldn’t lose any of that not after I had fought so hard to get it.


At 5pm sharp I was called down to the drawing room. I took as long as possible to get there. I finally opened the doors to be greeted by a dark room with hooded figures surrounding the walls. Voldemort was stood in the middle of the room staring at the door. “Ah Draco, nice of you to join us at last as tonight is after all about you” I nodded stiffly before joining him in the middle of the room. “I’m sure you know why you are here so hold out your arm” I looked around the room and back into his red eyes.

“No” There was a collective gasp and I heard my father hiss at me. Voldemort’s red eyes flared with anger. “Why?” he demanded.

“Because I don’t want to become one of your ‘followers’” I spat back, another collective gasp, another hiss.  “Leave us, all of you” Silently the deatheaters disaparated until myself, mother, father and Voldemort were left.  “I said all of you” Voldemort hissed at my parents. After a few moments the quickly left shutting the doors behind them.

“sit!” as he  said it I fell back into a chair as ropes wound around my wrists and ankles like snakes. I could feel him probing through my mind, my bad memories, and good memories and finally landing on Hermione. As good as I was at oclumency as I was I couldn’t block him from looking. Hermione and me becoming friends, me asking her out, our first kiss, everything was on show. Everything I had worked so hard to hide.

He stepped back, almost smiling. “I expected more from you Draco, falling for filth” I looked at the floor but could still feel his icy stare. “A blood- traitor, really, what would your father say?” I had learnt to stay quiet in bad situations such as this one, so I kept looking at the floor.

“Now Draco, I’ll give you a choice I could force you to watch as the life leaves your precious mudblood’s eyes or you could join me and receive your punishment for disloyalty.”

“You can’t hurt her” I begged, my first mistake.

“So you’ll join us?”

“I don’t want to be a coward like you, praying on the weak and innocent!” I snapped Mistake number two.

“We’ll do this the hard way then Draco, Crucio!” I felt pain ricochet through my entire body but struggled not to scream and quake in pain. I heard Voldemort cackle. “Sectumsempra!” I felt as though a thousand knives were dragged down my chest. Fresh gashes appeared and blood soaked through my shirt. I grunted in pain as I began to feel faint.

“Vigilabat!” despite the excruciating pain pounding through my body and blood gushing through my chest I felt like I couldn’t sleep or even pass out. I felt the ropes lesson on my arms and legs; I fell to the floor at Voldemort’s feet instantly. “Sectumsempra!” Again the sharp knives sliced my skin but this time on across my back. I wish I could pass out and forget all of this pain.

“Reducto! Reducto!” I felt a few of my bones shatter. “Had enough?” Voldemort hissed from above me. In defeated I slowly nodded my head. “Lucius come here!” he shrieked I heard the door open and hurried footsteps coming closer. “Draco will take the mark now, hold out his arm” I felt the silky fingers wrap tightly around my wrist which was already aching.

“You deserve this Draco, I’m disgraced by you” my shattered arm was twisted at an awkward angle before a wand tip was pressed into my forearm. I felt burning before my arm was dropped.

That was it. I was a Monster. I heard Voldemort lift the spell keeping my awake and he began to cast other spells on me but I didn’t care as I finally was relieved as I passed out.


Thank you so much for reading Please review I need reviews to keep me going!  xxx

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Fear of the unkown: summer before sixth year


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