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Allie 'you're not a' Star by HorseMad99
Chapter 1 : The First One
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 Disclaimer: I own nothing :(

A/N: Heyy, so here is the first chapter of my new story. I decided to write this because it is something my friends and I have always joked about of course we were never really hipsters we just like to imagine we were.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it and if you do please leave me a review <3


Being liked isn’t everything, well not to me anyway. The names Allie, Allie Star though I’m far from a star. Literally as well as not literally if you know what I mean. I have never exactly been popular mainly because I never bothered. It wasn’t because I was too lazy (okay that might have been a small factor) it was more because I didn’t see any reason to. Why should I try and make friends with people that I never see again once I leave school? My life didn’t depend on social interaction. Though sometimes it was forced upon us, especially when we were set joint assignments in class, in which my partner was always greeted by a quick growl of ‘fuck off’ this generally stopped them from attempting any further conversation.

You see I wasn’t exactly the golden girl of the year, oh no that particular position was already filled by Dominique and or Roxanne Weasley. Both are unbelievably pretty (In some people’s opinion) and somehow manage to be smart. Not that I didn’t have the gift of brain power, I just chose not to use it. Doing well in lessons leads to teachers talking to you, talking= social interaction therefore I don’t do well in lessons end of.  I simply did enough to get by.

I suppose you could describe me as a ‘hipster’ and I was one until it became to mainstream to be anti-mainstream, and then what is an Indi loving girl to do? Answer: become a tree. Obviously not an actual tree you could be hugged by all sorts of freaks, or pissed on by dogs for that matter.

When I say I became a ‘tree’ it meant that I had become someone who wasn’t mainstream or anti-mainstream and obviously I had to come up with a cool name for myself. I had settled on calling my- self a tree because well…trees are just epically cool (it cannot be denied!)

Tomorrow I embark on the incredibly boring journey which is called 7th year. Yay! After spending most of my summer either in my bedroom or sitting in a field so much human contact was going to be a shock to the system.

The long and short of it is that I don’t really fit in at Hogwarts I never have not that I care. Being nice to people all the time sounds stressful at least to me anyway. You see I’m not exactly one of those girls who goes around complaining because they aren’t popular (it’s pathetic) nor am I one of those girls who is always crying because James Potter won’t EVER love me (I am looking at you Maisy Harlton. I mean seriously here is a bridge…GET OVER IT!) 

The worst thing about being Alice Star -apart from the obvious name issues, Alice just happens to be my real and oh so annoying real name…damn you parents!- is my sister Arabella Star –I know! Her name is even worse than mine- she was top of the school as well as the most popular girl at Hogwarts. She left Hogwarts with outstanding’s in all of her NEWTS and has successfully finished training as a healer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my sister and all, but when your parents are constantly telling you to be more like her it can get a bit irritating. Bella has always been the favourite child and it is not hard to see why, for example as a sweet innocent 15 year old girl my sister started to learn ‘beautiful’ classical pieces on the flute whereas I started learning how to the play the guitar. My parents who happened to care what others thought of them obviously saw Bella as the better child. What happened to being your own person, screw you parents!

I suppose you could call me ‘the other star’ but that’s a bit misleading. When I first arrived at Hogwarts, everyone expected me to be just like Bella but of course I wasn’t. Unfortunately though I didn’t fade into social invisibility, no everyone knew me as ‘the weird one that no one knows how they got into Gryffindor’ because only popular people get into Gryffindor apparently.



“Oi! ALLIE!” Bella yelled at the top of her voice.

Oh great why did little miss perfect have to be here? Except she isn’t little, she’s taller than me and I am already almost 5”7. I attempted to get up but I just wanted to stay in bed it resulted in the flailing of limbs and then me giving up.

I was drifting back to sleep when I let out an ungainly shriek. Bella had pulled my duvet off. Why would you do that? Sometimes I wonder why my sister is a healer because she doesn’t seem to care about people. Oh yeah, it’s just me she doesn’t care about. When I die of frostbite, I will blame her and it is now in writing so she will be punished whether she likes it or not.

I grumble and procrastinate for a further five minutes. Until Bella returns holding a jug of what is probably freezing cold water. I honestly don’t think I have ever got up so fast…

I moaned profusely about how unfair it was that I had to get up so early. Then I was reminded that it was only about 10:30 and I would have had to leave even earlier if Bella hadn’t offered to side along apparate with me to Kings Cross Station. 

I glared at my curly auburn hair hoping that for once I would actually have telepathic powers and that my hair would look vaugley presentable. 

After two minutes of staring nothing had happened apart from my eyes had started to water and boy did I need to blink!

Bella just tutted, god I hate that girl with her perfect blonde hair that lies perfectly all the time. 

Not that I care what people think obviously. 

"Have you seen Albert?" I asked. 

"Last I knew he was sitting in the washing machine" laughed Bella; she seemed to find it hilarious that my cat was just as weird as she thought I was. 

Yes my cat is called Albert. He's a fat ginger cat called Albert that likes to sit in the washing machine until you try and switch it on then he practically tears you apart with his claws. He's a vicious cat when he can be bothered. 

At about 10:45 we apparated directly onto platform 9 ¾ where the scarlet and gold steam engine was awaiting us. Yes they still have the same school train; I wonder how it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

Oh wait…magic.

Sometimes I really wonder why I ended up being a witch it wasn’t like I was going to amount to anything special. I also seemed to forget about magic far too often. Like once at school I spilt ink on Dominique’s top – which she had left on the floor- I had spent a whole two hours panicking and trying to think up a legitimate excuse. Then I realised I was a witch and used a simple cleaning spell. Two hours panicking for NOTHING!

As I dragged my trunk towards the train Albert jumped (I know he jumped! It was about the most energetic thing he has done since I tried to bath him once two years ago, and let’s just say I still have scars…) onto my shoulder, I wouldn’t have minded but because (as previously mentioned) Albert was a rather large cat and I staggered forward and almost fell into the person in front of me. At the sound of my yelp he turned around and saw me trying to regain my balance. He chuckled.

I almost shouted at him, no one laughs at Allie Star.

Apart from the fact that I don’t talk to people and I don’t care what everyone else thinks of me do I?

He grabbed hold of my trunk and helped me carry it up onto the train. I think it was James Potter, I wasn’t really looking. We sit next to each other in most subjects because no one bothered having a surname that fit inbetween ours how rude of them. After thanking James, I walked off alone- except for Albert who had mercifully vacated my shoulder and had decided to walk next to me instead.

I found an empty compartment, sat down and immediately searched through my bag until I found my iPod, a small muggle device that lets you play music through these things called headphones which you put in your ears. It’s a truly peculiar idea but still a clever one.

As the music started playing I slowly began to forget everything else that was going on around me. All I was aware of was Albert purring whilst he slept next to me and the music I was listening to. You can’t get much better than that.



A/N: Heyy so what did you think? Do you like Allie?
Im sorry its short but it was all I was happy with so far,
I came up with the name Allie quite a while ago and have just been waiting for a story to go with it. So here it is at last. I hope you liked it and it would be lovely if you could leave me a review, please?

Beth xx


  DISCLAIMER: I own nothing 




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