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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 12 : We Now Pronounce You Man And Wife
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AN: Sorry for a late update. I had so many mocks to do in school, so I couldn't really get time to update as quick, but most of them are over, except one French Listening, but I have time to revise (I never do, though). Anyways, Thank you for everyone who had taken their time to read my story! I had really thought that this was going to turn out bad, but judging by the reviews it turned out good! I love you guys. Honest. Oh, and about my other story, Maybe Not Just That One Dance - that will be my next update. I'm gonna take turns on my stories, so first I do this story, then the other one. :)

But for now, Enjoy! xxx

Hermione pulled down her bridesmaid dress. It was purple, because Ginny believed it to be her ‘colour’. She shook her head and pulled up the zip at the back.

She walked towards the full body mirror and looked at herself. She had to admit, purple did look good on her. She smiled and twirled around, causing the dress to spiral. She liked doing that, as girly as it sounded.

“Hermione, Ginny needs you-wow.” Harry said before he could stop himself. Hermione turned around and blushed. “You look amazing.” Harry complimented.

“Thank you.” Hermione said, still flushed.

“You’re welcome, now come on. Ginny will go ballistic if you don’t get there right now.” Harry dragged her to the room where Ginny was pacing back and forth, thinking very hardly. She looked up to see who had arrived and was relieved to see Hermione.

“Thank god, you’re here. My dress had ripped and the store said that they could replace it, and I don’t know how to fix it. Hermione please, tell me you know a spell to fix this problem.” Ginny pleaded desperately.

“Okay, okay. First, calm down, Gin.” Hermione instructed. Ginny breathed in and out. Hermione continued. “Okay, I think I might have just the thing to fix the problem without using magic. My mum taught it to me.” Hermione smiled and started working away with Ginny’s dress.



“Hermione! You’re a genius! Thank you so much!” Ginny clasped Hermione into a tight embrace, causing her to almost fall over.

“It’s fine, Gin. I was happy to help.” Hermione assured.

“Ginny, quick. You need to walk down the aisle in less than 5 minutes.” Molly Weasley called her daughter, panicking.

“Okay, mum. I'm ready.” Ginny took her mother’s offered hand and walked downstairs, and out of the house.



Everybody had their eyes on her, making her slightly intimidated, but she continued walking towards her dad, who was waiting for her so he could lead her to the platform.

She circled her arm around her father’s elbow. Then, the music started playing. Ginny and Arthur walked slowly towards Harry, who was straightening his tie, making sure he looked good.

Hermione went to the platform, joining pansy and Luna, waiting for Ginny to step onto the platform too.

Harry offered his hand to Ginny so that she could get onto the platform, which she took thankfully. They held each other’s hands and waited for Arthur Weasley to read out the wedding vows.

“May we have the rings, please?” Arthur said. Hermione held out the opened box to Ginny, while Ron held out the other to Harry. The couple exchanged rings, resulting in a roar of applause.

The wedding vows were read out, which Ginny and Harry both promised to stand by. The bridesmaids and the grooms mates all smiled, even Draco Malfoy, to Hermione’s surprise, but she put that thought aside. That was not important right now, what was important was the wedding.

“We now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Arthur gestured. Harry and Ginny obliged happily, as another roar of applause and cheering broke out.

“Thank you all for coming. Please enjoy the rest of the morning.” Molly allowed everyone seated to scatter, some walking towards others to talk, some going towards the cake, and some turning to leave, having had work to go to.



Slow dance songs commenced as Harry lead Ginny to the centre of the tent. They started to dance in each other’s embrace. Others started to join in, too.

Hermione stood on the sidelines, upset that Jake couldn’t make it to the wedding.

“Hey, do you want to dance, ‘Mione?” Ron asked.

“Sure.” Hermione smiled and was lead to the centre, where she slow danced with Ron.



Jake straightened his jacket out and quickly departed his house. He was happy that his father had finally allowed him to go to Ginny Weasley’s and Harry potter’s wedding.
He was sad when he had to tell his girlfriend that he couldn’t make it because she really wanted him to be with her, but he disappointed her. He couldn’t wait to surprise her.




There was a tap on Hermione’s shoulder. She turned her head and met the steely grey eyes that belonged to Draco Malfoy. Ugh! Why did he have that effect on her? She felt so weak kneed with just looking into those intense orbs of his and she hated it! If it hadn’t been for Ron, she would have surely fallen. She mentally slapped herself and waited for Draco to speak.

“May I have this dance, Granger?” Draco asked, offering his hand to her.

Hermione looked at Ron, who nodded, handing her to Draco. “Sure why not?” she said and took his hand.

They began dancing to the slow song in a comfortable silence, which Hermione preferred a lot, until Draco had to speak up and ruin it. “You look beautiful, Hermione.” He said.

Hermione made eye contact with him and saw that his words were genuine and sincere. She blushed and noticed that he had used her first name. Usually, he would just go with the last-name basis.

“Thank you.” Hermione said.

“You know, I never seem to see that boyfriend of yours around here anywhere. What, did he finally realise that you were out of his league?” Draco joked, as well as complimenting her. She rolled her eyes at his remark and then blushed when she properly registered what he had said.

“He couldn’t make it. He wasn’t allowed to leave his workplace.” Hermione answered. Draco just nodded and then, smirked. “What? Why are you smirking, Malfoy?” Hermione asked irritated.

“Are you sure he didn’t just say that to maybe get away from you?” Draco asked.
Hermione slapped his arm playfully. “Shut up, Malfoy.” She said. “Honestly, what is your problem?”

“Nothing. I was just asking. Sheesh.” Draco said surrendering before the cat stuck her claws in. Hermione rolled her eyes, then returned to their comfortable silence.

Draco noticed then, that a guy behind Hermione was staring at her, smirking at what he was seeing. Draco stopped, confusing Hermione. He walked around behind her and knew what the guy had been looking at. Hermione’s dress was unzipped, revealing her bare back. He went back to face her. “Your zip is unzipped.” He said. Hermione’s eyes widened and frantically reached for it, pulling it up, until half way through, it became stuck. She tried a lot to force it up, but it would not budge. Draco noticed her struggle and decided to help her out. He went behind her again and helped her pulled the zip up entirely, and then retired back to the front.

Hermione felt a tingle go up her body, feeling Draco slightly touch her bare skin.
Draco looked to the guy and pointed to him and then sliced his throat with his index finger, threatening him to stay away from her. The guy immediately turned away, scared by Draco’s threat. Draco smirked triumphantly. He turned to looked at Hermione, who was now looking at him suspiciously.

“What did you just do?” she asked. She turned around and saw a guy snapping his neck towards his date, afraid to even look at her.

“Nothing.” Draco said quickly. She bored her eyes into his, until he finally spat it out.

“Alright. That guy was looking at your back when you dress was unzipped. So, I kinda told him that I would uh kill him if he looked at you again.” He put his head down, unable to look into Hermione’s eyes.

“Oh.” Was all she could say. They returned to their dancing. “Thank you.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Draco smiled back.

That was when Hermione noticed her boyfriend, Jake, turning to leave. He seemed to be upset about something. She should see if everything was alright.

“I’ll be right back.” Hermione said, and headed out of the tent to stop her boyfriend.

“Jake! Wait!” Hermione called. He stopped and turned, anger showing in his eyes. “Is everything alright?” she frowned.

“What were you doing with that bastard?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“Nothing. We were just dancing. Oh, never mind that. You’re here. How were you able to make it?” Hermione asked.

“Don’t change the subject and don’t act like you don’t know anything. I saw him feeling you up. What was he doing? You call that dancing?” he demanded, rather than asked.

“No, Jake, he was just helping me with my dress. The zip was stuck so he helped me out, that’s all.” Hermione explained.

“And I'm supposed to believe that? Forget it. Be honest with me Hermione, do you like Malfoy?” he asked hurt visible in his eyes.

“No! I don’t! He’s just a friend, Jake. Nothing else.” Hermione assured.

“You know what? If you’re not going to be honest with me, then...we’re done.” With that, he left her, tears escaping.






Draco felt like punching that guy. How could he do that Hermione!? That good for nothing bastard! He should go and check if she’s alright. He walked out of the tent and saw that she was nowhere to be seen. He went back inside but couldn’t find her there either. Maybe he should tell the Weaslette about this, she is Granger’s best friend after all.

“I think you should go and check on Granger. I just saw that Cake guy break up with Hermione. That fucking bastard.” He added that under his breath, but Ginny still heard it.

“Why are you so worried about her? I mean, yeah, you’re friends, but still.” Ginny cocked up her eyebrows, the corners of her mouth tugging to curl up into a knowing smile.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t care. I just thought you would wanna know, since she’s your best friends and all.” Draco reasoned.

“Mmm-hmmm.” Ginny said, knowing all too well they were lies. “Maybe she’s inside. I’ll go check.” With that, Ginny left the wedding tent and entered the Weasley household.

She ascended upstairs, checking each bedroom for any sign of Hermione, when she heard a faint cry coming from her bedroom. She went inside quickly.




Hermione was devastated. She really liked Jake, and now, he just ended their relationship because he believed that something was going on between her and Draco. Ugh! This was his entire fault! He should have just left her zip as it was. She could have asked Ginny to pull the zip.



Draco felt something fall down his cheek. He touched it and found a tear.

“Draco, are you alright?” pansy asked, coming towards him. He nodded. “Then, why are you crying?” she asked confused.

“I don’t know. I just...don’t know.” Draco ran his fingers through his hair frustrated.

“What’s happening to me, Pans?” Draco asked desperately. Pansy gave him a confused expression, so Draco explained what had happened with him and Hermione the last week.

“Draco, it’s apparent that you have some connection with Hermione, but I don’t understand what’s causing it, because I’ve never heard anything like this.” Pansy frowned.

Draco pondered on the ways in which a connection with another person could be created, and then suddenly remembered something very important. He had given her his blood! Could that be the cause of this connection? “Pansy, is it possible that the sharing of blood could create a form of connection between wizards?” Draco asked.

Pansy pondered on that. “I guess, it could be. But I don’t think it’s ever been done, at least as far as I know. Why?” Pansy asked.

“Because I donated my blood to Granger, when she was involved in a car accident. I had found her and took her to the hospital. She was losing a lot of blood, so the doctors tried to find more, but couldn’t. They said that her blood type was AB+, which was the same as mine, so I offered. From that day on, I have been having these visions of her.” Draco explained.

“This could be a possible cause for your connection. The question is, has Hermione been having these kinds of visions of you?” Pansy asked.

“I don’t know, Pans. But what I do know is that I need to teach that bastard a lesson for breaking Hermione’s heart.” He said, punching his fist into his hand.

“Whoa there, Mr Strong Guy, no need to go violent. First, just threaten him, and then, if he doesn’t listen, you can punch him.” Pansy said smirking. What? She was a Slytherin after all.

“Great idea, Pans. I’ll see you later.” Draco said and walked out of the boundaries of the Burrow to apparate to Diagon Alley.


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