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Witch's Warning by VeeKAY
Chapter 1 : The Astronomy Tower
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amazing CI by Marzipan @TDA! My mary has skilzzzz <3



The moon was a beautiful thing. It was a glowing, white, undisturbed orb that floated in the sky, casting faint shadows in the darkest hours. It hung there, by itself, looking terribly lonely. Why wasn’t there another moon, to keep it company?

My name is Charlotte Leserark, and I love the stars.


It was ridiculous, how much I adored the subject, but I didn’t really care what others thought, to be frank. To think that there’s a whole world beyond the Earth’s atmosphere…It ignited a fiery spark in my mind- a spark that refused to leave my body, and resulted in me spending few hours every week at the top of the astronomy tower with my telescope, just watching the sky. It was usually in the extremely early hours of the morning.


Those undisturbed moments are the times that I can think- that I can dream. No interruptions; just Charlotte, in her own little recluse, hidden from the world, with only the stars and moon for company. And I didn’t mind, not one little bit. It was also an escape from the nightmares.


So here I was, on a Saturday night, sitting cross-legged in the silent astronomy tower, with my star charts and books spread around me. You’re thinking that I’m one of those study-obsessed weirdos that stay up super late doing homework that’s not due until next week, and loves telling off first-years for smearing toothpaste on the underside of the common room chairs. Well, you thought wrong.


I’m not Lily Evans.


Having fun at my best friend’s minor expense is one of my favourite activities, because I know she won’t mind. Well, that and watching her attempts to control the party of the marauders- as they had named themselves. How silly it was, to have ‘the marauders’ in a time like this? A time where muggleborns and blood traitors were being hunted and killed by some guy whose skin had the complexion of a bar of soap.


I gazed up at the constellations- stories within the sky- and spotted my favourite- Orion.


I’ve always been fascinated by Sirius Black’s name. I would love to be named after a fancy constellation or star. I gazed at the Hogwarts grounds, slowly observing the view from my overlooking position.


My eyes widened. Something had just moved! I swear I saw movement near the whomping willow…


“I won’t ever understand why you love the night sky so much, Lottie” said a feminine voice, and I lost the wisps of thought I was clinging to.


“Hey, Lily” I smiled, patting the spot next to me. She sat down next to me, and the corners of her mouth tugged down at the sight of the dark circles underneath my eyes. They were emphasised by the moonlight. I quickly glanced towards the whomping willow again- everything was silent.


“I saw you leave the dormitory, so I followed you. You haven’t been sleeping much, Lottie. I’m really worried about you” said Lily. If Lily Evans was breaking curfew for me, then I can only accept that she truly was worried. Only Lily could be so observant, noticing that I’ve been tossing and turning for weeks now.


The dreams I have are mostly about war. But they seemed…more realistic. The people in them were my friends. I even recognise some professors.


“I don’t understand them” I said. I honestly didn’t. Why was I dreaming about battlegrounds and armies of death eaters?


“Will it help to talk?” Lily said softly. Her red hair was loose around her face, and her green eyes were laced with real concern. She really was one of the nicest girls in the school. If you could kill people with genuine kindness, everyone within eight metres of Lily Evans would be dead- the girl oozed it. She made you feel safe.


“No, I don’t think so” I hesitated. What if there was something wrong with me?


“Okay. But you’re getting 5 hours sleep, Lottie. Aren’t you tired?”


“Not really” I lied. My eyes are constantly twitching, from lack of sleep, and there were dark circles under my eyes. My eyelids weighed a ton.


“Why don’t we go to the hospital wing, and ask for a sleeping draught?” Lily suggested, standing up and stretching her arm towards me.


“Why didn’t I think of that before?” I sighed, smiling slightly at her in thanks, and taking her outstretched hand. It was breaking dawn, and I really wanted some sleep. The light from outside was starting to illuminate the grounds, and the moon was beginning to fade…there wasn’t any point in staying here.


Lily and I crept along the corridors silently, and I hoped we didn’t meet any professors. Since we were both prefects, it would be awful if Professor McGonagall caught us sneaking around the castle at daybreak.


“Looking for a midnight snack?” a voice from behind us asked, and Lily and I froze.


James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew were casually walking behind us, and were probably raising their eyebrows at the fact that Lily Evans- the teacher’s pet- was wandering around the corridors with her dark haired roommate.


“Oh, shoot” Lily sighed, turning to face three quarters of the marauders. “We’re sleeping walking” she tried to say,but the marauders grinned.


“Y-You look wide awake for someone who’s asleep!” Peter grinned.


“Care to tell us the real reason why you’re drifting around the school at…five in the morning?” Sirius Black (yes, the one with the lovely constellation name) grinned. “Didn’t know you had it in you, Evans, to break the rules”


And I was just standing there, almost falling asleep on the spot.


“We’re going to the hospital wing, to get Charlotte some sleeping draught” Lily retorted, blushing slightly at being caught. The three boys exchanged a look at the mention of the hospital wing- what was up with that? Then they looked at me, and I ducked my head- not one for the attention. To them, I was still just ‘Lily’s decent looking roommate’, and the astronomy whiz.


“Trouble sleeping?” James asked, and I nodded briefly. I probably looked dead on my feet- standing in front of two of the most sought after boys in Hogwarts. Wonderful!


“What are you doing up, anyway?” I asked, coming to the realisation that they were awake too.


“None of your business” Sirius beamed. Lily raised her eyebrows.


“If you don’t tell anyone we were breaking curfew, we won’t tell anyone that you were too” Lily bargained reasonably.


“Okay” James quickly said, giving Sirius an unknown look, before turning to grin at Lily.


“Uhm…good” Lily blinked, definitely not expecting such an easy resolution. It only made me even more suspicious about what they were up to- it was obviously something they didn’t want the professors to find out about.


“We’ll see you around then, ladies” Sirius waved, and Peter smiled a watery smile.


“Evans, Leserark” James Potter acknowledged, before departing the scene with his friends. Does he ever comb his hair?


Lily sighed, and gestured for us to continue to the hospital wing.




“Should we…knock?” I whispered, the two of us standing outside the hospital wing.


“What’s the point?” Lily rolled her eyes, and she pushed open the mahogany walls. “Hurry up, Lottie, do you want the sleeping draught or not?” and she walked towards madam Pomfrey's office.


I was about to follow her, but something caught my eye. A boy, with sandy brown hair was lying unconscious on a nearby bed. With a small intake of breath, I realised it was Remus Lupin. That explained why he was missing, when the rest of his friends were off gallivanting around the castle.


He looked terrible- like he had been in a fight. There was a gash the size of a breakfast sausage, (for lack of a better word) running down his face. He also had a few bruises here or there. I walked over to the side of his bed, eyebrows mashed together in confusion. What hadRemus- quiet, smart Remus- gotten up to that ended up with him looking like he was mauled by a bear?


“Charlotte!” Lily whisper-yelled. I snapped my attention back to the red-head, who was gesturing for me to hurry up. She obviously hadn’t seen who was lying on the white hospital bed. I gave the unconscious boy one last look, before scurrying to Lily’s side.


She knocked in the door to the nurse’s office.


“Dear merlin, Rem-” Madam Pomfrey’s voice cut off as she realised that there were two girls standing outside her door. “And what are you two doing here, at such an hour?” she questioned. She didn’t look like she had been sleeping, before we knocked. In fact, she was dressed in her day clothes, her hands tight around a calender.


“I haven’t been able to sleep all night, and I was hoping you could give me some sleeping draught?” I asked politely. I wasn’t a frequent visitor to the hospital wing- unlike somemarauders, who just didn’t understand the meaning of ‘keep out of trouble’ and ‘NO MORE PRANKS’.


“Oh, yes, of course dear” she replied, going back into her office, and returning moments later with a boring glass vial filled with a pale blue liquid.


“Thank you, Madam Pomfrey” I said gratefully. Hopefully I could get some sleep now.




“Crucio!” my attacker cried, pointing his wand at me. I fell to the ground, screaming, every inch of my being on fire.


“NO! Let her go!” I heard a masculine voice yell frantically. My vision was blurred with tears from the pain. I heard my attacker laughing, as I writhed, and other yells from all around me. Flashes of green and red were flying everywhere- Hogwarts was on burning.


“James!” I heard Lily’s scream.


“Crucio!” my attacker laughed again, and I caught a glimpse of his hooded mask.


“Leave her alone!” the male voice cried again, sounding closer than before…he was sobbing openly now. “Please! STOP!”


I was slowly slipping out of consciousness, the pain being too much to handle…


“No! Charlotte Leserark don’t you dare close your eyes! Stay with me, Lottie!” he was yelling. My head was turning towards him, and I opened my mouth-


“LOTTIE!” Lily was yelling, and my eyes snapped open. I didn’t realise I had been crying. I didn’t realise I have been screaming, thrashing, yelling, and sobbing like a maniac either.


“It’s okay, it was just a dream” she soothed, stroking my hair as I blinked away some of the tears.


“Are you alright, Lottie?” Astrid and Mary were crowded around my bed, their eyebrows creased in worry.


“I’m fine” I tried to say, but it was lost between my sniffles. What had I dreamed? What was that?! Who was the mysterious male voice, calling to me as if my pain was causing him the same trauma? My head was starting to spin.


“Charlotte- are you sure you don’t want to go to hospital wing? You look like crap” Astrid frowned, sitting on my bed. Lily was inspecting the vial of sleeping draught I had received from the nurse.


“You took the potion! Why are you still have the dreams?” Lily frowned. I merely shrugged, but inside I was terrified and confused out of my mind.


“It was just a bad dream” I muttered to myself, and Mary gave Astrid a ‘maybe-we-should-have-her-checked-over’ look. This was what I didn’t want- people seeing me as the freaky girl who sobs over ridiculous dreams. Maybe it was a side effect of insomnia?




I didn’t want insomnia either. I wanted to be able to sleep normally!


“Are you absolutely sure you’re okay?” Astrid kept asking, and I kept responding with ‘yes, I’m fine’. I was finally glad when I shut the bathroom door in her face.


I rubbed my temples and glared at the mirror. It was a glorious Saturday morning, but I wasn’t enjoying it at all- thanks to this building headache. I decided to ask Madam Pomfrey for a potion that could cure the aching in my head. But first, I needed a cold shower to wake my body up properly.


I turned on the tap, and let the cool liquid run over my body. It was so cold, my senses jumped at the temperature. The long shower washed some of my stress down the drain. I knew that the moment I left this cold sanctuary of mine, all the stress will come rolling back. Before I knew it, Lily was banging on the door.


“What are you doing in there, Charlotte? You’re taking ages! We’re going to go down the breakfast soon” she called. Sighing, I broodingly shut off the tap, and wrapped a towel around my body.


“You guys go ahead- I need to get something from the hospital wing” I sighed, stepping out of the bathroom, and trudging to my bed. I was feeling crap. “I have a headache”


“Headache? Blimey, are you sure you’re alright?” Mary pressed. They all looked worried.


“Yeah, I’ll just get some tonic or something” I muttered, not having the patience to dig around my trunk for clean clothes. I rummaged around, throwing things left and right, before grabbing a pair of dark jeans, and a plain black t-shirt. I liked dressing according to my mood- I was feeling gloomy, boring, and lacking in motivation to do anything. My mind was whirring distractedly, and I knew my friends were exchanging worried glances behind my back as I changed into my day clothes.


“Maybe you should get checked over” Lily suggested. I cringed at the thought- did they think there was something wrong with me?


“I’m fine, guys!” I smiled faintly, grabbing my wand and shoving it into my jean pocket. Was I fine?




“I’ve got to go meet Sirius; I’ll catch you all later at breakfast” Astrid announced. “I hope you get your headache cured, Lottie”


“Thanks, Asteroid” I said. The thing was, we brainstormed and brainstormed, until the four of us came to the conclusion that there was no decent nickname for Astrid, unless we wanted to call her something that was straight-out weird, or hard to say. Despite this, I had taken the liberty to start calling her ‘Asteroid’- I mean, who wouldn’t want to be nicknamed after a small body of rock that orbits the sun? Astronomy was so cool. It hadn’t caught on though- she was Astrid to everyone else.


The other girls waved, and she departed. The four of us were the best of friends- they were always here for me, and I would do pretty much anything for them.


Astrid was Sirius Black’s girlfriend- she was wickedly pretty, with long blonde hair and mesmerising grey eyes. To be honest, I was a little worried for her, taking into account Sirius Black’s record of rocky relationships.


“…Lottie?” a hand was waving up and down in front of my face. I winced, because the fast movements were making my head whirl.


“Sorry, must’ve blanked out” I blinked. “I’ll see you at breakfast- bye!” I hastily said, sliding out of the dormitory before Mary and Lily could worry over me even more. They were blowing this way out of proportion.


So I made my way to the hospital wing, walking silently with my book bag slung over my shoulder.


For the second time that weekend, I pushed open the mahogany doors. I was feeling quite dizzy by now- like I was going to collapse.


Then I saw Remus Lupin sitting up on his bed- very much awake- looking at me at me with worry. I must be deathly pale, and the queasiness was blurring my vision.


“Are you alright?” he asked hurriedly, eyes lit up with concern.


But I had blacked out.


A/N: Hey guys! This is my new story (duh), and it'll hopefully develop into a remus/charlotte relationship ;) Anyone having strange feelings on Lottie's nightmares so far? 

Drop me a review! I'd love to hear from you guys <3 Thanks for reading!


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Witch's Warning: The Astronomy Tower


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