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007 by limwen
Chapter 6 : Why on Earth...
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I love everything about my job, everything but the paper work.


I was currently updating the progress on my current mission, James hasn’t been very forthcoming with Death Eater information, but there was still a surprising about of stuff that they wanted me to include in the report. Like how many times that week he stayed overnight in my flat! Which I guess makes sense, this way they can know where he was that night, but still! Is nothing private with this job?


“Why are on earth are you making that stupid face?” I look up to find Adam sitting across from me eating a red apple, a smirk playing on his lips.


“My face is not stupid!” I say, pouting my lips, and slightly sticking out my tongue.


“Don’t stick your tongue out unless you plan to use it,” Adam smirks and wiggles his eyebrows in a suggestive manner; I just roll my eyes at his childish behavior.


 “Is there a reason you’re here?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.


“Yes, I wanted to know how it was going with lover boy, and I also wanted to discuss how we are going to deal with the Minister,” Adam says, throwing his apple core into the garbage by the door and sitting up straight.

“Things with James are complicated; I don’t think he plans on ever allowing me to join. He doesn’t believe that what he is doing is right, and he knows I would never want to join,” I explain in a tired tone, I never tried to cover my true emotion when I was alone with Adam.

“Have you thought of maybe changing the mission a little?” Adam asks, getting up and locking the door.

“What do you mean? And why are you locking the door?” I ask, truly confused by his strange actions.

“Have you thought of maybe just recruiting James to be the spy?” Adams says taking his seat back and ignoring my question about the door locking.

“Explain,” I tell him, I don’t fully understand how this could possibly work.

“If what you say about James not wanting to be a Death Eater is true, then he should be cool with the fact that you want to destroy all the Death Eaters, and then he can recruit you into his merry gang of Death Eaters and you can both work together to bring them down! You’ll be cutest Death Eater killing couple on the block!” Adam flared his arms around at the end of explaining his rather appealing idea.

“Is that even allowed? We technically aren’t allowed to tell people without proper clearance what are jobs are, I could get in big trouble,” The goodie two shoes in me was popping up again, my need to please my superiors was trying to outweigh my love for James.

“I read your assignment, it states that you should do anything you can to form a relationship with James, and then do whatever it takes to get him to recruit you. So I don’t think you’ll get in trouble,” Adam explains.

“That’s actually a really good idea, Adam,” I smile at him from across my desk, thinking of the possibility of me and James not having to hide things from each other, being able to actually tell him how my day actually went at work.

“I know you didn’t date me for my brains, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, love,” Adam winks, and I chuckle, it’s a joke between us that because I’m always so surprised when Adam has a good idea that means I only dated him for the physical side of the relationship.

That’s all a lie of course…

“What happens if he reacts badly and hates me because I lied to him?” I ask Adam, voicing my silent doubts that his plan might go wrong.

“I trust your judge of character, Elara, you have to figure it out on your own. Do you really think James is going to go along with our plan and secretly change sides and become a spy? Or is he going to use you to get to us?” Adams asking all the right questions, and I usually have all the answers. But today I have none.

“I….. I think I’m going to think about it for a little while,” I tell him, thinking of everything that could go wrong. Doubt eating away at my love for a man who I would do anything to save, but would he do the same for me?

Of course he would, that’s one of the reasons he refuses to recruit me, and he’s worried that I might get hurt, or would leave him.

 He loves me as I love him.

He would never leave me.

He might be angry at first, and hurt that I had to lie to him, but he would never leave me.


“Take all the time you need, nowhere in the books does it say you have to do this, I just thought it might speed up the recruiting process and the mission itself. I would probably make your relationship with James a lot easier too, if you were both on the same page,” Adam said, kissing the top of my head before unlocking the door and leaving.

I just realized, he never told me why he locked the door to begin with.



I get back to my flat after picking up some floo powder, it’s 4:30 so I’ll take a shower, change, and then go over to James’ flat for waffles.

Nothing like telling your Fiancé that most of your relationship was a lie over waffles.

Do you think it would soften the blow if there was ice cream on them?

Probably not…

I walk into my room to find a letter lying on my bed from Ginny Weasley; I pick it up and open it.


I hope all is well, I was wondering if we could get together tomorrow and talk about the wedding.

James’ Aunt Hermione and my daughter Lilly will also me there along with James’ cousin Rose, if you already know who you want to be your maid of honor then by all means bring her along to!

Is tomorrow at 12am convenient for you, at the leaky cauldron?

With all my best wishes,

Your future mother in law, Ginny Weasley


Who was I going to make my maid of honor?

If only Adam was a girl, he would be perfect! But alas he is very much male, and trust me, I would know.

Maybe I’ll ask Sarah, she would be thrilled and I could use some support when it comes to keeping this secret from the Potters. Sarah knows everything about me, from David to James being a Death Eater. It’s her job to know, but over the years we have become close friends.

Mrs. Potter,

I would love to join you tomorrow at 12am at the Leaky Cauldron! I plan on asking my friend Sarah to be my maid of honor, I will owl her after I send this asking if she can make it tomorrow!

Thank you so much for inviting me to lunch,

Elara sanders





Will you be my maid of honor?

If so meet me for lunch at the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow at 12. Mrs. Potter and some other people from James’ family will be there to discuss the wedding.

I hope to hear from you soon,






After sending off the letters I jumped in the shower and changed into a pair of yoga pants, a lose tank top, and an oversized sweat shirt.

 I’m not going to lie, I look pretty sexy…

I let my hair lay wet as I went into the living room to slip on a pair of trainers.

I grabbed some floo powder before entering the fire place.

“James Potters flat,” I said clearly as I through the floo powder down.


James’ flat very warm, warm colors, warm tempter, warm atmosphere.

I love his flat, he loves his flat, that was why I was surprised when I came out of the fire place to find James reading a add for a house that is for sale.

“Hey babe, what are you reading?” I ask as I kiss his cheek in greeting.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice you come in,” he said with a chuckle, “I’m just looking at houses,” he answered my question as he pulled me onto his lap.

“What are you doing looking at houses?” I look at the paper, “Houses with white picket fences?”  I raise an eyebrow.

“Yeah, since we’re getting married were going to need a house!” He explained with a grin on his beautiful face.

Oh gosh, how am I supposed to tell him I’m a big fat liar when he is looking at houses with white picket fences!

“And we’re going to need the fence for when we have kids, can’t have the kids getting lose and hit by a car!” James told me.

Kids? What kids?


Authors NOTE: Hey ya'll! I know this chapter is short and I haven't updated in forever! please forgive me! I've just been so busy that I haven't had a chance to update! I'll try updating more, but no promises!

I hope you liked this chapter (even if it is short), I haven't had a chance to look though it to make sure there arn't any mistakes, so If you see any just point them out and I'll go over it another day and fix it! It's about 3am now, so I think i'm going to go to bed. lol

Please review! Tell me how you think James will react when he finds out Elara isn't who she says she is! And what do you think about Adam? And Sarah being a brides maid! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! <3

Love you always,


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