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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 12 : Engagement Party
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“Hey Hermione! Are you ready to go to my mum’s?” Draco yelled as he entered their apartment. “Uhm……..” he heard Hermione from the bedroom. Walking into the room and then into the closet he saw Hermione sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of clothes. “Mi… What are you doing?” Draco asked quietly.


“I… I don’t have anything to wear” Hermione murmered, her hands laying in her lap, “your mum is going to hate me Draco…”


Draco knelt down next to her,  pushing her chin up with his hand. “You are perfect, my mother will be at least civil, I promise. You are strong, courageous witch and you will be fine.” He lightly kissed her lips then drew her up to her feet.


Walking to the far edge of the closet Draco quickly grabbed a white pencil skirt and a cream coloured blouse, he passed these to Hermione with a grin. She smiled back and started to change as he was walking out. “I’ll meet you at the door”


After changing, Hermione and Draco made their way to the fireplace and flooed over the Malfoy Manor. Emerging from the fireplace, Draco dusted himself off and then turned to help Hermione wipe a bit of smoot of her nose. As they finished Narcissa Malfoy walked into the room.


“Hello son” Narcissa said as she walked up to embrace him. She then turned to Hermione“It’s nice to meet you on more friendly circumstances Hermione” she said warmly, embracing her too.


“You too” Hermione replied. She and Draco sat beside each other on the couch, his mum in an armchair across from them.


“So, you two are engaged. How nice, but Draco you never even told me you were dating. I was quite shocked to read it all in the Prophet.”


“Well Mum, It’s been a bit of a struggle to keep our relationship from people- I’m really sorry for not telling you, it was my decision not Hermione’s.”

Narcissa smiled “Dear, I never thought it was her, do not worry yourselves. I know now and that’s what matters. I have an engagement gift for you two though.” She then rose from her chair and made her way to a desk on the other side of the room, opening a drawer she brought out a piece of paper. Walking back she then handed it to Draco and sat back down with a smile.


Draco read the paper over twice. “Mum…. This is the deed for the house…”


“Yes Draco, it is. With your father gone, I don’t need this huge house all to myself. So I’m giving it to you two, you can redecorate and change anything you want, make it your own! I’ve bought myself a nice town house in London, so don’t worry about me.”


Draco and Hermione thanked her profusely and ended up staying for dinner. The night went splendidly well, conversation and laughter flowed and Hermione and Narcissa became quite good friends by the time they were ready to leave. Hugging goodbye, Draco and Hermione then flooed home.


“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Draco asked cheekily as they were getting ready for bed. After agreeing to really try for their relationship Hermione had just kept the bed as it was. They both crawled into bed and Draco pulled Hermione against his chest.


Hermione chuckled “No, it wasn’t bad at all. I quite liked your mum, now you have to meet my parents tomorrow”. Snuggling contentedly against Draco, they both soon drifted off to sleep.



“It’s nice to meet you Draco… We’ve heard a lot about you, none that great to be honest” Hermione’s dad said to Draco as he shook his hand.


Draco winced slightly “Well sir, I won’t deny it. I was a complete ass to your daughter and many other people. I’m glad to say that I’ve changed a lot, and my intentions are honourable towards your daughter.”


Hermione’s dad nodded and led Draco into the living room to meet Hermione’s mum. She greeted Draco in a friendly manner and the evening went along nicely. After dinner they all went into the living room again to watch “home movies” of Hermione growing up. Draco enjoyed watching small four year old Hermione accidentally blow up a lamp when she was angry about losing her favourite toy. Then he watched seven year old Hermione at a dance recital, awkward and scrawny, not being able to do any of the dance moves. Lastly he watched eleven year old Hermione, her fluffy hair and large brown eyes as she smiled saying good bye to her parents at the train station.


Hermione blushed at every embarrassing moment on the television screen. Glancing over at Draco she noticed that he was enjoying this way too much… “Well, it’s been great. However, Draco and I really need to get going. Thanks for dinner and everything, I’ll e-mail you tomorrow.” Hermione led Draco to the door as they were driving home (Hermione’s parents living in a very muggle part of England and not having a floo network).


Getting into the driver’s seat of his car, Draco was still chuckling quite loudly. “Hey! Stop that, it’s not that funny!” Hermione said indignantly, shoving Draco in the ribs. Draco stopped chuckling but drew Hermione closer for a kiss. Hermione sighed and gave in, then sitting back into her seat buckled her seat belt.


Zooming through the deserted streets, they soon made their way back to the apartment. Unlocking the door, Hermione entered first “I’m going to grab a shower” she said as she walked into their bedroom.


Draco soon followed suit in the bathroom down the hall, he couldn’t believe how well everything was going. He never thought Hermione would actually give him a chance. It seemed like she was even falling for him a little bit… His thoughts stayed with him as he snuggled into bed with Hermione.




You are cordially invited to the engagement party for

        Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy

         Held by Ginerva & Harry Potter

         November 1st, Potter Residence


“Uhm Mi… When did we decide to have an engagement party?’ Draco yelled to Hermione from the kitchen. Hermione came hopping out of their room, struggling to pull on a knee length leather boot.


“What?! We aren’t having an engagement party..” Hermione replied as she finally got to the kitchen, seriously thinking about her choice of footwear this early in the morning.


Draco handed her the invitation as Hermione’s face started to get more and more red. He slowly backed up against the counter. Hermione dashed into the living room and jumped into the fireplace, yelling Harry and Ginny’s address.


“Ginerva Molly Weasley! You are in so much trouble!” Hermione screamed as soon as she arrived. Harry ran into the study from who’s fireplace Hermione had arrived from. Seeing her frazzled state he yelled for Ginny, gave her an apologetic smile and ducked out the door.


Ginny soon popped into the room, speaking before Hermione could scream any more. “Mione, relax please. It’s just a small little party with our closest friends- no need to worry.” Ginny pouted.


Hermione sighed exaggeratedly “Fine Gin…… But you can’t go crazy with this okay.. small!” Hermione stated, gazing accusingly at her bestfriend.


Ginny giggled and ran to draw Hermione into a tight bear hug. “Yay! Okay, I planned your party for two days from now, I sent other people’s invitations earlier- I didn’t want you backing out by telling you awhile ago. We need to go dress shopping- now!”


After both girls getting ready (and Hermione owling Draco with her plans- so he wouldn’t be worried) they apparated to muggle London and started dress shopping. Ginny soon found a stunning floor length strapless silver dress but Hermione struggled, trying on dress after dress.


Finally Ginny brought Hermione over a dress to try on, as soon as Hermione came out of the dressing room with it on Ginny gasped. “Mione, it’s absolutely perfect.” Hermione stood in front of the mirror wearing a midnight blue floor length dress, it had criss crossing straps and a long slit up the side.


After searching high and low for shoes and jewellery for their outfits the two witches stopped for lunch in a café, then went back to their respective homes.



Soon the night of the engagement party was upon them, Hermione had just finished applying her make-up and was pulling her hair into a bun with a few curly tendrils curling down. After changing into her dress, shoes and putting on her jewellery, Hermione met Draco at the bottom of their apartment buildings stairs.


Draco couldn’t believe his eyes- his fiancé was the most gorgeous woman on the entire Earth. Her pale skin shone against the fabric of her dress and her brown eyes seemed to sparkle just for him as she floated down the stairs. Offering her his arm, he then led them out the door and into a deserted alley to apparate to the Potter’s.


As they stepped into the large colonial style house Hermione was overwhelmed by all the people and overall splendor. Walking around the main room designated for dancing and socializing Hermione counted at least half a dozen refreshment tables and saw upon a small circular stage, there was an orchestra playing. Pulling Draco along behind her, Hermione wound around people-stopping here and there to thank people for their congratulations. Finally they found Harry and Ginny, after many hugs and thanks both men asked their partners for a dance.


Sliding onto the dance floor, Draco and Hermione got into position and started into a graceful waltz across the floor. People all over the room watched the two as they spun around and around. Who would have thought that two more opposite people would get engaged? However no one could deny that they looked perfect together- tall, pale, blonde haired and strikingly handsome Draco paired with short, brunette and undeniably beautiful Hermione.


Suddenly a ruckus could be heard across the room and before she knew it Draco’s smile was knocked off his face as he fell to the ground after a pale freckly hand smashed into his face. 

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Bound to You: Engagement Party


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