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Brand New Chick by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 4 : Theories,Food,Kids, and a Case
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IM BACK!!!! Ugh my schedule was packed and shit from school! FML! My report card cough horrible cough… well just two subjects was all but still. K enough of my drama on with the story! HAPPY THANKSGIVING GUYS!!!!

J.K owns Harry Potter but by permission I can twist it around! :D

“Shit Shit Shit!” Hermione hissed to herself as she ran down the streets of huddled, talking muggles.

“Sorry, oh Sorry pardon me.” Hermione constantly said to those with ticked off looks around her.  

She quickly zipped through an alleyway she knew would get her to the bakery on time.  She say the sign “PANERA” along with Luna and Harry chatting outside seated in the table, around many others.

“Harry, Luna!” Hermione said getting their attention.

“Hermione there you are! We were worried and I was going to send a patronus.” Harry said checking his watch at the same time. “Your 10 minutes late.”

“I know I had to help a little boy, who by the way has a father that went to school with us.”

“Really who?” Harry said as he raised his cup of ice tea to his mouth.

“Draco Malfoy.”

At this Harry chocked and splutter out his tea, trying to catch his breath.

“Harry!” Both Luna and Hermione said.

“I-I’m fin-ne, thanks.” After composing himself he turned to Hermione “You better get in here and start from the beginning.”


“Awww how old is Scorpio?" Luna asked with wonder.

He’s probably about James age, but Merlin he has defiantly inherited Malfoy’s intelligence. The little guy knows a lot for sure!” Hermione ended with a sip of her pumpkin latté. Even if the chilly air didn’t show yet, the trees did as did the early displays of Christmas items.

“Now to the actually business I guess.” She said getting Harry’s attention.

He took out his wand and casted muffliato around then so no one could eavesdrop.

“Alright so we know that even after Voldemort’s fall, the dead eaters escaped. We managed to find some, dead or jailed, yet the most dangerous are still out there.” Harry took a portfolio with many pictures of deatheathers crossed out for dead or stamped as arrested.  

Yet they all knew their main targets were still out there.

Yaxley, Antonin Dolohov, Fenrir Greyback, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange.

Those men were still lurking out there, up to Merlin knows what.

“Harry… there have been some patients of mine coming in with dark magic performed on them that has yet to be known.” “What do you mean? The dark spells aren’t the Imperio or Cruciatus Curse?”

“No it’s…different I think some cried out while trashing around for help as if there was something there in the room after them. Then sudden slience, as they lay there dead-like, except of course it was coma.

All three at in silence thinking what had been said.  “Could it be possible that this was done by the five men, as a sign of their wellbeing or return? 

“Who were the patients any specific groups or race?” Harry had asked.

“There wasn’t a specific group really any man, woman or child. But whoever it is or are picked those that would suspect death eaters doings; muggle-born, half-blood, blood traitors. There was something else, though” Hermione said staring at her latte.

At this Luna and Harry leaned in to hear.

Hermione lower her voice a bit and said “They all had markings on the back of their necks, a symbol similar to the dark mark except there wasn’t a skull and the snake was different.  It was small, filled-in and shaped as a triple cleft. Muggle symbol in music.” she said to Luna who just nodded.

Harry pinched his nose bridge deep in thought.

“I think… it’s a whole new group we’re facing isn’t it?” Luna said.

Hermione nodded. “I was thinking the same thing, how about you Harry?”

Harry sat up straight and gave a good look at both of them before replying, “I’m not saying you are right, also you aren’t wrong. We can’t assume there are only death eaters in on this… there could be someone else behind this helping the last of them.” he said tapping on the photos of the remaining few. “For now we can only prepare and wait until it’s time to face our even bigger threat since Voldemort.” 

All nodded sat eating and chattering to keep their thoughts elsewhere knowing the last of their chapter had only begun.

“Oh it’s good to be home.” Hermione said as she stretched, and checked the time 6:30 p.m. “Oh right dinner at the Wesley’s, better get ready.” as she made her way upstairs.

  After a quick shower Hermione entered her room and tried to find a dress that would suit her for dinner.

“No, no, no...Yes!” She yanked out the hanger that showed a cocktail knee-length dress with thick straps criss-crossing each other. It was satin-silk black with a rose stitched in on her chest.

“Perfect” she said with glee as she slipped it on. She summoned a charm to apply red liptick black grey eye shadow and twist her hair into a French braid tied-up with her bangs fanning in the side.

She grabbed her handed purse, and placed her wand on the inside of her dress above her thigh. Heading downstairs she filled up Crookshank’s water bowl and food. Rubbing him goodbye she apperated to the Weasleys.

There was a lot of chatter and laugher when she arrived at the Weasley. The door was open and people were either talking or moving around.  Hermione made her way inside.

“Aunt Mione!” someone cried as they engulfed her in a tight hug.

“Teddy dear you’re going to make Hermione fall.” Mrs. Wesley said as she went to greet Hermione.

“It’s fine Molly, I’d do the same thing if I hadn’t seen him for long.” As she picked the 5 year-old up.

She kissed Mrs. Wesley on the cheek and hugged her. “I’m glad you’re here dear, it wouldn’t be half as fun if my “daughter” was here.

“Oh, Molly…” “Hush now, you know you and Harry are like my own children, now go meet the others, dinner will be ready soon enough.”

 Hermione made her way to the backyard where majority were playing Quiddich or other games with the little ones.

 “Ok, James now fly to where I am!” Harry yelled to James who looked somewhat excited yet terrified. 

“James just look at where I am and fly toward me.” James did so and reached Harry.

“Good job, now tilt the broom down to reach the ground.” James slowly did and when touching the ground got off. “Yea I diwd it dad did you sewe me!”

Harry ruffled his hair “yes I did and it was superb, looks like you inherited your dad’s and granddad’s talent.”

“Plus his mother.”

Both spun around to see Ginny give a knowing stern look at both of them, but in the end smiled.

 “I’m so proud of you James!”

“Hey what about me I helped.” Harry protested.

“I know and you get this.” Ginny catching Harry’s lips to hers.

“Ewww mommy daddy kissing.” James said displaying an adorable sour face.

Harry and Ginny pulled apart and grabbed James to plant kisses on him. “Nwwwo mommy daddy stowp!” yet at the same time James was laughing.

“Aww look at this sight now.” Hermione said approaching them.

“Mione, you came!” Ginny said hugging her.

“Yea, of course Gin, or do you think I was going to be at home working or reading.

“Maybe I thought…hey you did that during Hogwarts.” 

“That was Hogwarts Gin, this is now so there are differences.”

“Alright yeesh, worked up and oh my God where did you get this dress from!”

“Oh this, from some muggle store called Black and White.”

“Merlin, they should make some here, look at all that I’m missing.”

“You know you happen to have a close friend to take you there anytime.” Ginny shook her head with a smile and then it fell.

Hermione turned to see who it was.

 “What in Merlin’s name is he doing?!” Ginny said with venom. Ron had appeared cut dressed. “He is family Ginny, even if he treated Hermione poorly.” Harry said behind his wife.

“I told mum what happened, and I’m glad she hasn’t brought it up… at least for today.” Ginny said still glaring at Ron.

“Let’s just enjoy while we can before dinner starts.” Hermione said turning away from Ron.“She looked at James and Teddy. “Now who wants to play hide and seek?”

“Time for dinner everyone!” Molly called and everyone stopped to head inside the wonderfully set table.

There were mash potatoes, corn, peas, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, cherry, pecan, apple pie, and lots more that Hermione was too famished to name.

 Grabbing a plate she helped herself with as much her plate could handle, and along with Ginny, headed outside to eat.

 “This is so delicious!” Hermione exclaimed.

“I know right mum, outdone herself again… James and Teddy be careful!” Ginny set her plate down and headed to where they were playing. 

“Mind if I sit here?” Hermione turned to see Luna. “Oh course Luna.”

“Thanks.” She said as she sat down.

“Ron was asking for you, I said I didn’t see you though.”

“Thanks Luna, but at some point I’m going to have to talk to him about that matter from yesterday.”

“Good luck with it and if something bad happens you have us to count on.”

“Haha thanks!”

“How was it by the way?”

“How was what?"

“Your encounter with Draco.”

“Oh um, Hermione felt a blush develop adn started biting her lower lip." I mean I was surprised to see him again, and well I was nervous or scared of what he’d say with his son with me. He hadn’t said anything at least in my face.”

“He must have changed.”

“What makes you think that?”

Ginny then came back, “Luna hey nice to meet you and what have I missed?”

Hermione filled her in as Ginny eat and listened. “I agree with Luna thought, Malfoy could have changed. It’s been years since Hogwarts and you saw how his family saved you three during Malfoy Manor and the battle in a sense, and why else would his son be so sweet and innocent.”

“Well, there are different sides of Malfoy you know…” 

“True but I'm still stickin to my theory.” Ginny said with a stubborn smile. 

“Mione Mione!”

Hermione, Luna, and Ginny turned to see 5 year-old Victorie Weasley run up to hug Hermione.

“Whoa there, honey.”


“It’s okay sweetheart how have you been and I love your outfit.”

“I’m fine and I got this from nana, but we got late, and I missed playing with Tewddy and James!” she ended with a pout.

 “You know they are still over there playing, why don’t you catch up to them?”

“Okay, hi Auntie Ginny and Luwna, bye now!” with that Victorie ran off to meet with James and Teddy.

After they finish they headed inside with the rest of the family, Hermione greeted many like Arthur, Angelina, George, Bill and Fleur.

Finally she arrived to Harry.

“Anything new Harry?”

“No, but the information you gave for now helped somewhat.”

“Well it’s a start.”

 Then there was a knock on the door.

Hermione heard about the noise when to open the door and there stood Draco Malfoy.

Both stared at each other for quite some time.

Suprised to see the other.. again.

Before she could say anything, Draco interrupted, “I need to speak with Potter, it’s urgent.”

“Alright,” Hermione stepped back to allow Draco inside, who didn't move an inch.

“I think it’s best if he came out instead, I don’t want to interrupt your feast and the Weasleys’ angers.”

Hermione smiled a bit with that but said, “Let me go get him.”



“So what is it?”

“This.” Draco handed Harry a note and Harry along with Hermione inspected it.

“Is this recent?”

 “Yes just two hours ago, sent to me.

The note read:

Just you wait; the fallen shall rise again…

 At the end was the cleft shaped snake.

 “Now I’m sure this is referring to the remaining Death Eaters, they must have come up a new agenda.” Harry said.

“Are you the only one to get it?” Hermione asked.

“For now yes, I don’t know if it’s only me or specific people, but this…this is what we’re up against.” Draco said at last.

 “We can do it, we’ve do it before we can do it again.” Hermione said.

“Nice to give us hope Granger, at a time like this.”

“Why thanks Malfoy.”  She replied back sarcastically.

“Both of you, all we can do is investigate more on the events of the current death eaters, and keep an eye of unusual events that might start to take place like this. Harry said holding up the crumpled note.

“Hermione keep process of the patients that you have. Their symptoms, behavior… anything.”

“Got it. Let’s just hope this ends quicky before progresses.”

With that Hermione and Harry made their farewells to Draco as they went their separate ways

R&R!!!! Please shall love ya to death!!! Peace out hommies!!!!  Let me know if you live this whole case/idea I set for the death eaters, idk if I should keep it? Give some ideas behind it of what I should right please!!!!!!! (With cherry’s on top!)

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