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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 11 : Isabella
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 "Gryffindor’s win! Rose Weasley MY favorite Cousin here sorry Hugo beat MY big brother Al at catching the snitch! In your face Al! I mean great job Slytherins you played well, maybe next time. Final score 50- 370 GOOO GRYFFINDOR!" shouted a very animated Lily Potter over the roar of Gryffindor’s as the Slytherins left the field upset over their great loss.

The Gryffindor team carried Rose away from the field and in to the locker room where she gave them their after game speech like always. Once the placed her on top of one of the benches and settling down Rose began her short victory speech know they would want to hurry and get ready for the victory party.

"Well great job for kicking some snake butt team!" Cheers erupted once more then settled again. "This is just one of our many victories that we will celebrate because believe me as Alex's and my last year here we want the cup to remain to the Gryffindor’s! Remember to work hard we won't have practice this week but I do expect you to practice in your free time. Hmm that's it now go party and have fun just don't get expelled or worse kicked of the team because you'll have me to answer too! Oh and if you see my cousin take it easy on him or not." she winked at them and they laughed then left the locker room leaving only Alex and her alone. He walked over to her and threw her over his shoulder then gave her a soft pat on the bum before heading out the locker room.

"Alexander Dursley do not pat my bum again!" She struggled for him to let her go but he just held her tighter and gave her another pat on her bum and whispered to where only she could hear what he said.

"I don't remember you complaining before Rosie and Marlin quit moving around so much! I'm just doing as I was asked!" Alex laughed as she still continued to struggle.

"Oh well... Shut up Alex." She said finally giving up on trying to get away. Once he stopped he let her down in front of a set of doors then she realized she this was the Room of Requirement.

"Well dimples here is your stop!" He had a smirk on his face that could match Draco's. Rose blushed know what he was talking about and punched him in the arm. She turned to go inside the room but Alex stopped her.

"Hey I'm sorry I know I shouldn't joke about it and I'll stop if it bothers you." He looked ashamed. Rose just smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

"As long as you only joke about it with me it's fine just not in front of anyone else ok?" With that she let go of his hand and walked in to the room.

The room was made to look like the night sky with star shining brightly. She was surrounded by trees and couldn't where she had to go she wondered which way she should head and flowers on the ground light up making a trail for her to follow. She followed the trail and it led her to a small clearing where trees formed a big circle around it. In the middle of the clearing was a large boulder covered with vine that had small white flower that seemed to glow in the night. As she approached the boulder the vines moved a bit to reveal two black velvet boxes. There was a small note with the words "open" on it so she opened the first box and inside were some silver with emerald and black heels that she thought would have gone perfect with the mask she had seen in the shop.

She looked around and no one was to be seen so she went on to opening the second box wondering what could be inside. Inside the box was a black shimmery material that dissolved at her touch to reveal the two masks she had seen and fallen in love with their beauty. Under the two masks was a soft emerald fabric that looked expensive. She set the masks aside and took the emerald fabric out the box an saw that it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. It was floor length and Rose was sure that if she out it on it would expose show of her back and hug her body perfectly.

"I hope you like it..." he paused then continued. “I had Aunt Pansy, Emma’s mom, send it here. She designed it especially for it to go with the mask. She said she worked on it all night since she couldn't sleep..."

She put the dress back in the box as he kept explaining about the dress and if she didn't like it she they could send it back blah blah blah. Rose turned and ran towards him almost knocking him back as she hugged him. She barely took notice that he too was still wearing his quidditch robes.

"I love it! Thank you, but this is a Pansy Parkinson dress it must have cost millions!" she said looking at him in the eyes.

"You forget she is my Aunt right? Look Weasley forget about how much this cost me and accept it please?" He took her hands and kissed them before looking back into her beautiful eyes and even in the dark he could see the brown specks in her blue eyes. How he loved her eyes he thought, he could look into them all night.

He walked her towards the boulder and let go of her hands so he could grab the masks. He held out the smaller of the two and asked the simple question that he'd been dying to ask her since last night.

“Rose Weasley will you go to the Christmas dance with me not as friends but as my date?" He cursed himself for blushing but she giggled at the sight thinking it was cute to see him blush for once.

She took the mask in one hand and grabbed his free hand. "Blaise Zabini Jr I would love to be your date to the Christmas dance." She stood on her tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He was over the moon happy! Happier than a dog with a bone! Happier than a chocoholic eating chocolate! She said yes and that was all that mattered to him. He hugged her close taking in her sweet sent that was still there even after hours of playing quidditch. She looked up at him and he looked down at her both of their eyes meeting. He leaned in slowly one hand caressing her cheek the other still holding her close. He could feel her moving to stand on her tippy toes they slowly closed the space in-between them.

 Their lips met hers felt sweet and soft against his, to her his lips were soft but strong they sent a tingly sensation all over her body. This was the sweet and passionate kiss Rose had wanted and it felt amazing. Never had either of them felt this way over a simple kiss that to them wasn't just simple it was a meaningful kiss that meant the world to them.

All around them the room bursted with fireworks mirroring their feelings. When the both broke away he placed his forehead against hers a sighed with happiness a wide grin on both of their faces. They laughed at the few fireworks still going on, hand in hand they both walked out of the room said their goodbyes and headed to their room to get ready for the Gryffindor Victory party.

 Al was barely getting out the shower when Blaise walked in to their room with a sappy grin on his face and still wearing his dirty quidditch robes. A lifted his brow in a questioning way and Blaise explained what had happened just moments ago.

 Blaise explained leaving out a few very sappy details such as the fireworks and the way the room looked he was sure Rose would tell him that later.

 Al just smiled glad that his cousin finally found a good guy that he could approve of or have to worry about hurting Rose. Plus the fact that he introduced Emma to him helped him like Blaise even more. He checked his watch and rushed Blaise to take a shower and get dressed. Al pulled on a blue shirt that clung loosely to his body some gray jeans and his blue converse. He yelled to Blaise to hurry up and that he would wait for him downstairs with Emma. Al walked out his room and into the common room where he sat down and waited for Emma and Blasie bit especially for Emma.  He heard a soft voice say his name and he turned to see the owner of the voice he loved to hear. She was wearing a gray shirt with a blue skirt that went just below her thighs and showed her pale toned legs and some grey and blue heels. Al was at loss for words to describe how beautiful and sexy she looked.

"Wow Emma you look wow amazing!" She blushed at his compliment and giggled at the fact that he looked at loss for words.

 "You don't look so bad either Al." She looked at was he was wearing and smiled. "Looks like we like the same colors."

"Great minds think alike. Gah where is Blaise?" Al thought out loud. What was taking him so long!

"I'm ready let's go!" Blasie said walking to them and they headed up to the Gryffindor common room.

 Alex was the last one from his dormitory to get ready for the party as he was wondering what to wear when Isabella knocked on his door and came inside. He turned to look at her she was wearing a red shirt that showed off her belly nicely some jeans and red flats. He turned back to his clothes and pulled out a red shirt that clung to his body showing of all his built body some jeans and of course his red converse to match with Isabella who smiled at his choice of clothing.

"Well you didn't have to match with me but that is sweet that you did." She walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips hiding a small shot of pain in her lower back that she dismissed as a normal pregnancy pain. They both headed downstairs were the party was just starting to get good.

 Scorpius and Vanessa were already busy on the dance floor. Scorpius was wearing some worn out jeans a black shirt and his black converse. Vanessa was wearing a pink sleeveless knee length flowy dress with black heels and black accessories. The two were laughing and enjoying dancing together the alcohol in their systems starting to take a bit of effect on them.

 Rose was once again going crazy trying to find something to wear! She checked the time and saw that by now the party was in full swing and she was the last to arrive. She looked through her closet one more time and saw a white dress Lily had bought for her but never worn because it didn't look right on her at the time. Taking a deep breath she grabbed the dress and pulled it on and hoped to Merlin that she looked good. She turned to look in the mirror and starring back at her was a red hair beauty with a dress that hugged her body in all the right places and showed of her legs very nicely. The dress went just below her thigh and made her feel sexy as hell. She grabbed her wand tapped the dress and muttered some spells to keep the dress clean and so it wouldn't go up while she danced. To finish her look of she pulled on a black leather jacket and some black 4 inch heeled ankle boots and some black rocker like accessories. She checked the time again and ran out her room toward the party.

When she arrived people were already drunk and a few had already passed out. Others were making out wherever they could while others were just grinding on the dance floor. She looked around the room and saw him leaning against a wall talking to boy from Ravenclaw. He was wearing a white button up shirt that showed his strong muscular arms some torn jeans and black motorcycle boots that left her wondering if he owned one or just liked the boots. He looked up and saw her smiling at him so he said goodbye to the Ravenclaw and walked to where Rose was waiting for him.

 "Wow Weasley you look gorgeous who are you trying to impress?" He smirked

 "I'm not trying to impress anyone Zabini but I must say you do look impressed." She tried hiding her smile.

 "Yeah I'm impressed a guy like me can be this close to a wonderful girl like you." He closed in and gave her a tender kiss on the lips that made her melt on the spot. "Just so you know I'm still not trying." He smirked and she hit him playfully on the arm and led him to the dance floor grabbing a couple of drinks with a lot of firewiskey on the way there.

 Alex noticed Isabella wasn't feeling well even though she kept trying to hide the pain. He looked around the party was finally dying down only a few couples were still conscious. Everyone had either left or were passed out somewhere on the floor. He considered taking her to the hospital wing and she seemed to have read his mind because she asked him to take her. He helped her get up but as soon as she was on her feet she fell to the ground. Alex freaked and tried to get her to keep her eyes open but she kept slipping out of consciousness.

 "Al! Scorpius! Someone help me!" Why won't she wake up Alex thought terrified. He heard Rose screaming for someone to get help, someone ran out the room, he heard Rose asking what had happened to her but he was numb he couldn't speak or think about anything but Isabella and the baby. Moments later or what felts like hours to Alex help finally came and took her to St. Mungos. Alex refused to leave her side and left with Isabella.

At St. Mangos they rushed her to a room and wouldn't let Alex in forcing him to sit in the cold room alone to wait for news. The room was cold, the lights were bright, there were beakers running in and out of her room but no one would tell him anything. He rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hand. Tears were now flowing down his face freely with thoughts of losing his child or Isabella; he couldn't lose either of them. He felt three different sets of hugs and people sitting around him but he didn't look up because none of them were healers so none of them would be able to give him news on his two loves.

 "Alex?" He heard someone say his name, but ignored it. "Alex? I need to ask you about Isabella... She was poisoned the healers don't know with what yet... Alex please." He looked up and saw his Uncle Harry behind him was his father who looked worried. Alex took in everyone in the room Rose and Al were sitting on at his sides and Scorpius was sitting next to Al with his friends there he felt stronger and nodded.

 "OK I need you to give me every detail about Isabella's day today." Alex looked over at her parents they were both crying and looked sick with worry about their little girl.

 "I had a quidditch game today so in the morning she sat with her friends and she was eating eggs and bacon with pumpkin juice but she looked over at me to show me she was taking her vitamin pill. Then I went to the game so I don't know went on at that time with her. After the party I took Rose to go meet with Blasie. Then I headed to my room to change and she came in to wait for me. We went down to the party but she didn't drink anything there she had her own bottle of water. She told me to take her to the hospital wing and when I helped her up she fall to the ground and well now we're here." 

"Do you know anyone who would want to harm you or her?" Alex just shook his head no and waited for the next question. "There -"

 "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I sorry to inform you that she has lost the baby. Her condition is stable though the unborn child absorbed most of the poison saving her life, but she hasn't woke up yet." A loud wail came from Isabella's mom tears flowed out of Rose's eyes and Alex just stood up and ran to Isabella's room.

 "Bell can you hear me? Bell wake up love please don't leave me too. We lost our child Bell our child died....." he gripped the sheets of her bed and broke down crying. He wanted to kill whoever had done this he wanted them to be given the kiss. He was supposed to be a dad in 4 months. In four months he should have been standing here with his pinky in the tiny little hands of his daughter or son. A year from now he should have been seeing him or her take their first steps and saying their first words. 11 years from now he should have been hold Isabella's hand as they said goodbye to their little one wishing them luck on their first year at Hogwarts. Thanks to whoever did this he would miss a life with his child and it broke his heart.

"Alex?" He heard her frail voice and he looked up at her with tear filled eyes. "No no no my baby no Alex please tell me my baby is ok. Alex?" She was begging him and all he could do was shake his head and cry. "NO MY BABY! NOOOO! What happened to my baby?"

 "You... you were poisoned... Bell our baby absorbed all of the poison saving your life... Bell someone killed our baby." He choked the words out her eyes were filled with tears and that night they cried with each other to sleep grieving over their baby who would never be able to take its first breath.

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