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Glad You Came by demigodshadeslayer
Chapter 4 : A Turn Of Events?
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credits to loveatfirstview @tda!! :)


“You!” I snarled at her, pushing the books back in her arms forcefully. She stumbled a little as she tried to catch them. It was cute.

Seriously, what is up with me? Why am I thinking these things about Layla?

I glared at her, because it was her fault.

(Okay, it may not have been entirely her fault. I was mad at myself for the previously said thought).

“Yes, me” she said, glaring right back at me. What was the matter with this girl? Usually, people tended to be more intimidated by me. Not that I go out of my way to scare them, I’m generally nice to people, but then they are intimidated by me, considering my family background and stuff like that. This girl, though. This slender Hufflepuff girl, had been alone with me on two occasions where I was not in my best mood or behaviour, and she didn’t even seem fazed by that. She stood up to me, and she didn’t even seem a teensy bit scared or intimidated by me. She even stared (okay, glared) right at me, not turning her gaze away when I met hers; and this was a first especially from girls. This was all new to me.

“Why do you keep disturbing me Lewis? You stalking me, or something?” I asked her, with my arrogant smirk in place. I pushed my hands down my pockets and stood blocking her exit. She continued to give me a cool glare, she even looked uninterested. Hell, she didn’t even take a step back considering I’d moved in a bit toward her. See what I mean? Why isn’t this girl more scared of me? And why does it bother me that she isn’t?

“Need I remind you Potter, that You are the one who keeps bumping into Me?” she smirked right back.

Damn it, she keeps stumping me. This is not good, Albus. Not at all good.

“What are you doing here?” I retorted. (Yes, I am shamefully aware that I did not answer her question. Stop judging me)

“What do you think I would be doing in a library Potter? And why are you concerned about what I’m doing anyway?” she retorted right back at me.

She had a valid point, why was it my concern what she did?

Again, see what I mean? Repeatedly stumping me!

Not to mention, completely disinterested and unfazed as well.

Am I losing my touch, here?

Wow! My ego is seriously taking a blow...that too from a Hufflepuff girl for Merlin’s sake!

I was about to open my mouth, to say what I’m not exactly sure, but...

“Potter!” I heard a voice ring out, and I turned to see Professor McGonagall striding toward me, pulling James along as well.


I quickly turned to glance at Layla, only to note disappointedly that her smirk had widened.

Merlin! Why am I constantly embarrassed in front of Layla? First Peeves, now McGonagall? Who is it gonna be next?

“Well, Mr. Potter” McGonagall stated in an icy tone; her nostrils all flared up. This was not a good sign.

I am dead. Please consider yourself invited to my funeral.

Scratch that. I meant Our funeral. Forgot James there for a minute.

“Yes, Professor?” I said innocently, though I fooled no one. James was better at this than I was, what with all the training from Uncle George.

“It seems to have escaped your notice Mr. Potter, but apparently you have forgotten that you were supposed to meet me after the match yesterday. Maybe you didn’t quite hear me when after the embarrassing display of what could only be said as non-sportsmanship and un-gentlemanly behaviour at the pitch the previous morning, I specifically requested the two of you to meet me at my office so that you could be rewarded for your performance on, as well as off the pitch. It appears that not only Gryffindors are behaving like baboons these days, but are also not brave enough to face and own their mistakes. I doubt whether we Sorted too soon when it comes to you two.” Her eyes flashed at us.


She did not just say that we were not fit to be Gryffindors. Not in front of Layla. I mean, she is, after all, a Hufflepuff.

And I don’t think anybody missed the sarcasm in her speech. Or the reference to baboons.

And also, I’m not entirely sure if non-sportsmanship is exactly a word.

I hung my head in shame, and James didn’t even look up. I could practically feel the smugness rolling off in waves from Layla. McGonagall didn’t even notice her standing there. Hard to miss that smile and gloating look on her face, if you ask me.

“Owing to your busy schedules, I guess I’m gonna have to talk to you both here” McGonagall continued.

NO. No Fucking Way.

I didn’t even want to look at Layla to see how she was reacting to this.

“For your disgusting behaviour after the match, and the attack on a fellow student, not to mention team-mate, I am afraid you are going to have detention for a week! And 50 points will be taken from Gryffindor!”

James and I looked up at her in despair. I cannot believe we lost 50 points.

“But Professor, you can’t take off 50 points! That’s-“ James began.

“Do not tell me what to do Mr. Potter. And when I said 50 points, I meant 50 points each

We looked at her in horror. A hundred points lost!

This could not get any worse!

McGonagall was not finished.

Not by a long shot.

“Since you two did not even have the courage to face the consequences of your actions, I’m afraid I’m also going to have to write about this incident to your parents. They will be informed about this. You have made Gryffindor so proud” she said, and stormed off. she barely even glanced at us.

Remember when I said it couldn’t get worse? Yeah.

James just shook his head dejectedly and wandered off to Merlin-knows-where.

I hung my head in shame and turned. It just dawned on me that along with losing points for Gryffindor, we had really let down our parents. Mum was gonna be so mad at us. And I don’t even want to think about how Dad might react.

I had forgotten Layla was there, what with my feeling so down and all. I only noticed it when I heard her clearing her throat slightly.

“Look, I don’t wanna talk about it, okay?” I said gruffly, moving past her.

“I’m sorry” I heard a small voice, and turned to look at her, where she was looking at me apologetically.


Why was she apologizing? To me? What had she done? Other than win the match, but again, that wasn’t her fault. Okay, not entirely.

I stared at her.

“I know it isn’t easy to try and please everyone. I know how it is to grow up with people who expect a lot from you and I know how it is to try and live up to them. I know how it is to be punished for something that was done in the heat of the moment, and I know how it feels when it seems like you’ve lost everything. And I’m sorry you had to get all this” she gestured around “especially in front of me. I would hate it too, if the situation were reversed. So, I guess I am sorry” she shrugged.


What is up with this bird? Is she alright, like mentally?

One moment, she is glaring at me, then she snubs me, then she gloats over me, now she is apologizing to me? Wow. Strange turn of events.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer so I just gave her a slight nod.

She gave me an understanding smile, and just touched the back of my hand slightly. Her hand felt warm on mine. She then turned and walked away, with me staring at her glossy hair bouncing on her back, a small smile on my face.

My hand was still tingling at the spot her hand touched it.


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Glad You Came: A Turn Of Events?


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