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Child Lestrange. by DarlingMisfortune
Chapter 1 : Alice, Astrid, and Amabilis.
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I watched the seemingly endless stream of people file through the common room and up to bed, while pondering the question I was just asked. Was my summer fun?

            “Oh, Ali and I had a real great summer, Asta, it was just spiffing,” Ami snapped sarcastically. “Not shag filled with fit French boys while dancing around Paris, mind you, but spiffing nonetheless.”  

            “It was just a question, wasn’t it?” Asta retorted huffily.

            Astrid Nott and Amabilis Zabini had been my best friends from the time we were rolling around in diapers shitting ourselves. Our parents had us do everything together, which made us more like sisters really; however, we didn’t resemble each other in the slightest.

            Amabilis had caramel colored skin, dark brown hair, and silver eyes. She was tall and curvy, with a basilisk glare and a heavy weight champion’s punch.  Astrid, on the other hand, had a mane of sleek, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a simpering smile. Her bite was definitely meaner than her bark, but no one really knew that, giving her the upper hand in most situations. And I, Alice Lestrange, had pale skin, black hair, too large, green eyes, and a willowy build. If we had not been more bonded by childhood and unfortunately stuck in the wrong house, Gryffindor, we wouldn’t be friends at all. All we had in common was our pasts.

            “So, Ali, how’s Lawler? Still as sexy as always, I’m assuming,” Asta said and I turned to look at her. She was moving her eyebrows up and down in an extremely comical way.

            “Still revolted by you as always, if that’s what you mean,” I said, lifting one of my own eyebrows.

            Asta pouted, shoving her full lip out and crossing her arms over her large chest, while Ami burst out in laughter.

            “Would you quit with him already, Asta? Everyone knows he’s gay,” Ami scoffed after recovering from her bursting laugh, that had made quite a few of the first years run up the stairs in fear. Her laugh was abnormally loud and frightening.

            “Just because he has no interest in you, Amabilis, doesn’t mean he’s gay,” I said calmly as Ami gave me her penetrating death glare. I was immune to it now, however.

            “That wasn’t my point at all,” she snapped back looking flustered. “I have no interest in the likes of your brother, none at all.”

            “Oh, is that why you were stalking him around my house this summer, because you have no interest? That clears up loads,” I smirked watching her eye twitch at me. Obviously, she didn’t think I noticed her flapping around Lawler like a moth to light every single day this summer, but it was hard for me not to notice, seeing as one minute I’d be talking to her and then the next she’d be trying to straddle my very frightened looking brother.

            “I wasn’t stalking,” she hissed, while Asta giggled and I shrugged.

            “Oh, come on, Ami, everyone knows about your crush,” Asta said, stilling laughing.

            “I don’t have a crush and no one knows about anything!” raged Ami, her jaw clenched as she moved her glare over to Asta, who only fell into an even bigger fit of giggles.

            “If you mean by ‘no one’, you mean ‘everyone’, then you’re spot on Ami,” I said, laying my head back on the couch arm and staring at the ceiling.

            “Shut it, the both of you!” she yelled.

            I glanced over again, to see her sinking down into her seat looking extremely put out.

            “Bloody Hell, Zabini, are you trying to break the windows?” the voice of James Potter floated to my ears and I involuntarily cringed, thinking about his handsome thin face, dark reddish black hair, chocolate colored eyes, and basic contemptibility.

            Not much has changed in the years since the last wizarding war, unless you count my cousin Malfoy becoming a blood traitor and fraternizing with the younger Potter boy. But I suppose, even Albus got into the Slytherin, unlike me, much to my parent’s disappointment. Still, my brother and James Potter are mortal enemies. However, Ami, Asta, and I aren’t exactly what you would call friends with the Potter’s and Weasley’s, but we don’t mindlessly loath them either. I mean, they’re useful if you want a good laugh, but we’re not about to sit and eat with them or anything.

            “Shove off, Potter,” Ami said harshly, but I could still hear the slight seduction she had slipped into her voice, making it more gravely – sexy, I suppose she thought.

            “Oh, go fuck yourself,” James said merrily. I heard Asta suppressing laughter again and Ami’s sharp intake of breath. “I just wanted a word with Alice here, and then you can carry on with your bellowing.”

            “You little wanker–” began Ami, before she was cut off by Fred Weasley – a dark haired, copper colored skinned bloke, who’s one cocky son of a bitch, but has a pretty decent sense of humor and is a wonderful shag, or so I’ve heard.

            “Oi! Zabini, is it true that you got an STD this summer?” questioned Fred as loudly as he possible could.

            All of this was obviously too much for Asta, who burst into laughter, while James Potter sat himself beside my feet. I continued to stare at the ceiling, though Fred had brought a smile to my face and I couldn’t help but sneak a glance toward Ami, who looked as though she were about to combust with rage.

            “All of you can just go fuck yourselves! Bloody gob shites,” she snapped and began to leave only to find Sage Wood in her way. Sage was a handsome boy, light honey colored hair, nut-brown eyes, and rippling muscles, who cared less about Quidditch than you’d think and more about shagging.

            “Move wankstain!” hissed Ami, and Sage threw his hands up and jumped out of the way, before she stomped her way up to our dormitory, which would only lead to more yelling, I’m sure, seeing as Olive Wood, Dominique and Rose Weasley were all up there. Let’s just say that the three of them didn’t really see eye to eye with the three of us.

            “Now that you’ve completely ticked her off, what do you want, Potter?” I asked, fixing my stare on him as Fred, Asta, and Sage continued to laugh.

            “Oh, I just wanted to see if you’d consider going on a date with my brother, he fancies you,” James shrugged casually, but there was a malevolent look in his eyes. “I reckon he’s properly in love, actually, the way he goes on about you at home.”

            I narrowed my eyes at him as everyone else around us fell into an anticipated silence. He was obviously trying to embarrass both Albus and I in one go.

            “‘She’s just got this face, it’s like an angel’,” he said in a falsetto voice. “‘I wonder if she even knows I’m alive! Scorpius, she’s your cousin could you talk to her for me?’ I figured since we’re in the same house in all, I’d just do it for him. So, what do you say, love? Will you make a grown boy’s dreams come true? I’m sure he’d just want a little feel up – one tit squeeze at the most.”

             Everyone around us began to snicker as I sat up face to face with James. He’s cocky, crooked grin mocking me and brown eyes dancing with hilarity that is, until I spit in his face.

            “Fucking slag!” he hissed as I stood up and grinned down at him.

            “You should be more careful about keeping people’s secrets, James, or one of these days someone might let it out that you’re a cock jockey,” I said before mocking a surprised look. “Bloody hell, did I just let the cat out of the bag?”

            “Oi!” Fred yelped, laughing again. “Is that why you sneak into my bed at night?”

            “Sod off, the both of you,” James muttered, wiping the remainder of my spit off of his face.

            I shrugged and began to climb the stairs with Asta howling with laughter following me closely behind.


            “Would you ever consider shagging Albus?” Asta asked as we all sat on her bed sharing a slab of Honeyduke’s chocolate. She was on her stomach wiggling her feet and head happily, while gnawing on a particularly large piece of chocolate.

            “We both know she wouldn’t touch him with a seventy foot pole,” Ami scoffed, sitting cross-legged and eating extremely tiny pieces of the chocolate.

            “Yeah, I don’t think I would,” I said in agreement as I lay on my back with my hands folded behind my head.

            “That’s because you only like older boys,” Asta mocked. “Like Teddy Lupin, didn’t he take you virginity?”

            “No,” I said exasperatedly. “I never slept with Lupin, I’m related to him, you guys just made that up to piss off Rose and Dominique.”

            “Oh,” Asta said looking confused.

            There was an angry noise made outside of our little haven.

            “Ali sleeping with a Potter would be, like, breaking some sort of code,” said Ami.

            “Why?” Asta asked, cutting off another hunk of chocolate, while Ami watched jealously. Asta and I rarely ever gained weight, but Ami was like some sort of weight freak. If she gained a pound she would got on a diet for three months drinking unicorn piss or something.

            “Her grandmother, like, tried to bloody well kill his dad, didn’t she?” said Ami in a matter-of-fact way, looking over at Asta as thought she were a troll.

            “Yeah, well, shagging could be like them making amends for the past–” Asta began and Ami snorted, before Asta got her thinking face on. “Wait,” she murmured looking over at me curiously. “Who have you shagged?”

            Ami got the same look on her face, before also looking at me.

            “Yeah! You’ve never actually said a name, have you?” she said looking incredulously.

            “You guys always just assume people, so I let you,” I said shrugging.

            “So, you have you shagged properly, then?” Ami asked. “Don’t tell me, Potter.”

            “What’s wrong with Potter?” Asta said, before I had time to answer.

            “I’ve already told you!” snapped Ami, rolling her eyes and then looking at me again. “And it better not be a Weasley either, because Lawler would have a right fit, you know.”

            “Which do you think is worse than, a Weasley or a Potter?” asked Asta, her forehead scrunched from thinking.

            “Well, a Potter, right?” said Ami. “I mean, he’s a Weasley and Potter.”

            “Oh! You know, I always forget that…” said Asta.

            Suddenly the curtain to our bed is yanked open and Dominique Weasley stood staring bloody murder at us. Her blonde hair up in a bun and her normally attractive face twisted with disgust and hate.

            “You know we can fucking hear you, you bloody slags,” she hissed, before slamming the curtain closed again.

            It was silent again, except for the sound of Dominique’s stomping feet, before we all burst into laughter.

            Not too long after we calmed down and my secret shaggings were forgotten, I watched Asta and Ami crawl out of my bed and into their own.

            The truth is I had shagged people, hell I had even been in love, but that not too long ago I made a list. It’s a list of reasons why love fails.

            Number one: Even in the presence of the supposedly special person loneliness is still overwhelmingly there, like a too tight sweater or even more so, like smoke in a sealed room.


Author's Note: Hello and welcome to the first chapter of Child Lestrange, I know that I've have two other verisons of this story before, but I just didn't like them, so I hope you like the new one and if not I'm sorry. I hope to be updating once a month starting in 2013. Again thanks for reading and a review would be brilliant.

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