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Black as Day by carosquiggle3003
Chapter 5 : Tattoos and the Room of Requirement
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I can’t believe Black thought that Cole could be so, so, so…. crude. He doesn’t have as many exes as detentions, and he doesn’t get many detentions. Unlike Black.






Sirius Whatever-his-middle-name-is-I-don’t-honestly-care Black.






That son of a banshee.






It seems to be his personal mission in life to piss me off as much as possible.






The boy will pay.






Oh, you love it.






Shut up, voice! I do NOT love Black annoying the crap out of me.






Suuuurrrrreeee you don’t.












“Mila, come on. It’s lunch time,” Lily interrupted my sleepy thoughts. Steph woke me up way too early.






“I’m coming,” I mumbled from somewhere within my pillow.






The other girls in our dorm think I’m lazy and a slob. We still all get on (mostly) but they assume my favourite thing in the world is a tie between my bed and food.






I refuse to deny that.






I’m proud of it.






We clattered down the staircase at unusual speed, not wanting to have to miss out on all the good food. Once down in the Great Hall, we took our seats, and were soon joined by the Marauders.






I bit my lip, counted backwards from 5,973 in Ancient Greek and pretended they weren’t there while simultaneously eating enough food to feed the Ministry, Azkaban and Hogwarts combined.






I have an extendable stomach and should probably join a circus someday.






What of it?






Besides, my metabolism is so crazy that I somehow manage to not gain any weight. The crazy laps Potter makes us do at training might have something to do with it. Who knows?






Who cares?






Steph was looking on in horror as I ate my feast, and looked betrayed. She is almost constantly dieting, and refuses to eat anything that has even the slightest connection to anything that may have been an animal.






How that girl survives is beyond me.






“Hey Lils, I figured out where all the food in those starving African countries went,” she said, still looking disgusted with me.






Lily just laughed a bit.






She was really tense around Potter.






Still, tense is better than furious, right?






She’s a bit confused at the moment. Apparently he ‘hasn’t been nearly as stupid recently’ and she doesn’t know whether she still hates him or not.






I knew they’d end up together.






“So, Jiang. Decided what your answer is yet?” Potter asked.






“Not sure yet. But, that’s not the greatest conversation topic in the world. When’s the next Hogsmeade trip?” she said.






“Next weekend,” I responded through my food.






“Excellent, we need to go to that beauty shop and get our hair done.”






Steph has a thing about hair colour. If it’s the same colour all over for more than three months straight, then you’re no friend of hers.






Oh dear Merlin save us all! Bree (my surrogate mother) hates all hair dye because she believes that ‘my hair is beautiful with its own natural colouring’. I honestly have no clue as to who would win out of Bree and Steph, so I might ask Steph about not having mine done…later…..






“I was also thinking maybe a piercing or two? Maybe a tattoo….”






I snorted.






“Of what? A unicorn?”






“Of course not,” she looked offended.






“It would be a skeleton wearing a skeleton costume with a skeleton pirate parrot on its shoulder and riding a motorcycle while breathing fire and reading the Daily Prophet and having mutant zombie/unicorn morphs feeding me iced doughnuts off their horns.”






We all laughed at that.






“No, a cyborg panda with a walking stick and a cape…”






“A tramp stamp…”






“A cow wearing a jetpack flying over the moon…”






“A worm!”






Damn, Pettigrew’s weird.




































Ew. How the hell does Mila eat that much and stay stick thin? If we weren’t besties, I would totally hate her.






What? Don’t judge me.






You know you’d do the same.






While we were talking, I noticed Lily and James were having their own conversation.






I knew they’d end up together.






“Hey, lady and no-so-gentle men, what say we give these two lovebirds some privacy, eh?”






We all got up and pretended to walk off, but once we were out of their earshot, we immediately looked back.






“They didn’t even notice we were gone!” I wasn’t that surprised.






“Whatever. Anybody up for a game of cards?” Black asked.






There was a chorus of ‘sure’s before Mila was silent. I nudged her. She’s really got to learn how to be social.






“Fine,” she said in her quiet pissed off voice.






I squealed and jumped. She stood and slouched.






We are so alike, aren’t we?






I skipped on ahead of the others, before stopping outside the common room. Mia was probably going to kill me for leaving her behind with the boys, but she and Black are also going to end up together, so she’ll thank me some day as well.






I stood there tapping my foot.






“Come on, move your lazy arses up those stairs!” I screamed at them. Thank God everyone was still at lunch. McGonagall would have killed me.






After about a million years of waiting, they eventually decided to come.












I blinked.






“Aren’t you going to go in?”






“Not as yet.”






“How come? I thought you wanted to play cards,” Black asked.






“I do.”






“So…why don’t you go in?” the boys were really confused now.






“Because I refuse to. Mila has to let me in. Right, Mi?”






She nodded tiredly.






“Wolfsbane,” she said through a yawn.






“Cheers, babe,” I winked and sauntered through the portrait hole.






I was pursued by three extremely confused young men.






“Why does Milan have to let you in?” Pettigrew asked.






“’Cause I refuse to learn the password.” I decided to just tell them. I don’t really care about people knowing my secrets *cough Milanara Dominiqua Sierra Downs I am talking to you cough* so I told them.






“I talk in my sleep and I say pretty much every single word I said that day, so I thought learning the password might be a bad idea in case a girl from another house sleeps over and they hear it. Now, slaves, fetch the cards! I will teach you muggle card games.”






We played Scum, Speed, Cheat (Bullshit, if you’re Australian), Poohead, Trumps and Bang for the rest of the day, stopped for dinner, did not see Lily and James, then went back and played some more until about ten at night. They did not come back once.






Oh how hilarious.




































Calm. Breathe, woman. What can you talk about that you have in common? Oh right, NOTHING.






We had finished lunch and gone up to the Room of Requirement and spent most of the afternoon there, just talking. He told me about himself, I told him the very little there is to know about me. He told me about his parents and I talked about my childhood and Severus before he met that group of Death Eaters. Surprisingly, James listened, and it was…nice. He just seemed to understand, something he’d never done before.






And now I’m starting to panic, because I think he wants to kiss and I, erm… I’ve never kissed anyone.






Yeah, I’m a prude. I’m okay with that, though—I’m not a slut and I’m proud of it.






But I don’t want him to think I’m a bad kisser!






So, there we were, sitting awkwardly. We were on a couch in front of a fire, and we were just sitting next to each other, watching the fire.






I looked at him, and he turned his head to face me as well. Suddenly I knew what I wanted. I leaned in and kissed him—which was weird, but….I liked it.












I broke away, confused.






“Don’t you want this to happen? Us?” I asked.






“Yes, but…I don’t want to….you know…move too fast,” he explained.






“Screw that,” I breathed, and then moved in again.






He stopped me.






“Lily, are you absolutely sure that you want us to happen? I don’t want to hurt you at all, so I’m just making sure…”






“I’m sure,” I whispered. I didn’t wait another second.






We kissed for hours, then fell asleep in each other’s’ arms.


















DISLCLAIMER: I own only Mila, Steph and Cole. And anyone else I forgot. But you know what I mean—anything you recognise from the Harry Potter series is not mine. I have said this many times and I shall say it again. I am not J. K. Rowling. Unfortunately.











ERMIGERSH it’s been so long! Sorry *squishy hug* but I think the chapter itself makes up for that, so don’t hurt me!




Who thinks Lily and James are cute? Besides me, anyway? I know the whole ‘aww-we-fell-asleep-in-eachother’s-arms-in-the-room-of-requirement’ thing’s a bit overdone, but I think I did it well enough that that makes up for it.




Well, I think that’s enough from me, so—


Live long and prosper!











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Black as Day: Tattoos and the Room of Requirement


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