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Time Turner Troubles by ginnypotter4ever
Chapter 8 : Heads or Tails
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter!


Harry wasn’t paying any attention to the Galleon as it seemed to flip in slow motion in the air. His mind was elsewhere, on little Lily. Who was she? Why was she so convinced that he was her father? Why did no one believe him that he wasn’t? His mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour. He glanced at the little girl that was still snuggled up in Ginny’s arms. He had to admit, she was beautiful. The uh.. The little girl of course, not Ginny. He didn’t think of Ginny as beautiful. He couldn’t think of her that way. She’s Ron’s little sister! But Merlin, this past summer she really had grown up. Not just physically! Though that was true too...but she had definitely grown up in other ways. She didn’t have a creepy obsession with Harry anymore. She was witty too, Harry thought that she had probably always been that way, A prankster like the twins that’s for sure. Funny, smart, independent, feisty, athletic, and beautiful. Ginny Weasley really had it all--No no, Harry couldn’t think that way. He shook his head clear and focused on the coin that was still in the air. He wasn’t sure how it could have still been flipping, it seemed like he had been thinking about Ginny forever. Time started spinning normally again as the coin landed in Sirius’ hand and he covered it with his other.

“Okay guys, ready?” Sirius grinned, oh how he loved suspense!

“Just show us the damn coin already!”

“WOW! Granger Danger!” Sirius retorted pointedly. That’s right, goody two shoes Hermione granger had just sworn in a room full of adults. Her checks were flushed pink in embarrassment and her hair was getting frizzier, as if that’s even possible!

“S-s-s-sorry Mrs. Weasley.” The poor girl looked as though she had just committed murder.

The elder woman gave Hermione a small grin. “That’s quite all right dear, I have been known to through the occasional curse word when I am overly frustrated, just don’t let it get the best of you.”

“Don’t worry about it Hermione,”

“Mum is swears all the time!”

Mrs. Weasley bopped her twins on the back of their heads for disrespecting her, but it wasn’t in her usual scary Mrs. Weasley way.

“Okay, okay can I get a drum roll please?” The twins gladly fulfilled Sirius’ request by banging their hands on their thighs. One thing was for sure, they weren’t destined to be drummers.

“Is this all just some big joke to you?” Hermione had apparently gotten over her embarrassment and was ready to speak her mind in a way that only she could.

“What are you gonna do? Get all ‘Granger Danger’ on me again?”

“Sirius, be polite. You are supposed to be the adult here.”

“Shut it Moony, I was talking to Granger Danger, not you!”


“Whatever you say Granger Danger.”

“Hermione, Sirius, SHUT UP!” Harry was getting a headache and was sick of all the fighting. “Fred, George, STOP WITH THE DRUM ROLL ALREADY!” the room was silently from Harry’s yelling. Ron, who always got unsettled during one of his friend’s outbursts, was a little red in the face and giving his twin brothers a look telling them to stop drumming. The twins complied and stood silently and somewhat still, but naturally they fidgeted a little as if waiting to pounce on mischief. Sirius and Hermione had stopped yelling but were now involved in some sort of a stare down. Harry didn’t even know why they were acting like they hated each other so much today, they usually got along just fine. Maybe it was from all the stress... Remus had his head in one of his hands, with the other on the back of Sirius’ neck, as if he were waiting for the approval to strangle him. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley seemed lost in the confusion, as if they were watching a movie. And Ginny, ah Ginny. She was cradling the sleeping lily in her arms while she rocked back and forth a little bit; for some reason that image of Ginny with the child seemed to calm him down.
“Can we please, for the love of Merlin, look at the coin and wake up the intruders?”

“Right, sorry Harry, my bad.” Hermione had once again turned bright red.

Sirius briefly patted Hermione on the shoulder. “No, it was my fault too. I am supposed to be the adult and all...sorry about the ‘GRANGER DANGER’ thing...”

“Well this is all really touching...but...”
“Let’s get on with it?” The twins finished each other’s sentences. (As usual)

Sirius cleared his throat awkwardly, he wasn’t usually so ‘soft’. “Right, so lets redo this whole flip thing, yes?”

“Yes, but this time I am going to be the one to flip it because you are apparently incapable.” Lupin took charge and grabbed the galleon from Sirius, who had somehow kept it in his hand for the last half an hour.
“All right, lets just get it over with.” Remus very unceremoniously threw the coin in the air. Everyone watched as it flipped, flipped, flipped, flipped, flipped, and then came crashing down to the floor. It bounced once and then finally came to rest beneath the chair of the boy with the hair that changed colors. It was so far under the chair that no one could see what the outcome was.

“How wants to do the honors?” Mr. Weasley asked the room.

“Uh, I will.” Ron spoke up for the first time in a long time. He wasn’t standing very far at all from the chair the coin had landed under, so it took him no time at all to get on the floor and announce that the coin was...

“Tails! It’s tails. What did that stand for again?”

“We wake them all up.” Mr. Weasley stepped forward with his wand drawn.

“Hey, quick question, how do we even know that they are still alive?” Ginny asked her father in almost a whisper, obviously afraid of waking Lily.

“What do you mean Ginny?”

“I thought that Stupefy was only a temporary spell? We cast that spell early this morning and now it’s almost dinner time, how are they still asleep?”

“Dumbledore might have added an extending spell to the charm when he came, or maybe these particular wizards just can’t tolerate that particular spell. I honestly don’t know, Gin. Sometimes there just isn’t an answer.” There was silence for a moment while everyone thought about what Mr. Weasley said. Until...

*CLAP* “Right,” Sirius never really was a person for ‘deep moments about the mysteries of the world’. “Let’s get to it. I’ll take care of the ‘Mini Harry’, Arthur, it looks like you’ve claimed the ‘Weirdo Hair Guy’, so Lupin can you handle the other one?”

The three men took their positions in front of their designated boy.

“All right, stand back everyone!” Lupin drew his wand. “On the count of three! ONE! TWO! THREE!”

The room filled with light and collective shouts of ‘RENNERVATE!’


The three boys started to stir, but kept their eyes closed for a long time. It seemed as if they just wanted to go back to sleep. No one spoke. Finally, one by one, the eyelids of the boys flickered open. All three of their eyes were wide as they remained speechless, almost as if their shock forbade them to speak.

“Do you think they’re all right?” Fred whispered not-so-quietly to George, who shrugged in return.

Arthur, who stood in front of Teddy, took one step closer so that the tip of his wand was actually touching the boy’s nose.
“Who are you?”

“W-what do you mean? I-I-I’m Teddy.” Teddy didn’t know what to think. First of all, he was tied to a chair. Second of all, his adopted Grandfather had a wand pointed in his face! Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

“All right ‘Teddy,’ who sent you here?”

“Don’t blame Teddy! It was my idea!” James spoke up from his seat next to Teddy, all the obvious signs of fear in his face. Albus was silent and wide eyed, staring at nothing.
Remus stepped closer to James, but not as close as Arthur was to Teddy. How harmless could the little guy really be? He only looked about eight or nine.

“Right, my idea.” James continued. “I’m really sorry dad! It was just so tempting! I know we aren’t supposed to go in your office but I didn’t know it was this big of a deal! honest!” James had craned his neck around Remus and was looking undoubtably, directly at Harry.
“I didn’t get you in trouble with your boss did I?”

“Don’t be ridiculous James, he’s the Head Auror. He’s his own boss.” Teddy corrected his cousin, while going cross-eyed staring at the wand on his nose.

“Wait,” Remus took a step back from James. “Who were you just talking to?” He was fairly certain he knew, but it couldn’t be...

“My dad! Who are you anyways? You look sorta familiar-”

Remus stepped towards James again, cutting him off. He was getting tired of beating around the bush and was ready for some answers. “Just answer my question!”

“M-my dad! Harry Potter!” James spluttered.

“Remus, please don’t faint again, now really isn’t the time. Why are we taking these kids at face value anyways? Someone bust out the Veritaserum!”

“Shut up Sirius! That is considered cruel and unusual.” Remus retorted without so much as looking over his shoulder. “What is your name? FULL name?” His face was intense and sincere. James didn’t know whether to be afraid or not.

Mrs. Weasley didn’t allow Remus to continue his interrogation.
“Remus, Remus hang on one second! These boys have been disarmed, aren’t Death Eaters, and they are scared to death! How would you feel if you woke up one day tied to a chair? Not great that’s how! Look at the little guy!” She gestured to Albus to prove her point. His eyes were still wide with terror and he hadn’t said a single thing since he had been woken up. The his emerald jewels were darting around the kitchen, they would always come to rest for a bit longer on Harry than anyone else.

Remus looked unconvinced at first but he eventually, as everyone does, gave in under the pressure of Mrs. Weasley’s glare.
“Yes, fine.”

The three men stepped back and untied the ropes from the boys. Teddy was finally able to see something other than Mr. Weasley’s wand. His eyes danced around the room, taking a dull notice that Lily was there. He recognized at once that there was something wrong. First off, his Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione and Aunt Ginny all looked VERY different. They were all fairly short and his uncles all lacked the muscles of Aurors. His Uncle Harry’s arms lacked the usual scars and bruises that also came with his profession. His Aunts didn’t look too different, the biggest change being that Aunt Hermione’s hair was a bit frizzier than usual. It now looked more like it did in pictures from her years at Hogwarts. As an adult she had found ways to tame her obnoxious curls. Though this small changes did make a difference, there was one thing about them all that struck Teddy, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. It wasn’t as much their physical appearance as it was their general presence, if that makes any sense.

James on the other hand took in all the people he didn’t know, the man in front of him was one of those people. James was almost sure now that he had seen this man before. He was taller than the other men in the room and had a full head of sandy-brown hair speckled with grey. The same coloring could be seen in the man’s small mustache, yet he didn’t seem to be much older than thirty-seven or thirty-eight. His tattered clothes gave off the impression of him not being well off; even his wand had obviously seen better days. Curious scars accessorized his arms, neck, and face - some fresh, some very old.
James stayed transfixed on the man that was his captor as he was given water and biscuits.

Albus had still not spoken a single word or even made a sound since he had woken up. His wide eyes darted around the room, looking at everything and nothing at the same time. He did not know for what he so desperately searched. Often a quiet and reserved child, the small boy took in every detail around him and stored them away in his mind.

“All righty then,” Mrs. Weasley had suddenly turned cheery. She had given each of the children a chocolate biscuit and a glass of water. They were now untied and anyone would have thought that they were valued guests.
“Go ahead and ask them a few questions.”

Remus stepped forward again, though Mrs. Weasley had forced them all to put away their wands.
“Who are you?” He asked James.

“James Potter, who are you? one of dad’s friends?”

“I don’t know what you three are trying to pull, but I don’t have any kids! I am no one’s father! I’m only fifteen! And how dare you call yourself James Potter.” Harry was getting tired of the repetitive answers.

James looked like he was going to cry, which was unusual for him. Teddy noticed this and decided to take over answering the questions.

Arthur didn’t move towards him threateningly, he just asked his questions with firm authority.
“Teddy, right? Tell us everything you know! How did you get here? On accident or on purpose?”

“Okay, okay. I was spending the night at Uncle Harry’s house for Christmas the next day. James woke me up in the middle of the night wanting to look for presents. He convinced Albus to look too. We went into Uncle Harry’s at home office, and the noise woke up Lily. So we were all looking around in the office for presents and we found a little blue box. It turned out to be a present for Aunt Hermione, some sort of necklace or something. It had a note that said it used to belong to her while you guys were all at Hogwarts? I don’t remember exactly, ummmmmm, oh! I told everyone to go back to bed but James was being a brat and didn’t listen.”
Teddy kept talking and ignored James’ mumble of “You’re a brat...”
“So I was fighting with him and Albus, and Lily most have gotten hold of the necklace somehow because I know that she was the one that dropped it on the floor. Then there was this-this sudden light and then, then....I woke up and I was falling on the floor, like I just fell out of some wardrobe thing. Next thing I know, Aunt Ginny is screaming and Uncle Harry is tackling me. That’s the last thing I remember.”

“Are you trying to convince us that I’m your Uncle? I don’t even have any siblings!”

“Well you aren’t technically my Uncle, that’s just what I call you. Why are you all so confused? What’s going on?”

Hermione suddenly ran out of the room, a look of panic on her face, which naturally led to Ron running after her. The pounding of the stairs could be heard in the kitchen as the pair made their way to who know’s where.

“I wonder what made them have such a sudden need for privacy.” Fred and George said suggestively.

The pounding was heard again as Ron and Hermione made their way back into the kitchen. Hermione was clutching something tightly in her hand.
“I think I know what’s happened.” She said as she opened her palm to reveal a small hourglass pendant on a golden chain.

“The time turner! Hermione, you don’t think that-”

“That’s exactly what I think Harry, these children are from the future.”

Author's Note- I am soooooo sorry for the long wait! I can't believe that it has been two months since I last updated! I hope you enjoyed this extra long chapter. (I didn't had time to edit it)
Please review! It only takes a second and it makes me smile! :)

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