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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 35 : A Sibling Conversation
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Chapter 35

“So what’s new with you?” Andrew asked Kristen as they walked around the lake.

They had been taking these weekly walks ever since they were in first year. They had discovered it had been harder than expected to keep in touch being in different houses, so every Sunday afternoon, they would walk around the lake and talk about what was going on in their lives.

“Nothing really,” Kristen lied.

“You seem to have something on your mind. I’ve been noticing it these past few weeks,” Andrew noticed, “What is it that you’re thinking about?”

Kristen debated on what to do. She could lie, and make everything a hell of a lot easier, or she could tell the truth, and feel a hell of a lot better.

“Well there’s this guy,” Kristen started, opting for the truth.

“What’s his name?” Andrew asked immediately.

Kristen rolled her eyes at her brother’s over protectiveness.

“I didn’t really talk to him a lot before this year, but this year we started talking. Recently, he showed me that he fancied me but then decided to completely ignore me,” Kristen replied, ignoring her brother’s question, and being very vague.
“I take it you fancy this guy as well?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah, I do. I don’t know what to do.”

“Is this guy James?”

Kristen swore in her head. This conversation definitely wasn’t going the way she had wanted it to go.

“That’s ridiculous,” Kristen lied, trying not to blush, “In case you don’t remember, James and I hate each other.”

No matter how hard Kristen tried, she always failed when trying not to blush. When he saw the shade of pink appear on her face, he knew that the guy was James. He had known that James had fancied his sister for a while, but never had he expected her to fall for him.

“Don’t lie to me, Kris,” Andrew stated, “You fancy him don’t you?”

“I don’t want too, because he’s kind of a pain in the ass, but for some screwed up reason I do,” Kristen replied, “He wanted me to show him the Chamber of Secrets, so I went down with him a couple weeks ago. When we were down there, he kissed me, mumbled something about you killing him, and sprinted out of the chamber.”

Andrew’s eyes went wide.

“He kissed you and then left you in the Chamber of Secrets?” he asked, growing angry, “James is so going to pay for that!”

He turned away and started to storm off. However, before he could get very far, Kristen grabbed him and turned him around. Then she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down so that they were eye level.

“You are not going to beat James up,” Kristen stated.

“He left you in the freaking Chamber of Secrets! You could have died down there!” Andrew protested, trying but failing to break out of his sister’s grip.

“There’s nothing alive down there! All I had to do was summon my broom! I wasn’t going to die!”

“He screwed with your heart! He saw what happened to you after Joey Renolds screwed with your heart and he did the exact same thing!”

“He’s freaking scared of you, Andrew! He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship or have you beat the crap out of him!”

“That doesn’t excuse what he did!”

“I want you to talk to him.”

Andrew looked at his sister like she was crazy. Hadn’t she just stopped him from going to talk to him?

“Why do you want me to do that?” he asked.

“I want you to talk to him and tell him that he can ask me out if he feels like it,” Kristen replied, “You’re going to make it clear that you are not going to beat the shit out of him. Also, mention that I would like to talk to him at some point. Until he comes to talk to me, he’s not getting his invisibility cloak back.”

Andrew looked shocked.

“How did you get his invisibility cloak?” he asked, “He never lets that thing out of his grasp!”

“He left it when he left me in the Chamber,” Kristen replied, “It’s quite nice, so unless he comes and talks to me, I think I’ll keep it.”

“Who ever thought that Kristen Wood would ever use something as leverage?”

“Well, he is James Potter, the one person I would ever think of being evil towards.”

Both of them smiled. It sure had turned out to be an interesting conversation.

“So will you talk to him?” Kristen asked, “That is, without beating the shit out of him in the process.”

Andrew sighed. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do. However, she was his sister. He had spent the last eighteen years looking out for her happiness. Besides, if he had to have his sister fall for someone, he guessed that she could have chosen a worse person then James. Over the past year, James had become a better person. For years, Andrew had wanted Kristen and James to get along. So if that caused them to fall for each other, then he guessed it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened.

“Alright,” James agreed, “I’ll talk to him.”

Kristen smiled.

“Thanks,” she replied, “I really appreciate it.”

With that they headed back to the castle. The conversation was a lot lighter, but Andrew wasn’t really listening. He was thinking about the conversation he was going to have to have with James. It sure was going to be a conversation he wished never to have




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) I'm pretty sure you're going to like the next chapter a lot as well... so as always, I would love it if you would continue to read and review this story :D ***

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The Chaser and The Keeper: A Sibling Conversation


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