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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve: Fred's Final Farewell
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  * Warning- Slightly mature scenes, you've been warned.


 Harry laid his head down on the pillow, thinking about the past few hours. The funeral was hard, hearing the minister's farewell speech, seeing the coffins being lifted into the ground, hearing the sobs escape mouths around him, his being one of them. Harry pulled Ginny close to him, and felt her body was relaxed. She was already sleeping. Harry bent down and gave her a small kiss on the lips, and settled himself in the bed. He felt relaxed as he smelled the flowery scent come off of Ginny, and drifted into a deep sleep.





Harry sighed, and grabbed the same robe he wore to Remus and Tonk's funeral. He was going to meet Ron and Hermione down stairs in a few minutes, and were going to leave in ten minutes for Diagon Alley. Bill had made the appointment for Gringott's for today, the goblins wanted to see them as soon as possible. Harry felt nervous, he had never liked goblins. Harry quickly grabbed his wand  off the nightstand beside him, and made his way out the door. Harry was carefully not to wake the sleeping form of Ginny while he did so.


Harry climbed down the stairs and met Ron on the landing, who looked just like he felt at the moment; grumpy and impatient. He had on one of Bill's old black robes, along with a white t-shirt and Muggle jeans. Ron gave a quickly "Hello," and went back over into the living room, where they waited for Hermione.


"Why does it take her so long to get dressed? Were only going to Gringotts, no need to be all perfect." Ron told Harry, impatient to get it over with already.


"I know, mate." Harry replied.


Seconds later they both heard the groans coming from the stairs, and saw Hermione walking down, dressed in one of Ginny's green robes, dark Muggle jeans, and a short sleeve green shirt with the words 'The Weird Sister's' etched across it. She had also thrown her hair into a ponytail.


"Morning." Hermione said, going up to kiss Ron.


Harry proceeded in pretending to vomit as they did so. At the last second Ron saw this, and blushed, but still managed to give Harry a very nice finger gesture. Hermione giggled and took his hand, then looked over at Harry.


"No horse-playing today, you two," Hermione started, "We have enough to deal with as it is."

"Why do you look at me when you say that?" Harry asked sarcastically, trying to pull off a innocent look.






Hermione rolled her eyes at him, while he stuck his tongue out at her like a two year old.


"Can we just go? I want this over with." Ron said, rolling his eyes.


Hermione nodded and walked with the pair of them out the door, and stopped in front of the shed that held Arthur's Muggle collection.


"Here, take my hand." Hermione told Harry, since Ron was already holding her other hand.


Harry, understanding, took her hand. Just then he felt the familiar feeling of being squeezed through a small tube. In a second all three landed on the ground, a mere 10 feet away from the large white building that was Gringotts.


"Lets just get this over with." Harry sighed, and let go of Hermione's hand.


"Agreed." Ron and Hermione said at the same time.




"How did it go?" Ginny asked as Harry walked in with Ron and Hermione at his side.


Ron groaned and went over and sat on the couch, followed by Hermione.


"Better than I thought it would be," Harry muttered, shrugging off his robe.


"I think that if Bill wasn't there the goblins would of took all our gold and kicked us out for good." Hermione called over, her head on Ron's shoulder.

Ginny nodded and walked into the kitchen, leaving Harry standing behind Ron and Hermione, who were paying no attention to him. After a minute she walked out and hurried over to Harry, a goblet in her hand.

"A Dreamless Sleep potion. Take it now so you don't forget." Ginny whispered to him.

Harry took the goblet out of her hand and drank it empty. He noted it tasted much better than the Soreness Relief potion, a taste of peppermint in his mouth. Ginny quickly grabbed it out of his hand and put it in the kitchen sink before either Ron or Hermione noticed, she didn't think Harry wanted them to know about his nightmares.

Harry walked over and sat next to the pair of them, ruffling his hair with his fingers. Ginny walked over and sat down on his lap, bringing a smile onto his face. Ron looked over at him and rolled his eyes, while Ginny stuck her tongue out at him. Hermione ignored this, but her lips twitched ever so slightly at the corners.


"How much gold did the goblins say you have again, Harry?" Hermione asked him.


"I don't really remember the exact amount, but I think it was around 20." Harry answered.




Hermione gaped at him, while Ron's eyes looked as though they would burst out his skull any second.


"Harry," Ginny began, "20 what?"


"Million." Harry responded in a small voice.




Ginny looked at him with a shocked look, and a small laugh came out of her lips. 


"You're all welcome to it, it's yours." Harry told them all.




"What?" Ron asked.


"Is that why you stayed along for a while longer with Bill, to talk about sharing the money?" Hermione asked.




Harry nodded with a lopsided grin etched on his face. Ginny giggled and snuggled closer into his chest.  Ron continued to stare at Harry, a look of surprise locked into his face. Hermione rolled her eyes at her love, before planting a quick kiss on his cheek, instantly unfreezing him.


"Hermione, do have our new clothes in the bag?" Harry asked.


"Yes, I got them. Here." 


Hermione stood up and reached her hand into her beaded bag that she had brought. She bit her bottom lip in concentration, feeling around for the fabric inside. Finally, Hermione lifted her hand out of the bag, it being full of random bits of clothing. Harry and Ron hurried over to her and took whatever clothes belonged to themselves out of her hands, and sat back down on the couch. Ginny started digging through Harry's clothes, wondering what he had got.


"Really?" Ginny asked, picking out a dark red robe with rimmed gold on the sleeves.


Harry looked at her with a smile, and shrugged his shoulders.


Ginny muttered something under her breath, and Harry thought he heard the word 'Gryffindor' mixed in with it.




"Nice pajama's." Harry told her, looking at her red Gryffindor Quidditch jersey and sweat pants, making Ginny blushed.


"Well, I'm going to bed." Hermione announced, looking suggestively over at Ron.


Seeing this, Ron scrambled to his feet, murmured a good night, and hurried up after her, bringing his new clothes with him.




"I don't even want to know." Harry said, watching his friends hurry up the stairs.


Ginny giggled furiously and buried her head in Harry's shoulder.


"Don't make too much noise!" Harry called after them, making her giggle more.


Harry couldn't help himself as he started to laugh with her, hiding his own face in her hair. The scene was very funny to watch, as George walked in.


"Can I join in on the joke?" George asked aloud.   


Ginny and Harry looked up at him, their faces red and etched with a smile.


"Trust me, George. You don't want to know." Harry told him, holding back a chuckle.


"Does this have to do anything with Ron and Hermione snogging each other faces off on the landing upstairs?" George asked, pointing at the stairs.


Harry and Ginny broke back into laughter, much to George's amusement. He himself joined in.


"I'll be in the kitchen." George choked out, wiping a tear off his face.




Harry and Ginny watched George walk into the kitchen, before both realizing that the first time in a while they heard George laugh like that. Ginny leaned her head on Harry's shoulder, exhausted from laughing so hard. Harry leaned his own head on hers, content and happy at the moment.


A idea popped into Ginny's head then, bringing a big smile onto her face. Ginny leaned in more to him, kissing his neck. Ginny was satisfied to hear a small moan come from Harry, and felt his fingers pull her chin up. Ginny met him hungrily and they kissed passionately, enjoying one another. Harry gripped her waist and pulled her more onto him, while Ginny caressed his chest. Ginny pulled away from him, out of breath.


"Let's go upstairs." Ginny whispered  in his ear. 




Harry nodded eagerly and sat up with her, taking her hand. Ginny hurried up the stairs with him, literally running her way to their room. As soon as Ginny opened the door, Harry pushed her in gently and shut the door. Just as she turned around, Harry pinned her up against the wall and started kissing her neck. Ginny smiled and closed her eyes, her hands clinging to his back. 


Harry moved up her neck, to her jaw, and Ginny let out a moan. Ginny moved her head and kissed him full on the lips. Harry returned the kiss just as eagerly, and picked her up. Ginny wrapped her legs around his waist, and started kissing his jaw. Ginny noticed as Harry sat down on the bed with her on top of him, a familiar warming sensation inside her, and enjoyed it. She moved her head and met his lips impatiently, running her fingers through his hair. Harry had a grip on her waist, which wasn't covered by her shirt at the moment.




Ginny felt as Harry's hands continued up her back, pushing her shirt more upwards. She broke the kiss and hurriedly pulled his shirt off, with his help. Ginny then pushed him down until he was laying down on the bed, and laid on top of him. Harry reached for her and they continued kissing, their passion growing. In their passion, Harry quickly took off Ginny's shirt for her, and rolled over so he was on top of her. Ginny reached up and started to kiss his chest, as Harry finally realized what they were about to do. Harry rolled off of her, and laid on the bed, panting and trying to clear his thoughts. Ginny then rolled onto him, and started kissing his throat.


"Ginny," Harry said, pushing her away slightly.


"What?" Ginny asked breathlessly, continuing to kiss his neck.


Harry rolled over onto his side, making her do the same. He looked at her and saw a confused look on her face, while her eyes burn with passion. 


"Not tonight." Harry told her, taking her hand.




"Is it because of me?" Ginny asked, looking down at herself.


"God no, Ginny! I just want to wait until were ready. Right now we aren't." Harry reassured her, rubbing her arm.


"Are you sure that's why?" Ginny questioned, a slight pout on her face.


"Positive." Harry answered.


Ginny nodded and Harry handed her shirt back to her, and she quickly put it back on with a small blush on her cheeks.Then snuggled into his side, closing her eyes. Harry laid his head on the pillow and stroked her hair, closing his own eyes as well.


"Harry," Ginny started, her voice sounding tired, "I don't want to go tomorrow."


Harry opened his eyes and looked down towards her, but her face was hidden in his chest.


"We have to, Gin. We have to say goodbye." Harry told her.


"I know, but I don't think I could stand to see Fred like that." Ginny answered him.


Harry sighed and buried his face in her hair, and closed his eyes again.


"I don't want to either, but we need to." Harry said.


It was true; Harry didn't want to go to the funeral either. It would be too hard on him to see Fred's body inside the coffin, it would make it too real. He wanted to have the last memory of Fred be good, not sad. 


"I need you, Harry. Please don't leave me." Ginny told him, fear in her voice.


Harry pulled her closer to him, and hugged her reassuringly. 


"Ginerva Molly Weasley," Harry started, "I will never leave you. I could never bring myself to do it."


Harry felt Ginny smile into his chest, and her breathing calm. He looked down and saw she had fallen asleep. He smiled down at her and picked her up. Harry used a free arm to undo the covers, then he set Ginny back into the bed, pulling the covers over her body. 


Harry walked over to the lamp and shut it off, doing the same to the lamp on his side. He got into the bed and laid down next to Ginny, snaking his arms around her waist and pulling her closer. He sighed in content and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep. Not for the first time, he was glad that Ron could not do Legiments.








Harry awoke to they sunny day of May 10th, and frowned. Funerals always seemed to be on rainy and cloudy day. Harry got up carefully not to wake Ginny up, then realized something. Ginny wasn't in the bed. Harry got up and walked over to the closet and found his new robes that he got yesterday. I wonder how these got here? Harry wondered. He shrugged and took one of his black robes, along with dark Muggle jeans and navy shirt. 


Downstairs Harry could hear talking and smell cooking, and guessed most of the family was already up. After he dressed, Harry walked down to the kitchen and confirmed what he though a few minutes ago. Most of the Weasley's were indeed already up, the only people missing were Charlie, and Bill along with Fleur. Seeing Harry, a few people murmured a 'Hello', and a 'Good morning'. 


Harry walked over and sat right next to Ginny, who was moving the food around on her plate with fork. He looked over and saw Hermione wasn't eating either, and Ron only had a egg and piece of bacon on his plate. Harry reached over and took a thing of bacon, and nibbled on it slowly. The rest of breakfast was silent, Molly tried a few times to start up conversation, but failed. 




Finally Molly stood up and cleared the table of plates, and walked over into the kitchen to clean them. Just then Charlie walked downstairs, his eyes looking tired. The family gave him a small smile, then went back to their own thoughts. Minutes later Bill walked in with Fleur, who was dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. 


"It's time. Follow me." Arthur said, checking his watch and standing up.


Everyone gathered close to Arthur, and walked outside with him. Harry looked around and saw the Molly had redecorated the outside for today. Chair were lined up in perfect rows, flowers were spread out throughout the entire yard, setting everything into a calm. Right smack in the middle was a dark wood coffin, the lid closed. Harry saw out of the corner of his eyes Percy put a comforting arm around George, who had froze at the sight of it.


Harry moved closer to Ginny and Hermione, who both had started to tear up at the sight as well. Harry grabbed both of their hands and stayed in the middle of them, and saw Ron grab Hermione's free hand. Ron looked over Hermione's head and looked at Harry, giving him a silent 'thank you'. Harry nodded and continued to look ahead, seeing one of the saddest sights in his life.






It was around six o'clock, and most of the guest's that had attended the funeral left. Only Hagrid, Minerva, and Kingsley stayed behind. Harry sat at the table with Ginny, Ron and Hermione, talking about Hermione's parents.


"I don't know how I should get them back." Hermione stated.


Kingsley walked over and sat down across from her, a small smile on his face.


"I could arrange that for you. A person from the Department of Magical Transportation take you, they could probably help you reverse the spell as well." He told her in his booming voice.




Hermione looked up at him and smiled.


"Yes, I would like that." Hermione answered.


"Excellent. Look for my owl." Kingsley told her.


"Kingsley!" Molly called.


He looked over his shoulder and into the living room, and sighed.



"I'll see you lot later." Kingsley told them all, and walked away.




Harry cupped his hands around his warm cup of tea, and stared at the table, a sense of unease sinking into him.


"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked, looking over at him.


Harry looked up and stared at her.


"Nothing, I'm fine."


Harry then looked away from her and out the window, and saw the fresh dirt where Fred now laid. He continued to stare out the window, and feeling of unease growing more and more inside him. After a while, all of them moved into the living room with the family, talking while the fire lit up the room. As Harry was talking to Ron about Teddy, he heard a alarm ring throughout the house. Harry jumped up to his feet and had his wand out in a second, Hermione and Ron following suit.


"The wards!" Molly cried.




Everyone else jumped up, and looked outside. Harry followed suit and saw at least 20 cloaked Death Eater marching towards the house. Harry moved and stood in front of Ginny, his wand raised.






A/N: I'm sorry that I didn't go into detail with the whole Gringotts ordeal, and the funerals, I've just been suffering through Writers Block at the moment. And I have been getting reviews complaining about the big spares right now, and I want you all to know that I am currently trying to fix that. It should be gone in a while. Please R&R!



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