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Truth...or Dare? by camiegail
Chapter 1 : I'm Borrred!
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 ~A/N~ First of all, let me just say hi.  I haven't been writing in a whiiiiiillllle, but here I am again!  Okay.  Here it goes!!!











     I do not have any sort of osession with boys.  That's Alice's thing.  I'm also not timid and shy.  That's Delilah.  And as for being wild and crazy, I'm definitely out.  That would be Amber.  Out of my friends, I'd say that I'm the normal, down-to-earth one.  Not that  I don't have  my strange moments.  Everyone does.  My personality just isn't enough to compare to my other crazy friends.  


     I was thinking about this one night in the common room.  All the other Gryffindors had already wandered up to bed, leaving just the four of us.  Delilah was curled up in a chair with a book, Alice was flipping through some old Muggle magazines she found, and Amber was practicing a hex on a toad absentmindedly.  It was completely peaceful, something that rarely happened with us.  Then came the boys.


     The Mauraders, a group of four of the most obnoxious boys in Hogwarts, came strolling into the room. Okay, I shouldn't say that. James was the obnoxious one.  James Potter was tall and strong, with a lean but muscular body.  His messy black hair was always in tufts over his hazel-brown eyes.  He was arrogant because of his being part of the Quidditch team and the fact that he had packs of admirers that swooned when he came near.


     Sirius came in beside James.  Sirius Black was the latest of Almber's crazes, with his long, shaggy black hair and twinkling dark eyes.  He and James were unstoppable when together, a well-oiled machine of pranks.  Sirus had more of a wild side, like Amber, that came through at the strangest of times.


     Remus Lupin strode in next. Though he was a bit less confident than James or Sirius, he was kinder and definitely the brains of the group.  Remus had a stocky build and was very muscular.  He always looked weary though, with shadowy eyes and a pale face.


     Last came Peter Pettigrew.  He had small watery eyes that gave you the impression of a...rat.  I know, I know, but it's true!  Peter was small, about a head shorter than the rest of the group, and quite plump.  He cowered in with a sense of not belonging here.


     Immediately Delilah blushed and hid behind her book.  Remus had a strange effect on her that we were all used to by now.  Amber sat up and ran a hand through her long brown hair at the sight of the Mauraders.  Her usual instinct when she saw any sort of boys.  


     "Hey guys," she said.










     "What're you up to?" I asked.  "Just causing more trouble, I presume?"


     "Pretty much," admitted Sirius.  Amber smiled.  Lately she had been talking more about Sirius.


     "So Lilykins..." started James.  


     "What Potter?"


     "I thought that maybe we could-"


     "No Potter."




     "I said no."  Ugh, he annoyed me.


     "So what do you guys want to do?" piped up Alice.  I had almost forgotten about her.  She was less fazed by the Mauraders than the rest of us; she already had a boyfriend, Frank Longbottom.


     "I dunno but I'm bored," Sirius whined.


     It was Peter that came up with the idea.  "How about Truth or Dare?"




     "What's that?"


     "It's a Muggle game.  You ask a person truth or dare and if they choose truth they have to answer a question truthfully.  If they choose dare they have to do a dare," I explained.


     "Let's play," James suggested, his eyes twinking.


     "I'm borrrred," complained Sirius.


     Everyone sat in a circle on the floor. 


     "Okay who goes first?" asked Alice.


     "I will!"  Sirius looked around the circle.  "Remus, truth or dare?"


     "Dare," he said.


     "Okay.  I dare you around Delilah for 5 minutes singing as loud as you can," challenged Sirius.




     "Fine, you also have to do it in your boxers," added Sirius.


     "What, no," cried Remus, his face in a shocked expression.


     "You have to," sang Sirius.


     "Fine.  Just make sure to expect revenge."  Remus stripped down to his boxers and began to run around Delilah while singing.  Poor Delilah looked like she was going to faint!


     After the 5 minutes were up, and Delilah could breath again, Remus pulled on his clothes and sat back down.  "So it's my turn now?  Hmm...Alice, truth or dare?"


     "Um, truth."


     "Wait, wait, hold on," James said.  "Let's make this more interesting."  


     He had pulled out a little silver bottle from his pocket.  Eveyone's eyes widened at the sight of the truth potion, Veritaserum.


     "Potter don't." I said.


     "Too late!" He handed the bottle to Alive and she took a little sip.  


     "Alice, what is the mist embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?" Remus asked.


     Her cheeks reddened.  "Um...when I was in year five, I was with my friends and Amos Diggory was walking by me and he  grabbed me on the bum.  His friends laughed, and I must've been really mad because some second year boy came  up and yelled at him.  I was happy about it because Amos had left, but then the boy started saying that he would protect me and asked if I would go to the Yule Ball with him!  It was really horrid!"


     We all laughed.  


     "Alice, now you pick s-s-someone," Peter said timidly.


     "Okay, Lily, truth or dare?"


     My heart raced.  Should I take the risk of saying something embarrassing or be brave and do something embarrassing?


     "Oh, dare," I said, before I could regret it.


     "Lily, I dare you," Alice said slyly, "to kiss James full on the mouth!"
















Hope you liked it!!!  Please please please review on how I did, I reallllllly want to know!



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