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The Kissing Game! by MusicLover17
Chapter 5 : Fifth Year!
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Umbridge I believe is actually trying indeed to destroy the school, well this being what everyone is saying. But I am beginning to see it for myself. She has cancelled all after school activites, hogsmeade trips have been canncelled and there are new pointless rules that everyone must abide by on the punishment will be severe.

To top all that off she has been made the new headmistress of Hogwarts. I think it's safe to say that not much else can get any worse. We are all miserable Harry, Ron and I don't know what to do we have no idea where Dumbledore has gone he hasn't been intouch with anyone not even any of the proffessors.

Harry has his own problems right now to deal with. Besides Ron and I hardly no one else believes that Voldemort has returned. Suppose to the death of Cedric Diggory wasn't proof enough for the ministry.

"I'm so sick of this, the ministry doesn't believe me Dumbledore is gone and no one is trying to do anything." Harry said pacing the room back and forward.

"I know Harry but what can we do the fact is that you were the only one that saw him and it's hard for people to believe just one person, even if it is you." I said trying to calm him down.

"Well I'm not just going to sit here Hermione and wait for Voldemort himself to find me, I can't just sit and wait. I have to do something."

"Do you have a plan Harry?" I asked looking at him with worry in my eyes.

"If only I could get more people here to believe me like Seamus and Dean it would be a start."

"Some people do believe you Harry like well Ron and I, Luna, Neville, all the Weasleys. Wee all know your telling the truth."

"It's not enough though." Ron said after remaining slilent. "No one would go on the word of a few kids like us."

"Ron's right we need to get round to more people, what if we held a secret meeting got everyone around and tried to talk some sence into them, teach them to defend themselves since deffence against the darks arts has been cancelled as a class."

"Harry that's not such a bad idea but I think it would be best to do one at a time to try and get people to believe you first would be number one." I said walking over and standing beside him and taking his hand. "We will convince them."


"Neville you've got to focus see want you want and then go for it. Remember that."

"I am trying Harry." Neville said looking down at his shoes.

For a few weeks now DA (Dumbledore's Army) has been up and running it was Harry's idea of course now that more of the students here believe Harry and want to be able to defend themselves from any forth coming spell. Everything is being tought the students are learning how to cast there patronus, which Harry already new how to do. Dueling has been going on and everyone with a different partner each time.

"Everything is going great Harry." I said with excitement.

"Yeah I know things couldn't have gone better and what makes it even more brilliant Umbridge and her little Imperial Squad have no idea about any of it." He looked at me with a smile, when suddenly there was banging on the wall and the lights above started to shake.


Suddenly the door had been broken through and stood on the other side were Umbridge, flitch and the Imperial Squad. I looked down at them all and notice that most of them are Slytherins.

"Well it pains me to tell you all that this little club of yours is finished and you all will be severely punished, also that you might not want to trust everyone in it." As she said this Malfoy suddenly came into view and he pulled Cho Chang with him.

I just looked at him how could he do this after last year after the yule ball the way he had acted and been with me and now here he was looking so smug about busting us to Umbridge. How could I have been so stupid to think that he was anything else to me. He is the enemy now more than ever.

Umbridge, Flitch and there little pets moved to the side so we could all get out Harry lead the way, I waited until Luna being the last person to go out before I went. I stepped over the pieces of wood that were on the ground and I looked around my eyes landing on Malfoy with him looking right back at me. I glared at him with disgust on my face then looked away and stood beside my friends.


That bitch she abused Harry she physically hurt him. His hand is now scared because of her. She is getting worse with every second she has even now started to use this kind of punishment to the first years. Something has to be done about.

"Hello Granger." I looked up from my work and saw Malfoy standing infront of me with a smirk on his face. How dare he that stupid little ferret.

"Don't you dare talk to me after everything that you have done, you have some nerve to even come near me."

"Oh come on Granger I know you don't really mean that, especially after all the events of last year." He said walking over so he was now right by my side.

"How dare you! I admit for a few seconds last year I thought I saw something else in you something I had never seen before but now well now I know that whatever that was is most definitely gone." I said grabbing my bag and standing up only a space between us.

"Oh really and how do you know there is nothing there anymore huh? I know you like me Granger I know you like me more than you like to think and you just can't admit it to yourself."

"Do me and everyone else around here a favour Malfoy. Go throw yourself off the astronomy tower."

"That was harsh Granger even for you."

"Just stay the hell away from me and I can assure you that the events of what happened last year are nothing to me, I want nothing more to do with you. Now get out of my way." I said with venom in my voice and pushed past him only for him to grab my arm and pull me into hims arms.

"I don't believe a word of that Granger." He said then pushed his lips to mine. I pushed my arms against his chest and pulled my head back away from him.

"LET GO OF ME RIGHT NOW." I yelled at him, he planted a single kiss on my neck then let go of me. I moved forward again and slapped him across his face.

"Don't you ever come near me again you disgusting pathetic little ferret." With that I started to run away from him not caring where I was going I just had to be away from him. Why did he have to do that? I grudge the day I first kissed Draco Malfoy.

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