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Tigress by AlexRedden
Chapter 5 : Partays with Aiden and the Wotter Boys and Co.
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Operation: Help Pol Get Nix to Fall in Love With Him (aka HPGNTFILWH) begins now.


And I already have to think of a new code name cause I’m pretty sure I just forgot it….




How about…Operation: L.O.V.E


I haven’t exactly figured out what each letter stands for yet, but more later.




So. I need to figure out what to do. Today’s a Saturday and Quidditch season only starts next week. I, like the loser I am, have finished my homework, so I have decided to spend my day planning Operation: L.O.V.E.




Things to do:

Get Nix to realize Apollo is not a complete arse.
Get Nix to become friends with Apollo (note: use Quidditch/a party/scheme to get Drew/Lex or Sco/Rose together)
Get Nix to realize she likes Pollo.
Get Pol to ask Nix out.
Get Nix to say yes
Satisfy both of their insecurities whether the other likes them or not.



And then I have to get Lex and Drew together and Scorp and Rosie. Yeesh. Why am I stuck getting all my friends together? Because you have no life. And no boyfriend.


Thank you Adonis. Let me just say one more time, NOBODY LIKES YOU.




As I was silently yelling at Adonis, Lex bursts in.


“Are you coming to the party?” she pants in my general direction. Seriously. She needs to start doing some Quidditch. Just because she’s naturally skinny doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to learn how to run up staircases.


Anyways, what did she say? Party you idiot! Oh. Right.


“Lexi dahhling,” I drawl. “What partay are you talkin ‘bout?”


“The one we have at the end of the first week every year. You know, thrown by the Wotter Boys and Co.TM”




You probably don’t know this, but the Wotter Boys and Co.TM (WBC) is essentially the Wotter Boys who are currently in school, a few of the Wotter Girls, and their friends. They throw this party every year, along with a couple others during the year.




This year, the WBC is made up of Al, Scorp, Drew, Pol, Louis Weasley, Louis’ best mates Jake and Connor, and Roxie Weasley and her best mate Ashley. Roxie and Louis and their friends are all in Ravenclaw. They’re 6th years. Nerds.






I don’t really like parties. I don’t like getting drunk (though I have an unnaturally high tolerance) and I don’t like the stupid games and the stupid things people do when they are drunk.


So, I didn’t really want to go. But damn Lex and her puppy-dog eyes get me every time, so I gave in and agreed.




I regretted it the next second when she practically strangled me with her grip and started throwing clothes at me.


“Whoa whoa whoa. It’s only 2. The party starts at like 8. WHY are you giving me clothes now?”


“Sorry. I just got excited.”


You tellin’ me biatch.


You sound like a wannabe American gangster.


Shut up Adonis. I pride myself on my American gangsta impression. And seriously. It’s gangsta. NOT gangster.






I pretty much did nothing the rest of the day.


After dinner I was dragged off to our dorm and dressed up by Lex and Rosie. Nix was facing the same punishment.




She was dressed up in a really pretty blue dress and damn, I would be surprised if nobody tried to feel her up.


Lex was in a sexy black dress and looked hawt. She too would probably get felt up.


And Rosie was looking stunning in red.


Damn. I have attractive friends. This makes me feel bad.


I mean, I’m gorgeous, yeah, but these girls are fucking gorgeous-er. But only by a little.


And as for me, they put me in a violet dress with pretty much no back. The back was like little criss cross ribbon/strand/thread thingys. I looked hot. If I were a dude, I would totally shag me.




Anyways, we all headed downstairs to find that the party was in full swing. People were dancing, groups of people were sitting  by the fire playing stupid games, there were drunk people by the “bar” which was being manned by Louis’ mate Jake.


The girls were already off dancing with the random boys who had asked them, but I turned and glared at any guy looking at me, so they didn’t dare do the same.


I walked over to the bar.


That sounds like a bad joke.


Well, it’s not.


Continuing, I sat down and Jake came over.


“Hey Dani, what’ll you have?”


“Jakey-poo! How’ve you been? Get me a pretty drink. And then come talk to me.”


He grinned and left.


Now, you may find this strange, “Why is she talking to him like that?” you may wonder.


Well, Jakey and I are practically siblings. We bonded over our mutual love of Muggle movies and more.


Well, Jake came back with this electric blue drink. I looked at him.


“Don’t worry, barely any alcohol. You won’t get drunk. You probably won’t even get tipsy.”


I smiled. “So Jakey, how was your summer?”


“Awesome! I finally watched all three parts of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. You were right. SO EPIC!”


We talked for hours, and I kept drinking more and more drinks. Eventually, I got tipsy. Everything just seemed a little better.


Eventually, Jake had to go back to bartending, so I walked around a little. I sat down on one of the couches by the fireplace when I felt someone come up behind me. I turned around and saw this amazingly fit guy. He was tall, like Scorp tall, with longish dark brown hair and blue eyes. So hot.


“Hi.” He said.


“Yo. What’s crackin’ homie?” I tend to do my gangsta impression when I get nervous.


He chuckled. “I’m Aiden. You’re Dani, right?”


“Yeah. So, how come I don’t remember seeing you around before?”


“Well, I’m a Ravenclaw, but I’m pretty sure we had a couple classes together. I’m a chaser on the Quidditch team.”


“Oh. OH! You’re the new captain, aren’t you?”




Turns out Aiden was actually pretty cool. He was smart, funny, and cute. I was developing a crush. We talked for awhile, about school, Quidditch, and other random stuff.


We were talking about koala bears being violent (yes, it was random) when all of a sudden- “Do you wanna go dance?”


I mentally did a happy dance. “Sure.”


We danced and it was awesome, and then we talked some more, and it was great.


Finally, at around 1 am, Rosie, Lex, and Nix come find me. “We’re gonna go up, you coming?” they asked.


I nodded and stood up. “I had fun. I normally hate these parties, but I actually had fun. We should hang out again soon.”


He smiled. “We should. Goodnight.”


“Nite.” I said, then the four of us walked off.


When we reached upstairs, Rosie said, “You need to tell us EVERYTHING he said. Aiden Lockwood? Ravenclaw Quidditch captain and hottie extraordinaire? We will talk.” Then she yawned hugely. “Tomorrow. “

We all fell asleep instantly. 

A/N. Would you all believe me if I said I was majorly sorry?

I know. It's been a year since I last updated. Maybe more. I'm an awful person, and I am going to try and get the next chappie of Black Dragon out this weekend and keep updating at least once a month.

It's just been an awful year. I know, no excuse, but please *puppy dog eyes* forgive me?? :(

I will make it up to you.

Love always, (and with hopes for forgiveness) 


Also, REVIEW!!!!

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