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Pretending by wish right now x
Chapter 1 : And it began in the grass
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 I know I really shouldn't be starting a brand new story, but I've been wanting to try a teen-pregnancy story for a while now and I finally got one written, so yeah. Enjoy!

Harvey Isabelle Callaghan

I tap my finger repeatedly on the side of the bathroom sink, waiting for the timer to go off.

1 minute 10 seconds remaining, 1 minute 9 seconds remaining, 1 minute 8 seconds remaining...

I huff, annoyed that I have to wait this long to find out what could possibly be the biggest news of my life. Ever. I guess 'patience' is not one of my virtues.

"Harv? Are you in here?" One of my roomates, Savannah Davies calls out. "Rose said you'd come here after Hogsmeade, is everything alright?"

"Fine!" I managed to squeak, still staring at the clock as it reached its final minute. "Did Rose say if she was coming back any time soon?"

"She was just leaving 'The Three Broomsticks' with Scorpius when I last saw her" Savannah replied. "I'm going to go meet Chloe downstairs, we need to work on that Potions assignment. Do you want to join us when you're done in there?"

"I think I'll pass" I answered, silently begging for Savannah to leave. "But if you do see Rose, can you send her up please?"


I here Savannah's footsteps walking away from me, in time with the ticking on the timer that I have set as it countdowns to zero. Finally, I heard the door shut, and realised that Savannah had left the sixth-year girls dormitory. I was alone. The timer had gone. And the rest of my life was relying on a small vial of a potion that sat in the sink.

I took a sharp intake of breath, and stared at the sink. I was sitting down on the floor, too scared and nervous to get up. 'Green means yes, blue means no.' I whispered to myself over and over again. My head fell into my hands and I let out a groan. Sure, I wasn't a Gryffindor but shouldn't I at least have an ounce of courage to be able to get up off the tiled floor and go over to find out my fate?

"Harv? Have you done it yet? What's the outcome?" Rose asked, entering the dormitory. She started knocking on the bathroom door, twisting the handle even though I had locked it. "Harvey? Let me in"

I obliged to what she'd asked and fell in to her waiting arms.

"So, whats the outcome?" She asked, stroking my long blonde hair. I looked up at her, but fell back into her shoulder in tears before I could say a word to her face.

"I can't do it, I can't look" I sobbed.

"You need to look" She whispered, looking into my puffy, red eyes.

"No I don't! Can't I just not look and pretend it never happened?" I pleaded, though the look on Rose's face confirmed what I already knew. I couldn't pretend. This was real, it was something that was happening. Pretending was not an option. It never was anymore.

"Can you look for me? Please?" I begged, and being the brilliant friend she was, Rose nodded silently.

I held my breath while she went to pick up the small vial out of the sink. I closed my eyes, waiting to hear what she had to say. She took her time answering, letting the tension build up as she slowly picked the liquid out of the sink.

"What does green mean?" She asked.

"It means I'm pregnant" I replied, before collapsing on the floor in tears. Rose's soft arms wrapped around me as I buried my crying face in her neck.

"Hey Harvey" A cocky voice called from behind me.

"What do you want, Al?" I replied, looking at the Potter boy infront of me. He had a bottle of fire whiskey in his hand and his wobbling indicated he was slightly drunk already.

"Well your in a good mood" He answered sarcastically. "So whats this about you and Aaron?"

"He dumped me" I replied casually, though I was furious on the inside.

"Why?" He asked. He obviously didn't understand that this wasn't something I was ready to discuss at the moment.

"Because he'd rather go out with Valerie Phelps than me" I explained, the bitterness coming through my voice.

"Well Callaghan, I have to say, you seem to be taking this really well"

Al seemed to have spoken to soon. I was over-emotional and had burst into tears right on his shoulder.

"There, there" He patted my arm comfortingly, though it was obvious he really would rather be any where else than here. "Do you want to go outside and talk there?"

I nodded silently, as Al took me outside to comfort me more. It was clear he was uncomfortable, but being the good friend he was, he was willing to spend his last night before going back to Hogwarts with me in a field rather than having a laugh for the rest of the evening. We settled at the edge of a small field, not far from where the end of Summer party was being held.

"I just don't understand it, Al' I whined to my friend, before beginning a list of frantic rhetorical questions that I can only assume would make it a lot more uncomfortable for Al. "I mean, am I honestly not good enough for him? Am I not smart enough for him? Am I not pretty enough for him?"

"Hey, come on Harvs don't say any of that" He interrupted my moaning. He tilted my head up so I was staring into his captivating green eyes. "You are beautiful, and do you know what? Maybe Aaron doesn't deserve you! You're pretty, you're fun, you're sexy, any guy would be lucky to have you"

Lying down in the dark on a field can be one of the most romantic settings ever. When the moon illuminates Albus Potter and his eyes become more fascinating than ever, plus the words he uses are so charming at a time when you feel awful, you almost can't help yourself. And I quite clearly couldn't. His eyes locked with mine and moments later, I was on top of him, snogging the hell out of him. Clothes came off and morals were lost, and before I knew it, I was having sex with Albus Potter. In a field. Without any protection at all.

I must be the stupidest Ravenclaw ever.

Seriously. What Ravenclaw has a one night stand and forgets to use the protection charm? No wonder I'm pregnant.

Obviously I am the answer to that. Rose spent the whole evening holding me in her arms and comforting me, whispering to me that it would all be okay. We both knew that this was a complete and utter lie, because I was sixteen and pregnant. I wasn't even legally an adult! If I was Rose, this would never have happened.

I would have never forgotten to use the charm, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter! Sure, my parents and family would be disappointed in me, but at the end of the day, I'd have my loving long-term boyfriend to hold my hand and be there for me throughout the whole pregnancy. When the baby came I'd have him there beside me, and together, we would be a proper family.

But I wasn't Rose. I was having the baby that was the product of a one night stand with someone who I'm not even certain was my friend anymore. Who knows where he'd be or what he'd do when I told him, or if I even told him. After the fateful night, I had run away the second I had regained my common sense. If Al was in a room, you could be certain that I no longer was. I hadn't told anybody about it. Except Rose.

Well, not of my own accord of course. I mean, it would have been pretty weird to just have walked up to her and go "Hey, I shagged your cousin last night, it was awesome!". The truth is, I don't even know if it was awesome, because firstly, I have no other sexual experience to compare it with and secondly, I hardly remember any of it. The only reason Rose ever found out was because she has a way of getting things out of you, and I am a terrible liar. So when I couldn't think of a decent lie to explain where I had been for the last night of Summer, I spilled to Rose that I had accidentally slept with her cousin. I should probably point out that I did attempt to lie, however my high-pitched, squeaky, lying voice was spilling something out about Tadpoles and toe nails, because that's a likely story.

In the end, it was almost lucky that Rose had discovered my secret, considering it meant I was lucky enough to have someone to turn to when my period didn't arrive and I started throwing up. A lot. I could confide in Rose my fear and she could help me sneak into the pharmacy at Hogsmeade and buy a pregnancy potion. Obviously she couldn't do it all for me. I mean if the press found out that she even might be pregnant, they'd have a field day. The daughter of two wizarding war heros pregnant at aged 16? Imagine the scandal! Then again, I was carrying Harry Potter's first grandchild, that was sure to grab a lot of attention.

"Harvey? Are you alright,you've just been staring at the door for the last half hour?" Rose asked, dragging me out of my thoughts. I looked into her caring eyes and felt an urge to start crying again. My eyes however, could cry no more, being as dry as a bone from the previous tears. Instead of crying, I ran back to the bathroom and threw up.

"Oh, the joys of morning sickness" I muttered sarcastically, using my towel to wipe the remainder of it off of my face. Rose was standing right beside me, having held my hair while my head was in the toilet.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to get some water? Do you need a hairband or something?" Rose offered. She seemed so nervous and desperately trying to help me.

"I'm just tired, I want to go to bed" I told her. The truth was I was tired, and absolutely exhausted at that. The whole throwing up and crying all day thing, on top of the fact I found out that I was pregnant, was really enough to take everything out of me. Being the caring friend she was, Rose brought me my pyjamas, and once I'd changed into them, tucked me into bed, stroking my hair as I tried to fall asleep.

"Rosie, it's seven O'clock. Go meet Scorpius, don't waste your saturday here with me" I say, and although Rose looks like she does want to go and spend the evening with her boyfriend, she's reluctant to leave me, her best friend in this vulnerable state. "Just go okay? I won't be much fun when I'm asleep". She smiles, and kisses me gently on the top of my forehead, as if she's my mother and I'm her daughter. "But, please just don't tell him anything about my situation, okay? Don't tell anyone"

"My lips are sealed" She replies with a sly grin, skipping over to the end of the room. I lie in my bed, exhausted, but unable to sleep. One thought keeps pushing itself through my mind.

I'm pregnant.

As in a baby is growing inside of me. As in in nine months, I'm going to be a mother. Actually, I'm probably already two months in, considering my child was conceived at the end of August and it is now the beginning of October. In seven and a half months I will be having a baby.

The thought alone is enough to bring tears to my eyes, and I feel as if I am ready to throw up again, though I know it is only preparing to wake me up at Six in the morning to do so. I'm going to have a baby.

As the night goes on and my thoughts continue to terrify me and terrify me, Savannah and Chloe enter the room and go into their own beds, ready to sleep. Rose must have told them I was sick or something, because they remain as quiet as possible and don't even turn the light on upon entry. But their soft movements around the room aren't enough to wake me from the nightmare I am currently living in.

It's late by the time Rose gets back, almost definately past curfew. Savannah and Chloe are fast asleep, so heavily I know any sound I wake won't wake them from their slumber.

"Rose?" I call out in a whisper, but it's loud enough for the red head to here me and turn around. She walks over to me and sits on the edge of my bed.

"I'd thought you'd be asleep by now" She says.

"Rose, I'm scared" I tell her, and her eyes are full of the same sympathy they showed earlier that day.

"We'll sort it out tomorrow, but it's no good to either of you if you're not rested' She explains.

"But I can't sleep" I sigh, hoping she has some ridiculous remedy for me.

"Just don't think. Or if you do just close your eyes and think of the basic thoughts okay?" She suggests. I nod gently, and close my eyes. I can feel Rose get up from my bed and move across to her own, but just try to do as she says. Simple thoughts.

My name is Harvey Isabelle Callaghan. I am in Ravenclaw house and in my sixth year. My roommates are Rose Weasley, Savannah Davies and Chloe Jacobs, they are also my best friends. Just over a month ago I slept with Albus Severus Potter. I am now pregnant. I will be a terrible mother.

I also need to tell the father.

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Pretending: And it began in the grass


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